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Understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ is lived out in our contemporary world.
22 Episodes
We're back for another episode in this mini-series on under-appreciated gospel truths. In this conversation, Stephen and Paul discuss the relevance of the resurrection with regard to (1) Christ, (2) Christians and (3) Creation. If you are looking for information about the evidence for Christ's resurrection, check out Paul's article Two Simple Facts – One Startling Truth. Explore more at
We're back for another episode in this mini-series on under-appreciated gospel truths. In this conversation, Stephen and Paul discuss the significance of the death of Jesus Christ.  Explore more at
In this UtG mini-series, Stephen Mullan and Paul McCauley explore another gospel truth that is often under-appreciated: the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. In this episode, Stephen and Paul discuss: - What it means - Why we believe it - Why it matters For more gospel resources, visit
Paul McCauley and Stephen Mullan begin a new mini-series looking at under-appreciated gospel truths, starting with the trinity.   - Where do we get the belief from? - what do we mean & what do we not mean by the word 'trinity' - why it matters  For more gospel resources, visit
Alasdair MacPherson explores the issue of anxiety with Keith Palmer, an elder at Grace Bible Church, Granbury, Texas. Keith is involved full time with ministering God's Word to hurting people. Notes: In this episode, Alasdair and Keith talk about: 1. A biblical definition of anxiety 2. The dangers of anxiety 3. How does scripture address the issue of anxiety 4. How to help someone who is struggling with anxiety
Stephen Grant takes a closer look at a key New Testament passage that explores the subject of fear and anxiety (2 Timothy 1:7).
Stephen Grant takes a closer look at a key New Testament passage that gives help to Christians in times of need (Hebrews 4:14-16).
Stephen Grant takes a closer look at the idea of God's call upon our lives, particularly his call to service (Jeremiah 1:4-9).
Stephen Grant takes a closer look at the subject of Restoration (Galatians 6:1-2)
In the first of a series exploring key Bible passages that underpin Christian living and thought, Stephen Grant takes a closer look at the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).
Paul Coxall, Stephen Grant, Alasdair MacPherson, Jonny Allen, Graeme Paterson and Graham Stannard discuss the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Recorded in Nov 2019)  NOTES: This episode covers: The significance of the resurrection The prediction of the resurrection in the Old Testament Evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus How the resurrection gives Christian's hope of personal resurrection How the resurrection is fundamental to the gospel
Graeme Paterson continues his series talking with Christians who are involved in sharing the gospel in the UK and beyond. In this episode, he talks with Gareth Edwards about sharing the gospel and meeting practical needs in Perth, Scotland.
Alasdair MacPherson talks with Paul Coxall and Adrian Ferguson about life after lockdown. NOTES: What have been the issues in shepherding during the Covid pandemic? How has Covid affected evangelism? What specific concerns or blessings has lockdown brought What blessings or concerns do you anticipate as we come out of lockdown? What lessons have you learned through lockdown 
Stephen Mullan talks with Paul McCauley about knowing God in an age of doubt. NOTES: In this episode we cover: Responding to atheists and agnostics The biblical understanding of "knowing God"  How Christ is key to our knowledge of God How Christians are to deal with doubts  How we can grow in our knowledge of God
Graeme Paterson talks with Jim McMaster about his experiences of visiting prisoners and sharing the gospel in prison. NOTES In this episode we cover: building trust with people on the street and in prison how to visit prisoners dealing with danger serving God with all your heart sowing seed and seeing fruit opportunities during lockdown how to support Christian prison work
Alasdair MacPherson talks with Pamela Watt and Richard Burditt about the problem of racism from a Christian perspective. NOTES: In this episode we cover: - Personal experiences of racism - Reacting as a Christian to recent events - How racism was experienced in Bible times - Examples of believers who have struggled against racism - How we can think about these issues biblically
Stephen Mullan talks to David Williamson about making choices in an age of self-autonomy.  NOTES: In this episode we cover: What is self-autonomy and what's wrong with it The reality of the slavery of sin How Christians should think rightly about making choices Why submitting to God's authority is both right and wise  What it means to call Jesus Christ 'Lord' How we understand what God wants us to do with our life Why Christians sometimes say 'no' when other people say 'yes' How our love for others effects how we make choices
Graeme Paterson talks with three Christian mothers about life under lockdown conditions.
Stephen Mullan talks with Paul McCauley about suffering in an age of prosperity. NOTES: In this episode we cover: - how prosperity has skewed our society's view of suffering - how the prosperity gospel is at odds with a biblical understanding of suffering - how this contemporary outlook on suffering can subtly creep into our own thinking - how we should think biblically about suffering - what resources God has given us to live faithfully even in suffering - how to cope when we can't make sense of suffering in our life
Alasdair MacPherson talks with two Christian NHS workers about their walk with God in the middle of a pandemic: In this episode we cover:  - taking opportunities to talk about God - facing the reality of death - finding peace in God in the midst of fear - being ambassadors of Christ - learning from God in middle of a crisis - appreciating the gospel of Christ
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