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In this episode, we speak with State Representative David Bowen.  Representative Bowen has been active in his local community and at the state level for many years.  He has been a strong leader for social justice and is highly regarded for the work he does.  Rep. Bowen speaks about prevention from a political perspective and its role in activism.  He provides incredible insight into the role prevention plays in police reform and systemic change.
In this episode, we dive into the generational perspective of prevention.  Jared Simonsen and Anna Li provide their insight on prevention and its role and impact with our most current generations.  We talk about their experience in their budding careers and the role young people can play in implementing prevention strategies.  
In this episode we introduce the topic of prevention.  Its a simple enough concept that often is not talked about until after something has become a problem.  So what exactly is prevention and why should we care more about its importance?  This topic seems even more relevant right now during a pandemic, but prevention is a universal approach and we are going to take a dive into what that really means.  Our guest, Chuck Klevgaard, is an expert in substance misuse and public health. He is the Prevention Manager for the Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center and a certified senior Prevention Specialist. He will talk with us about prevention and how its role in substance misuse and abuse translates over to life in general.  We will also discuss the relevance of collective impact and how focused partnerships are vital to preventions success. 
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