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In this episode,  Amber chats with chapter sister, Jaecy Bradford, HH, about the importance of being civically engaged, registering to vote, learning more about candidates and our own political biases and more. 
On this episode, Kelly chats with chapter sister, Traci Trznadel Fraley, EK, as she shares the journey of her son, Jake Fraley, in becoming a Major League Baseball Player. Jake is currently center fielder for the Cincinnati Reds.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Lynne Rachal Chambers, A, and learns about the time she met founder Mary Williamson Hundley, A, and when she met Wilma Wilson Sharp, ZZ. Lynne also shares some history about Stubbs Hall at Longwood University and her experience as NPC Delegate.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Susan Maiolo Angelicola, EM, on her work as a nurse practitioner and what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis.
On this episode,  Jenn Schimmel, Zeta Delta, talks with Kelly about her bone marrow transplant.  You can learn more about how to become a donor at
On this episode, Kelly chats with members Baylee Zimmerman, Michaela Markwell, Lexi Calderon and Scarlett Nichols from Iota Lambda Chapter on their experience establishing the first NPC sorority on campus, during a global pandemic, as they celebrate their one year anniversary.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Janet Crook Conroy, Beta Pi, on her path to becoming a flight attendant and her new role as a regional coordinator at the Office of Drug Control Policy in West Virginia.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Marcia Kinbar Goldstein, Delta Tau, on her experience as a founding member of the chapter and her life as a Pharmacist.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Hillary Sexton, Zeta Omega, who shares how she became a burn nurse and then turns to her experiences as a traveling nurse during COVID.
On this episode, Kelly talks with Karen “Timi” Leota Bressler, Zeta Lambda, and learns about HELLP (Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelets) syndrome and preeclampsia, both dangerous conditions that Timi experienced during both of her pregnancies. To learn more, visit the Preeclampsia Foundation,  If you want to connect directly with Timi, you can contact her at
On this episode, Kelly talks with Jennifer Miller Gobrecht, NN, who was the first woman to give birth via a deceased donor uterus transplant at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. To learn more about clinical trials, visit
On this episode, Kelly chats with Bradley Norwood, Theta Gamma, as she shares her experience with egg cryopreservation.  If you want to learn more, you can contact Bradley directly at
On this episode, Kelly chats with author and Alpha Sigma Alpha Recognition of Eminence Award Winner Denise Swanson Stybr, Gamma Lambda, about her path to becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author. Denise’s new book, Resurrection, will be available December 9th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. 
This is the final episode in the National Headquarters Series.  Kelly chats with the three newest members of staff:  Melissa Koch Merriam, EE, Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Johnson Gafron, Beta Theta, Collegiate Experience Coordinator, and Kayla Vivace, Epsilon Phi, Communications and Graphic Design Coordinator.
On this episode, Kelly talks first with Darci James, Office Manager, and then with Jane Rauck, BY, Finance Manager.
On this episode, Kelly chats with Vanessa David, Delta Kappa, Director of Alumnae Engagement.  
On this episode, Kelly chats with Lexi Carter Johnson, Beta Theta, Director of Communications & Marketing.
On this episode, Kelly is joined by National Council member, Amber Shaverdi Huston, HH, to discuss the work of national council in reviewing and updating Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Vision and Purpose statements.
On this episode, Kelly wraps up her conversations with the collegiate and program staff with Kim Richard, EK, Director of Collegiate & Program Services and Lexi Moore, Epsilon Phi, Program Coordinator.
On this episode, Kelly is joined by the collegiate services team: Tess Tedrick, Theta Gamma, Assistant Director of Collegiate Services; Jen Akright, HH, Collegiate Recruitment Coordinator; and, Sarah Morrison, EE, Collegiate Experience Coordinator.
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