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Brandable Insider Domain Review

Author: Keith DeBoer

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The Brandable Insider is a weekly podcast created and hosted by Keith DeBoer; a domain industry writer and investor. Each podcast features insider advice on how to buy domain names at wholesale prices and market them to startup companies for significant profits.
38 Episodes
My Top Ten Tips for Domain Investing Success!The reality of domain investing is that even profitable domain investors fail 98% of the time on the way to selling 2% of their inventory each year.In this episode I give my top ten tips for domain investing success including two exercises, you can do daily, to strengthen your domain evaluation muscles and domain picking skills. 
Dynamic domainer, Josh Reason, sells a domain during the interview!!  Hear the sale unfolding in real time on my popdcast. Josh also discusses 18 more of his 100 sales in 2020 and shares the details of his strategy and philosophy for taking maximum profit on low, mid and high tier domain names. Topics include:Increasing International competitionRising aftermarket pricesDeclining marginsSales strategies for the low, mid and high tiersMaximizing sell through rates and profits
The year 2021 will be a time of profound transition as we emerge from the ashes of a global pandemic.  Many domain investors have been blessed with prosperity in 2020 and the agile will continue to thrive in the coming year.  The secret formula is  fulfilling the newly modified desires and needs of post pandemic consumers.  This episode features my thoughts and ideas for the coming days of transformation and progress. 
Today's episode is a careful look at the 25 plus domain names I acquired this week via the aftermarket.  That includes domains I bought in auctions, via backorders and in the GoDaddy closeouts.  I also summarize and explain my strategies and approach to value investing as I continually accumulate and expand my brandable domain portfolio.
Get ready for a deep dive with Jason Eisler, The Domain Baron, on the intricacies and nuances of outbound sales.  Jason takes us through the nitty gritty of:How to find and acquire marketable domainsAssessing potential buyersFinding contact infoOpen rates and email trackingEmail subject lines and contentFollowing up with potential buyers by phoneand much more!!
An insider review of my ten domain sales from the month of November.  How I acquired them, how I sold them and who owns them now. Plus! Ten Insider Tips for supercharging your brandable domain portfolio and getting on track for steady brandable domain sales.  Stay tuned!!
"I've never been more bullish about the opportunities for domain investing" says Morgan Linton in this week's podcast and you'll never guess why.  In this tightly focused interview Morgan gives the latest news on his company BoldMetrics,  dishes the goods on the hottest domain extensions, outlines his approach to portfolio management/allocation and explains his strategies for acquiring, marketing and pricing his current domain assets.  Don't miss it!!Who is Morgan Linton?Became a domain investor in 2004Has written a daily blog for 13 yearsHas Masters Degree in Computer Engineering He was an early employee at Sonos He speaks English, Spanish, a little Japanese and is currently learning KoreanIn 2012 he co-founded Bold MetricsAMAZING BLACK FRIDAY OFFER AT DNAcademy find out more by CLICKING HEREDomains discussed in this podcast which sold for $256 at GoDaddy  and is now listed by HugeDomains  for $9, which sold for  $5,256 at that sold for $4,026 at and end user buy for $2688 at  BuyDomains  which is now a Quantitative Analysis which sold for $2130 at DropCatch
This week I examine 14 end user sales containing the words Crypto, Coin and Block.  In addition to keyword analysis there's commentary on the buyer's current usage and website development. Plus...... a report on an astute listener who's had 3 sales this year with a portfolio of less than 100 domains. Don't miss it!Domains discussed in this podcast
In this blockbuster interview, million dollar domainer, Braden Pollock reveals his deepest domain deal secrets including his (unreported) biggest sale of 2020.  We discuss his approach to domain pricing, selling $40k domains with BIN landers, auction bidding, the art of negotiation and more! Braden’s sales and acquisitions discussed in this,,,,,,,,,, Companies,,,,  Acronyms used in this podcast:NDA – Non-Disclosure AgreementROI – Return on InvestmentBIN – Buy It Now priceCRM – Customer Relationship ManagementICA – Internet Commerce AssociationWIPO –  World Intellectual Property OrganizationUDRP –  Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution PolicyICAAN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
A detailed analysis of the top 15 brandable domain sales from the past week, according to  Domain sales discussed in the podcast include:,,,,, and more.  The list includes both wholesale and retail sales with prices ranging from $4,200 to $35,000.
Another episode with former Managing Director of BrandBucket, Michael Krell.   Discussion topics include new features at BrandBucket, SquadHelp and BrandPa. Plus tips on how to buy domains at wholesale, set prices, maneuver payment plans and generate sales. Lastly, Michael and I review twenty two brandable domains that sold this week in the wholesale and retail markets. 
An overview of my Top 10 Sales of 2020.  Where they sold and how and when they were purchased including back story and insights into the acquisition and sales processes.
A timely, follow-up analysis of the 13 domains Margot Bushnaq reviewed with me last week.  This episode tracks the progress of each domain and compares Margot's analysis against the wholesale selling price and the retail asking price on each domain's newly created landing page.  Domains discussed in this episode OnCoach.comSeaTree.comBetaBoard.comLaneHill.comWiserMan.comMicroLine.comThanks for listening! If you like the Brandable Insider podcast, you can express your appreciation by:“Buying Me A Coffee”
In this epic episode I take a deep, conversational dive with Margot Bushnaq the founder and CEO of BrandBucket.  Together we sneak under the hood of her curated marketplace and explore the crazy world of naming conventions, frothy aftermarkets, pricing trends and the future of modern technology.  PLUS..... a live review of current trends, keywords and valuations based on recently dropped domains. This is one you don't want to miss!!Domains discussed in this episode
An in depth review of more than a dozen brandable domain names that sold this past week. Marketplace sales include BrandBucket, Squadhelp, NamePull and Buy Domains. Domains reviewed
A wide-ranging, insider discussion with an industry icon who sold his first domain for $7500 and case of Banana Boat sunscreen.During this 60 min deep dive with DNAcademy founder, Michael Cyger you'll hear:How an introvert handles the spotlightThe journey from GE to Domain SherpaHow he got $7500 and a case of sunscreen in his first domain saleMoving the domain industry forwardGetting started with Brandable domainsThe #1 mistake new domainers should avoidAccelerated learning for maximum success!
Today's episode features an in depth analysis of a dozen end user sales by NamePull, BuyDomains and BrandBucket. Domains discussed in this podcast $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $4288
I'm super excited to share with you this in-depth interview with DnGeek and Efty founder, Doron Vermaat.  In this episode Doron reveals secret formula for brandables in alternative extensions. Then, Doron and I discuss his top ten end-user sales of the year. Don't miss it!Domains discussed in this episode include:,,,,,,, and
Summary:Today’s podcast features a Q and A with the former Managing Director of BrandBucket, Michael Krell. In the second half I discuss ten end user sales from BrandBucket, SquadHelp and Buy Domains.Domains discussed in the podcast $1, $1, $1, $1, $3, $1,788
Today I talk about wholesale and end-user sales with Michael Krell.  Michael has had many roles as an entrepreneur, a Domain Sherpa and the former managing director of BrandBucket.  He’s a family man, a great guy, and one of the best brandable domain investors I know.  This is part one of a two part series with Michael Krell. Don't miss it!Post Production Corrections:Dot CO domains can be renewed for as low as $ sold for $4,049 not $4,299Empire Domains ( is owned by Riz M.Paul Nicks is GoDaddy’s Aftermarket VP
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