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Chanel & Alan Chit Chat Podcast

Author: Chanel Marshall & Alan Byrne

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Chanel and Alan Chit Chat ... that's what we do.
26 Episodes
Rabbits feet, not a bpt, bear repellant and the resurrection!
EP25 - Puppet Eating Habits

EP25 - Puppet Eating Habits


Phone boxes, insulting pigs and Chanel's huge head
Adorable 90s softcore porn , Dolphin Rape gangs and Fear-stipation: the Movie!
Passport meltdowns, how to spot a pedo, and Oscar Wildes illustrious film career      
Knock Down Ginger, Dusty ass plastic plants and Alan hates your cute dog
Séances, Digging your own grave & Max Mad telling himself things will go back to normal any day now.
EP20 - Digger Beef

EP20 - Digger Beef


Baby Grabbers, Candle Pride and Serious Digger Envy 
Alan identifies as Chanel's Grandma as Chanel chats  Pawn Shop horror stories
EP18 - The Boo Man

EP18 - The Boo Man


What scares Chanel? Zombies? Slow moving serial Killers?Commitment? Find out in the spook-tacular instalment!
The gang chat bowling, hurt feelies and being a Dictator
EP16: Toilet Tales (pt2)

EP16: Toilet Tales (pt2)


Toilet tales over the crew move on to booze, drugs and incest ... what else did you expect?
We literally chat shit... for 50minutes
We're toast
In part 2 Alan and Chanel chat gender and language in an attempt to cement their total cancellation from the internet
Ep12 - Birthday Cancelled

Ep12 - Birthday Cancelled


This week the gang chat Zero-fucks Birthdays and Crap Discos, before doing their level best to try and get canceled
This week's chat includes baby eyeballs, fruit and veg marketing and belligerent seagulls!
Our ice lols have melted, in part 2 we chit chat Aliens, Jesus and caveman translators.
This week the dastardly duo chat Ice Lols, Sex Tonic and Alan's new career as an Anti-Influencer
Chanel and Alan chit chat debate the illuminati and deep state
Chanel and Alan Chat Refugee Baboons, a•se hole flies and David Attenborough Detergent
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