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Author: Hailey Rodgers & Aaliyan Khan

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Welcome to the See Me Show! We are your Hosts, Hailey Rodgers & Aaliyan Khan. We are two aspiring life-coaches on a mission to discover how we all can live a fearlessly authentic life. Each episode, we will look to share our own insights and experiences or bring an inspiring guest that will help you become the best authentic self you can be. To stay up to date with the latest episodes and to consume more inspiring content be sure to follow us on Instagram @seemeshowpod. We also want to hear from you! if you enjoy this episode be sure to leave a rating or review! We are so excited to be on this journey together to becoming fearlessly authentic.
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Have you ever struggled with your mental health? Do you have a bunch of thoughts that are bottled up inside? Do you just want to dump them out?Here's a solution: journaling.In this week's episode, Hailey sits down with the President of The Journal That Talks Back, Jonathan Friedman, to talk about the epic benefits of journaling. In this episode they discuss:Coaching vs. therapyThe Journal That Talks BackThe benefits of journalingHow journaling impacts your mental healthHow to start journalingJonathan's favourite journal promptAnd more!Connect with Jonathan on Instagram @ jonathan_a_friedman!Learn more about The Journal That Talks Back by visiting their website and follow them on Instagram @journalthattalksback. 
What happens to us in life is not as important as whether or not we use the experience to grow.In this week's episode, Aaliyan will be sharing his learnings and growth from his summer hiatus. Throughout the episode, topics will include:-understanding/measuring what matters most-mental endurance and how to lean on it-memento moriAdditional Resources:The Daily StoicTo stay up to date with the See Me Show, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @SeeMeShowPod
TW: in this episode, we do discuss mental health disorders, particularly eating disorders, so please listen at your own discretion. A mental health diagnosis can be a complicated journey. Recently, Hailey was diagnosed with a mental health disorder and she is still unsure as to what that means for her. Fortunately, she is joined by a past high school friend, Cathleen O'Brien, who has had experience with diagnoses and is hopping on to share her story and advice. Cathleen has a unique and empowering perspective where she has framed her diagnoses in a positive light. In this episode they discuss: The impacts of a diagnosisThe benefits and drawbacksTips for navigating a new diagnosisAnd more!Connect with Cathleen on Instagram: @cathleenobrien_
TW: this discussion does touch on disordered eating so please listen at your own discretion. Have you ever struggled with loving and accepting your body? You're not alone. Many of us find ourselves disliking what we see in the mirror and often pick ourselves apart in the process. However, we can unlearn negative self-talk and embrace everything that makes us who we are, including our bodies.In this week's episode, Hailey is joined by Emily Lauren Dick, the author of Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body. In their conversation, they discuss:Body positivity and activism Body imageBody neutrality Media literacySelf-esteemAnd more!Connect with Emily on Instagram @realhappydaughter and visit her website Additional Resources:The Rose Retreat
Habits can change your life in so many great ways, but it often becomes hard to develop new ones or break old ones. In this week's episode, our guest Patrick Mazurek sheds light on how we can build impactful habits that will ultimately lead you to a life filled with greater impact and joy. In this episode, we discuss:Habits and the importance of having them in our livesHow to think about habits and the 4 steps to followHabits in relation to our goals/ambitionsHabits and self-identityPatrick is a college dropout turned impact entrepreneur, personal growth hacker, and social impact nerd. He’s the founder of wearewell, a company on a mission to create a world where everyone is well by creating CBD products for mental health and supporting some of the world's most pressing issues with every sale. Pat says that while he’s not in school, running the business is like taking his master's in time management & how to maximize the 24 hours we are given each day. Additional Resources:Atomic Habits by James Clear
How can we best navigate our lives while being true to our values/goals? In this week's episode, Aaliyan brings on his mentor/coach Matt Hawksley to talk about discovering and navigating our unique life journies. Matt will share his insights and advice to reimagine the way you can approach your journey going forward. Throughout the episode, we will explore:Values/Missions In Line To Our WorkLifelong Learning And Diversifying Our Environment/Surroundings For GrowthMaking Changes/Adjustments Throughout Our JourneyWith over 20 years of professional experience in the corporate space, Matt Hawksley is currently the CEO and founder of Leadogo, a social learning network comprised of a diverse global community who drives change and supports each other in their quest for personal, societal, or organizational development. He is completing his first book called "Corporate Kerouac: The Art of Learning in the Open", is a board member of the Rotary Club of Kingston, has an MBA from the University of Missouri, a Masters of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Queen's University, and was a former collegiate decathlete.Do you have a passion for authenticity and have a story to share? Apply to be a guest: stay up to date with the See Me Show, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @seemeshowpod. 
Do you ever feel like you're driven by the word "should"? Do you ever feel like you have to go, go, go all the time? Do you feel guilty when you rest? Do you feel compelled to be "productive"?This is hustle culture.In this week's episode, Hailey and Aaliyan dive into the problems of hustle culture and how "productivity" has become a glorified word that can take away ease, peace, and happiness from our lives and goals. In this episode, we will explore:How the pandemic has affected productivityWhat hustle culture isBeing a sprinter instead of a marathon runnerEvaluating your prioritiesThe problem with the word "should"Being self-compassionateHow to schedule time for self-careHow we can break down hustle cultureAdditional ResourcesThe Productivity Project by Chris BaileyDo you have a passion for authenticity and have a story to share? Apply to be a guest: stay up to date with the See Me Show, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @seemeshowpod. 
We are back for a new chapter!In the kick-off episode of season 2, Hailey and Co-Host Aaliyan will be discussing their stories, the goals and aspirations they have for season 2 of the podcast, and sharing what authenticity means to both of them. We are excited to kick off this new chapter and hope you join us along for the ride :)
The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go


Have you ever held onto something that prevented you from getting closer to where you wanted to be? Do you struggle with letting go?In this week's episode, Hailey and Aaliyan discuss the art of letting go. Recently, Hailey chopped 12 inches of her hair off, and it made her realize how challenging it is to let go. Hair is one thing, but letting go of mistakes, regrets, expectations, perfectionism, and all of those more complex topics is incredibly difficult. Hailey and Aaliyan aim to provide listeners their insights on how they can let go of the smallest and largest things that are holding them back from living an authentic life. In more detail they discuss:Their life updateWhy letting go is so difficultThe things and ideas they have struggled to let go ofThe benefits of letting goAdvice for letting goAnd more!Additional Resources:Support Hailey's new business Fusecast by following them on Instagram @fuse.cast
Learning can be uncomfortable. But unlearning and relearning can be even more so.As humans, we are limited to our perspectives and those around us. If we choose to cling to the knowledge that we already know and not expose ourselves to new world views, we will fail to grow and make the world a better place. In this episode, Hailey and Aaliyan explore all things learning, unlearning, and relearning. We must challenge our biases and explore new perspectives by engaging in conversations with all kinds of people. We will break down:How our world views were shaped by our upbringingGetting outside of your echo chamberCoping with discomfort, ignorance, and mistakesThe problem with cancel cultureBeing a true allyHow to become an active listener and engage in authentic conversationsResources:Post by @queerbrownvegan that Hailey mentions: Why We Must Learn, Unlearn, & RelearnConcepts:Echo ChamberCancel CultureDo you have a passion for authenticity and have a story to share? Apply to be a guest: stay up to date with the See Me Show, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @seemeshowpod. 
How are you showing up in your life? Many of us find ourselves feeling like we have to hide who we are which can prevent us from reaching our true potential and finding our purpose. As such, in this episode, Hailey and Renelle Briggs explore how we can be more confident and authentic in real life and online so that we achieve the lives we want. In this episode Hailey and Renelle discuss:Authentic entrepreneurshipWhat confidence means to usBuilding a community of confident and authentic peopleThe importance of stepping outside of your comfort zoneChallenging your thoughtsHaving a purpose with your social mediaHow to show up authentically and confidentlyRenelle is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and an incredible speaker. She is also a varsity cross country athlete and has a keen desire to help and serve others. Recently, she launched her podcast called The Confidence Club and is an avid speaker on Clubhouse. Her ultimate goal is to help her audience show up more confidently in their lives and realize their true potential.Resources/Concepts:Self-fulfilling prophecyLaw of Diminishing Marginal UtilityDo you have a passion for authenticity and have a story to share? Apply to be a guest: stay up to date with the See Me Show, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @seemeshowpod. 
How has it almost been a year already?! When I first started my podcast, I thought it was just going to be my Dad listening (don't worry Dad, you're still my #1 fan!) but there have been so many people from around the world supporting me which blows my heckin mind! I am so grateful for this chapter of learning, growth, and support. I am so excited to share with you in this final episode:My life updateWhy I started this podcastHow discomfort allowed for growth and clarityMy experience with imposter syndrome and how I overcame itHow this podcast enhanced my authenticity Season 2 sneak peek (stay tuned for May 23, 2021)Additional Resources:Apply to be a guest for Season 2: the podcast on Instagram: out The Conversationalist: 
Welcome back to the See Me Show! I am so excited for this episode as we will be talking about imposter syndrome with an amazing individual, Sophie Johns. Sophie was the first friend I made at university and I’m so glad that in our final year together we are doing this episode. This episode is also super special because it is the LAST guest episode we will be having in Season 1! In this episode we will discuss: Sophie's experience with imposter syndromeWhat imposter syndrome isWhy people experience imposter syndromeThe outcomes of experiencing imposter syndromeHow we can overcome imposter syndromeConnect with Sophie on Instagram and LinkedIn.
TW: this episode contains discussions surrounding addiction and sexual assault. Hello friend! Welcome back to the See Me Show. In this week's episode, we are going to be talking about healing with an incredibly resilient and awesome young woman, Maggie King. Maggie is an author, activist, and an aspiring policy maker and has an absolutely amazing story to share. In this episode we will discuss: Maggie's recovery journey with sobriety What it means to healWhat healing journeys look likeWhy healing can be challengingThe outcomes of healingCoping mechanisms one can utilize when they embark on their healing journey Connect with Maggie on Instagram, @maggiexking,  and check out her book, Pregame: Alcohol, Addiction & Recovery through the Eyes of a College Student, on Amazon. 
Hello everyone! Welcome back to the See Me Show! I am so excited for this week’s episode as we will be talking about one of my favourite concepts called vulnerability, with author and blogger, Nicole Spindler. In this episode we will be talking about:What it means to be vulnerableWhy vulnerability is so challengingThe benefits/outcomes of being vulnerableWhy sharing stories creates a positive impactHow vulnerability allows you to live an authentic lifeConnect with Nicole on Instagram: @nspin20 and @beyond_lifes_momentsCheck out Nicole's book, Beyond Life's Moments, on Amazon
Hello everyone! Welcome back to the See Me Show! I am so excited for today’s episode because we are going to be talking about one of my favourite topics called the growth mindset. I am especially excited because soon-to-be-published author, Anjali Badwal, will be sharing her incredible insights. In this episode we will be discussing: How birth order can affect your perspective and behavioursThe growth mindsetThe fixed mindsetSteps we can take to go from a fixed to growth mindsetWhy adopting a growth mindset is essential to live an authentic lifeConnect with Anjali on Instagram. 
How do you talk to yourself? Often, our self-talk is negative but if we adopt a positive self-talk we can create monumental outcomes in our lives. How can we do this? Through affirmations...Hello everyone welcome back to the See Me Show! I am so excited for today’s episode because I am going to be talking about affirmations with an awesome woman, Kendra Kelly. Kendra is a mindset enthusiast and we will be discussing: AffirmationsHow negative self-talk impacts our livesWhy self-talk is essential to achieveMantras to use when we experience adversitiesAnd more!Connect with Kendra on Instagram.Extra resources:Two book recommendations:The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Anxiety Happens: 52 Ways to Move Beyond Fear and Find Peace of Mind by John P. Forsyth &  Georg H. EifertI'M THRIVIN' playlist Paola Hernandez
TW: the following episode contains discussions relating to suicideWhat does happiness mean to you? Let's dive into it...Welcome back to the See Me Show! In today's episode, I am going to be talking about the concept of happiness with mental health advocate, Sam Gerry. In this episode we discuss:What happiness isHow often we should feel happyHow we can cope when we are experience dissatisfaction/unhappinessActivities we can engage in to make us feel more happyAnd much more!Connect with Sam on:Instagramkickitforacause.orgEmail:
Happy International Women's Day! I am so excited for this week's episode as I will be talking about women in the workplace with Charlotte Keesler, Founder and CEO of Per the Work Edit. In this episode, Charlotte and I discuss:What Per the Work Edit is all aboutChallenges women experience in the workplacePerfectionism, comparisons, and people pleasingHow we can navigate entering the workforceHow women can show up authentically in the workplaceResources women can utilize to augment their careerExciting news! Per the Work Edit  has just launched a forum where you can experience virtual mentorship and learn tips and tricks of how you can thrive in the workplace! Use the code Hailey21 to join the forum!Check out Per the Work Edit on Instagram and visit their website!
Hello everyone welcome back to the See Me Show! February is Black History Month and the reason why I decided to publish this episode on the last day of February is because it is so important that we continue the conversation surrounding Black history and racial injustices beyond this month!I am so excited to be having this conversation with Jaden Lindo and Jaren Burke, who are both Queen's University varsity hockey players. In this conversation, we discuss the barriers Black hockey players experience, Black mental health, how we can become allies, and how we can carry on this important conversation.DONATE TO PUSHING FOR CHANGEConnect with Jaden and Jaren on Instagram:@jlindo22@thejburke83Stay up to date with Step Above Stigma by following us on Instagram: @stepabovestigma!
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