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This is an introduction to the series, Awakening Together, Relaxing into Happiness with William Cooper, M.Th., LPC  In this series we are going to explore awakening into happiness....or experiencing our Selves more clearly.  They are really all the same.I have been to India 13 times, Bhutan, etc and am a licensed psychotherapist. I blend East and West into what works for many.  Let's see.The podcasts are pretty short so give them a try and a chance.  I can't imagine them not being helpful or supportive in some way....even if you are already experiencing your Self clearly.  Always nice to hear how others explain things....supportive.  I like that too.Very important, go to for written support for all of this.  Free of course.
A very short podcast laying out the direction we will be going.  We will be experiencing our true Selves as well as our "false" personalities.  Once we are in touch with our true Being and dissolve the false, we will begin to flow into a more integrated personality that better serves for deep support
Before talking deeply about and experiencing awakening let's look at how we experience our selves.  Let's look at what we are not so we can begin to clear out the clutter to better see and appreciate who we really we are.Very important, go to for written support for all of this.  Free of course.  Oh and if you see any adds, they are not mine...they put them everywhere these days. Right? : )
In the last episode we looked at who we are not.  Now we begin to look at who we are as we take a step by step approach in our awakening into our Selves.  Our awakening into Happiness.Very important, go to for written support for all of this.  Free of course.  Oh and if you see any adds, they are not mine...they put them everywhere these days. Right? : )
Our Being is always intensely happy.  But we don't always feel powerfully happy and Calm.  Why....and can meditation help dissolve what is blocking us and feeling so bad?  How?  Most are meditating with the wrong information so no longer continue.  We start with some basics before we actually begin our awakening meditation next.  Let's start right...even if we are just scratching the surface.www.williamecooer.wordpress for written support and depth. All free.
Let's talk about the Awakening meditation and go over some details to build confidence so you know you are doing it properly, On the next podcast we will meditation together and I will talk you through it.  By then you will have some experience to evaluate the guidance that you have considered in this podcast.This meditation starts to burn off all that covers your radiant Being so that you begin to experience yourself as the happiness, peace, well being, love, and bliss that you are.  Instructions and a description of this meditation.  For written support go to awakening meditation at  All free.
In this podcast we are making sure we are meditating correctly.  This will be a balance of principles of meditation and meditation itself. More meditation in the next for more support.
Practicing the Awakening meditation together again.  This time a little longer.  Continued instruction....just to make sure before we go deeper.  We talked some about not leaving our center as the radiance that we are.  From there we simply let everything be and experience it as it is.  Acceptance really.  As we stay in Awareness everything else burns away until all there is is radiant awareness and connection to all around.  Oneness.  "The Father and I are One" for more
Listen to your self and have your own direct experience...question everyone and thing.  Believe only if you don't really know.  In this podcast we are going to begin to look more deeply at our Being and what motivates our thoughts.  Hurt, fear, anger which are made of tension.  We are stopping long enough to look for ourselves.  We are are we making our own suffering?  What do we do.  To see is to be free.  This is one of the first steps into clarity and awakening.Hey, no one became an astronaut by simply sitting on the couch praying.  Many realities are happening all at the same time.  Let's be clear and see.  Right doing flows from right seeing...For support go to
Following up on the last Podcast.  Our psychological thoughts are endlessly running because they are fueled by the hurt, fear, and anger underlying them.  The hurt fear and anger is launched because we have betrayed ourselves.  We have become separated from our heart and that shows up as tension and blocks.  We have accepted a notion or our selves that is not true....we have actually been hypnotized to believe other than what we are.  We are not seeing clearly.  When we are separated from ourselves we feel pain.www.williamecooper.wordpress for more support and written material on this.  Awakening.  All Free.
Direct experience dissolves beliefs yes.  But often we resort to counteractive positivity or counteractive actions to distract, relax, relieve, suppress, or repress  symptoms.  We overlay something on the problem rather than dissolve the problem to start with.  Meditation and spiritual practices can be this
We explore the basic principle behind successful therapies and, more importantly, awakening meditation as found in Coherence Therapy.  When we stay as who we are, Being, we can let everything else burn away leaving just Us.  That's awakening and Happiness.  Pure Being is pure Happiness and for free writings, resources, and more support.
We connect to who we are.  How is Awareness (Being) experienced in clarity?  Like a rainbow.  One end stretches beyond creation in what might be called empty/fullness.  As you come into creation there is an explosion of Light then sound, then bliss, joy, love, happiness and peace.  This is what is aware of everything else in meditation.  Thoughts and emotions are just structures we have created. They don't think or feel and once their job is done best to let them release the energy they were created back into love peace and happiness. This is why we meditate.  Experiencing the truth of who we are is a helpful coherence therapy tenant as we relax into for more.
An exploration on both the creative and blocking aspects of thoughts.  The utility of using them when they are helpful and letting them go with they are not.  How thoughts and emotions work and what they for more.
The personality is not us but thoughts and emotions that we have created to get what we think we do not have.  Because we are separated from our Being we no longer fully experience true Love, Peace, and Happiness. Though we get glimpses from time to time.  In order to try to regain Love, Peace, and Happiness we form a getting machine called personality made of tools called thoughts and emotions.  There are only 9 ways to form a personality.  The enneagram describes these 9 ways.  3 personality types are centered around anger, 3 around abandonment, 3 around fear. The personality that forms tries to get satisfied by manufacturing or capturing, getting, Love, Peace, and Happiness.  The harder it tries the more cut off we become.  There are many free enneagram tests and description on the internet.  Google and see if this info would be helpful but don't get lost in it all.  You are not your personality and that's the point.  The personality is a maladaptive way to try to get what you already are.  Your Being is Love, Peace and Happiness.  Awakening meditation is where we Stop and deepen being in touch with our for more.
Our Personality formed as a getting machine when we mistakenly thought we had been separated from our Self.  As we awaken, the hypnotic spell of our unawakened Personality gives way to the truth of our Being.  Because we now experience ourselves as Love, Peace, and Happiness we are free from the grip of an unawakened personality. That unawakened personality had enslaved us with the misperception that only it could get us love peace and happiness. Now free, we can flow from Being and consciously use the personality creatively that we had previously been enslaved to.  The Light of our Being is now free to create our hearts desire in our world.See for more
Let's pause for a moment and pull together what we have covered thus far.  So many meditate for years without much progress.  Usually this is because they do not have a clear vision of what they are doing and how to do it.  Clear seeing is very important.  Ramana used to say that before you figure "your" life out, know who "You" are.  Stopping to let everything settle out into clarity is called mediation.  Clear seeing gives direction and meditation brings that clarity to our life.In mediation we stop, relax, and watch everything that we are not melt away.  We are left with the pure us.....Happiness, Contentment, Love, and Peace. We relax into the Happiness that we always have for more.    
We all want to find our selves...why is it so hard? for much more.
Exploring the importance of letting go in ways that work vs counterproductive letting go. We are looking at how to dissolve inner thought and emotional structures in this and the podcast that follow. Later, we will look at how to integrate our psychology with our Being. These podcasts are never a substitute for psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can be important  and is often  overlooked in eastern thought. We will discuss this then later podcasts. If you ever feel that you need deeper attention, please consult a psychotherapist.If you are deeply interested in awakening go to for much more support.  
We discuss a combination of things that are or will happen in your awakening at this stage in our podcasts.  We will explore most parts of this combination much more deeply in future podcasts but are exploring the broad strokes now in this podcast.  We are radiantly One with All.  It is only connection.  No you or me...only connection....Oneness.  Radiant Love, Peace, and Joy.  In our path to this normal state of connection or "awakening" we will usually experience a combination of things that melt our separation away.First we are the only ones that are causing suffering inside of us.  We have to stop it or it will not stop.Second, we have to stop the carrot stick approach many of us use.  "I will not relax until I complete my goal."  This blocking approach many of us employ is not true to our nature and is very harmful to our health and well being.  Third, Awareness is curative so we stop (meditate) and experience more deeply who we are (Being) and the qualities of our Being (Peace, joy, love).  We also see through our old structures and let these thoughts and emotions dissolve and dissipate under the bright light of our awareness.  Fourth, under these thoughts and emotions is tension felt as a block.  It is the block of separation.  This block only releases when we are both aware of it and let it "soak up" relaxation and update it's files.  It is stuck in a past time and place and will usually not release unless it soaks up the relaxation emanated from the Peace of your Being.  Finally, we work with energy meditations to open up the flow between us and all around us.  Separation dissolves and all is One.  "The Father and I are One.", Oneness, for contemplations, writings, resources to support and deepen.  Free. 
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