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Author: Jen Waterson Business Profit Coach

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Simply Smarter Numbers is about one thing and one thing only. Results. Specifically, getting results for you in your business. Each week discover what you need to stop doing, start doing and keep doing to fast-track your business revenue, sales, cash and profit goals.

Simply Smarter Numbers is here to unapologetically force you to rethink and reset your daily business practices, habits and activities. Why? Because bigger, better business results start with making great business decisions and implementing them daily.

Join business profit coach, results focused business consultant and qualified accountant, Jen Waterson each week as she helps you scale and grow your business from the inside out. With Jen and her hand-picked business experts and guests you’ll get step by steps, actionable advice, pragmatic solutions and tactical plans that will drive your business forward. Get the profitable results you’ve been looking for and working for minus the overwhelm, minus the what-ifs, minus the crazy hours.

If you’re an ambitious business owner, ready to think big, re-write your own rules and take action to skyrocket your business know-how, your profit, your cashflow, your sales and your free-time, then this is the podcast for you.

For more on reaching your business profit, business growth, business sales, revenue and cashflow goals check Jen out at link text

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In this episode I’m talking about financial freedom.  In particular how we can use our business to accelerate our financial freedom.  But first we consider what financial freedom means to us.  For me it’s about having the freedom of choice.  To choose what we want to do in our lives and our lifestyle without financial constraints.  I’m talking about having the financial freedom to choose to do the things that matter to you and your family. Whatever financial freedom looks like for you there are 7 key elements that you really need to have sorted in your business if you’re ever going to get there.Those 7 key elements include building an elegant business, having a profit-focused strategy, knowing your numbers, having the right systems and processes, having strong financial foundations, controlling your cashflow and finally, accelerating your financial freedom with external accountability.
Today on the Simply Smarter Numbers podcast I’m talking to Business Coach Rachel Lubchansky from REL Impact about the things she did to grow not one but two successful businesses.  Rachel is a business coach from Denver Colorado and over a period of time she built a great community of business owners around her.  We talk about the 3 key things Rachel has done to grow her community and her business.We get practical and real about i. creating a brand and a community;ii. investing both dollars and time into your own growth; andiii. The role that process and systems play 
Today I’m talking cash. We all want it, you know you need it but so many of us are not really controlling it.  Businesses that succeed understand that without visibility into their cashflow they risk steering their business off track.  I’ve worked with countless business owners over the years and I constantly see people ignoring their cashflow until it's almost too late.Here’s a big heads up for you - You can be a highly profitable, multi million dollar business and still have cashflow issues that can take you down. In another podcast I’ll explain exactly how that can be but for now just trust on that - it’s a thing.  Making a profit doesn’t always mean you have cash.Today I want to give you a heads up to what might be quietly causing you cashflow issues in the background of your business.There are six common mistakes that can silently cripple cashflow and can kill a business. Here’s all 6 of my top tips to avoid a cashflow crisis.  The I’ll dive a little deeper into each one for you.Measure your Gross Profit Keep control of your financesChase the people who owe you moneyControl your outgoingsAvoid the debt trapForecast your cashflow
She built an audience from zero to 10,000 in just 8 months. They were engaged, primed to buy and that’s exactly what they did - they bought. That was about 18 months ago so today the numbers and her business are even bigger. She started from zero. We all start from zero. So, what is the key to building an audience of your own from ground zero? Well, that’s what we are talking with Stevie Dillon about today.  We’re going deep into the marketing strategy she used to build her business from the ground up. We break that marketing strategy down and consider how it works specifically to grow your service based business.    We’re talking about content marketing and we’re answering these questions. What is it? What does it look like? How can you apply it to your business without having it take up too much time? Is it time for you to consider content marketing in your business?  The key take-away? Content marketing is not just for new businesses. It can work for those of you that have been around for a while. If you’ve had enough of trading time for money, you need to consider this. Why? You’ll be paving your own way, opening up the potential to something bigger in your business - even if you don’t know what that ‘something bigger’ is yet. Stevie’s mission is to help more women leverage the Internet and the opportunities presented by online entrepreneurship to build profitable, sustainable online businesses.Her special sauce? Providing the tools and resources to build stand out personal brands using social media and podcasting, and to monetise with a signature online course. Stevie is also the host of the Stevie Says Social Podcast, which debuted at no. 2 on Apple Podcasts. It is a regular in the top 10 Business Charts and has been downloaded 300,000 times.Stevie has been featured in the likes of Social Media Examiner, Business Chicks, League of Extraordinary Women, SmartCompany and on Channel 7, where she has written and spoken extensively on all things social media. She was recently named one of the top 150 most influential female founders in Australia by Scrunch. 
Working harder, longer hours?  Doing more, selling more, dealing with more?  You expected to have to work more as you grow your business, but it can get a bit ridiculous and sometimes we’re not sure whether the end is anywhere in sight?  And then there’s the money - where is the money!?  Cashflow is getting hard.Today I’ll be talking about 4 things that could be going wrong in your business to cause problems with your cashflow and have you working too many hours.We’ll be covering;Your pricing.  2 problems with offering services below your pay grade and I’ll give you a few tips on what to consider when you’re thinking about adjusting your pricing. Your spending.  Or more specifically, a lack of control or visibility into your cashflow. You.  We talk about 3 really good reasons why it might be time to systemise, delegate or outsource.Your team members.  We talk about what can go wrong, but I’ll give you a couple of tips to make sure you make the money you need out of your team.  
Have you ever flirted with the idea of running a workshop, an event, a mastermind or speaking to someone else’s crowd?  Or have you ever said no to an event that you really know you should be attending because you’re too busy?  Or worse, because your inner introvert just doesn't want to go alone?Well, you’ll want to listen to my next guest as we talk about how and why you should be thinking seriously about getting in front of a crowd - whether that’s live or online.  By getting in front of her audience - talking, teaching and importantly - listening, Jenn Donovan was able to tap into a gap in the market and founded a facebook group purely to help out some rural businesses owners.   This FB group grew to over 250,000 members in less than 8 months.  It’s opened up a world of opportunity for Jenn and it all started by shaking off the nerves and sucking up the courage to get on stage in front of an audience.Jenn is a thought leader for marketing in Australia and genius marketing strategist for small business.  She is the founder of Buy From a Bush Business and the very popular podcast Small Business Made Simple, Jenn is all about community and humans interacting with humans!  Jenn talks the talk but importantly, she walks the walk!
Think you can’t possibly take time off from your business? Think again.  Think you can’t make a profit while you’re away on holiday? Think again.We’ve been taking 6 weeks a year off for 10 years now. We’ve averaged one international trip and a couple of domestic trips each year. I’ll tell you how we manage to do it while running not one but 2 successful businesses and yes, we still make a profit while we’re gone.At the time of recording we are knee deep in the world of Coronavirus and holidays feel like they are out of reach.  But start planning around these 5 things in your business now and when we are allowed to travel - well maybe you will! 
Ever sat at your desk for hours on end, got to the end of your working day and wondered where the day went?  Wondered why you only managed to finish a tiny portion of all the things you had planned?  Well, you need to know you’re not alone! We’ve all been there, the problem is that some of us stay there for way too long and it becomes a real brick wall in the way of us achieving our goals.  It also becomes a point of constant frustration and source of overwhelm.Today's guest shares with us what EXACTLY what she has done to bust down that brick wall and go from ‘getting nowhere’ to ‘getting stuff done’.  She also gets real with us on mapping out her services, not only what numbers are important but where each service fits in your funnel and the one thing that we often forget, ignore or put our blinders on for - what does your audience actually want.Angela Henderson is a business coach for women, keynote speaker and podcaster who helps women business owners from around the world have consistent 5-figure months and multiple 6-figure years... without burning out in the process. Her skills were honed at the helm of Finlee and Me, where she learned everything from branding, PR, sales funnels, email marketing, website, copy, SEO and more. She knows what it truly takes to have a strong brand, consistent sales, steady growth and over all dedication. Angela has been featured in the media including Talking Lifestyle with Ed Phillips and David Koch, Inside Small Business and on numerous Australia and International podcasts.
Have you ever seen someone or maybe experienced it yourself? When a business keeps growing and growing, more customers, more team, more work.  But the cashflow gets tighter, stress is higher and they wonder if it's all really worth it?It’s a symptom of unprofitable revenue growth, working a lot of hours but not getting the financial return. It happens when we focus heavily on revenue growth and unintentionally lose focus on profit.  We learn early on in business to have that steely attention on revenue growth and increasing sales.  Selling more stuff, getting some money in the door, paying the expenses. It's a real point of focus in the first couple of years. But at some point a shift needs to occur. The shift from focusing on sales, selling more stuff to purposefully going after profitable top line growth.Today we talk about; The key to profitable revenue growth - knowing exactly which of your services are profitable and which are not.The problem - that as service providers we don’t adequately take into account the hours spent marketing, selling, working on and delivering the services that we provide. The solution - finding the return on time for each service we offer. We also dive into how to improve your return on time.  We talk through the actual numbers you need to know, how to actually calculate your return on time and how to make sure you are getting paid enough for your precious time.  
Imagine setting an annual revenue goal of several hundreds of thousands of dollars at the start of the year - then blowing that goal out of the water in just ONE month.  Well it happened and it happened to Steph Taylor.  Want to know the one thing that she couldn’t have done without?  The one thing that Steph admits that without, she would NOT be where she is today?  Well, I’m for one, excited to say that it was numbers!  Tune into the show as we pull apart the exact numbers that Steph obsesses over each and every week.  Find out the numbers that gave her the gut (yes, gut) to drop up to $10k per day in facebook ads.  There was no gamble. The risk was slight.  Why? Because Steph knew her numbers and what they were telling her gave her the gut to make some huge (but smart) business decisions.  And those business decisions?  Well, as you now know - they blew her revenue goals out of the water! Steph Taylor is an ex corporate square peg, launch strategist and host of the Socialette podcast, which has had over 500,000 downloads to date. Through her free masterclasses, paid programs and consulting, she has helped over 65,000 entrepreneurs launch digital products and podcasts to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to in their industry. Steph does what she does so that fellow entrepreneurs can achieve more impact, create more profit and have more freedom.
Ever had a client that has just done your head in?Have you ever taken on a client knowing that they really aren’t someone you want to work with or knowing that the work really isn’t your jam?  Well, you're not alone!  We’ve all been there and many of us stay there for way too long. Continuing to take on less than ideal clients.In this episode I’m going to give you a few reasons to start thinking about making the shift from loathing to loving all the clients that you bring into your business and I’ll give you a couple of monetary reasons why too!I’ll give you not one but four reasons why you need to think about sacking some clients.  We will take a look at the characteristics of your ideal clients; thenI’ll finish up with 4 things for you to think about to get more ideal and less unideal clients in your business.
Cringe. Overwhelm. Scary.The three words (sadly) used to describe accountants, CPA’s and the overall sorting of your finances. But what if numbers left you feeling, dare I say…  energised, informed and confident? And better, be the catalyst to driving your business forward minus the “what-if’s?” Well. It can.  Sure. Numbers and strategy aren’t always the sexiest part of business. But here’s the cold hard truth. At the anchor, every business decision is underpinned by numbers.  Now. While this podcast isn’t dedicated to pure numbers for the sake of numbers.  It is dedicated to showing you where to put your energy, to make more profit, intelligently.You ready to not only up your numbers “know-how” but your profit and reclaim your time and improve your lifestyle?  Well, this is the podcast for you!Hi, I'm Jen Waterson. Business Profit Coach, ex-accountant and while I'm actually NOT a numbers person, I do love what numbers can do for us in our businesses. I'm here to help business owners make more profit and take back their time!  In this episode I talk about what a business ‘profit’ coach is.  I give you my perspective on how we should be looking at our businesses.  And while yes - profit is one of the most important things, of equal value is the lifestyle that our businesses give us.
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