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Author: Soil or Sky

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Claire and Nate became friends while employed as summer camp counselors, running through woods and splashing in the warm lake waters of provincial America. The years spent working there brought out in them a certain appreciation for the sunny season. Having moved on from their camp days, the two discuss memories, lessons, opinions, and tips for how to best make use of the warmest months of the year. Every Monday, with hopes of spreading positivity and excitement, a new subject belonging to summer will be explored. Dateless Lively Heat is an ode to the season that we spend nine months longing for. To the heat of summer days and everything that lives within.
13 Episodes
Nate and Claire wrap up Season 1 chatting about all things biking, from watching the Tour de France in person to etiquette when cycling in the street. Enjoy this final episode and submit your thoughts to Heat Gauge, form available on Twitter: @soilorsky.
Reminiscing on past family summer trips, the two share their favorite and most memorable stories. Submit your own stories and thoughts to Heat Gauge via twitter form: @soilorsky.
Nate and Claire are finally back to discuss summer foods! All foods are best eaten outdoors and one season is the best for doing so. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
Sarah joins Nate and Claire to talk all things camping. An episode full of coming of age stories and controversial camping-gear opinions. Submit your thoughts to Heat Gauge via the pinned tweet on @soilorky. And as always, enjoy this summer's dateless lively heat.
The two hosts hash out their feelings on summer thunderstorms. Nate describes how he shops for the perfect umbrella, and Claire tells the tale of a rainy day where she started a game of freeze dance with 200 people - in the rain of course. Make sure you SUBMIT your thoughts TO HEAT GAUGE! Submission form can be found on @soilorsky twitter page.
Nate and Claire discuss their love for summer nights and the possibilities they hold. Including, but not limited to, listening to a saxophone while relaxing on the back porch, playing night games with friends, and getting no sleep. Check out the Heat Gauge submission form on Twitter: @soilorsky.
Prepare yourself for the Mid Season Bonanze! Claire and Nate call several dear friends to learn what summer topics have been at the front of their thoughts. Four guests, four topics, a well-spent fourth. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
Nate and Claire are joined by Angelo on this special Saturday release. This trio discusses the Fourth of July; the good, the bad, the strange, and everything in between. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
Through stories of childhood summers, Claire and Nate try to understand each others backstories as well as the significance of summer as a child. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
Bodies of water are inextricable with summertime recreation. Join Claire and Nate this week to discuss all things water sports, childhood memories, and personal goals. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
This is the summer camp episode! With camps across the country closing due to health concerns, Claire and Nate are joined by their friend Jordan to reflect on the implications of this void. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
In this podcast premiere, Claire and Nate wax lyrical about how to look your best this summer. Overalls, boat shoes, and, of course, linen suits, are on our mind. The Heat Gauge submission form is live on twitter @soilorskyClaire: @flairecranksenNate: @piecesofn8
Introducing Dateless Lively Heat, available every Monday starting May 25th.
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