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Author: Phill Bell

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Discussing the impact of the workplace on the health, performance and experience of employees across the world with guests from global leaders in real estate, innovation and wellbeing.
8 Episodes
After a mid-season break, we're back with our latest podcast featuring expert nutritionist Daniel Davey (www.! As Leinster Rugby Performance Nutritionist, Daniel believes absolutely everyone has the potential to improve their performance and has insight that spans the world of elite sport through to the workplace. We discuss nudges, standards, habits, sustainability and culture creation as we delve into the impact of food on our lives. Some real food for thought (pun intended!) for everyone in this episode and one not to miss!
Octagon to the Office

Octagon to the Office


In the first episode of our second series I talk with Ultimate Fighting Championship Performance Institute VP of Performance Dr Duncan French, as we discuss how learning from elite sporting organisations and athletes can be used to inform the corporate landscape and worker.  Duncan provides some fascinating insights reflecting on his career working in elite sport (English Institute of Sport, British Basketball, British Taekwondo, English Premier League, Notre Dame University, UFC PI) as a practitioner, coach, manager and industry thought leader.  We talk work-life balance (or lack of it), situational leads, hollocracy, north stars and organisational cybernetics in what is a thoroughly enlightening conversation that has something for everyone!
In this episode I chat with The Instant Group's Director of Enterprise, Helena Hughes about the impact of the pandemic on the world of flex and co-working.  We discuss the challenges facing organisations with large owned and leased real estate portfolios and how flex working may provide as an attractive solution to enable transition back to the office.  We also touch on facility management and office servicing, discussing how these may be influenced by technology and also how as a result, office life may change (or may not!). 
In the first episode of the 5-part series, I discuss with ART Health Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Paul Smith, how data on employee health, performance and experience can and is being used to drive real estate and working practice strategies in organisations on the journey back to work following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  A new Business As Usual is upon us and data is pivotal in ensuring organisations create fit for purpose workspaces that enable employee wellbeing and performance. We also focus on how enforced home working has created a new perspective for employees and report data and insights demonstrating the impact of working from home on health, performance and experience.
In this episode I chat with Dr Barry O'Neill,  Senior Specialist in Neurocognition at the Nestle Brain Health Department.  Barry articulates exactly what neuroscience actually is and we discuss why it's used in research, how it is measured and what it can tell us about brain performance.  We chat through Barry's vast array of neuroscience application spanning clinical trials, to sports performance, to infant development and also why understanding your cognitive state can benefit your performance at work.  Caffeine, work patterns, sleep, exercise and wellbeing are all covered off in this fantastic insight into the world of neuroscience and cognition.
In this episode we are joined by Andy O'Donnell, UK Real Estate & Workplace Director at JLL.  We discuss how the workplace and real estate can, and should, be used as a health enabler and the considerations organisations returning to the workplace should account for in a post-pandemic world.  We also look into the impact of the enforced home-working period the majority of people have gone through and how this experience may alter the expectations and needs in the "new business as usual".  Some fantastic insight from an industry thought leader!
In this episode I'm joined by Alex Moon from Spica Technologies as we discuss how sensor based technologies can be used to support the return to the workplace in a post-COVID-19 world. We cover topics from building entry thermal imaging cameras to bathroom occupancy panels and consider the impact from both an organisation and user experience perspective. Some fantastic insights demonstrating how relatively simple installations can be utilised in support of the current need states of many organisations.
In this episode I chat with LYS Technologies Founder and CEO, Christina Friis Blach Peterson on how light exposure should be considered in the future of the workplace, whether that be in the office or the home. We cover subjects such as chronotype and how the current working world has been designed to favour those who are "morning larks" as opposed to "evening owls" and how by understanding this we can perhaps re-frame the working day for individuals and groups as move into a world where home working and flexibility may be key for talent attraction.  Some fascinating insights!
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