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Author: Annica Torneryd

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Annica brings an intriguing package of the mindset of a former kickboxing champion, the experience of extreme burnout, having had three babies in one year, and then diving into single parenthood. She's an avid writer and has self-published several books, is an Amazon Bestseller who has invested the last decade into studying, coaching, and mentoring with some of the most respected profiles in the industry of personal development, and became an award-winning mentor herself. Annica shares lessons learned from starting and building a business in a foreign country, the brutal process of facing a pandemic as an independent, the ups and downs of life - all that and more, delivered in a real, honest, and entertaining way, straight into the Podcast-world to inspire, empower and encourage you to want to become your everything. When we learn how to master our mindset, to be in control of both thoughts and feelings, our actions take us to our dream life. Victimhood is no longer possible. You have just one life. Live it. Own it. This podcast is designed to be consumed in bite-sized messages that reach out and touch your heart and grab you by the hand, giving you the courage to believe you can do it! You will hear concrete examples and real-life stories of how each choice we make can lead us to - or away from - owning our own life. Annica's core values are: AUTHENTICITY INTEGRITY COURAGE HUMOUR FAMILY
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It's time to celebrate! Not just that the podcast turned 2, but much more importantly there's something for you to celebrate. Also sharing a story about the power of perspective.Very happy to be back on track with the podcast and hope to be exchanging a lot with you! Tell me what's been going on in your life, I want to hear!#celebrate #perspective
How much do you really know? What are your sources? How do you know that your sources know what they're talking about? Sometimes helping someone by educating them or teaching them things can be bad. When we think we know, but are actually in the wrong, we pass on information and "knowledge" that will potentially do harm, or at least not do any good.This episode will make you think again about what you claim to know, and hopefully make you question your sources. Knowledge about for example how our brain works, can literally change our life! "Ignorance is a sea, and knowledge is a drop in that ocean" William James.This episode is inspired from the work of Iain McGilchrist and Tom Billyeu.#knowledge #selfawareness #criticalthinking
#125 Perfect Parenting

#125 Perfect Parenting


Is there such a thing as perfect parenting? Are you a great parent? Do you ever feel like you're failing with the mission? Do your children behave in a way that you sometimes wonder who raised them?This episode is for all the parents who do all they can for their little ones. #parenting #dialogue #family
What do you do when there's  too much of this, too much of that, too much on your plate, and no rest? What do you do to avoid getting into overwhelm, where you no longer function? What if you have one foot placed in burnout but still keep pushing, and wanting to perform well, be healthy, look sexy, have a beautiful home and be happy... how can you do it differently? Sharing my personal opinion and experience on how to stay away from overwhelm. #overwhelm #burnout #personalleadership
#123 Trick or treat?

#123 Trick or treat?


Trick or treat is a big buzz around Halloween, it's on everyone's lips and it's a feast for the kids. But what about a deeper look into that question? Trick or treat; are you tricking or treating yourself and others? Who gets the best of you? Are they worth the effort? And why do scammers try to trick people? How can they sleep at night? So many questions. I end by sharing a true scammer story. #trickortreat #halloween #scammers
It’s easy to accept the concept that a person will go through their life being right a certain amount of times, and be wrong a certain amount of times; I mean, in every argument, every conflict, in every disagreement, someone is wrong, or at least they have a different perspective. That’s just very logical. But if we then say, that - in order for that to be a fact, it also includes ourselves. WE are wrong, more often than we know, way more often than we want to know… Let me share a real-life example of how something I’ve been thinking lately was wrong. Not just wrong, but negative and destructive…. Ughhh….. and this is human behavior, it’s not just me… if you’re a mother, a parent, you may recognize this.So the past month, I’ve had a VERY high workload, you know, when it almost becomes ridiculous. And you know it because the laundry piles up, the mail is in a pile, dishes take longer, it starts looking messier than usual, you feel drained… and, the daily question “what shall I cook for dinner” is no longer just a thought – it’s now a REAL and honest concern – a difficult challenge - cause you didn’t have the time to go shopping for food. I mean, what can you cook from mustard, pickled spring onion, and soy sauce? All that has been our situation at home for a while, and escalated drastically last weekend when the fridge turned into a normal cupboard, warm shelves… you know. And yes, the freezer did the same, a melted mess of I’m not sure what, but it looked gross. All thrown out and just an empty fridge and freezer standing in the kitchen, they just stand there. Like an awkward and annoying cupboard. I hope they feel very useless, cause they are.Sometimes we have to thank our lucky star, let’s call it divine intervention, like now when I was reading a chapter of this book called YOUR BRAIN AT WORK, by Dr. David Rock, it’s about how our brain works, neurochemistry, how we react and respond to events, and chapter 9, When Expectations Get out of Control; this phrase jumped out and gave me a really nice big hug, it actually made me cry. It said, “we’ll get takeout instead so we have more time to hang out together”.When I read that phrase, my little universe shook. I was projected into a whole new perspective. I didn’t feel like a bad mom anymore, for not cooking for my children. Instead, I saw the other perspective, that I held on to our family time, ate with my children, and got takeaway food so we could have more time together.Sharing this now, it almost sounds a little stupid that one can get stuck in a way of thinking that is just wrong. But we do that. Cause we’re humans.In conclusion, I think it’s fair to say that, every time you feel bad about yourself for not being or doing enough, there’s probably another perspective that will show you the extreme opposite. That you’re awesome, you’re wonderful, a great friend, a fantastic colleague, a supermom or dad, who always shows up for those who need you.I was thinking about ending with an encouraging “try it” and then I thought – hm, maybe I should try it myself, and I said it out loud. Got quite emotional, and realized how rare it is to talk to oneself in encouraging words…I’ll end by sharing, and I hope you try as well 😊I started with “I’m a bad mom, cause I don’t cook for my kids”.  And the new perspective. “I’m a great mom. Even if I have been working myself to pieces, and the fridge broke, every single day, I made sure we had a really nice and tasty family dinner”.Now it’s your turn. Find a better perspective!Thank you for listening. If you want more ideas on this topic, check out episodes 107 and 83.#podcast #ownit #badmom #
Good morning, rise and shine! Do you wake up loaded with energy, bursting to kick the day off and face all angles of life? Do you wake up in pain, totally drained, feeling like you almost didn't have time to even fall asleep before the alarm went off? Or are you somewhere in between? Do you know what your very first thought in the morning is? Is it a good thought? Is it helping you? Making you want to get up and live life? This podcast has the potential to help you set up a new and VERY powerful routine that can and will impact your days and life in a wonderful way. Try it!!! #intentionalliving #thoughts #morningroutine #life
Maybe a tough and slightly provocative title. But at least it's true. Very often, the truth hurts a little bit, or at least it stings. I had to look myself real good in the mirror and stop lying to myself, as the scale kept showing higher and higher numbers that were supposedly my weight. I ignored it. Didn't think it was possible. Thought the scale is probably exaggerating (yeah, right).  And just kept eating, and yes, kept on putting on weight. This episode is an encourager, a tough but caring push if you need help getting on track with your health again. Join me! It's much less hard when you know you're not alone. And oh, at the end of the episode I share why, in the last episode #119 I tell my son not to drink like a camel :) #weightloss #healthychoices #ownership #responsibility #health #diet
Do you know someone who makes noises, says certain words or have habits that TOTALLY get on your nerves? Please say yes!! Or I will just seem like a not so nice person. I have developed an allergy to the sound effects that come when my son drinks water. It literally sounds like someone is stuck in his throat and screaming to get out. It's super stressful to try and eat dinner while someone is screaming like crazy from inside someone else's body, imagine!!! Also, he doesn't EAT food, he drinks it. He inhales the food, takes a giat breath inwards and sort of sucks in whatever he's eating; pasta, pizza, popcorn, fruit, cake, candy, nuts, everything goes down like if he was a human vacuum cleaner. If you have tips on how to NOT hear noises that are produced by your family members, please share with me :) #family #camels #teenagers #badhabits
Why is it that so often when we make a commitment to invest in our health, our personal development or studying, our diet, our health remedies, our engagement in charity work, those close to us will ask questions like: Aren't you doing too much? Why are you so hard on yourself? Attention so you don't shock your system? Aren't you being mean to yourself? Don't exaggerate! I understand it's their concern and they want us to be safe and happy. But why this question when we are clearly and obviously doing something that is good for us, that will make us a better version of ourselves... why then? Why do we not hear this question when we let ourselves go and gain lots of weight, when we never ever study again after having left school, when we buy everything we see, when we smoke, drink or eat too much, when we never get outside and activate ourselves, when we never invest ourselves in others...? Is it OK to be a lesser version of ourselves? And why is it not more encouraged and exciting to become the better version of ourselves? I share a statement I read on social media, one that I find sad and unhealthy, but that will be protected by the masses. I say, stay healthy, stay committed to your personal development and your becoming your best version of yourself!!!! You'll never do too much of that. 
Relationships are what make life worth living. It's also a source that can trigger us to feel upset, angry, disappointed, frustrated, betrayed, furious, hurt, disrespected, and so on. Other people's actions, their words, or lack of, can be very hard to handle. I find selfishness, lazy people, and injustice incredibly triggering. I'll have to mention teenagers, especially lazy teenagers. And one specific thing that triggers me to the point my head spins is COPYCATS. Do your own thing for crying out loud. You've gotta have something other to say than the exact same thing as your fellow human, no? If you can't be more independent, unique, and confident than to copy others, I sincerely feel sorry for you. Anyway, never carry the foul energies of when you've been triggered!! Let it out, let it go, release and find your peace. My favorite way to release the anger or frustration, disappointment or hurt that can come from certain relationships, is a good old hardcore workout. For some, it's calmer: breathing, yoga, mediation, hanging with friends, binge-watching TV, sauna, or playing an instrument. Whatever works for you, hopefully, something very constructive, make sure you do it so you don't carry the negative energies of having been triggered. #boundaries #copycats #triggered
You know when something very unpleasant, or on some rare occasions it's a pleasant thing, but most often it's unpleasant, something happens that marks you for life. Those moments feel like something we just want to forget when we're right in the middle of it. But if we take some time and process what actually happened, and why it felt so unpleasant, that moment can give you very powerful information. It can help you get better, it can guide you to make better choices, do more of what's right and refrain from doing what's wrong. In this episode I share two examples of moments that have marked me; one where I was the one who was attacked, check out episode 43 for the full story, and the other where I am the one (hopefully) making an impact on another person, check out episode 110 for the full story. When was the last time something happened in your life that, looking back, you can see how it is a moment that marked you? Schedule some time to reflect to capture these moments, and make sure you capture the lesson they carry. #momentsthatmarkyou 
All of us are tired and drained now, from this darn pandemic. We need our energy levels to be high, more now than ever before. What if you could find a way to stop unnecessary energy leaks from your system, and focus all your energy where you want it and need it most. Check out this episode for inspiration and food for thought about how to take ownership of your energy leaks, and grow confident in your daily thoughts, choices and actions. A shoutout to Kevin McCarthy, author of the book Blind Spots - why good people make bad choices, a book that is packed with deep thoughts and powerful questions. One of them I share in this episode. #energyleaks #guilt #stress #ownit
#113 My addiction...

#113 My addiction...


Recording this episode made me feel small, insecure and nervous. Why? Because I think it's fair to say that if we have a behavior that we cannot control, but we should control it, it signals a certain weakness. If that is true, I definitely do have a weakness in the area of everything related to sugar, to the point it's to be considered an addiction. An addiction means that we have a repetitive engagement in a behavior, such as drinking, drugs, shopping, gambling, over-eating, other not-so-nice things, and yes: sugar. And we continue to have this behavior, despite the damage or harm it causes ourselves. For me, it's always been sugar, and within the past  18 months I have derailed severely in my sugar abuse. This episode is one of the steps I am making to get on top of my sugar addiction. I hope you will find it inspiring to deal with something you need to take control of in your life! Always grateful to have my Personal Trainer Barbara with me to support me. And shoutout to Maria Kvärnsten who will be educating me on hormonal balance for the coming four weeks. Check out her course here: Last but not least, a shoutout to the Gladiator Hero: for being a great role model, source of inspiration, and a great entertainer! Listen to this episode for his tip on how to not eat candy!
How often do you hold yourself back because you're considering the thoughts of others, and in particular the ugly one "who do you think you are"? Have you been bold and brave and taken action on things you really wanted to do, in spite of that nagging feeling that some are thinking about you "who does she/he think she/he is"? If you did; high five to you! Have you experienced it; doing something you believe in and someone commenting the hurtful words "who do you think you are"?  Many have experienced it, I'm sure. But I'm also sure that most of the time it's the fear of hearing it, or even the fear of other people thinking it about us, that ends up holding us back from doing what we really want. This episode is a constructive way of how to deal with that question "who do you think you are", and actually a very empowering way to take ownership of what you want to do or who you want to do and always be ready to answer that question with a big smile. I hope you find this valuable! Please share it with anyone you think will benefit from this. I think you're awesome! 
I was sweating preparing to record this episode, I felt the pressure of remembering this moment and I feel totally ready to jump into my pajamas now. Do you have a lot of embarrassing stories or moments from your life? I thought I didn't, as I've been "the clown" very often (covering up my low self-esteem). But then I started thinking about it, and now I know of THREE embarrassing moments, like REALLY embarrassing. To the point you almost don't want anyone to know about it, even less share it with people. But here we go, I am sharing this hoping that someone can get a little giggle from it, and maybe feel a little better about your own embarrassing moments. After all, we need to own all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, AND the embarrassing moments. Ending with a love story!!
Not a lot of people know about my lead role in a Hollywood movie. For several reasons, and I share them all in this episode. Did one character shoot with machine guns and scratch cars, did another one throw eggs at people, and who was the rudest of rude? The story is tense and thrilling, suspense from beginning to end. What you're about to hear is something that taught me three very important things: 1) be very careful how you use humor, 2) learn Luxembourgish like a native Luxembourger, just do it, and 3) when you get thrown into a movie scene, make sure you capture the story, write it down, process it and share it. I will end this little description with these words; remember, that someone being very rude, is just a weak person trying to make an impact. They can't do any better than that. And to my co-star in the movie, in case you listen to the podcast, we're all loaded up on eggs here ;)
I celebrate women. Because they are amazing creatures, with no end to their strength, perseverance, endurance, stamina, compassion, creativity, EQ, great values, and hope for happy endings. This year I invited women from all around the world, from four different time zones, to come together and celebrate International Women's Day. The conversations were so powerful, heartwarming, soul-shaking, inspiring, and painful that we went through the full emotional spectrum a few times over. What women and mothers do for other humans, their family and friends is mindblowing. Things that should be rewarded with Nobel Peace price, easily. Please enjoy this episode! If you're anywhere near a burnout, you'll get value from listening to this. #IWD2021 #burnout #women #choosetochallenge
Yup, I got myself some (very unwanted) covid curves. Chocolate, candy, good food, cookies, more chocolate, bah... all the things that make you curvy. I ate it. Today is the end of a sad era of very little self-respect, and the start of a powerful phase with self-love, commitment and focus on the things that matter to me. If you're feeling low, even overwhelmed, and out of control of an area in your life, or maybe even several, I hope this episode will give you some food for thought. What are the things you compromise about? What do you tell yourself every morning that you'll do (or not do), but end up betraying yourself every single day, because of different things that seem to make it impossible for you to stick to what it is you say you will do? And how do you feel when you keep on giving up on your own promises, that actually matter a great deal? I know how I feel... and it's not nice. As a pretty blaha'ish side effect of not respecting my own promises, I've put on a whole pack of unflattering Covid-curves. But today is a new beginning. For real. Anyone who wants to join in committing to what matters to you, that will make you a happier and better version of yourself, please join. Every day, stick to the things you tell yourself you'll do, and focus on staying committed on a day-by-day basis. We can all stay committed for ONE DAY, right. And then we do ONE DAY again, and so on. Let's do this! 
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I loved this one! You've helped me feel so motivated today 🙂 thank you ! 😇

Jun 11th
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