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Author: Josh Poole & Adam Drake

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Shifted aims to find conversations with people from all walks of life so that we can gain a new perspective on life, culture, and faith. Sometimes one small shift in perspective can change everything!
23 Episodes
Do politics have a place in church? Is unity possible when people sit on different sides of the aisle but serve 1 God? This week we explore these questions and more with Representative DiCelgie from District 66 in Florida. Join us as we look to have our perspective shifted on the intersection of faith and politics. 
How do you continue to do missions work in the middle of a pandemic? This is the question Darryl Carnley was faced with this year as COVID-19 began to spread across the world. In this episode of Shifted we talk about how churches can continue to do the work of missions with the limitations that we all face amidst a health crisis. For more information on Darryl Carnley and My 360 Project visit
We've all had that moment when we knew we should share about Christ, but something held us back. Many Christians continue to struggle with sharing their faith throughout their lives. Today we explore witnessing with Josh Page as we learn why so many of us struggle with this and what we can do to overcome our fears. Join us as we are challenged to share the gospel greater than ever
There is a growing crisis around the world of children who have lost their parents. Often these children are given a trash bag and 10 minutes to gather what they can before they are taken from the world they have known to life filled with uncertainty. What can the church do to help? In this episode we speak with Godley Daniel, director of Door of Hope. This ministry works closely with the foster care system to help provide safety and stability to children whose world has been turned upside-down.To learn more about Door of Hope visit
This week we speak with Pastor Jonathan Redford about the life of a pastor and the love for the church. Jonathan is the Senior Pastor at New Life Baptist Church in Largo, FL.For more information in New Life Baptist Church visit
We are back for part 2 of The Big Questions. This week we discuss if politics has a place in church, what part Christians play in social justice, and if modern Christians have forgotten the Holy Spirit. Join us as we dive into some of the biggest questions facing the modern church.If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.David John Phillips is the pastor of Real Church in Clearwater, FL.
Culture and church have shifted significantly in the last 20 years. What do these shifts mean for the church in America? Is there a balance between being "set apart" and being relevant? Today we explore some of the BIG questions facing the church and its leaders today with Pastor David John Phillips.If you would like to be a part of the conversation each week follow us on Twitter to share your questions and comments. @ShiftedPodcastFor more info on Real Church you can visit
Kingdom Builder w/ Jared

Kingdom Builder w/ Jared


There are very few topics that are as polarizing in the church as the subject of money. Is it ok to be a Christian and be rich? Do big givers get a say in what the church does with their offering? How should churches be spending the tithes? This week we explore some of these questions with a multi-millionaire Christian. Join us we take a deeper look at money within the kingdom of God.If you would like to be a part of the conversation each week follow us on Twitter to share your questions and comments. @ShiftedPodcast
What does it mean to worship? Are the lights and the smoke machines honoring to God? How do we live a life of worship? Today we ask these questions and more to Zac and Alexis Carroll, worship leaders at Mission City Church. Join us as we listen to the heart of worship and have your perspective shifted.
Addiction is a problem that many churches don't know how to deal with. They keep it hidden or just try to ignore it completely. But what happens when a pastor is the one with an addiction? In this episode we speak with Jason Lara, a former pastor who fought with addiction until it took everything from him. Walk with us as we take a hard look at what addiction looks like in the church and what we can do for those struggling with it.
The life of a pastor is a mystery to most. We know what he does on Sundays, but what about the other 6 days? This week we peek behind the pulpit and find out what a pastor's life is like when they are not preaching. We explore the struggles and blessings that come with a calling that many people view as 24/7 and discuss if there is an unfair standard for pastors. Join us as we shift our perspective to the other side of ministry.Resources: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp
With so much talk about COVID-19 it's hard to know what to believe anymore. That's why we brought in the experts. Today on Shifted we sit down with the Perez brothers who operate a leading bio-tech company. They share with us what they've learned by working on the forefront of this pandemic and give their perspective on what's really going on.
Christians are confronted everyday with their spiritual responsibilities, but have we neglected the importance our bodies play in the life God has asked us to live? In this episode of Shifted we sit down with Pastor Eddie Williams to discuss the spiritual implications of our health. Pastor Williams is a former NFL player and the founder of Ex Nihilo Health. Join us as we explore a Biblical view of diet, health, and how our physical being impacts our spiritual life.You can connect with Pastor Williams at BayCity.Church or on Twitter at @RealEWilliams
Has church missions in the last 25 years been to pat ourselves on the back or reach the world? These are the kind of tough questions we explore this week with Ryan Brubaker, the Founder of Movement International. As we talk about modern missions we sort through why missions have been ineffective in the past and why they are charting to a new path. Join us as we learn how church missions is shifting in today's world.To find out more about what Movement International is doing visit their website.
This week we sit down without a guest to look back on what we've learned so far, discuss how our perspectives have been shifted, and look ahead to what conversations are in store for the future. Join us as we look back at Season 1 of Shifted.
With over 50,000 churches in the U.S. what makes someone start a new one? Today we explore what building a church from the ground up looks like with Matt and Nina Poole. In 2019 they planted Roots Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. Join us as we explore the heart of shepherd on this episode of the Shifted Podcast.(For more info on Roots Community Church visit
Bill Losasso worked hard to reach the people in society that were outcast and forgotten. Along the way he would send them to local churches to find community and hear the word, but pastors told him, "Don't send those people here. We don't want them." Has the modern church become uncomfortable with helping those who are most in need? How do we grow beyond going to church and start becoming the church? Join us as we explore these ideas and more with Pastor Bill on this week's episode of Shifted.
1 black man. 1 black woman. 2 white pastors.1 room. No question is off limits as we sit down to hear from different perspectives on racism in America. Join us for an honest look at racism, social injustice, and where we all fit in to the future of equality in America.
From eating the tongue of a sheep to not taking your kids to Disney World, modern missionaries face many hardships. What is the life of a missionary look like in 2020? What are some of the differences in the Western church from churches around the world? We explore these questions and more with a missionary. If you allow your perspective to be shifted you'll see missions in a whole new light.
Being a pastor's kid can be hard enough, but when you're the PK of pastor who has a church of 15,000 members everything is bigger. In today's podcast we talk with Kristie Sexton, the daughter of megachurch pastor Tommy Barnett. She pulls back the curtain for us and reveals the family life nobody saw, what her father was like when not on the stage, and where she is now.
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