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Author: FNF Europe

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"The Defence Café is the security and defence podcast of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Brussels (FNF Europe). As European states are confronted with a host of security challenges, they are prompted more than ever to cooperate. This, however, requires trust and compassion, because the world looks different from Estonia than it looks from Spain. For deeper cooperation to occur, deeper communication is needed first. And for deeper communication to be successful, a good cup of coffee is required.In the Defence Café, your hosts Teresa Reiter and Sebastian Vagt will travel across Europe and meet one inspiring individual per episode. Guests in the Defence Café will talk about their ideas on European defence – but also about their countries’ curiosities. Because Europe is united in military diversity.
7 Episodes
Teresa Reiter and Jeroen Dobber meet Håvard Sandvik, Senior Policy Advisor at ‎Venstre (Norway). They talk about transatlantic security, Norway’s position in the transatlantic partnership, a new long-term defence plan, and… penguins. 
Teresa Reiter and Jeroen Dobber meet Ben Jones, Teaching Fellow in European Foreign Policy at King’s College London. They talk about the role of security and defence in the Brexit negotiations, the UK’s role in NATO and the UK’s foreign policy prospects after Brexit
Teresa Reiter, Sebastian Vagt and Jeroen Dobber meet… Sebastian Vagt, the former head of the FNF Security Hub and now FNF Project Director in Morocco. In this hand-over episode, which marks the end of Sebastian’s hosting of the podcast, they talk about one of his favourite idea for further European defence integration: allowing EU citizens to serve in national armed forces.
Teresa Reiter and Sebastian Vagt meet Suleyman Aslami, head of office of Dutch member of the European Parliament Samira Rafaela (D66). They debate how the Netherlands were directly affected by conflict abroad, in which ways they serve as pioneers in European defence integration and if the Dutch desire to save money contradicts the idea of a European Army.
Teresa Reiter and Sebastian Vagt meet András Radnóti, founding member of Hungarian opposition party Momentum and manging director at the risk consultancy Millenium Emerging Europe. They debate the contradictory defence policies of Victor Orbán and take a closer look at what is at stake for Europe in the Black Sea. 
Teresa Reiter and Sebastian Vagt talk with Eve Roehrig, defence advisor in the French National Assembly for Emmanuel Macron's party La République En Marche. They start debating how the Covid 19 pandemic is affecting Macron's plans for a deeper European defence integration and end up discussing animals in warfare.
Renaldas and Sebastian discuss the special security situation of Lithuania as the only country in the world, which borders Russia at its West. They also delve into why visitors find plenty of NATO emblems in Vilnius’ cityscape. And Renaldas elaborates on some Lithuanian defence curiosities and discloses how he feels about firing guns. 
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