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Welcome to ALL KINDS! The weekly show where we discuss everything and anything. From on the go, to in the know, from the latest updates on entertainment, news and everything in between - basically gossiping. It’s a family affair, so grab a glass of wine and enjoy all kinds with us. Thanks for listening, and have a good one!
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Meet our favourite The Great Canadian Baking Show contestant, James Hoyland! The professor with a knack for getting all the right formulas in and out of the classroom. Lots of lessons learned and plenty of laughs along the way. James will share his passions and tricks of the trade just in time for the holidays!Thanks for listening! 
True Crime: One less pervy old predator off the streets as Peter Nygård is finally arrested. Weekly updates: Leave Lizzo alone! The Toobin Cleanup begins, and Tom Cruise plays the savage. No one wants to end up on ‘Hoarders’ but not everyone is a Marie Kondo devotee. How much do we really need and what’s good to keep on hand ‘just in case’? Cherished possession or pure junk, make a decision!  Thanks for listening! 
Opposite Imposter Syndrome lies the unofficial, ‘Empty Suits’. Credentialed, impressive backgrounds, prestigious universities but about as useless as balls on a cow or tits on a bull. How does it happen and how to deal if working with one? “The Undoing” of our faces. No lines, no wrinkles but also no expressions and who you pointing that chin at? Where do we draw the line? Weekly Updates: Olivia Jade, James Cordon, RuPaul gets ready to kickoff 2021!Thanks for listening! 
Skincare 401, for anyone and everyone. Tips from my visit to the dermatologist! The original and smart, ‘How To with John Wilson’, a modern Masterpiece. Pete Correale, thank me later, he is hilarious (even his old sh*t)! Weekly Updates: RIP Maradona, Elliot Page, Amber Heard, Mathew Perry, Voices of Fire and Farrell launches a new gender-neutral skincare line. Apartment shaming- the new cause celebre!Thanks for listening! 
In Whose image? The reckoning of public squares, what should replace the statues? Weekly updates: Sia responds to the backlash for not hiring an autistic actor, The Queen’s Gambit, Nancy Grace, Jayde White, and Vogue gets their first CoverBoy!Thanks for listening! 
Time to stop playing games or just getting started? Dating and love in your 40s. Yes you can teach an old dog new tricks! Weekly updates, RIP Alex Trebek, Carol Baskin- Style Icon? Johnny Depp loses his case and his job, The Royals continue their drama and The Witches apologize for giving everyone the fingers.Thanks for listening!
From winding down to easing pain, the potential of CBD seems to be limitless. But does it really work? The Borat fallout- would you agree to participate? Everyone knows the American Culture Wars, but what about other countries? Weekly updates: Kim K celebrates her 40th, Jailhouse podcasts and Celine Dion is the next ingénue!Thanks for listening! 
Hair loss in your 40s. From texture changes to bald spots, why is it so hard to get the right info? Bored?! What can you do in 4 hours? How about a masterpiece! Portrait Artist of the Year is a competitive cultural art program. Jeffrey Toobin’s colleagues get quite the eye chart, Celebs rush to defend Chris Pratt and Adele hits SNL!Thanks for listening!
So many hair removal options out there. Hairy stories from someone who tried it all! Lacking motivation at work? It’s not you, flexible work environments have different challenges. Get comfy and get Crackin’! Weekly updates, Billie Eilish attempted body shaming, Amy Cooper’s speed dial, Deaf U and much more! Thanks for listening! 
Panicking just thinking about the dentist? Why is anything medical related so scary? Got my first flu shot in many years, ouch! Weekly updates, virtual audience at The Wendy Show, VP Debate, Rebel Wilson close to her goal weight, Curvaceous Megan Thee Stallion- what’s it to you if someone wants to be healthy!Thanks for listening! 
Am I the creep in the club? Is my hair supposed to fall out? Are these new freckles or age spots? Should I even bother worrying or should I just say f*ck it and get the red convertible? What ships have sailed and which ones are just coming in to port? This may be middle age but it’s definitely not the middle ages. Kheyonce? Instagram vs Reality serial offender Khloe Kardashian and her many faces. Has she gone too far this time?Thanks for listening! 
There are always generational divides but somehow this seems different. Why is the ‘Peace & Love generation’ causing such strife? From housing, education, climate and retirement, the legacy they are leaving doesn’t seem to match up to their entitlement. Sex And The City, Kim Catrall - Boomer and icon! The legacy of her Samantha gave us mainstream sexual freedom. Now that’s the kind of love we are talking about!Thanks for listening!
Why is it so hard to take up a sport as an adult? Taking up a sport with your partner can be tricky, is the love still there in the heat of competition? Wasn’t golf supposed to be for old people? Hollywood Regrets; Kate Winslet acknowledges the obvious, just in time for her tribute award. Vagina monologues- Let it all hang out? Verzus! Patti and Gladys- yes please!Thanks for listening!
The oldest millennials turn 40 this year! As society and culture continually shift we are starting to see more of the effects of the last 40 years, some good and some not so much… RuPaul’s Drag Race and all the spin offs! Why can’t we get enough?! Cuties Controversy- Will you be cancelling Netflix?Thanks for listening! 
With our legacy of history and colonization, when is it cultural appropriation and when is it just an appreciation and celebration? Celebrities aren’t the only ones in the cross hairs. How do we navigation all the do’s and don’ts while showing love and respect?Thanks for listening! 
Bish!! But they deserve it! Happy for someone but why not me?? Can we appreciate others success without feeling like a failure? How to get past it and appreciate where you are at? Who gets the last word? How to say goodbye and end a conversation? Who is the servicing whom? What is the proper etiquette when receiving a service? Pass the bubbly already and tell me something good!Thanks for listening! 
WAP has caused a big outpouring of empowerment along with slut shaming and fake questions of decency. Rap music has been replete with sexuality and violence- particularly from the male perspective and now suddenly it’s a problem? WAP is tame considering some of the predecessors that came before it, so why all the pearl clutching now?Thanks for listening!
More allegations are coming to light about Ellen’s ‘nice’ but in reality nasty behavior. We keep hearing about more people who play a nice person in public, but in reality are assholes. Ellen’s rumored replacement, James Corden seems to have some possible skeletons in his "nice" closet.  Always be wary of anyone who is too kind and wears it as a brand. Also, is it okay to cancel your family?Thanks for listening! 
The next SJW Crusade: Boobs for Butts? Equal Opportunity Nudity, No Ass, no Peace!! 'Love on the Spectrum’- how sweet was that?? What’s your favorite dating show and why are we so obsessed with them (Love is blind, First Dates, Blind date, Bachelor, etc)? Also, do Blonds have more fun? Let’s ask Puddin’!Thanks for listening!
Don’t be shy to flex and get some clout. You can celebrate your success! Be proud of your accomplishments. Family drama- gaslighting to the extreme. How to deal with delusion, projection and narcissism...also, Mayim Bialik- the ultimate Youtube cringe! Indian Matchmaking- the good, the bad and the ugly!Thanks for listening! 
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