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Babes Behind the Beats with Jess Bowen & Bowie Jane
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Babes Behind the Beats with Jess Bowen & Bowie Jane

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Jess Bowen and Bowie Jane interview females working in the music industry both behind the scenes and on stage. Being a touring drummer and DJ singer songwriter respectively, Jess and Bowie uncover the journeys and background of super successful females in the music industry.

Guests include Amanda Davis (Janelle Monae), Eva Gardner (Pink), Inaya Day (Mousse T), Cassadee Pope, Esjay Jones (Krewella), Patty Anne Miller (Beyoncé), Chrissy Costanza, Kiiara, Mandy (Misterwives), Valerie Morehouse (5sos), Tessa Violet, Tatiana de Maria, Mona Tavakoli (Jason Mraz), Babs (Emo nite), Rae Harvey (the Living End), Karina Depiano (Troy Sivan), Rebecca Black, Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), Christy McDonald (Robin Schultz), Vicky Hamilton (Guns n Roses), Emily Shackleton (Carly Pearce, Mickey Guyton) and the list goes on.
166 Episodes
Jamielyn Lippman chats about her "The Real Modern Family" podcast with her ex husband, music manager Nick Lippman where they chat about their unconventional but really cool family set up, how relationships in COVID were completely different when things opened up and musicians went back on the road, her role in directing music videos, Nick being on the road with Matchbox 20 and how they handle being a parent when one person is on the road! The post Jamielyn Lippman – The Real Modern Family, dating people on the road, relationships appeared first on idobi Network.
What an interesting chat this was! Karla Ortiz, former VP of Marketing and Label Services for Vydia and Digital Marketing executive at Universal Music Group, founded Monark Entertainment in 2020 during the pandemic. Karla talks about how she got her breaks working in music marketing which started with her first internship with Ryan Seacrest, to moving into a new media internship at Universal and eventually converted into full time employment working in the latin department and working with Rihanna & Kanye! She chats about all things marketing including the importance of maintaining relationships at the big socials and the evolution of radio pluggers, tik tok driving pre sales and spotify playlisting! The post Karla Ortiz – Music Marketing Guru (Universal, Monarch Ent) appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with the hilarious Tillie!! We had a ball chatting with her in studio at Idobi about how she got into music, starting with cover gigs to doing huge tours, learning the guitar, studying music at College, moving to LA and more! The post Tillie – Singer Songwriter appeared first on idobi Network.
Emm is a singer songwriter producer and multi instrumentalist who has come up the hard way through the industry but learnt some amazing lessons along the way! From growing up in a prestigious music camp, moving to LA, getting ripped off by multiple managers, hustling working 3 jobs and creating a social media business to fund her music career! The post Emm – Singer, Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with music manager Polina Bogomolova! Polina moved from Russia to study entertainment business at Full Sail University and managed to get an internship at L’Affaire Musicale in Los Angeles. She talks about how L’Affaire Musicale took her under their wing, tour managing, her day to day role as a manager, being on the road with J Worra on the Swedish House Mafia tour, EDC Vegas and what she's got coming up this year! The post Polina Bogomolova – Music Manager (J Worra, Miss Dre, DJ Soda) appeared first on idobi Network.
How absolutely FABULOUS to chat with TOP Music & Entertainment Attorney, Dina LaPolt! Her stories are soooo good! Dina chats with us about how she got into the law from performing, hanging out at the Playboy mansion, setting up her own law firm, representing Steven Tyler against Donald Trump, working heavily in Copyright reform, SONA, representing Fifth Harmony on their last album and tour with Camila Cabello, the importance of a good manager and SO MUCH MORE! She is a wealth of knowledge, super entertaining and we just know you are going to enjoy this interview! The post Dina LaPolt – Music Entertainment Lawyer appeared first on idobi Network.
It was so cool to hear about the world of Artist Relations from Allison Sorrell! She chats about how she moved around in the industry to landing her amazing job at Veeps. Veeps is the world’s leading streaming platform for live music and entertainment, where fans can watch and connect with their favorite artists through premium live and on-demand concerts, so Allison chats all about her role there. If you are wanting to work in the world of Artist Relations, make sure you listen to this episode! The post Allison Sorrell – Artist Relations Veeps (Live Nation) appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with Mona Tavakoli, drummer/percussionist of Raining Jane, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, and the co-founder/co-director of Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls Los Angeles. During our chat Mona tells us about learning drums at age 11, adapting to learning the cajón while taking a flamenco dance class in college, starting her all-female band Raining Jane, touring and recording with Jason Mraz, recently playing on Sesame Street with Sara Bareilles, and more! The post Mona Tavakoli – Drummer/Percussionist (Raining Jane, Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles) appeared first on idobi Network.
Karina Depiano is currently on tour as the keyboardist with Taylor Swift and has worked with artists such as Troye Sivan, Fifth Harmony, Miley Cyrus, Daya, mxmtoon, and so many more!  She received her Bachelor of Music - Popular Music Performance from USC, and she tells us about how much that experience helped prepare her for her future in the industry! The post Karina Depiano – Keyboardist & Musical Director (Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus) appeared first on idobi Network.
This week Jess and Bowie have a good old chinwag about Jess recent experience drumming for Jax at the iHeart Music Awards in LA. It was so cool to hear all about the things that go on behind the scenes to make such a big awards show work! The post Chinwag – iHeart music awards show recap appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with Xie! Xie is a producer, DJ and vocalist who chats with us about her asian background, learning to produce on garage band, coming from a serious classical music background, DJing Coachella, figuring out the agent world, the importance of personal relationships in the industry, incorporating art into her artist vision, the importance of never stopping, creating edits for live performance, the festival scene and more! The post Xie – Producer, DJ, Vocalist appeared first on idobi Network.
Carly McClellan AKA CARR is a singer-songwriter that crafts fun, relatable, and witty tracks. Raised on artists like Avril Lavigne and The All-American Reject, CARR’s sound distills the best aspects of alt-pop, indie-rock and pop-punk, whilst lyrically she traverses the perils of modern dating and growing up. Carr chats about getting signed and going on tour opening for Fall Out Boy! The post Carr – Singer/Songwriter, touring with Fall Out Boy appeared first on idobi Network.
Well we absolutely loved hearing about Miss Dre's musical journey! She talks about the importance of having a mentor with producing, learning Logic only to move over to Ableton, getting a great management team around you, the glamour of traveling as a DJ (haha) and incorporating her own vocals into her tracks. Any budding producers will love this episode! The post Miss Dre – DJ Producer Vocalist appeared first on idobi Network.
After coming on the professional music scene in 2005 with the world-acclaimed, all-women metal band Kittie, guitarist Tara McLeod has garnered a reputation in the music world as one of the best at her craft. She chats with us about crossing genres, how she got in the business, how she met her band members and being a touring musician! The post Tara McLeod – Guitarist (Kittie, Nice Horse) appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with Nigerian singer songwriter, Kah-Lo! She chats about moving to New York and the culture shock with that, being in so much demand for her vocal but having a year of saying "No" so she could focus on her own music, her huge tracks Fasta & Fake ID, living off massive syncs with FIFA and Old Navy, getting signed to Epic during COVID and the importance of a good entertainment lawyer! The post Kah Lo – Grammy Nominated Singer Songwriter, Fake ID appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we got to chat with the lovely Audra Miller from First to Eleven and Concrete Castles! Audra talked all about her band's huge youtube success posting weekly covers and leading to 1.5 million followers, to working on original music and her experiences in the music industry! The post Audra Miller – Singer/Songwriter (First to Eleven, Concrete Castles) appeared first on idobi Network.
This week Jess and Bowie chat about Bowie's trip to EDC Vegas to DJ at EDC Vegas Hotels at Resorts World, as well as interviewing for Insomniac in the artist area! All the behind the scenes info on the wonderful world that is EDC and its HUGE spectacular stages, how the stages are run to gear run downs!  The post Chinwag time – DJ Bowie Jane chats about EDC Vegas both DJing & interviewing! appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we had an amazing chat with Demi Lovato's touring drummer, Britt Bowman! Britt chats about how she got into drumming, what it's like doing arena tours, being on the road, the importance of social media and more! The post Britt Bowman – Drummer (Demi Lovato, Royal and the Serpent) appeared first on idobi Network.
These girls are entrepreneurs!! Not only are they awesome DJs, producers, songwriters and dancers, but they have created their own huge eyewear line which has been worn by everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga to Prince! They talk about their vision for Coco & Breezy, incorporating their past professional dancing background into their music, working with Janelle Monae, getting advice from Beyonce, touring and more!  The post Coco & Breezy – DJs, Producers, Entrepreneurs! appeared first on idobi Network.
This week we chat with bassist and songwriter, Aubrey Harris! She began playing electric bass at age 13 and sitting in on gigs with her father, a jazz drummer. When Aubrey was 16, she was awarded a full scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music where she graduated in 2017. She chats with us about doing her 10,000 hours performing at Disney World Orlando to performing with artists such as FLETCHER, Keith Urban, and Jacob Collier!  The post Aubrey Harris – Bassist & songwriter (Fletcher, Keith Urban, Jacob Collier) appeared first on idobi Network.
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