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Author: Cys Bronner

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Each week at BNI4Success we'll talk about referral networking that works! We'll discuss networking tips, strategies and action steps that are designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses work together to create quality referral business and explore new opportunities.
13 Episodes
Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director and CRO (Chief Referral Officer), shares the “Secret Sauce” of strong chapters and the 90/90 Vision to drive quality referrals.  
Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director and CRO (Chief Referral Officer), discusses one of the most common myths heard in BNI and other networking circles. What’s the real scoop? 
Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director and CRO (Chief Referral Officer), wants to you to know that you can have greater success with your BNI Chapter and business in general, if you treat those business relationships like a joint bank account. Are you making deposits or just withdrawals? 
BNI Executive Director, Cys Bronner shares her own Umbrella and invites all to establish your own Positivity Umbrella with two-word messaging that put you on a positive journey forever. 
When asked how to handle politics at a chapter meeting, BNI Executive Director Cys Bronner responded that the member should be coached to achieve the best results from the membership. After all, there's a time and a place for everything.
Is your membership working for you? Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director shares the top 10 ways to make your BNI membership work for you.  There’s always success steps in every recipe; with these 10 ways you and your business will be cooking!  
What's The Story

What's The Story


Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director recounts lessons learned from Sandra Hart, Director of European Affairs and Executive Director who knows that people emotionally connect to stories and this is what makes stories memorable.
What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now?


Someone has just given you a referral. What do you do next?Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director answers the question with 6 easy action steps to show you how stellar networkers handle their referrals received.
The Magic Bank Account

The Magic Bank Account


Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director for the Greater Los Angeles area shares The Magic Bank Account by legendary Alabama Football coach, Bear Bryant,  as she motivates and inspires us to use our most precious resource wisely.
Three Words

Three Words


Like so many things in life, your business life requires that you throw your whole self into the experience. This podcast and it's actionsteps shines a light on three words to help you toward Success that begins and ends with you.
We can all use some positivity in 2020! The Co-Founder of the global positivity movement, Norm Dominguez, joins us on the podcast with some insight about why positivity means so much to him and how it can impact all of us.Find out more at
Cys Bronner, BNI Executive Director gives us a solid breakdown on how to drive traffic to your speaking events, including being the Keynote Speaker at your BNI Chapter. You’ll learn how to pack the house by leveraging your social media, and why you want to invite others to your Feature Presentation, both in BNI and other events.
In this week's inaugural episode we talk about the importance of professionalism and netiquette while maintaining an Office at Home.
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