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Two single moms in their early 40s, sorting through their baggage in pursuit of their own personal growth and your entertainment. (Music by Bryan M. Steele)
43 Episodes
Megan and Michelle explore the cult of celebrity, influencers, lack of privacy, unboxing, scandal sheets, hate watching, and everyone’s 15 minutes of fame.
42 - American History

42 - American History


Megan and Michelle want each and every one of you to know about Black History Month, trailblazers, barnstorming, Buffalo Soliders, persistence, and calling your own shots. 
Megan and Michelle break down urban legends, cryptids, Snopes, chain letters, trick or treating, Creepypasta, cautionary tales, and mindful drinking.
40 - That Magic Moment

40 - That Magic Moment


Megan and Michelle ponder the wedding industry, proposals, mini-moons, engagement rings, Oculus dancing, divorce parties, and what that piece of paper really means. 
Megan, Michelle, and Alisha lighten the mood with astrology, high fives, fire & water, penis pillows, magic 8 balls, no-parking signs, and the devil’s work.
38 - He's Playing You

38 - He's Playing You


Megan and Michelle’s minds are blown in this crossover episode with Amber and Athena, the hosts of @ExWivesUndercover.  Get ready for future faking, manipulation, confirmation bias, fixers, the Dirty John Directory, broken birds, and so much more! (**Trigger Warning - domestic violence, mention of suicide**)
Megan and Michelle dive into the psychology of true crime obsession, good & evil, exposure therapy, documentaries, podcast recommendations, and solving puzzles.Resources:The Psychology of Why We Love True CrimeThis Is Your Brain On True Crime StoriesWhy are we so fascinated by true crime?What One Researcher Discovered About America's True Crime Obsession12 Reasons We Love True Crime, According to the ExpertsExperts explain our 'morbid fascination' with true crime and serial killersThe 10 True-Crime Podcasts That Changed Everything
Kicking off Dry January, Megan and Michelle take on a listener request and talk about narcissism, Genghis Kahn, the rubber band theory, gym selfies, charisma, tantrums, and psychological cage fights.Resources:Video - The Psychology of NarcissismVideo - These Are the Signs You're Dating a NarcissistTake the test - Narcissistic Personality InventoryArticle - Narcissism and Natural SelectionArticle - Do Narcissists Make Good Leaders?Article - Tapping the Surprising Science of Humble Narcissism
35 - Kings and Kinks

35 - Kings and Kinks


Megan and Michelle welcome Bryan and Alixcia back to share stories of BDSM, fetishes, dominatrix friends, Birkenstocks, LA fun, and Vajankles.
Megan and Michelle discuss New Year's resolutions, peanut butter M&Ms, health and wellness, Babylonia, habits, and deck pics.
33 - Multiply That By Two

33 - Multiply That By Two


Megan, Michelle, and special guest Sarah get real about alcohol use disorder, dry January, wine mom culture, addiction, and radical transparency. (**Trigger Warning - alcoholism and addiction**)GET HELP:Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Treatment for Alcohol Problems: Finding and Getting HelpResources:What Are the 11 Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder?The Difference Between Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol DependenceThe Irrationality of Alcoholics AnonymousDoes Alcohol Really Help You Relax?Radical Transparency is the New Anonymous in Addiction HelpThe Reason Why Women Are Drinking More Than They Ever HaveWhy alcohol affects women more than men
Megan and Michelle get nostalgic, sing off-key, and offer many movie suggestions for winter hibernation. Grab your cat and a glass of wine and get ready to turtle. (No spoilers!)
Megan and Michelle interview mental health practitioner, Danielle, about stigmas, anxiety, trauma, the lizard brain, misguided self care, othering, filling your bucket, and girthy books. (**Trigger warning: mental illness, depression, suicide**)IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW NEEDS HELP:Mental Health Resources (online and phone) - HealthlineHelp for Mental Illnesses - NIMHMental Health Resources for People of Color - The MightyResearch and Resources:Mental Health By the Numbers - NAMIThe State of Mental Health in America - MHAMental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic - CDCWatch Your Words: Why Mental Health Awareness Should Be Year Round - ADAAHistory of Mental Health Treatment - DualDiagnosis.orgThe Tragedy of Mental Illness Stigma - Psychology TodayMental Health Stigma - Psychology TodayThe Best Movies About Mental Health - NAMIGood Portrayals of Mental Illness in TV Shows - The MightyChildren's Mental Health - APAEarly Childhood Mental Health - Harvard UniversityComprehensive Resources:MentalHealth.govAbout Mental Illness - NAMIEducation and Awareness - NIMH
Megan and Michelle get worldly and dive into destructive cults, religion, lovebombing, indoctrination, drinking the Kool-Aid, MLMs, deprogramming, and booking the presidential suite. (**Trigger warning: cults, brainwashing, murder, suicide**)Research:How Cults Work10 Infamous CultsThe Cult of TrumpWhat To Know About the Psychology of CultsThings to Watch:Ricky Gervais debates religion with Stephen ColbertCults, Explained (Netflix)If You Need Help:reFOCUSSupport Group LocationsPost-Cult TraumaCult Information Service
Megan and Michelle create vision boards and talk about setting intentions, frequency illusion, sports psychology, finding authenticity, little moments, small changes, bacon, and using your voice.
28 - Efficient Ink

28 - Efficient Ink


Megan and Michelle make a second attempt at appreciating the art of tattoos, remembering to breathe, ordering fuck flakes, ingesting edibles, cheering for Biden/Harris, and focusing on time and direction.
Megan, Michelle, and two special guests explore sex clubs, consent, swinging, nudist potlucks, exhibitionism, gang bangs, safe words, shedding shame, flogging, and accidental anal. (NSFW)Resources:
Megan and Michelle get real about unexpected texts, taking things personally, being the villain, The Four Agreements, overreactions, and the common good.Resources:
Megan, Michelle, and special guest, Cherish, discuss the sexuality spectrum, Gold Star lesbians, finding joy, scissoring, living a life unexpected, strap-ons, being your authentic self, and loving the wine not the label.Get Help:The Trevor ProjectSuicide Prevention LifelineEpisode Research:
Megan, Michelle, and Alisha reflect on WAP, oral sex, PDA, sexual expectations, cuddling, societal norms, and talking dirty.
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