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[1:51] - Irish startup scene[7:41] - How to attract and incentivize talent at a macro level[11:13] - The best startup ecosystems in Europe[19:15] - Dogpatch[24:12] - Norther Ireland/Southern Ireland collaboration[27:21] - Funding for startups in IrelandLinksDogpatchChanging World Order by Ray DalioMidnight’s children by Salman Rushdie
[2:30]  Idea development when you are not from the industry [14:52] - From idea to MVP - DIY or outsource? [21:16] - Funding journey pre-seed to seed [25:26] - Building your team [29:34] - Getting your first customers [31:58] - Niche down on a vertical or not [37:25] - Fundraising dos and don’ts LinksArx Alliance
1:45 - Your journey from operational role to VC6:16 - Advice for others thinking of moving from operational to VC role.12:33 - What makes Creandum different to other VC firms?16:25 - Creandum’s process of finding and investing in companies25:00 - Timing for approaching Creandum 27:48 - Metrics for investing32:59 - Trends in EuropeLinksCreandum
2:00 - Founding YuLife - the journey 10:34 -  Finding the right co-founders 17:49 - Initial customers 19:21 - Proving ROI 23:11 - From founder-led sales to systematic marketing and sales 27:28 - External branding 31:41 - Pivoting from B2C to B2B early on 34:33 - Internal culture and branding LinksYuLife7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Steven Covey
[1:57] - About Notion Capital[4:04] - Notion’s go-to-market support and building the scaling engine[9:09] - How to build a team for growth[16:10] - When to bring in marketing; and determining the first hire[20:13] - US Expansion: when and how you should expand to the US [28:01] - How do you become a Notion Capital portfolio company[40:35] - Big trends and areas of growth in EuropeLinksNotion CapitalThe Circadian Code
[2:08] Your career from currency trader to COO of Railsbank [6:50] Advice for women in FinTech on growing their careers [11:07] Building a high-performance sales team and hiring women after a career break [16:24] Current trends in embedded finance and fintech [25:46] Growing from 120 - 500 people Links:RailsbankLittle Women by Louisa Alcott
[2:12] - Journey from consulting to founding Meatable [11:06] - Alternative protein market [14:35] - Biggest challenges facing Meatable and lab-grown meat [17:45] - Cost of Meatable burger vs a normal burger and target market [22:58] - Funding [24:45] - Go-to-market strategy: license technology or vertically integrate [28:00] - Messaging for different markets - Singapore, US, Europe [31:00] - US expansion LinksMeatable.comBooks:Der Prozess by Kafka
[2:17] Your journey to founding HealthHero [11:54] Multi-pronged business model and prioritization [14:13] Brand strategy [16:49] Go-to-market strategy [20:58] Structuring for growth [25:24] US expansion plans LinksHealthHeroSponsorsChargebeeE-residencyBook recommendationSapiens 
[1:55] Overview of Balderton [3:46] What do you think makes for a good VC?  [5:32] Where are you making big bets going into 2022? [6:30] Why is there a difference in the US and Europe when it comes to web3? [7:52] What is your take on the NFT opportunity? [13:26] Opportunities in fintech [17:52] Team vs Idea - what is more important? [23:36] Organizational design from Series A to Series B [33:02] SaaS metrics for companies Balderton has invested in [35:39] If you could start a movement to change something or further a cause, what would it be and why? LinksBalderton CapitalRob Moffat (Medium)SponsorsChargebeeE-residencyBook recommendation: Mandibles
[2:10] What motivates you and what makes you keep going one startup after another? [13:36] What makes Inkitt different from all the other self-publishing platforms? [18:30] Who are your readers and what is trending? [20:53] What was the turning point where growth took off? [24:34] How did you manage the downturns in the business? Books mentionedAlchemist from Paulo Coelho
[01:40] Why did you decide to focus on the travel industry? [04:10] What are some of the big trends you see in the travel industry? What do you think has changed permanently and what do you think will go back? [5:27] What are some of the opportunities you see for travel startups [8:16] Your leadership style  [11:17] How do you hire? What questions do you ask in interviews? [19:33] How do you keep employees motivated when business is not doing well? [21:03] How did you determine your 30-60-90 day plan for Awaze, a PE-driven company?  [24:44] How did you lead through Covid? LINKSAwazeThe Better Angels of our Nature by Steven PinkerGosta Berlings Saga by Selma Lagerlof
Maritime industry [1:34] Why did you start Deepsea? Why has the maritime industry been so late in modernizing? [6:53] Being two engineering founders, how did you supplement the business knowledge that was missing? [09:56] How did the pandemic affect your business? What did you need to do to adapt? Startup advice [12:15] What are some of the challenges and lessons you learnt in the early stages?  [14:43] What was the one change you made in your B2B selling process? [18:30] You were initially wary of taking VC money. What made you change your mind? [21:51] What did you do right when preparing for your fundraising?  [26:23] What advice do you have for hiring and managing people who are older than you? [29:38] How do you reduce stress and startup burnout?
[1:26] Early life and value of hard work [2:43] Experience and most memorable moments from your time at Google and Twitter as an early employee [7:15] Pivoting during the pandemic [21:50] Future of the workplace Links:EnvoyBook recommendation: The Cold Start Problem
[01:53] What convinced you to begin yet another online fraud prevention company? [4:52] How did you structure your product, your team, and other aspects of your company to get quick time-to-value, your core promise to customers? [11:59] Could you tell us more about your hybrid model of sales?  [15:15] How easy is it to start a tech company in Hungary? And what are the biggest challenges of setting up a company and running it from Hungary? [17:26] Beyond product and unit economics, what else do you think a startup needs to do for a successful fundraise?  [19:52] Could you share your insights on some of the latest fraud trends? [24:34] Rapid round: Favourite book, productivity tool, city and quote LinksCompany: SeonBook: 48 laws of power
[2:10] - What was the initial concept with which you started Glovo? [7:44] - How has the tapering down of the pandemic affected your business? [10:17] - How do you deliver groceries in 10 minutes?   [17:36] - How profitable is your q-commerce business? [20:50] - How do you build loyalty in this business? [23:23] - What is justifying the huge amounts of capital being invested in this space?  What will determine who wins in this market? [25:49] - How do you as a management team and company keep your focus in this hyper-competitive market which has a lot of movement? [33:21] - What are some mistakes you made in building Glovo and what did you learn from it? LinksGlovo
Healthtech and Healx [1:53] What inspired you to start focusing on rare diseases? [3:28] Could you define what rare disease means? [3:43] Why has what you’re doing never been done before? And how is your approach to drug discovery different from others? [5:53] What are the trends you’re seeing in this space? And what do you think is accelerating this high amount of investment in health tech? Startup to Scaleup [8:16] Why did you bootstrap your company in the early stages and how did you execute with minimal resources? [10:18] Why did the inventor of Viagra - Dr. David Brown join Healx? [12:09] - What are some mistakes you made and what would you do differently now? [13:10] What should founders keep in mind while selecting investors for their startups? [14:57] Why did you raise series B so quickly after series A? Why did not just raise a larger Series A? [16:41] What adjustments did you have to make and how did you think about operating the company after going from bootstrapping to raising $ 70 million? [20:18] What has been the hardest thing about scaling? [21:46] How do you deal with making decisions in areas where you don’t have experience? And how do you manage the stress? [23:56] What are the future plans for Healx? LinksCompany: HealxBook: The subtle art of not giving a fuck
[1:42] How did you go from scuba instructor to insect farming? [4:24] I don’t see insect protein based food in the market, why so much funding in this space? [7:17] How do you actually do insect farming? What is the process of farming black soldier flies and creating proteins out of them? [10:31] With the recent Covid pandemic, do you think the perception against meat has shifted? What does this mean for the future of insect-based proteins?  [13:30] What does it take to be successful in this market? [18:09] Funding journey: How does funding for deep tech ventures differ from SaaS funding? [21:24] Advice for other entrepreneurs Links:Entocycle
[2:05] From where does your fascination for business and entrepreneurship stem from? [3:21] When you met Angela (co-founder), what fascinated you about her work and what made you think that this had commercial opportunities? [7:42] How did you determine which application to develop first?  [10:42] If you had to redo the phase of trying to find your first application, how would you do it differently? And how would you go about looking for a market for your product? [11:45] Once you identified the skincare industry, what did you do next to deliver what was needed for that industry? [13:29] How did you balance your personal and business life?  [19:23] Could you tell us about your hiring philosophy? What are some of the things that you have done well and what are some things that you would do differently? [22:14] What did you do to find the right investors in your early stages? [26:12] What stage are you in right now and what challenges are you working through? [27:10] - Where did you determine where to build your facility? [29:54] What is next for the Swedish Algae Factory?  LinksSwedish Algae Factory
[1:59] How did you come to focus on women-led businesses? [3:20] What do you think Europe has done to encourage women-led businesses and what more can be done? [5:06] What are the main barriers women face in attracting investments? [7:32] From an investor perspective, how do you balance the business objectives of revenues and scale when the founder is considering starting or expanding their family? [9:08] Do you see more women-led businesses coming out of specific parts of Europe? [12:27] What do women founders and companies looking for VC money have to do differently in the current environment? What are you looking for as an investor? [15:38] Tell me about a case where you missed investing in something - what happened and what did you learn from it? [17:07] When should women look for angel investors?  [20:36] How do you find angels who know your space? [23:01] How long does the due diligence stage take?  [23:50] Do you feel angel investing for small ticket amounts and really early stages has decreased?
[2:18] How did you come to joining Bramble as employee #1? [6:12] How did you organize yourselves with three founders, in terms of responsibilities, in the beginning, and how that has evolved now? [8:16] What is the right time for ideas coming out of research institutions and universities to spin out on their own? [11:01] What is the funding journey for deep tech look like? What are some lessons learned?  [13:17] How did you operationalize your plans once the funding arrived? [17:50] Of all the things that you have accomplished with Bramble, what are you most proud of? [19:28] What did you do to build culture in your company that you are proud of? [20:06] On hiring [22:41] Are there things that happened as you grew Bramble that were challenging and now in hindsight you would handle them differently? [24:25] What’s next for Bramble? Bramble
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