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Is your life what you thought it'd be at age 45? at age 50? Now more than ever, we are pausing to evaluate and strategize what we want and how to make it happen. We will share stories of folks who found themselves with an unexpected life interruption and what they did to come out on the other side happier, healthier and stronger. Walk with us as we discuss how to create your best life chapter and your life reimagined and your life inspired....your best NEXT.
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Are you confident that you could come through a year plus of health detours and consider yourself stronger and living life feeling much more awake?My guest today is Pamela Benson Owens and today we will discuss what she describes as a series of Health detours or challenges - which I consider an understatement, how she navigated the challenges and how her journey of self discovery helped her awaken her senses to much she had been previously missing.  How this helped her decide to live life with much more intention and how it's helping her shift personally and professionally to survive this strange year of chaos and change.I also love that her mom had the wisdom and foresight to offer some wonderful advice during Pamela's growing up that she will also share with us in a bit - it was truly a game changer for her and something that she points to as one of the critical factors in her personal and professional success.  So join us as Pamela shares how she had to create a new model for which to navigate the growth and learning in both the professional and personal spheres of her journey.
Ever feel so drained personally that it caused you to reevaluate your job or career?  Ever believe you've truly reached burned out status?  When your personal health and professional responsibilities aren't jibing - technical term here - you simply cannot be your best self.The question then becomes do you do something about it?  And if so, what?  What's your tipping point and where do you begin?My guest today is Deborah Rankin and after years as a sales exec for multiple Fortune 500 companies, she faced a series of personal losses with no reserves of physical or emotional health. Burned out, sick, and grieving, she clawed her way back to health and vitality using the habits and practices she now shares with readers. She says she got tired of living that way and decided it was time for a change.Join us today as we learn more about that tough season of loss and failure and the steps she then took to turn it around into what is now a business to help others get through their burnout and turn chaos into calm.Https://www.destinationu.net 
Are you challenging yourself to live authentically AND inclusively?Are you living the life YOU want?  Are you being true to your SELF?  And, here's where it can get even trickier….in the midst of you living your life, being true to your self, are you also able to live inclusively and openly?  Are you welcoming the ideas and engagement from those who may be different from you?Are you pausing and thinking more critically?Whoever you are - check in and fully understand all the layers of your privileges and how it shapes how you navigate your world.I believe that as I've aged and successfully overcome all my own detours, I've become much more open-minded.  I've repeatedly had to challenge my personal beliefs and values and as this podcast states, I've had to redefine me and reimagine who I am and what my life looks lifk.   I embrace these challenges - even when it's uncomfortable or even painful - as I believe the act of walking through it with intention and with an open mind is so valuable in me growing further and more into who I will be tomorrow. It's perfect that today, with so much turmoil in our lives, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview and learn from Debbie Scheer.  Debbie has successfully navigated and survived much, including her relationship ups and downs, her adoption story and how she is dancing with grief from the loss of her mother. Join us as we dive into the life twists and turns that have shaped who she is today and how she is using her journey to create personal connections and inspire through humor.
Do you want to  know more about these strong women and how they overcame their life detours? Listen in to a brief portion of last night's panel discussion with my coauthors and then run out and grab your copy of our new book available on Amazon, Life Unexpected to Life Inspired.Full video is available on my DestinationU Facebook page - and more in-depth interviews are available in my Life Reimagined Podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Google, and all podcast platforms.
How will you stay the course when the waters get choppy?Are you prepared? How will you navigate the next storm?  Life is unpredictable - even more so in 2020 - so you've most likely already had to navigate a number of changes in your daily living, but what about a real storm?  What about a primary breadwinner's job loss?  A scary health diagnosis?  A loss of a close relationship?  Join me as I reflect on the stories from our new book on the common thread and themes that helped these women not only survive but thrive through their storm or unexpected life detour, and I'll share what I believe to be the top 5 critical steps you'll need to successfully stay afloat.
Today we're talking about love.  The loss of it, the acceptance of possibly living without it and then the wonderful surprise of finding a whole new definition of love - of making the tough choices but then newly living a life reimagined WITH love.  If you've personally experienced divorce or the loss of love, like me, I'm sure you can identify.So how would YOU navigate the unexpected life changes and new beginnings - like new love, weddings and a baby….especially at a time when you didn't think you'd be doing this?  Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is with me today to share how she found love later in life and how this love and her family keeps growing.  Join us as we discuss how she's navigated through some of the choppy waters along the way and continues to personally shift her mindset, approach and daily choices to live more intentionally and more happily while juggling the demands in her personal and professional life.
What if one ride in the car changed everything?  What if, as she describes it, a 20 second car accident in your 40s alters your life path forever?  Could you handle all the change thrust upon you?  All the new healthcare diagnoses, professional opinions, appointments, treatment and rehabilitation?  All the personal setbacks, your career plan detours, effects on you, your family and friends?Theresa Byrne is with me today and because of those 20 seconds, her life changed in ways she never expected and never could have predicted.  Join us as we dive in a bit deeper about how she dealt with such a difficult event and how she is now bravely sharing her story and although she continues teaching others today, her ability to influence and impact others is huge and she is now helping millions of women engage and unleash their own Inner Warrior.
Have you been personally tested? Not for Covid but in life - how resilient do you think you are?  Can you identify with or envision having to deal with loss of one's job, the loss of the family home, car, and savings, only to start rebuilding and then have a mental and physical health setback?   All while trying to also juggle the demands of the additional role of caregiver and supermom?Most of us over 45 have had to overcome some challenges and real diversity in our life up to this point, and I don't know about you, but I feel very fortunate and very blessed that in looking back, my life detours and roadblocks have been tough, but not as challenging as it has been for many others.  Shannon Martin is one of those gals.  So join me today to hear Shannon share more details about her story and how she has come through this much more difficult road with the power of love, prayer, meditation and much, much more.
What do you do when you're at the top of your game career-wise but you then receive the greatest news of your life that totally changes it all.  Even after years of being told it wasn't possible, you learn that you're pregnant.  You're convinced you'll be a super mom-to-be.  You've seen many other women handle pregnancy while working and so you plan to continue working in your great job, continue to travel the world and all will be great.Then your body has other plans and you end up being sick every day for 8 months.  You know you're not performing your typical best in your job but like many of us do, you continue to deny what's happening and soldier on.   I can do it.  You, me, Cindy….we've all said it.  Cindy says now that she was not only in denial of her health but that she didn't want to let go of her old life.  She had a tough choice or numerous choices to tackle during what felt like the height of the career she worked so hard for.  So join us as Cindy shares more of her story and the key steps she took to ensure a healthy and happy life for her and her daughter.  How this life journey, including all the twists and turns and trauma, has created the resilient and strong person she is today and how she is using her podcast to inspire and add to our culture.Cindy Lee Robles is with me today and although she seems to really like living in the Bay, San Francisco, she is self described and very proud to be Brooklyn All Day.She will share more about how having her daughter totally rocked her world in a moment but first let me tell you a bit more about her.Cindy Lee started her career working in the Hospitality Industry as an Operations Manager for over 20 years as well as working in the fitness community for 10 years.  But as she'll detail in a bit, Cindy lee is now on a mission to add to the culture with her Podcast called Guests in Your life - I hope you'll check it out.  She was one of the folks who inspired me to start sharing my story in this podcast series and she now helps others take their unique journey and help them build their personal brand.  She is a motivational speaker and she noticed something interesting as she met more and more people.  That some seemed to have a hard time of letting go of certain thoughts, ideas and even each other And sometimes when those moments were gone, it felt like a loss.  So her podcast, Guests in your life, was created to highlight such moments and people's thoughts and ideas and to help people let go of the things they have no control over. To help heal, cope and laugh.   Cindy has an audience who enjoys listening to hear stories of the many people she shared moments with and she has given a voice to those who want to share a little about who they are and hope it helps to add to our culture. 
Have you ever wondered if your job or position is "safe" from layoffs?  How do you face the ups and downs of working for a large or small company and what is the tipping point for you to decide to venture out and start your own business?What if you are a single mom with two kids depending on you?Are you prepared for THOSE ups and downs?  How will you handle it when your faith is truly shaken?  How will you truly take control of YOUR destiny now?Join me as I talk with Rosie Marin and hear about her journey through corporate climbing and roadblocks and the steps she took as a single mom to change her career path and take control of her destiny.
See if you can identify….You've worked hard and built a great track record, a great resume and a great network.  You feel like you're on top of your game - no actually, you ARE on top of your game.  You then hit a snag….is this it?  Maybe you're questioning if this is the ride you want to be on like my previous guests or maybe like Barbara and Lupe with me today, you experience a different kind of snag.  A different unexpected new roadblock.Could your wealth of experience and number of years serving as an industry leader suddenly become a problem?  You may find yourself at a similar place in your personal and professional journey - in the midst of unexpected challenges and questioning if life after 40 or 45 means we could be "past our prime."  My guests today, Barbara Brooks and Lupe Hirt, experienced such roadblocks and their own version of what I'll call a career interruption and I love Lupe's insight and challenge to each of us:   The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with detours, dead ends and pit stops. But the key is to remember that during times of challenge and adversity, character is revealed, not built. The question then becomes, what does your character reveal about you?So join me today as Barbara and Lupe share their experiences, character revelations and the journey they started down together to turn their story and passion into a way to help many others.Whether it's a conscious choice or whether some other key piece has changed in your current job or career path, many of us are pausing right now and reevaluating our career options and how it fits in what we truly want in our life going forward.  Especially if we are now wondering if our years of leadership are a positive or a negative.So as I went through my own reflection and decision to career pivot, I was introduced to Barbara and Lupe, and it was great to learn just how many others I found at a similar place in my path. So it's time to bring in the experts - join me in welcoming Barbara and Lupe to the virtual couch today!  Hey ladies!I'm very happy to have you here! Today we have the two of you together as there is much to gain from hearing more about your individual stories and how some of those similar experiences led you to the really great work you're doing together today. Let's start with the scoop on these gals and then we'll get into their stories. Lupe is a public relations expert and entrepreneur of 24+ years.  She opened her own agency and experienced much success in working with big brands. Barbara is an award winning marketing and public relations specialist in the shopping center industry. Together they are the co-founders of Second Act, a membership community focused on elevating and connecting businesswomen 40 & 50+. Designed as an IRL and virtual community, SecondActWomen rallies women to own their number and swivel into middlescence with vigor and savvy.  
Ever feel something odd or funky but you just blew it off or thought it might just be part of "getting older?"  or maybe you were too busy or too overloaded to "deal with it?"  What if something that started out a bit untenable or annoyingly nagging at you eventually turned out to be more significant?  Maybe it persisted and you couldn't ignore it.  Maybe it became more of an interrupter of "what my life is supposed to be?"Where are you on your personal health journey right now?  Your physical, mental and emotional health.  Are you doing everything you can to ensure you're daily caring for your health holistically so you can live your best life today and tomorrow?  If you're like me and many other women over 45, you are trying to make good, healthy choices and live with more intention.  I went through a much less intense version of what my guest today, Heather, will share, but I personally experienced a health interruption that includes food and my mindset.  I immediately had a connection with Heather when we met a bit over a year ago as I had newly discovered I have several food sensitivities - again it pales in comparison to her experience - but I think you'll find Heather's story so interesting and it may raise questions for you and your health as well.   Join us as we discuss what many others over 45 have experienced - some type of health interruption - and how, also like many of you, Heather intentionally paused to redefine and re-imagine and more holistically and happily redesign her life.   
Where are you on your personal and career journey right now?  Ever pause and wonder if the current path is the right one for you for the next 10-20 years or are you getting stuck in the daily grind and fires and blindly moving forward?If you're like me and many other women over 45, you are reconsidering your career aspirations in the context of your own personal reflection.  Maybe it's just been a nagging thought or maybe there's been a change in your life or and unexpected detour that's helping you think a bit.Maybe you're like me or my guest today or many other women I've met who have intentionally paused to redefine and reimagine and redesign their life going forward. Join us to hear how my guest today Faizun redesigned and is leading in her life. 
What do you think of when I bring up the word Resilient or Resilience?  By definition, it means to recover quickly from difficult conditions or a difficult situation and in the simplest of terms, you may think of it as “making lemonade when life gives you lemons.”  But if you have faced any challenges in your life - and I am sure 99.9% of those of us over 45 have - you know it FEELS much different.  Not as simple and definitely not as easy. I’m really excited and very fortunate to have with me today, Gabbe Smith.  Gabbe is an amazing leader and she will be sharing with us: how she has overcome some of the difficult situations life has thrown at her, how she came through them, and how building her personal resilience has made her stronger and a better leader today.  Join us to hear more about Gabbe’s story. 
What does it mean to lead in your own life? Are you actively envisioning and then creating the life you want or are you simply leading in all other facets of your life - your family, your career, your kids’ school, your church, your civic or social investments, and not leaving any energy at the end of the day for defining and then creating what YOU want?  Are you okay with the ramifications of putting you last?  How much time will go by before you start leveraging your leadership skills and apply to one of the most important questions or challenges in life:  what do you want?Join me today as I talk about my personal career revelation and the 3 keys I believe to really lead in your own life and create your best next chapter.
Look back a bit to a difficult time in your life.  It could've been an unexpected life detour or possibly a preventable detour but in looking back on it now, based on what you learned and how you've come through it, could you even say now that it was instead a grand adventure?  Many times when we are in the middle or turmoil or what feels like a very difficult time in our life, it's hard to step back and take a bigger perspective of the situation and understand why it's happening or what you will gain but join me today as I talk about how sometimes these life detours really serve to strengthen you and prepare you for your next adventure.
If your idea of adventure is narrowly defined as a young person screaming down a mountain on a bike or bungee jumping off a cliff, I invite you to consider a much broader perspective.  I believe life itself is an adventure and it's how you plan for your next adventure or how you deal with some of life's curveballs that makes up the wonderful stories that create your life's book and memories.  Adventure can mean so many things and it may be different for each person, but either way, as Helen Keller once stated, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”   So join me today as I share some of my "adventures", talk about the importance of adventuring in your life, possibly broaden your perspective a bit and hopefully inspire and challenge you to get out and try something new.
My family will find this fun that I’m giving more financial advice today but I'm going to dive in a bit further on the money side.  Since I'm NOT the financially focused wizard that others are, I am in the perfect position to show some simple math and illustrate how you can commit a little each day or week to helping you reimagine the word SAVINGS and become more financially stable or secure.  Join me today as I continue talking about my iteration of the FIRE movement and how to reimagine savings, even if you have little or none.
Have you heard of something called the FIRE movement?  Do you subscribe to it or are you able to actually live it?  It's a really interesting idea but I think instead, I subscribe to a different iteration of the FIRE acronym:  Financially Independent and Reimagine Everything.  Join me right after 4th of July and celebrating our country's independence as I discuss what this means and how I recommend altering your mindset to more quickly get to a life where YOU have more freedom and possibly more happiness.
So….you are either focused on a personal goal or even just getting ready for your next fun adventure.  You may have even had to summon the courage to take that first big step and you're actually on your way.  What happens when you get suddenly stopped or derailed?  When you have an Oh BLEEP moment?  What will you do?  Will you panic?Today I'm going to share some stories and talk about how to stay calm so you can tackle and more quickly get to your solution.
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