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The Fall Forward Podcast with Emilia Gardner

Author: Emilia Gardner

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Welcome to The Fall Forward Podcast! I'm Emilia Gardner, and this is my show. I've been in the "make money online" niche since about 2018, and I have several years of a professional career behind that. I started this podcast because I love, love, love talking about side hustling transitioning away from traditional careers, especially when I have the chance to talk about it with really sharp, hard-working, motivated people. As for me, I'm primarily focused on building and growing content websites monetized with display ads and affiliate links, though I am also slowly growing income streams online from KDP, teaching online, and YouTube. That being said, I still want to talk to people about their ideas, their goals, their dreams, and the struggles, in the online world or anywhere else. There's a lot to be learned from other people's journeys, even if their focus is different than mine (or yours).
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In two years, Jasper Pieterse built one of his first sites from scratch up to 240,000 page views a month, earning from both affiliate programs and display ads. He was barely 21 years old, and was making more money that he'd ever earned before. He hired a team, and made plans to start some new sites.And then along came google. We talk a bit about Jasper's background, getting started in websites, what he did to make his big site as successful as it was, and what he plans to do to try and recover from the 2020 Christmas update.  You can follow along with Jasper's journey on his youtube channel. 
I had a great chat with Mike from Below Average Blogger in the past few weeks. Mike has recently come into the YouTube scene with his Below Average Blogger youtube channel, but he isn't what I would call a "newbie." Mike has a few websites that he is currently growing (and learning on), but he is also pulling in other side hustle dollars with his writing and voice over skills.What I like about Mike (and this interview) is that it is clear to me that Mike is "all-in" when it comes to making money online. There is no doubt in his mind that he will grow his earnings, making it a question of 'when' rather than 'if.'
Michael Hess cold emailed me a few weeks ago to ask me about my experiences teaching on Skillshare. I've been pretty up front about my struggles and progress on the platform (consistency, violating ever-changing rules), and he asked to talk to me to gather information for his own product, Emporia.I was happy to chat with him, and the conversation went so well that I asked him to come on the show to talk about the project. We talked a lot about his product and project (which is still in the development phase), and also about what it is like to go through this process.if you want to find out more about Emporia, here's the link.
I recently had a really enjoyable chat with One Hour Professor Ron Stefanski. He's a content publisher (niche websites and YouTube). We talked a lot about the big site he had listed with Flippa to try and sell at the end of the year, the growth of his YouTube channel in 2020, whether he thought his college education was a good investment, and so much more. If you want to find out more about Ron or follow him:One Hour Professor websiteOne Hour Professor YouTube channel
Aloha! It is so enjoyable to talk shop with other very motivated, hard working creators! Especially when they also have a passion for the outdoors as I do. Beau has been in the business of working on websites for years, and has recently started to develop a portfolio of his own. We talk a little bit about his background, and dive into his recent experience buying a site through Motion Invest. If you want to follow Beau, here's his Youtube Channel Waves & Websites. 
I have no idea how she does it. Seng Nickerson has a job, a family, takes time for herself and her health, and still managed to produce content for her websites and YouTube channels consistently. A serial entrepreneur, Seng got into websites years ago, well before most of us even considered it. But it didn't click right away, and it wasn't until the last few years when she managed to dial it in. Here are the links mentioned in the show:Seng Nickerson's YouTube ChannelSeng's websiteCooking with Lane
Meet blogger and small YouTuber Luke Jordan. This is a very casual "in the trenches" type interview, so those fans of the show who love very informal content--THIS IS FOR YOU! We talked a lot about goals with our online businesses ventures and the challenges of getting there, trying to find some levity, growing on YouTube, and creating content that we really won't want to make.  If you want to follow Luke, here's his:YouTube channelTwitter
How does one pivot when the foundation of one's business is in-personal handshakes and kissing babies? Engineer turned entrepreneur Elzie Flenard talks with me about the challenges of building strong personal relationships online. He is the "mayor" of his podcast town brand, and the host of his own podcast.Podcast Town websiteEnterprise NOW! Podcast
Ready for project pineapple? Meet Sasha Yanshin. Sasha has a ton of experience in the professional world, and has recently made the decision to make the jump to building online income streams. He has two YouTube channels. One of them is devoted to topics that highlights his professional experience, while the other is a new channel that will document his experience trying to make money online. Like many of us, right now his focus is YouTube and blogging. Will he meet his goals? Sasha YanshinThe Sasha Yanshin Story
Hello folks, meet Two Hour Blogger Nick Alan. Nick is a musician who started a website a handful of years ago, never realizing that the band would break up and the website would become his main focus. This is an interview that helps us get to know Nick, his strategy, and documents where he is with his business. We'll try and circle back around to him in 6-12 months to see what has changed!if you want to follow Nick or connect with him, here are his links:Two Hour Blogger Affiliate Mastermind GroupTwo Hour Blogger YouTube Channel
I had a really cool chat with environmental psychologist Lee Chambers earlier this year.  Lee made the jump in 2020 to start his consulting business. While many hunkered down and scaled back their efforts, Lee did the opposite and took some major risks.  I find his attitude and outlook on life inspiring, and I think you will too. 
This episode is a conversation I had with Mike Wilson of Speak Audibly earlier this year. He is an author, coach, and consultant. With this stacking of skills and accomplishments, you might be tempted to write him off as just another one of the typical gurus trying to make a lot of money quickly. This would be a mistake. Mike Wilson is not just trying to make a living. He is a guy who honestly wants to help people, and to make a difference. He is compelling, both in his backstory and in his telling of it. He is skillful. In the hour I spoke to to this gentleman, he had me acknowledging painful vulnerabilities that I can not speak of to my own mother, or admit to myself. He wielded his insight like a sword and a band-aid.  His clients probably love him. 
Phil Hughes has the entrepreneurial bug. He still has a full-time job, but is working hard day in and day out to learn enough and to grow enough to launch a successful software product of his own. Phil candidly admits that he hasn't "made it" just yet, but that doesn't mean his story isn't interesting, or that we can't learn from it. In fact, I would argue that it makes his story more compelling...because it is real, and represents what it is like for most of us who are still working to that "made it" point. Phil loves fishing and the outdoors, as well as guitar playing. In this episode, we talk about how he is working to try and combine his skills as a software development with his love of fishing. Here are links to what we spoke about here in the show:Phil's WebsiteBaitcampOutflashPhil's Podcast
I bought some sites that have a lot of content on them, which is awesome, but there is so much content that I can't really work on it all that much. I let them do what they do while I work on other projects. In this episode, I talk through some content upgrades that I did with Content Refined on a few of my articles in 2020. If you want to learn more about Content Refined (or check out their Black Friday deals), here's the link: you want a chance to enter the giveaway, go over to my Youtube channel and follow the directions from the episode to enter before November 30, 2020, as Narcis will be selecting the winners on that date. Here's the link to the youtube video.
Tracey Ferrin might be the most genuine and positive person I have ever talked to. Seriously. She is a woman, wife, and mother who was faced with some pretty serious life challenges, and managed to persevere and overcome them. Now that her kids are almost all grown, she is building up a business of her own as an author, coach, and content creator. You can find out more about Tracey, as well as her products, services, and social accounts on her website. 
Today's episode is a great chat with Jerry Abiog, the CMO and Co-Founder of Standard Insights, a AI guided marketing platform.  We talked a lot about his product and company, and also what it is like to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur (and also what it takes). 
Today's guest is Phil Pelucha, who specializes in building business relationships. He is a podcaster, coach, and business owner, with a goal of helping struggling business owners and entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talk about the power of podcasting, and how a podcast can help you grow your business even if no one in your niche knows who you are just yet. 
Sam Kamani was a real pleasure to speak with. He was funny, energetic, crazy smart, experienced, and enthusiastic. While he can talk in depth about startups, entrepreneurship, eSports, marketing, and more, we mostly talked about when to persist and when to pivot in our businesses. You can find out more about Sam (and his books and his podcast) via his website
After struggling in the Japanese education system, Natsune Oki moved to Seattle and found her feet. This move was the catalyst that put her on the entrepreneurial path. Early in her career, she is making moves that many of us who have been around the block for a while think twice about, or never even build up the confidence to move forward on. If you want to know more about this very motivated young woman, you can find her through social media or her Life Up Education TV brand.  
I am not sure that I have laughed in a podcast as much as I did during my interview with The Get Up Girl podcast host Joanna Vargas. Vargas is an entrepreneur, business owner, creative, and coach, with dreams of moving into the world of public speaking. She teaches and leads others, but never goes full-on-guru. In a world of fake-it-til-you-make-it, Vargas leads with her relatable/down to earth real world experience and personality. While I did give Vargas air time to talk about her business and back story, we did spend a lot of time chatting back and forth about business as an art, which gave me some pretty valuable insight into what is going on inside that agile mind of hers. 
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