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Fold your doubts into paper planes and turn them into some serious hell yeahs! What’s up friends, and welcome to The Paper Planes Podcast in partnership with The Co. & Teli. Your weekly dose of all things community, connection and conscious wealth. I’m your host Telina, former educator turned freedom junkie and lifestyle & business mentor. Each week I’ll be diving into a personal experience or bring on a guest and help you turn passions into uncapped profitable income. If you're feeling stuck, looking for a conscious community, or just want to listen to inspiring role models, this is the podcast for you.
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What's up friends, here I elaborate on one of my Instagram posts during the week. The one that blew up my Dm's with people asking questions. How I made $7K in a day and now consistently each month, less than 12 months in business! I birthed The Co & Teli during the epidemic because I saw an opportunity and ran with it. I noticed educators were struggling with the transition from classroom teaching to online-virtual learning during lock-down. I wanted to support them to better cope and balance life and work-obligations rather than teaching them how to teach online. What I learned was they also needed connection and community and had passion projects on the side that kept them feeling sane during chaos. I often questioned, "why if, you could turn that passion into a profitable side-hustle, would you be open to seeing how that works". Most common response OH MY GOD, SERIOUSLY? YES". This is resulted in not only selling out of my 1:1 client spots before I even had a "real - program" but also help teachers feel more valued and an opportunity to create another income. Thanks to my first newbie clients who saw the value in what I can bring to the table and through their feedback I've been working on creating a course that is open to Beta- participants to trial with me at a discounted price. The Beta-group will kick off next month (March 2021) if this is something that interests you, let's connect@telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's up friends, and happy V-day! Let today be the day/weekend when you share the love with your partner(s) or yourself, ain't no body got time for pity parties. So for all my single ladies, and single bros, I drop a few sentence starters that have helped me in my journey of discovering myself and what I desire in a relationship (when that comes around). Let's connect @telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's up my people, today's solo episode is a short and mighty one. By the end of it, I realised that I pretty much riffed straight in a single breath :)... So after 13ish minutes I invite you to breathe it out with me.  I go on about all things SPENDING VS. INVESTING (Aka: Things we want Vs. things we need). I share a few take aways that my mentors have shared with me and really changed my perspective and accelerate serious shifts in my mindset development. Some people share this very untrue yet common misconception that as a mentor, I don't need to invest in myself... LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL F*! come on y'al, plug those ear buds in, take a walk or a drive and let's dive into this conversation shall we because there's a few things I'd like to clear up. Let's connect: @telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's up friends, this week's episode I'm joined by one of my biggest role models and (fav uncles) Damien King who caught me by huge surprise as he opens up about life serving in the military for over two decades, what toll it's taken on himself, his marriage and what he is doing now as a result of almost loosing it all. I'd like to acknowledge him and his community/ brotherhood past and present who have all played a huge role in his life and impacted each other greatly. Grab your tissues, this conversation is full of laughs and a few tear-jerky moments. Let's connect@telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's up friends, another poll on my IG stories and most of our growing community voted for 'defining the difference between a Mentor and a Coach. For the record, anything I share is purely based on my own opinion and personal experiences so it's important for you to listen, take what you need and spit out what doesn't resonate with you. In fact, I hope as we journey each week together that you make the commitment to more growth and expansion in yourself. Not just for me, but for you and all the people you (could) impact too. Today's episode highlights my experience as a coach and then switching hats to a mentoring role, I love it and the flexibility and holistic approach I now share with clients. Let's connect:IG: @telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's friends and welcome back to the pod. Wow, happy new year! what a time to be alive! and become more reflective than ever before. Cheers to you and dialling into listen each week. Last season, my solo episodes surprisingly got the most downloads so I decided that season two will be more of me, with you!I birthed this space as a need for connection and community (two basic human needs, right?) when the epidemic first hit! Almost a year on and this platform has evolved into so much more, not only a hub for me to share and work through my personal experiences but also for you, our community to join in the 'work'. First episode back got highjacked (by my daily gratitude reminder going off on my phone) so I decided to roll with it and share with you some sentence starters to help you start and finish each day with more gratitude. Thanks for listeningPs: let's connect, I love hearing from y'al. IG: @telina_too / @thecoandteliSupport the show (
Hey friends, Wrapping up 2020 with a solo riff raff, opening up, very unscripted as per usual about how I spent the full moon phase of each month. This is really the time to let go of that shi* and set some seriously yummy intentions. What better way to let go of 2020 and call in more love, friendships, opportunities and abundance for the new year. Let's connect@telina_too@thecoandteliSupport the show (
What's up friends, I can't believe we're almost at the end of 2020, what a ripper year! This solo episode I offer you the opportunity to share what you'd like to hear in season 2 and what my instincts say to speak up more about! I want to say a huge thank you for sticking with me, listening to each week's episode and your on going love, support and feedback. I never thought my little passion project would make this much impact in my life and your life too. Follow the show @thecoandteliJump over to my own account @telina_tooSupport the show (
Here's a snippet from my interview with founder Leslie Wardman, we explore how she stumbled into being an expert matchmaker and how she filters out the right match for like-minded singles. I've been invited to chat with her and her team to share more about what happens behind the scenes and how they have been in the business for over 20 years. I admit, I really thought online dating apps and this idea of Matchmaking was the same... Thank goodness for receiving a crash course 101 and better understanding, there's really no comparison. Show notes:follow me @telina_toowant to know more about hiring a professional matchmaker? head straight to the show (
What's up friends. You voted again, to hear more about me. This week I open up about my fur baby Machi, why he is so important to me and why I'm incredibly grateful to be experiencing life, growth, expansion with him by my side. Funny story, I often teach my clients to refer to self as No.1 and then your partner/significant other is second. Well...... In my case, I'm one. Machi is two. and my man-to-be is three :) (Consider it third time lucky). Follow the show @thecoandteliand my personal account @telina_tooSupport the show (
This week I'm joined by Mike Graziano. The youngest Canadian & American male to have visited every country on the planet! His life mission to graduate with a global degree turned into six year operation. Our conversation is so real and unscripted, he didn't even realise we started recording, LOL. We explore many of the highs and how hitting a personal rock bottom was really the catalysis for who he is today and what opportunities have steamed from choosing to be more authentic. From speaking on the TED stage, to writing a book and birthing a business during quarantine as a result of not having a 'real job' but pockets full of skills in story telling and sharing. Mike now spends his days listening to other people's stories and helps to get them desired exposure through media platforms. Show notes**follow us for more goodness @telina_too @thecoandteliConnect directly with Mike @globaldegreeAnd the viral video, which we talk about and YOU MUST WATCH: the show (
What's up friends, the other day I shared a poll on my IG and asked what you wanted to hear this episode. Either a solo riff from yours truly or a juicy conversation between myself and a guest. Majority of y'al voted for a solo riff and today I dive into shifting and lifting, changing the narrative and despite sh*t hitting the fan.... When you allow yourself to just let that sh*t go, oh man.... Life becomes waaaay more meaningful, lighter, more aligned and a heck more flow. I'm a sucker for feedback and genuine engagement be sure to follow me on IG @telina_too and over at @thecoandteli. Let's keep having these really awkward yet awaking conversations with each other, I know it's a huge release for me and gathering by your DM's and inbox messages you're vibe'n too. Until next time, be safe and try to be healthy. Big hugs. Support the show (
Today’s guest is a very good friend of mine, someone who hunted me down on Facebook when she first arrived to my former home town PV, Mexico. Taylor Wade felt like I'm someone who could help her create a community, naturally I replied to her DM with hell yeah! We grabbed a green juice and have been lady boss girl-fan crushing each other ever since. Taylor cofounded Ambiance Matchmaking at age sixteen. Since its founding in 2002, her focus is storytelling and content creation through writing and podcasting. On the contrary of this year being a big fat mess for a lot of people, she remains humble and admits it was actually one of the best years in her life. Huge break throughs in personal growth, her company evolved and really spiked and her personal relationship reach a whole new level of greatness. I want to preface that our convo today is very much a typical “kitchen table” approach to how we dive into some tricky topics and banter back and forth. Quite often our conversations have turned into priceless therapy sessions, for the both of us. I invite you to join us today as we explore what Taylor is discovering about her self  through change of lifestyle, exploring plant medicine and implementing daily habits. Show notes**Follow us @thecoandteli Hosted by yours truly @telina_tooStart meeting like-minded singles: into all things Dating: the show (
Today I'm joined with good friend and mentor Alex Hoffmann. He is a self made millionaire and best selling author but what he is most proud about are his 5 kids and granddaughter. Today we chat about connections and what family means to Alex and also creating conscious wealth not just for himself but helping others do the same. We’ll dive into a few tough times, some of which are super personal and not many people have herd this information. It's a testament to what we're creating here at The Paper Planes Podcast, a safe space to open up in hope to inspire others. Let's hear Alex now and why he is more relaxed about life, love and money. Show notes**Must reads written by Alex Hoffmann: The Millionaire Marketer and The Networker Guru (Spanish text only)Follow us at @thecoandteli Support the show (
What does Freedom mean to you? For me, it's certainly taken sudden trauma and being forced to navigate through a global epidemic that has shifted and shaped my idea of freedom and what it means today. I invite you to get a little curious, grab ya journal or open those notes in your phone and scribble down what comes up for you as I open up and share today's brain dump. Show notes**follow us @thecoandteli @telina_tooSupport the show (
This week's conversation, I'm joined with a radical human her name is Christine Chang. As a world-wide celebrity and lifestyle photographer for the last 15 years, she has built an entire business around capturing people's most vulnerable moments in life, love and self. Before meeting her now-husband, she struggled to 'get this to work' regarding dating.  Fast forward, through her own journey and commitment to personal growth and investing in a therapist and life coach, Christine has since become a best-selling author. Her book "Show Up: Finding love for Independent Women" is helping women from around the world find their forever partner. Show notes**Connect with Christine @cchangandcoCheck out Landmark to begin your personal growth journey: out to Mark Groves @createthelove (listen to episode intro to understand why)You know what to do: If you're loving what we share, hit that follow button and also follow us @thecoandteli on IG and Facebook for daily good-goss. Support the show (
This Thoughtful Thursdays, I riff (aka brain dump in your ears) and bringing you up to date with 'life' and feeling home, again. I challenge you to hook on to just one thing that I share about listening to how I feel, see how it applies to you or maybe even triggers? what comes up for you? I want to know. Leave a review or slide into my DMs let's connect. @thecoandteli or my personal account @telina_tooSupport the show (
This week's guest is someone I connected with online, nope not Tinder, but a community group I created in PV, Mexico. She was spending a couple of months in town and was looking for like-minded people to mingle with. I was hosting regular “tasting parties” pot luck style Sunday brunch and she came along. Krysta (aka Lady Chaga) Originally from Canada, She started her own ad agency at 24, Sold everything & moved to Malaysia to work for Mind Valley 4.5 years later. This savvy entrepreneur Co-founded a wellness startup in Kuala Lumpur before starting her own company called Wild Remedies. She Launched Wild Remedies at Bali Spirit festival and almost went to jail for having 50 lbs. of brown mushroom powder in her bag. Lady Chaga is passionate about conscious connections and today we’re going to chat about the power of community and why she stayed in a toxic relationship how that affected her health, her business and also became the fuel for kicking serious ass in new personal and business goals. Follow us @thecoandteli and if you're loving and vibe'n what we're sharing here at the podcast remember to leave us a written review or simply share this episode so more people can listen. Connect directly with Krysta on IG @wild_remediesSpecial mention to Mark Groves @createthelove and the girls at @risingwomanSupport the show (
This week I'm joined by good friend Liam Fitzgerald, we spoke all things energies & connections on a mini-episode, today we dive more into how he shows up as a creative, brother, friend to many and conscious role model among his communities. What I love about our conversation is his openness to drop some serious truth bombs in the most organic and candid way. Liam explores his ambitious goals and ways to 'play the game' to get what you want. He reveals that his mum would call him stubborn, he argues that he just knows what he wants! Show notes**If you're loving what we're sharing on the Paper Planes Podcast be sure to leave us a review and share this episode with a friend or two. For more about this conversation, follow us @thecoandteli on Instagram and Facebook. Follow Liam directly on his IG and Soundcloud: the show (
Today I’m joined with one of my very first mentors, someone who breathed belief into me and held my hand every step of the way as I began exploring mindset development. It’s a real honour (kinda daunting yet exciting) to have Rod Hairston with us today. He has coached Forbes 400 executive, professional athletes and also leading organisations like Disney, ABC and Honeywell. When Rod isn’t busy being CEO of his own company, he enjoys making music and spending quality time with family and friends. Today we explore why he is so passionate about mindset development and how hitting a sudden rock bottom completely transformed his vision in lifestyle and business. We dive into his key '5 Abilities' rather than personal 'values' and what connections and community means. Show notes** Follow us @thecoandteliConnect directly with Rod Hairston the show (
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