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🎧 New podcast episode 16 Dr. Meeta SinghDr. Singh is the Medical Director for the Sleep Disorders Center at Henry Ford Medical Center – Columbus in Novi and Henry Ford Medical Center – New Center One in Detroit. She is also part of Henry Ford’s Sports Medicine team and advises teams in the four professional sports leagues: Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League and National Hockey League. She led a study titled “Urgent Wake Up Call for the NBA” published this month in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that focuses on sleep-related issues and the detrimental effects on athletic performance and health of players, coaches and management caused by the NBA season travel.Research also shows that 65% of student athletes who get less than 8 hours of sleep suffered sports-related injuries, a rate that this is more than 50% higher than for those teen athletes getting more than 8 hours of sleep.These helpful tips from Dr. Singh can guide student athletes toward building healthier sleep habits and getting the right amount of sleep:Limit caffeine. Caffeine is a popular ingredient in many pre-workout drinks, and many athletes choose to use it for an energy boost. However, having caffeine late in the day may make falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. Athletes should try logging their intake to determine what time to stop consuming and how much is okay to consume.Maintain a regular sleep schedule.The body has an internal clock that’s largely affected by environment. Going to bed and waking up at approximately the same time each day can add a natural rhythm to the body’s internal clock, which can cause people to feel more awake during the day and fall asleep easily at night.Workout early.Often, working out later in the day gives people a burst of energy that can keep them up late into the night. For example, exercising after 9 p.m. can boost body temperature, making sleep difficult. However, research shows morning workouts can help achieve deeper sleep, and working out in the afternoon can help reduce insomnia.Nothing can keep one up at night like a buzzing smartphone. Additionally, the blue light a phone emits may slow the production of melatonin, making sleep difficult. Advise your child to leave electronics out of reach while they’re sleeping. And as an added bonus, if their phone is their alarm, it will force them out of bed in the mornings.Focus on breathing.Focusing on breath can help steady heart rate and relax the body. A popular breathing technique is the 4-7-8 exercise, in which one inhales through the nose for four seconds, holds their breath for seven, and exhales for eight.Keep it dark, cool and quiet.Having the right environment is an important part of falling asleep… and staying asleep.Also big thanks to  for naming the podcast one of the Top 40 podcasts in our Genre!Dr. Meeta SinghInstagram  @athletesleepmdTwitter @athletesleepmd1Website https: Please find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email: Jake@athleticrecovery.netEmail:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
Why Not Neosporin?Synthetic AntiobioticDoesn’t Kill Complex Bacteria and might Spread itAllergic Reaction—10 % of the time.  Very harmful to healing woundsBLDG-ActiveInnate to your immune systemNo Sting!More Powerful Anti-microbial6 log reduction(stronger)Added benefit to response to your immune systemKilling Bad bacterial but not killing good bacteriaSpeed Healing and also reduce infection rates“Your white blood cells in a bottle”HSA/FSA ApprovedScar reductionNo sterile Indication but future final rinseIn my Opinion after diving into the technology BLDG Active has become, atleast in my house, the WD40 or Windex of Skin Repair and it also Kills VirusesThis is going to sound like a commercial for BLDG Active but its really an awareness to a product that goes from medical application to an OTC in the training room. BLDG Active has a similar story to the firefly™ so I thought I would take the time to interview Jason about the science of the product, how it is used clinically in the hospital and outpatient space and then how this same technology can be made available to you and I in an OTC application.  If you don't know the journey of many technologies used in the training room for Performance many times they started in the clinical side.  The Onpulse technology in the firefly™ was initially developed to prevent blood clots and reduce post injury/surgical swelling.  It found its way into the training room for recovery as well as other applications that work for athletes.  Active BLGD’s founder Jason was another one of these people that saw the clinical application and pushed in into the consumer space.  It all started with Surfing/Active Outdoor Lifestyle. Reef Cuts are a serious thing and avid surfers who get the opportunity to travel into those spaces they take a big pack to fight off cuts, wounds, bugs and the elements. Blood flow comes in different ways and enhancing and helps with the healing process.  In lieu of blood flow in the wound care space other precautions have to be made and this is where the healing properties of Active BLDG  can really help.How does it work?  By harnessing the power of the Hypoclorus Molecule.  Its an anti-microbial but also helps to down regulate the inflammatory process. A non toxic approach to wound care.  No Cytotoxicity.Top 5 Use Cases/Home/Training RoomWound CareRashes/ChafingSun BurnCovid-Kills Viruses Fast Tracked!Occular Wash 
🎧 New podcast episode 14 Sam KwantSam Kwant just finished the 2020 CrossFit® Games where he finished 2nd place behind Matt Fraser which we feel makes him the 2nd fittest male on the planet!In this episode Sam Kwant walks us through the process of qualifying for the games in the 2020 year and how the experience was based on the past years. With part of the qualifying portion taking place at your home gym and the finals bring held in CA with the top 5 women and Men competing for the title!Sam was an unknown In the CrossFit® community when he made the games In 2016 as the youngest athlete.  In 2017 he came back and finished 20th.  After sustaining a knee injury in 2018 and taking the year off to rehab he came back even stronger In 2019 where he finished in 13th place.  A lot of people may have ben overlooking Sam in 2020 but he cam roaring back to finish in 2nd place!What a day in the life of a CrossFit® athlete?  Well Its a lot of gym time and a full time commitment! 10am too 1pm...home for some recovery time and nutrition and back to the gym from 3pm to 6pm is an average day as his training for the games escalates.We have heard many elite athletes say it but Sam lives it when it comes to recovery and attributes his commitment to recovery is 50% of the reason for his success!CrossFit® is a family affair working mostly out of Sams family training facility where Dad and brother are involved.How much is recovery a part of his total routine or is it being played up by industry? Sam says its 50% gym 50% recovery and considers it a huge part of huge injury prevention for him.  firefly™ has been specifically great for him especially for his knees.Sam KwantInstagram  @samuelkwantWebsite Please find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email: Jake@athleticrecovery.netEmail:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:  
🎧 Podcast episode #13 The Interviewer becomes the Interviewee!Trackstaa was the brainchild of Alfie Manthorpe and Rory Leonard. They saw an unmet need in the track and field space and they are aiming to improve the performance and exposure of runners 🏃🏻‍♂️  Alfie came off a recent Injury and was just Introduced to the firefly™ so we connected and he actually Interviewed me for his podcast. They have the goal to accelerate the growth of the sport, as well as increase the exposure of athletes, who we know do not get enough attention. They are both predominantly 5000m runners, but are invested in any distance/event within the sport.Trackstaa was originally founded in August 2019, but the actual direction of our “business” was fully decided around April 2020. They are currently starting to produce more original content, as well as sharing other peoples content, on our pages Trackstaa & Trackstaa News. On the original content side of things, They currently produce 2-3 podcasts a week with elite athletes and aim to release at least 1 youtube video a week.They can be found on Instagram @trackstaa and their website is find Anthony Kjenstad and firefly™Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 Podcast episode #13  Iron sharpens IronSteve Tashjian is the US Men’s National soccer team Head Performance Specialist.  Steve started his career as a Physical Therapist and S & C coach in Pasadena.  Steve had some early connections with the LA Galaxy with early mentor Jim Listin(@jimlistonfc) who is the co-founder of CATZ physical therapy and now the Director of Sports Science with Toronto FC which lead him down a path where he now finds himself with the US National Team.Steve has a unique journey who is one of the few, if not only, Head of Performance in the US who also has journeyed through Europe as Head of Sports Science with Everton Football Club from 2009-2014.In 2014 Steve came back to the Columbus Crew to work under coach Gregg Berhalter and when Gregg was hired to coach the National Team Steve also joined his team.  The U.S. Men’s National Team learned its schedule for the Final Round of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifying following the official draw at FIFA House in Zurich, Switzerland, on Wednesday. The USMNT will open its 14-game Final Round World Cup Qualifying slate in June 2021 away to an undetermined opponent. This podcast takes us through Steve’s journey and how he has developed the philosophies he has today as he helps the team prepare for the 2021 qualifying matches.  We also go into detail on the challenges he and his team have collaborating with players and other clubs where these players spend most of their time training.  Lastly, we talk about the upsides of the Covid pandemic and how it has allowed his team to become better partners with these clubs and athletes as they launch a completely updated communication and data sharing system.  If you are a soccer geek this podcast is for you! Steve TashjianSteve’s Twitter @ussoccer_mnt Please find Anthony Kjenstad and firefly™Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 Podcast episode #11Brad is the Director of Strength and Conditions for all of NYU’s 22 sports teams.  His journey from being in the military to being a head collegiate strength coach was an interesting fast track compared to most peoples journey.  In this podcast we cover Brad’s  journey along with: Mentorship and how important this is early in your career Programming during Quarantine  Balancing Performance Programming based off of what every other strength and conditioning coach is doing. Communication between athletic training staff and performance staff is Key = Enterprise information System  The many roles of a strength and conditioning coach and how it has changed over the past 5 years “Don’t try to be anyone but yourself”  S&C focus and the role they play in recovery and injury prevention. Technologies being used by NYU and what new technologies are being looked at.  Who is responsible for implementing new technologies and recovery devices like the firefly™ Advice for anyone looking for a career in strength and conditioning.  You can find Brad on his instagram: Instagram: @_brad_godboldYou can follow NYU Strength and Conditioning:Instagram
🎧 Podcast episode #9For over twenty-five years Darren has served as a mental performance coach for teams, coaches and athletes competing in the challenging and high-paced world of elite sport.  He has had the opportunity to work with multiple Olympic and World Champions, athletes and teams competing in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. His passion is coaching his clients to achieve their full potential with a focus on the development of self-awareness and personal mastery. At the team and organization level his work prioritizes the establishment of a learning culture and a motivational climate that promotes character, excellence, and the facilitation of psychological needs. A science practitioner Darren was formerly a tenured Professor at Arizona State University and currently holds an Honorary Professorship at Bath University in the United Kingdom where he continues his research on motivation and human performance.In this episode I do a deep dive with Darren and get a behind the scenes look in to what makes the mind of a champion.  Athletes are regular people, like you and I, and they come to work with the same issues, anxieties and troubles we all have to deal with.  An often overlooked aspect of Recovery Is the mental aspect of recovery.  More Is not always better especially on the mental side and Darren does a great job discussing what It takes to give athletes the edge they need.Books recommended by Darren:Robin S. Sharma “The Monk who sold his Ferrari.” Harper One.James Kerr “Legacy.” Constable.Books authored by Darren:With Professor Glyn Roberts “Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise.” Human Kinetics. Twitter: find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 New podcast episode #10There are not many people as passionate about their products as I am and I think you're going to feel that with my next guest Dr. Jason Wersland,  Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody and inventor of the Theragun. In this podcast, Jason goes over his journey from building this technology specifically for himself to over a period of eight years and many iterations realizing he had built a product with many applications from post injury therapy to self care, and recovery. Theragun recently rebranded themselves as Therabody and Jason goes into the thought process around that decision. We discussed the new Apps created for the product and the additional educational products they have created:Therabody University  Lastly, we dive into the topic of their new CBD line-TheraOne and how they have differentiated themselves, yet again, in a confusing space, which I think will pull back the curtains on this often misunderstood product and open our eyes up to how we can integrate this as part of our daily habit for recovery and sleep.Dr. Jason WerslandInstagram Therabody: @therabody Instagram Dr. Wersland: @drjasonwersland Instagram Therabody University: @therabodyuniversityWebsite: therabody.comTwitter: DJW@theragun.comTherabody University: app is also available HERE to downloadPlease find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 New podcast episode #8Great Interview with Navin Hettiarachchi. Navin is the Director of Wellness and Performance with the Washington Wizards and hosts his own podcast 9' minutes to thrive with Navin( on the 4 Pillars to the BEST version of you!Navin is also the founder of the REDT method that integrates his unique expertise in multiple healthcare disciplines– osteopathic, functional medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, Trigger Point needling/acupuncture, athletic training, PRI, strength and conditioning, and cupping – complemented with the latest evidence-based practices in science and technology. He travelled across the country and to Australia, Belgium, England, Malaysia, India, Ireland, and Thailand to learn from the pioneers and experts in these healthcare disciplines. |   | Navin’s Biohacking Devices | Short Description | 1.       | Nutrition: Water filter  AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System - No Installation Water Purifier‎ |‎ | 2.       | Mindfulness: Meditation, visualization, and self-hypnosis device  BRAIN TAP - Guided Meditation with Music - Light Frequencies - Sound Frequencies - Spoken Word   | | 3.       | Mindfulness (mental sharpness) and for Sleep/Recovery: Omnipemf |  | 4.       | Sleep/Recovery: Apollo |  | 5.       | Overall Health/Recovery: Richway - Mini Biomat   |  | 6.       | Recovery/healing: Earthing Sticky Mat Kit   |  | 7.       | Sleep/Recovery and Jetlag: AYO |  | 8.       | Sleep/Recovery: Joovv Red light |  Navin HettiarachchiInstagram find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 New podcast episode 6Great Interview with Adam Bobo.  Adam started his career as a Nurse anesthetist and quickly realized his passion existed outside the OR as an entrepreneur. With the help of Mentors Dr. Koniver( and Dr. Chad Prusmack @ Resilience Code( Adam opened up his clinic Arete( which is a IV and Wellness clinic In Nashville.IV Clinics are making a push in the recovery world and similar to firefly's™( jump from medical device to recovery tool the science in the space of IV clinics can be limited and confusing.  Adam’s goal was to take his medical background and follow the science into this new venture to bring credibility to the space. 3 1/2 years ago he jumped into the space working predominately with the music industry and the rest is history. Adam Is now working with several musicians and PRO athletes like Eric Becker as he continues to hone his craft In the world of IV therapy and biologics. In this Podcast we discuss the difference In his clinical approach to the IV therapies.  We also walk down the path of biologics and there are several links below to the products we discuss.  This podcast can get a bit deep in the weeds at times, but I really enjoyed pulling the curtains back and learning more about this side of high performance.  Heck I may even try an IV in the future!  Hopefully when Adam is in LA! Everything you need to know about NAD The Role of NICOTINAMIDE ADENINE DINUCLEOTID in the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis Study on sleep with basketball team Cord Matrixlinks Gas BoboInstagram  @aretenashville  @adamboboWebsite find Anthony Kjenstad, Jake Wilks and Firefly™Email: Jake@athleticrecovery.netEmail:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 New podcast episodeRaymond S. Solano, DC, CCSP® is a private practice DC, CCSP in Virgina for the last 17 years and is also one of the specialists working with the Washington Wizards and the GeorgeTown Hoyas.In this episode we discuss the difference between a general chiropractor and how he has advanced his training to become a CCSP.  Please see links to his training. CCSP information Solano also has done extensive additional training in recovery techniques called the Graston Method and Dry Needling.  These are beneficial treatments for some athletes dealing with specific Injuries.  Please see Information below and link:Graston Technique incorporates a patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function. Graston Technique has been effective in the treatment of: Carpal tunnel syndrome. needling is a technique physical therapists use (where allowed by state law) for the treatment of pain and movement impairments.   The technique uses a "dry" needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle. hope you enjoy the podcast.  To get more Information on Dr. Solano please look him up on these social networks:Instagram Website: find Anthony Kjenstad and Firefly™ Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
🎧 New podcast episode In this podcast I get to sit down with a good friend Clive Brewer.  Clive is Head of Performance with the Columbus Crew and was previously Asst. Head of Performance with the Toronto Blue Jays. Clive also has worked with Wimbledon for the the last 20 years.What does It take to run a high performance team, how did he get here and what does a optimal sports scientist look like In the future?  These are all questions I tackle with Clive and he has some great guidance."Stay In your lane" Is not a concept Clive believes in. Progressing as a Head of Performance in elite sports you have to understand all aspects of the departments you work with to maximize the performance of the team.I truly enjoyed this conversation and learned both professionally and personally in this conversation.To learn more about Clive please follow him on his social media links and obviously follow the success of the Columbus Crew as they depart on their season In July!Twitter book Crew find Anthony Kjenstad @Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
Dr. Lemak Is a highly accomplished surgeon in Birmingham Alabama who Is leading the charge to bring technologies and innovation to the competitive amatuer and youth athletes in his community.Jake Wilks and I get to spend time learning about the Aspire Sports Institute. and the technologies and principals Dr. Lemak and Susanna have Implemented with their athletes.There is a growing trend for prominent sports medicine groups to work In the performance space. This trend makes sense as these Sports Medicine thought leaders also work with professional sports teams that are implementing some of the same principals and technologies that can help out youth athletes helping them to  optimize their performance while reducing their injuries.ASI recently adopted the firefly™ as part of their recovery regimen and Dr. Lemak and Susanna discuss how the product has helped their athletes focus on recovery outside of the training room. We also go into a technology called Thermography that I had not been introduced to before.  Please see the link to this technology. more Information on the firefly™ please go to our website more Information on Dr. Lawrence Lemak Shivers, ATC, LAT Director of Sports ScienceASPIRE Sports Institute 100 Ben Chapman DriveHoover, AL 35244Email: sshivers@aspirebhm.orgPlease find Anthony Kjenstad @Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
Podcast #3In this podcast I speak with Dr. Brian Schulz(  Dr. Schulz Is a sports medicine trained physician at the Kerlan Jobe Institute and one of the teams physicians for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Anaheim Ducks.On a regular day Dr. Schulz shifts from working on athletes like ourselves to working with PRO players at all levels and has great perspective on what works In the the training room and what technologies that come out of the training room can be applied In his practice.Dr. Schulz has been a big advocate of the firefly™( and the medical version of the technology the geko™ ( and has used the technology personally, professionally on his patients and has seen It applied In the training room with great results.See links below on programs to help athletes In their return to playPEP Shoulder Exercises 11 find Anthony Kjenstad @Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
Courtney Watson is the Director of Sports Medicine for the LA Sparks and the USA 3 on 3 Olympic Basketball Team.  She is also the founder of Courts Corner( a youth mentorship program for sports medicine and works side by side with Floyd Mayweather on his Performance Team.  She is a busy lady and an unbelievably nice person!Please join me as we discuss all things recovery In the pandemic world!Courtney was by his side during Manny Pacquiao Fight helping him add recovery tools like Cryo and the basics of sports medicine.  She also worked with him during his last fight with Conor McGregor.  She learned a lot of things form him and and found Mind Set from Floyd to be the best!Courtney goes into discussion on how athletes like Lebron James have made things like recovery more relatable and new athletes coming into the league might be more aware of recovery although it's still very new to them. She hopes to guide athletes about recovery so their careers can extent to 10 years or more.  To her and the science behind recovery Recovery phase super important and the  less time you put in the more injury prone you are.Redefining her role as she moves from Head ATC to Dir of Performance with the LA Sparks is constantly a learning process.  They have moved Recovery is part of rehab In their training room and It has made a big difference.  We discuss the differences in the WNBA vs NBA.  WNBA athletes basically play 2 seasons. One In the US and one Internationally and many time they overlap. Lots of travel.   We go onto the pandemic downtime.  Is this good for athletes?  Especially youth athletes?  One of her Athletes commmented this is the best she has ever felt.  This leads me to question will the PRO athlete and youth athlete come back better?Just like all of us some athletes perform well on their own and some need to be coached up.  Courtney discusses that and how she is working with her athletes through challenges like the #hydration challenge and the #recoverychallenge to motivate them.Courtney can be found @ @CourtscornerLA-Twitter and IGPlease find Anthony Kjenstad @Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
Alexis Johnson Is an elite performer In the CrossFit space and was awarded Rookie of the Year In 2016 when she placed 31st!  Fast forward to 2020 Alexis moved to team competition with Misfit Athletics, received her PHD In Mathematics, moved to Minnesota🥶and tore her achilles and lets throw In Covid 19 for good measure!Alexis and I connected over IG In my constant journey to connect with athletes and discover how they separate themselves from the pack.  Asking questions about nutrition, sleep and obviously recovery!In this podcast we focus on the change from an Individual athlete to team competition.  We focus on how teams work out together from a distance, share Information on conditioning and recovery.  We also go Into CrossFit as a whole and the generalization that lots of injuries come from this sport.We also go Into recovery In depth and the realization that recovery Is on everyones mind but good algorithms still need to be created for these athletes.Please find Anthony Kjenstad @Email:  Anthony@athleticrecovery.netFacebook:
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