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The SimCorp Agile Podcast

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The SimCorp Agile Podcast is a new production from the agile folks at SimCorp, a FinTech company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but with colleagues and customers all around the world. In this podcast we share our experiences and what we have learned along the way as we have transformed our entire development organisation over the last 4 years from what was described as "one of the best waterfall implementations I have ever seen", to now have 600 people adopting and embracing agile ways of working. We will also explore and share with you new ways as we look to the future and what agile ways of working will mean for us. Expect to hear from our talented colleagues and leaders, and the people and friends we have met along the way who have helped and inspired us. We can’t wait to share this with you.
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Agile People

Agile People


In this episode we discuss Agile and its relation to people & HR, and why now more than ever companies need to focus on their people if they are to excel. Joining us to explore this are Malene Krohn who heads up the people function in SimCorp’s Product Division, and Fabiola Eyholzer who is a pioneer in Agile HR and CEO of Just Leading Solutions LLC, a New York based management consultancy for HR and Business Agility. Together with her team, she helps enterprises to create more resilient and successful businesses by focusing on their crucial asset: their people.When hearing Agile many think about process and technology, but ultimately everything we do is about people, whether that is the customers we serve or the people we work with to deliver products & services. Therefore it is vital we design our organisations in a way that gives our people the best chance of success - as Deming famously said “a bad system will beat a good person every time”.To explore this we discuss : what is Agile HR and why it is to make people part of your agile transformation and how to move from focus on individuals & outputs, to a focus on teamwork, collaboration and HR is changing and re-inventing its-self, moving away from what we learned in the industrial era and adapting for knowledge work.what is the role of HR in agile transformations and how can they have a set at the table.agile leadership in SimCorp.organisational design and how HR can have an influence.what is the future of HR?We hope you enjoy the show and we'd love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop us a line, and if you would like to connect with Fabiola you can find here details below :Twitter: @FabiolaEyholzerLinkedIn: fabiola.eyholzer(at)justleadingsolutions.comWebsite: www.justleadingsolutions.comReferences from the showManagement 3.0Conways Law Team TopologiesFlow: A Handbook for Change-Makers, Mavericks, Innovation Activists and Leaders by  Fin Goulding & Haydn ShaughnessyADKAR change management by Prosci
In this first ever edition of the SimCorp Agile Podcast we speak to our Chief Product Officer Georg Hetrod along with Mattias Skarin & Jan Grape from Crisp, about why SimCorp decided to it was time to leave behind "one of the best waterfall implementations I have ever seen" and adopt agile ways of working. We also discuss the role of Leadership, what we have acheived so far, where we are going next, and what it means to be agile during a pandemic. We'd love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop us a line
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