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The ICONIC Mindset

Author: Calvin Stovall | John Avola

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The ICONIC Mindset reveals the secrets behind what it takes to make your business, idea or movement iconic. Each episode explores the multiple levels of iconic businesses and brands— product or service differentiation, personalization, employee and customer experience and more.
8 Episodes
Toxic work cultures make going to work feel miserable. New ideas can’t flourish, people can’t be honest, micro-management thrives, and leaders are given power that go to their heads and fuel their egos. In our last podcast, John and Calvin talked about how to build an ICONIC culture that stands the test of time. As a good follow-up (or sequel) we thought it would be ideal to provide our listeners with a list of 13 telltale signs that your company culture is moving in the wrong direction – and then provide practical solutions to fix them.
Own it! Live it! Love it! There’s nothing more important than your company's culture. In this podcast episode, John and Calvin discuss how to build an ICONIC culture that stands the test of time. They'll leverage one of the four ICONIC Framework quadrants as the foundation for defining your culture, developing values and beliefs and defending what you've built. Whether your company has been operating for years or you're opening your doors for the first time, you'll want to tune in as they share how to establish a culture today that will last far beyond tomorrow.
It’s been said that turbulent times build great leaders. In this podcast episode, John and Calvin discuss how to lead your team with an ICONIC mindset during uncertain times. They’ll share several important leadership qualities that will help leaders navigate through the next normal while connecting each quality to one (or more) of the 4 P’s of Iconicity - Purpose, People, Passion, and Perseverance. Listen for insights on surefire ways to continue to engage, empower and inspire your team during these uncertain times and into the future.
Brand reputation is everything. It's an expectation of behavior derived from personal experiences and/or experiences from others. Great reputations are built through consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations. When you invest in proactively cultivating your brand reputation, you'll experience increases in revenue, brand equity and customer loyalty, plus you'll have the ability to hire and retain top talent. In this episode, Calvin and John share 4 ICONIC strategies for building an ICONIC brand reputation and touch on a few signals that indicate when your brand reputation could be in jeopardy.
COVID-19 has brought on many challenges for everyone across the globe. Customers’ wants and needs are changing constantly, and you have to change just as fast to keep up with them. In this episode, Calvin and John discuss how delivering ICONIC customer experiences in this environment is all about focusing on the basics of customer service. Beyond adapting new measures to ensure safety, learn what you can do to set your business apart from the competition by focusing on 5 ICONIC strategies that will differentiate your brand when engaging with your customers and employees today and in the future.
A product, service or idea is innovative when it truly makes your customer lives’ easier, whether it's something new or making something better–an improvement. During Part Il of this two-part series, we unpack the last two of the 4 P’s of Iconicity, Passion and Perseverance. Learn how to magnify your vision (own it, live it, love it) and focus on what matters to your customers. The future is already upon us and some iconic brands have taken the lead to engage, empower and inspire our life’s experiences.
A product, service or idea is innovative when it stands out from the rest and truly makes the customer lives’ easier. Reinvention of experience has been the cornerstone of the 21st century. From Uber to Airbnb, Grubhub to Spotify, pain-points in many areas of our daily lives have been opened up by innovation. The future is already upon us and some iconic brands have taken the lead to innovate and update our life’s experiences. During Part I of this two-part series, we unpack two of the 4 P’s of Iconicity, Purpose and People, and discuss how some brands are leveraging innovation to create experiences that make our lives easier and stand out from the crowd.
As the spread of coronavirus accelerated, overwhelmed our medical system and decimated our communities, American business abruptly came to a halt. Two months later, the pandemic continues and even as some businesses attempt to reopen, COVID-19 threatens future closures and thrusts the economy into a near-certain recession. However, COVID-19 also brought with it was some of our most beloved brands stepping up to make a difference. These companies shouldered responsibilities that go far beyond meeting earnings targets and satisfying shareholders. While at the same time, there were some companies that dodged responsibility and lacked empathy towards their employees. This episode explores ICONIC brands and COVID-19; the good, the bad and the ugly.
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