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Welcome back to another jam-packed issue of Smoke & Mirrors! Rob, Dave & Triz (The Oues) have scoured the web for all the movie news so you don't have to!Stick around as we break down:Streaming News- Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo starrer "Criminal Record"- Netflix developing a "Believer" sequelFilm News- Ezra Miller getting dropped after The Flash releases?- Mortal Kombat sequel developed with audience feedback in mind- First Furiosa details!Movie Trailers- Stranger Things S4, Pt. 2 - July 1- Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation - August 5- Smile - September 30- They/Them - August 5- Five Days at Memorial - August 12- The Longest Night - July 8Entertainment News- Netflix's "The Chosen One" left in tragedy- Paul Haggis arrested for sexual assaultOur Thoughts on:- Obi-Wan Finale- Elvis
Another week of the most complete movie news show on the planet!Episode 88 is jam packed with movie news! Rob, Dave & Triz have scoured the web clean to make sure you are up to date with all the movie news from around the world!Listen in as we break down and unpack:Streaming News- We're getting an Aztec Batman?- Ethan Hawke starring in "The Whites"?- Will Forte teams up with Barrack Obama?Film News- First details on "Gran Turismo" adaptation!- Zac Efron to wrestle his way into "The Iron Claw"!Movie Trailers- Westworld S4: Trailer 2 - June 26- Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight - July 14- Rap Sh!t - July 21- Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin - July 28- Blonde - September 23- Entergalactic - September 30- My Policeman - October 21- Tulsa King - November 13- Matilda the Musical - December 12- Puss in Boots: The Last Wish - December 21/26 in AusEntertainment NewsOur Thoughts on:- Obi Wan E5- The Boys E5- Ms. Marvel E2- The Offer E10- Jurassic World: Dominion- Spiderhead
In this super slow week of Movie News, The Oues break down:Film News- New Scream Casting additions!Movie Trailers- Prey - Dave's Pick- Nope - Rob's Pick- CyberPunk: Edgerunners - Triz's PickAlso, our thoughts on:- Obi-Wan Kenobi E04- The Boys S4E04- Ms Marvel S01E01- The Offer E09Make sure to follow our social media and subscribe to our Youtube channel!
Welcome back to another week of movie news!Rob, Dave and Triz (The Oues) scour the web for everything happening in the movie and TV biz so you don't have to!Listen in as we break down:Streaming News- What is Bradley Cooper's "Maestro"?- Warner/Discovery plans have been confirmed!- Netflix changes release strategy!Film News- Magnolia acquires "King's Land" with Mads Mikkelsen!- Mortal Kombat director taking on "Omega" for Sony!Entertainment News- RIP Bo Hopkins- Robert Eggers talks "The Northman" box office fallout!- Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau talk the future of Star Wars!Our Thoughts on:- We Own This City Finale- Under The Banner of Heaven Finale- The Offer E07- Obi-Wan Kenobi E03- The Boys E1-3
Scouring the web for all the latest movie news so you don’t have to, The Oues return with a massive trailer blowout (pause) and all things Star Wars on D+ for this episode!Listen in as we discuss:Streaming News⁃ Elton John doco on the way to Disney +?⁃ Doug Liman to direct Rise and Kill First - First details!⁃ All the news from Star Wars Celebration event! The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, Andor, The Acolyte, Tales of the Jedi and Skeleton Crew!Movie TrailersThe Gray Man - Rob’s PickAndor - Triz’s PickMission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 - DaveAnd Much Much More (There were a lot of great trailers released!).Entertainment News⁃ RIP Ray LiottaOur thoughts on:We Own This City Part 5The Offer E06Under the Banner of Heaven E06Obi-Wan KenobiTop Gun MaverickWe’ll be back next week with more movie goodness, stay safe!Please support us by following on the below channels/DSP's:Spotify:
Live and Direct, The Oues bring you the latest and greatest in movie news - we scour the web so you don't have to!Listen in as we break down and dissect the newest news in:Streaming News- Thirteen Lives changes to streaming?- Rick & Morty Anime?- Monopoly had some spoilers for Stranger Things fans?Film News- Alexander Skarsgard and Dane Dehaan to hunt a Tiger?- David Duchovny can write? What book is he adapting?- Alex Proyas new project detailed!Movie Trailers- Prey- The Boys S3- The Old Man- Spiderhead- She-Hulk- Where the Crawdads Sing- The Umbrella Academy S3- Baymax!- 3000 Years of Longing - Rob's Pick- The Terminal List - Dave's PickEntertainment News- RIP Vangelis- Dr Strange 2 didn't make enough money for Disney?- Kathleen Kennedy details what it takes for a director at Lucasfilm!Plus our thoughts on:Halo Season FinaleWe Own This City Part 4The Offer E06Under the Banner of Heaven E05 Altanta Season Finale
Back with more movie news, another round of fresh takes and predictions - Rob, Dave & Triz break down all the latest in:Streaming News- South Park: The Streaming Wars film announced for Paramount+Film News- Halle Berry to star in Alexander Aja's latest?- Vincent Cassel to team up with David Cronenberg for The Shrouds!- Kevin Spacey returning to Cannes?Movie Trailers- Father of the Bride- Resident Evil- Westworld S4- Hustle- Avatar: The Way of WaterEntertainment News- RIP Fred WardOur thoughts on:Halo - Episode 8We Own This City - Episode 3The Offer - Episode 4Atlanta - Episode 9Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Spoiler Free)Check out our social media and more today!
Episode 82 - Slow Hoes?

Episode 82 - Slow Hoes?


The fellas return for a Mother's Day special filled with movie news and entertaining takes!Listen as we break down:Streaming News- Netflix gets Obliterated!- Jeremy Strong to lead the Boeing fiasco story?Film News- Fast X enlists Louis Leterrier to finish out the Fast Manifesto! Some more details of what went down with Justin Lin's Fast X-it!- First details on King of Oil!Movie TrailersDon't Worry DarlingObi-Wan KenobiInterceptorGeorge Carlin's American DreamWeird: The Al Yankovic StoryHouse of the DragonEntertainment News- Dave Chappelle and Netflix speak out against recent events!- Netflix has shareholder drama!Our thoughts on:Moon Knight the finale!HaloThe OfferUnder the Banner of HeavenWe Own This CityUndone Season 2Atlanta
Back to satisfy all of your Movie News needs, The Oues have scoured and devoured all the tasty scoops around the web (so you don't have to) and are dropping it here for you to do with as you please!Listen in as we break down:Streaming News- What's Danielle Deadwyler doing in Demimonde?- The Walking Dead spin off to be re-spun amid casting changes?- What is happening with The Weeknd's "The Idol"?Film News- Justin Lin makes a Fast e-Xit from Fast X? How much will this cost Universal?- Cinemacon news and date changes galore!- Who's leaving the Fantastic 4 movie from Marvel?Movie TrailersThe Black PhoneChip and Dale: Rescue RangersJurassic World: DominionThe PentaverateTrailer Talk- Bodies Bodies Bodies - Rob’s Pick- Watcher - Triz’ Pick- The Essex Serpent - Daves PickEntertainment News- Why has the OG Spider-Man been censored?- Andrew Droz Palermo talks about underlit film on TV!+ our thoughts on Moon Knight, Halo, The Offer, We Own This City and Under the Banner of Heaven!Catch us next week for even more movie news and entertainment takes!
Another week of news from Oues! We scour the web so you don't have to!Tune in and discover all the latest happening with:Streaming News- What's happening with Netflix? We talk the losses, the strategies and the politics!- Idris Elba gets "Hijacked"?- Constantine DC and HBO Max show plot and star teased?Film News- Pedro Pascal talks "The Last of Us" faithfulness- Affleck and Damon reunite for Nike?- It Takes Two adapted for film?Movie Trailers- Thor: Love and Thunder- Prehistoric Planet - Rob's Pick- Night Sky - Dave's Pick- Crimes of the Future - Triz's PickEntertainment News- We REALLY need to talk about Ezra!Halo S01E5 ThoughtsMoon Knight S01E04 ThoughtsAtlanta S03E05 ThoughtsStay tuned for more news next week but in the meantime follow us wherever you social your media - Facebook, Twitter, IG or TikTok!
Episode 79 - Just Say "No"

Episode 79 - Just Say "No"


The Oues return with some massive news this week! Strap in and prepare yourselves for a journey into man (pause)We break down:Streaming News- What is The Ledger? And why isn't it about Heath?- Why did Thandiwe leave the latest Magic Mike film?Film News- Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Leigh Cook heading up "Spirit Halloween"Movie Trailers- The Man Who Fell to Earth- The First Lady- Stranger Things 4, Vol. 1 - Rob's Pick- The Lincoln Lawyer - Dave's Pick- We Own This City - Triz's PickEntertainment News- RIP Gilbert Gottfried- Cuba pleads guilty- Frank Langella's in hot water?- Warner Bros are making some changes at DC!Halo, Moon Knight and Atlanta thoughts also included - free of charge!Join us next week for some more news from La La Land (or Moonlight)...
Back with the newest news! The Oues break it down with foreign correspondent Rob (sorry, there's a brief delay in this one!)Listen in as we talk through:Streaming News- A new take on the King Arthur legend?- Squid Game director tee's up now project?- Jason Momoa tackling cultural heritage with new project?Film News- Chris Pine talks Star Trek 4?- Who are The Governesses?Movie TrailersDoctor WhoStar Trek: Strange New WorldsBobs Burgers The MovieThe Flight Attendant S2Outer RangeThe BabyEntertainment News- Will Smith Oscar Ban?- Warners putting Ezra Miller on ice?We'll be back next week with a brand new episode - in synch and in pants (cos sometimes over these remote sessions Rob doesn't wear any)Check in with us on all social media!
Back again, The Oues dive straight into the biggest news of the week!- The Slap Heard Around EarthWe then jump back into our usual segments for:Streaming News- Are you ready to go back to Derry?- Daniel Kaluuya setting up The Kitchen!- Katheryn Bigelow readies her next film!Film News- 2022 Oscar Winners!- The Crow has been rebooted!Movie Trailers- Lightyear- Shining Girls- Top Gun Maverick- Ozark S4- The Staircase- Under the Banner of Heaven Full Trailer- The Sea Beast Trailer - Triz's Pick- Undone S2 Trailer - Rob's PickEntertainment News- Bruce Willis has retired from acting- Michael Bay confesses to directing too many Transformers films- Moon Knight Episode 1 Thoughts- Halo Episode 2 Thoughts- Atlanta Episode 3 Thoughts
Another week of exciting movie news - we scour the web so you don't have to!Join Rob, Dave & Triz as we break down:Streaming News- What's Reginald the Vampire?- Did the Halo showrunners even blood gulch?- What's Betty Gilpin up to?Film News- Lena Headey is making her feature film debut?- What is Chapter 11 and how is it impacting The Contractor?- New details on Mission Impossible 7 and the future of the franchise!Movie Trailers- The Offer - Dave's Pick- Men - Triz's Pick- Roar - Rob's PickEntertainment News- Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab says Patty Jenkins depicted Egyptians stereotypically in WW84!
Welcome back to another episode with the Oues!We're bringing you the latest in movie news from around the world - stay tuned as we break down:Streaming News- Why should you be wary about sharing your Netflix logins?- Darth Maul was going to be in Obi-Wan?- What is Jeymes Samuel cooking up next?Film News- Scott Derrickson is getting his Gorge on?- Francis Lawrence has a new sci-fi in the works?Fan the Hammer - Rapid Fire Movie NewsMovie Trailers- We Own This City - Dave's Pick- Tokyo Vice - Rob's PickEntertainment News- RIP William Hurt- Jared Leto throws his hat in the Marvel Movies Are Cinema Ring?All this and much more! Find out why, where's Smoke there's Fire!Thanks for listening in, drop us a line and follow us on all social media and don't forget to leave a review on Apple!Spotify:
Welcome back to another episode of movie news, stunning streamers and more!Streaming News- Talks of Obi-Wan Season 2 already happening at Lucasfilm?Movie News - Abandoned plans for John Carter 2!- Warner switches it's release plans up?Fan the Hammer Movie Trailers- Outer Range- Metal Lords and Apollo 10 1/2- Obi-WanEntertainment News- Should Disney take action and release LGBTQIA+ stories in Pixar films? Why and what's stopping them? A Oues Zone discussionThanks for listening in, drop us a line and follow us on all social media and don't forget to leave a review on Apple!Spotify:
Another week, another round of news!Listen in as The Oues - Rob, Dave and Triz - bring you the latest in Hollywood happenings and more!Streaming News- Netflix developing Bodies adaptation- Neighbours no more?Film News- Sam Mendes starts shooting Empire of Light- Bill Burr flexes his directing muscles?Movie Trailers- Bullet TrainEntertainment News- RIP Alan Ladd JrMaintaining there cinema pass The Oues take a look at a little known film this week:- The Batman review (non spoiler)- Spoilery The Batman takes!
Episode 72 - Swollen Nolan?

Episode 72 - Swollen Nolan?


The Oues are back, baby!After a 3 month sabbatical Rob, Dave and Triz return to the pod-verse to bring you the latest in Movie News!Listen in as we break down:Streaming News- Netflix working with French Film Industry?- Netflix developing a Black Samurai film?- Amazon sets an original movie release date for April!Film News-Uncharted sequel news!- John Carpenter might have more The Thing for us?- Bill Murray and Aziz Ansari are teaming up?Movie Trailers- WeCrashed- Panama- Ozark - Pachinko - Rob's Pick- Under the Banner of Heaven - Triz's Pick- The Man Who Fell to Earth - Dave's PickStay tuned into this channel, next week we bring you our thoughts on the first Bullet Train trailer and The Batman!
The Oues break down the weeks biggest news stories before getting into their thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Home!Listen in as they discuss:Streaming News- Who will play Zorro for Disney?Film News- Which DC film has now switched to a theatrical release?Movie Trailers- Fantastic Beasts 3, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and much more!Blank Film - Rob talks about a new film from an emerging talent!Spider-Man Spoiler Review!!!
Counting down to Summer break, The Oues take a look at all the news flowing through the MultiVerse and bring you everything that could be scoured from the Internet!Join us as we blow your minds (pause) and you'll find out why!Streaming News- Stallone making his Series TV debut?- Who's rounding out Mike Flanagan's "House of Usher"?Film News- Ed Neumeier and Paul Verhoeven working on "Young Sinner"? First details!Fan the Hammer???Movie TrailersTexas Chainsaw Massacre, The Matrix Resurrections, MacGruber, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Gurre, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Winning Time, Munich: The Edge of War, GoldEntertainment News- RIP Martha De LaurentiisMake sure to check back next week for our last episode of the year and our thoughts on Spider-Man: No Way Home!Peace!
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