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Author: Lisa Jasinski

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In an increasingly interconnected world, college graduates must be able to think and act globally. But how does that happen? How do faculty members shape and deliver global experiences? How could colleges do this better? This series highlights untold stories about global learning off-campus study programs at liberal arts colleges in post-card sized installments (10 minutes or less). This podcast is a companion to the book Faculty as Global Learners: Off-Campus Study at Liberal Arts Colleges published by Lever Press (June 2020) and written by Joan Gilespie, Lisa Jasinski, and Dana Gross. Episodes feature conversations about effective teaching strategies, the transformative impact of leading off-campus study programs, and suggestions for how colleges can better support these mission-critical efforts.
5 Episodes
College athletes are among the students least likely to study abroad—at least in the traditional sense. This episode presents a new model for how liberal arts colleges might engage partner organizations to design impactful international experiences for athletes. My guest for this episode is Dr. Amanda Caleb is Professor of English and Medical and Health Humanities at Misericordia University in Pennsylvania. She also serves as an educational consultant for the Maimonidies Institute for Medicine, Ethics, and the Holocaust. Caleb is a former Division I athlete and graduate of Davidson College. In 2018, she partnered with Davidson College Men’s Basketball Coach Bob McKillop, the Maimonidies Institute, CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, and Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor to take the Davidson College Men’s Basketball team on an impactful three-day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau.In the interview, Caleb references Ray Allen’s 2017 essay, “Why I Went to Auschwitz” which appeared in The Players’ Tribune.This episode features music from the following artists from the Free Music Archive:Podington Bear, “Sunset Stroll Into the Wood”Chad Crouch, “Lilac”Chad Crouch, “Ginger”Chad Crouch, “Cross Stitch” (repeated three times)
In my conversation with Bill Moseley, DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography at Macalester College, he shares how leading off-campus study programs in Africa and Asia has positively contributed not only to his teaching and research but also to his family life. Moseley dispels the common myth that pre-tenure faculty should delay leading off-campus study programs until later in their careers and advocates for college leaders to adopt family-first policies and other measures to promote faculty development. This episode features music from the Free Music Archive, including theme music "Sunset Stroll Into the Wood" by Podington Bear, and "Negentropy" and "Illustrated Novel" by Chad Crouch.
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Marcy Sacks, Julian S. Rammelkamp Professor of History at Albion College, about her essay, "Promoting Inclusivity in Academia: A Case Study in Taking Underrepresented Students to Research Archives in the United States" (an essay you can read for free here.) Our conversation also considers structural barriers that limit equity in the Academy, the differences between diversity and including, and putting current events and social protests into historical context.This episode includes music from the Free Music Archive: including Sunset Stroll into the Woods by Podington Bear, and Linen, The Spring Instrumental, Ocena, and Coral by Chad Crouch.
Join us for the second half of the conversation between Lisa Jasinski, Joan Gillespie, and Dana Gross, authors of Faculty as Global Learners: Off-Campus Study at Liberal Arts Colleges (Lever Press). In this episode, we describe the "Faculty Voices" component of our book, tell you why we're so excited to partner with Lever Press to bring this Open Access volume to you for free online (, and offer some suggestions for how colleges might continue to offer rich global learning opportunities despite the Coronavirus pandemic. 
We're launching this series as a two-part conversation between Lisa Jasinski, Joan Gillespie, and Dana gross, authors of Faculty as Global Learners: Off-Campus Study at Liberal Arts Colleges to be published by Lever Press in June 2020. In part one, we'll introduce ourselves and talk about the importance of faculty in leading study abroad programs.
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