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Author: Zach Mathers

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Braving the Journey is a place to learn about sobriety. Sober, wanting to be Sober, Sober curious. Every week I talk with a guest about their journey in recovery. How they overcame their addiction. We are never designed to walk through life alone, we are meant to braving this journey together.
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This week I talk with J.T. Wahlberg about his journey to sobriety.  His unconventional approach to sobriety, his arsenal of awesomeness.J. T. Wahlberg wrote this book to help people understand what to expect when they decide to change their relationship with alcohol. He also hopes this book will serve as a warning to readers that if they want to end their addiction, they should do so in consultation with their doctor.J. T. lives in Port Credit, Ontario, with his fiancé, and he has “forgotten to drink alcohol” for the past six years. the show (
Jaime L. Mathews is the author of Sunroofs and Shoeboxes, a collection of the little nuggets of wisdom she has found in the little things of everyday life. Educated as a journalist and a holistic health educator, Jaime has had an eclectic career path that gave her the tool kit to become a mother. The journey of writing Sunroofs and Shoeboxes prepared Jaime for motherhood and helped her find the little nuggets of happiness when she was in the throes of having twin newborns. Jaime, her husband, and their five children live on a farm in the show (
Overcoming porn addiction and gaining your freedom backSathiya Sam is a coach and speaker that helps men live with confidence and integrity. Arecovered addict himself,  Sathiya is the creator of DeepCleanTM – a research-based andBible-backed system for overcoming porn addiction. DeepCleanTM has helped everyone from college students to medical doctors regain control of their lives and walk in greater levels of freedom. He is married to his lovely wife Shaloma and based out of Toronto, Canada.Website - www.sathiyasam.comFree Recovery Guide - www.ultimaterecoveryguide.comThe New Man Podcast - - - the show (
Nick Terry is the founder of breath of life recovery, breath work practitioner, inspirational interventionist, author and admissions Director with Maui Recovery. Nick raises his 2 daughters in Kihei Maui with his fiancé Paulina. Nick is passionate about his own personal recovery and has been clean and sober for almost 8 years. Nick is passionate about breath work, stand up paddle surfing, basketball, ice baths, and being of service in his community. Nick has dedicated his life personally and professionally to spreading a message of hope and altruistic light to all those still suffering from the darkness of substance abuse and mental health challenges.@breathofliferecovery808@breathoflife808Support the show (
Have you ever told yourself or had someone tell you that, you will never change.  Today I talk with author Nate Duke about his comeback story. Nate Dukes is an Author and Speaker but in his early twenties he was a business owner chasing success while dealing with a secret drug addiction.After constantly hitting rock bottom, hurting everyone close, stealing a car and going to jail, Nate went on a journey of changing his mindset and his decisions which helped him create his own comeback story.He quickly found that there were other people, just like him, who were stuck believing the lie that they’d never change.Through his book, onstage speaking, and personal coaching, Nate shares what he’s learned to help other people make their own comeback.Website - https://www.youllneverchange.comInstagram - - Book on Amazon - the show (
Braving the Journey talks with Tyler patrick. Tyler is a Licensed marriage and family therapist with a clinical practice based in Logan, Utah called Love Strong. He has dedicated his career to mastering an understanding of recovery from sexual addiction and healing from betrayal trauma. He believes that the men and women who embrace and live the principles of recovery do far more than get their lives back, they become the best kinds of husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. He’s grateful to act as a guide and support to those who embark in the life transformation of living a connected lifestyle.Tyler is a public speaker and podcaster. He loves presenting powerful information along with personal stories when he speaks. He is the cohost of the Therapy Brother Podcast alongside his brother, Brannon.https://lovestrong.com the show (
Hey everyone I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been listening to Braving the Journey. The week I share with you some of the direction that Braving the Journey is heading and a little about what the future is going to look like. Be sure to follow the show (
Andrew Wild’s mission is to change the way this planet looks at and approaches addiction. And to tear down any stigma associated with that word. In his humble opinion “addiction” or distraction is everywhere. People are choosing to numb out or distract from themselves more than ever before in this plugged in society. Be it alcohol, drugs, porn, social media, dating apps, Netflix, food and over eating, Over working or people pleasing, you name it, Humans are over indulging to avoid actually feeling and processing their emotions and it’s manifesting in the form of DIS-ease.Drew believes that, quite simply, the vice eg the drugs or social media or food is just a symptom of a deeper rooted problem. It’s just the coping mechanism people have found works to suppress the hurt and pain of the past. And it works really well, until it doesn’t. When we can stop looking through the lens of “why the addiction?” And start looking at it from “why the pain?” Or why the need to numb, we begin to find a more permanent solution to a very real global problem. Drew works with men and women who struggle to break free of their vices, who want to live a life of freedom without needing to lean on alcohol, porn, social media, pills, food, weed, drugs, or anything else holding them back that leaves them feeling regretful, empty and unfulfilled.He helps them to dig up their vice, rip it up at its roots, and guide them to reseed the programming so that it never shows up again.What separates him from other coaches is that he has lived the experience. He comes from the trenches of rock-bottom drug and alcohol addiction and because of this his clients experience permanent lasting shifts and learn to live what it means to be better than their bullshit and how to thrive whilst doing so. the show (
Joelie is a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner from London surrey. She traded in her fast paced corporate lifestyle to build a yoga and wellness centre around one year ago and knew alcohol had no space in this journey. She is 10 months sober and thriving. She is moving to Ibiza in July to continue building a life on her terms. Joelie uses her personal practise of yoga and meditation to help her process fears and insecurities that had been unprocessed by a lifetime of binge drinking and avoidance. She is sharing her sober journey via her Instagram @yogawithjoelie and supporting others via yoga classes and mediation. Her life mission is to help people transition into the most peaceful versions of themselves, working through the hard stuff and removing the mask. She never thought she could ever quit drinking but now she doesnt know how she ever had it included ! the show (
Sarah Connelly is a heart-centred entrepreneur, captivating speaker, corporate consultant, life-long learner, mum to 2 boys and 2 fur-babies and she is happy AF.As the founder of Product of the Year in Australia, Sarah has worked closely with Australia’s top brands and retailers for the past 14 years, supporting them to build the profile of their consumer products. After her own eye-opening journey to embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle, Sarah founded the Sober Upside website, now rebranded as Tapped In, in 2020. Her mission is to be the go-to hub for alcohol-free inspiration and resources in Australia, and to advocate for and support AF lifestyle the show (
Braving the Journey talks with Jennifer Louise about her journey of overcoming trauma, shame and addiction. Jennifer now works to help other women step out of  trauma, abuse and addiction and restore SELF WORTH.Jennifer has an incredible story and heart to help others. This episode will make you laugh and cry. Give you hope for yourself or another that is stuck in addiction. Keep an eye out for Jennifer's new book coming soon "Bad. Girl" Jennifer Louise InstagramSupport the show (
Braving the Journey talks this week with  JF Benoist. He is the founder and program manager of The Exclusive Hawaii, a non 12 step, holistic addiction treatment center. Benoist is also the author of the bestselling self-help book, Addicted to the Monkey Mind. Benoist’s specialty is teaching people how to quiet that negative voice in their head — and instead develop a powerful new mindset that creates long-lasting change.The Exclusive HawaiiAddicted to the Monkey MindSupport the show (
Have you ever felt like you have tried everything to get sober? Every-time you relapse you find yourself more frustrated that you can’t stop. I know for me personally I kept trying different ways.  Todays podcast Nate Rifkin talks about how he used Meditation to get sober. Nate has prospered by combining ancient mystical practices with modern strategies for living.Nate used  to be suicidal and drank alcohol every morning. He dropped out of college, went broke, bankrupt, and even worked on street corners waving around a sign.However, Nate learned a little-known spiritual discipline that helped him transform his thoughts, emotions, and financial life.Today, as a leader in the field of business, he has written marketing campaigns that have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales. He just published book called The Standing Meditation, and he’s currently training to be a Daoist priest and earn his Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine.www.naterifkin.comSupport the show (
Braving the Journey this week talks with Tyler Matheny. Tyler  is one of the cofounders of YANA - an exclusive community of sober and curious people looking to move forward in recovery together. YANA’s mission is to inspire and empower people to live a happy and sober life. Prior to founding YANA, Tyler worked in marketing at several startups in NYC, San Francisco, and Austin, TX which is where he calls home. the show (
Braving the Journey talks with Jan Cole about what it was like for her as a mother to watch her daughter go through 19 years of a drug addiction to finally overdose. The impact that had on her life and her families life.  If you are someone that has a child in an active addiction and needs to talk reach out to Jan. Know you are not alone in this. ejanetcole13@yahoo.comSupport the show (
On Braving the Journey this week I talk with Gillian from Sober Powered Podcast. Gill is a biochemist in the Boston area and is 16 months sober. Her passion is helping others free themselves from the drink and drink cycle by providing education on how alcohol affects our brain and causes addiction. She is the creator and host of the Sober Powered Podcast. Support the show (
Braving the Journey talk with guest Michael Collins. Michael is the founder of and Quit Sugar Summit, as well as the past Chairman of the Board and current Board Member of Addiction Institute, has been completely sugar-free for over 30 years and has worked closely with others to help them regain lives ravaged by this addictive product. Mike has been in recovery from substance-use disorder for over 35 years. Youtube: the show (
This week looks a little different on Braving the Journey. I have no guest because it was on my heart to share with you more of my story and the direction that Braving the Journey is going. Hope you Enjoy! the show (
Braving the Journey talks with Madison Williams. Currently in recovery, her sober date is 6/10/2019. Madison initially for sober because she hated who she was when she drank. Madison  thought getting sober wasn't going to change much but then it ended up changing her entire life for the better.The strength in her story is that it really is not unique and that's why she enjoys sharing it to let other people know that we're not alone in this."The strength in my story is that it is not unique. Just a human being sharing her story to help others realize they're not alone and that we do recover. That there is an amazing life on the other side of alcohol no matter what society or mainstream media tell you. I didn't drink everyday or even every week but when I did drink I often could not control myself and finally had a revelation that I was the only one who can make myself stop feeling this way. "It doesn't matter what you drink, or how much you drink, but what happens to you when you drink." the show (
Blair is a wife and mom from Minnesota. After a long career as a binge drinker and party girl, she decided to retire.Blair removed alcohol from her life when her son was 18 months old. Throughout her drinking career she had a lot of moments that should have made her quit, but it was never an option for her. She thought her drinking was normal and that everyone was doing it. The difference was that Blair had a hard time having just one. She didn’t see the point.Once she became a mom, she gained a new responsibility and could no longer live the life she was used to. She tried to maintain it for a little bit, but she found herself drinking on weekends at home and alone. She thought she deserved it and that it was what mothers do. She soon found out, she was wrong.In February of 2018, after another typical weekend of drinking too much and another horrible hangover, she found a blog post that inspired her to start her alcohol-free journey. Since then, she’s been able to be present for her son and thrive as a wife to her husband of five years.In her free time Blair is pursuing her passion for writing. She blogs about her life on Instagram and is a writer for a parenting resource in her community. Blair hosts on the 1000 Hours Dry Parents Instagram page and will soon be writing blogs for them as well.Blair loves to make people laugh with her sarcastic and blunt personality, and she doesn’t take life too seriously. She says that if she can help one person by telling her story, that’s enough for her.@sobrietyactivist Support the show (
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