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Author: Jen Waterson Business Profit Coach

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Simply Smarter Numbers is about one thing and one thing only. Results. Specifically, getting results for you in your business. Each week discover what you need to stop doing, start doing and keep doing to fast-track your business revenue, sales, cash and profit goals.

Simply Smarter Numbers is here to unapologetically force you to rethink and reset your daily business practices, habits and activities. Why? Because bigger, better business results start with making great business decisions and implementing them daily.

Join business profit coach, results focused business consultant and qualified accountant, Jen Waterson each week as she helps you scale and grow your business from the inside out. With Jen and her hand-picked business experts and guests you’ll get step by steps, actionable advice, pragmatic solutions and tactical plans that will drive your business forward. Get the profitable results you’ve been looking for and working for minus the overwhelm, minus the what-ifs, minus the crazy hours.

If you’re an ambitious business owner, ready to think big, re-write your own rules and take action to skyrocket your business know-how, your profit, your cashflow, your sales and your free-time, then this is the podcast for you.

For more on reaching your business profit, business growth, business sales, revenue and cashflow goals check Jen out at link text

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It’s time to switch off from your busy schedule and listen in to this conversation with Julia Ewert.  Julia Ewert is a sales strategist. The thing that I love about Julia is her blunt approach to sales – let’s face it, if we aren’t in it to make sales, well we aren’t in it at all!Julia talks about real and purposeful selling, selling to better prospective clients, converting them and importantly, selling with margin. 
Cosmetic chemist Terri Vinson is joining me on the podcast to share how she took her skincare business global. We are talking about team building, delegating and how important these two things are when it comes to creating the business you want, that will support the lifestyle you want to live.Terri Vinson is also telling us all about her stay at Necker Island with some amazing Business Chicks business women and of course we talk about her meeting with Sir Richard Branson.
Leah Crisell is stepping us through what we need to do to elevate our personal brands. Leah is an amazing brand strategist who can find your inner gold, brand your brilliance and build you a standout personal brand. Today Leah Crisell is giving us all a headstart and stepping us through her 5 stage framework to elevate your personal brand.
We all know someone who has gone through a divorce, maybe we’ve done it ourselves or been there for our friends. The one constant, no matter how amicable or otherwise is that it is tough.  Homes, investments, assets, debt, kids, pets it all comes under the spotlight. But throwing a successful business into the mix can make a tough time even tougher.Whether it’s on the cards for you or a friend that you care about there are things we can do to make a tough time less tough, so I’m talking with Pepe Kish from Balance Family Law.  The reason I wanted to talk to Pepe about this? Her overwhelming drive and goal is to normalise a kind and collaborative approach to dispute resolution, who doesn’t want to see more of that in the world! 
If you are an overthinker, a procrastinator, a perfectionist you’ll love hearing from today's podcast guest Jo Bendle. Jo Bendle is telling us why all the productivity tools in the world won’t help if you haven’t got a few other things worked out first. So if you are the world’s best planner but not so great at taking action or you are great at scheduling, but not so great at sticking to it then you definitely need to hear what Jo Bendle has to say.  Jo has founded the Meant For More Movement, she is going places and she’s going to help you go places too. If you are sick of turning up for a to-do list Jo has some great advice on how to flip it around so you are turning up with intention - not the to-do list.
Stacey Cranitch is helping us organise our social media in just one hour a week. But before we get into the how, we talk about the why. Why do we service based businesses need to strategically embrace social media? Well, it helps to reduce the sales cycle. We talk about how a consistent social media presence has changed our sales processes and in fact all but eliminated the need to ’sell’ in a sales call.  Stacey shares with us exactly what she does every month, week and day to ensure she has a consistent presence on social media and I’m excited to organise my own social media in exactly the same way that Stacey does.  Get your pen and paper out for this one you’ll be wanting to take a few notes!
If you’ve ever considered pulling back on the 1:1 client facing work and transitioning to the online space then you’re going to want to stick around for this conversation with the gorgeous Emily Osmond.  Emily Osmond made the switch that a lot of us often dream about. She made that switch a couple of years ago from 1:1 client facing work to a membership model and while it wasn’t immediately successful she stuck with it and made it a success. I’m asking Emily Osmond all of your burning questions. Why did ‘she’ want to change her business? What steps did she take? How do you know when you’re ‘ready’ to go make the switch? What if I just love my 1:1 work? Should we all be experiencing 1:1 before switching over? Is it really as good as it looks from the outside? How hard is it really?Emily is very open with her journey, the highs and the lows. It was a great chat so stick around.
Imagine setting an annual revenue goal of several hundreds of thousands of dollars at the start of the year - then blowing that goal out of the water in just ONE month.  Well it happened and it happened to Steph Taylor.  Want to know the one thing that she couldn’t have done without?  The one thing that Steph admits that without, she would NOT be where she is today?  Well, I’m for one, excited to say that it was numbers!  Tune into the show as we pull apart the exact numbers that Steph obsesses over each and every week. Find out the numbers that gave her the gut (yes, gut) to drop up to $10k per day in facebook ads.  There was no gamble. The risk was slight.  Why? Because Steph knew her numbers and what they were telling her gave her the gut to make some huge (but smart) business decisions.  And those business decisions?  Well, as you now know - they blew her revenue goals out of the water!Steph Taylor is an ex corporate square peg, launch strategist and host of the Socialette podcast, which has had over 500,000 downloads to date. Through her free masterclasses, paid programs and consulting, she has helped over 65,000 entrepreneurs launch digital products and podcasts to reach more people, grow their audience and become the go-to in their industry. Steph does what she does so that fellow entrepreneurs can achieve more impact, create more profit and have more freedom. 
Morgan Spencer is walking us through exactly how to master our own PR impact, gain credibility and become the go-to expert in your industry.PR mentor, Morgan Spencer, has 10 steps that she takes her clients through and today she is generously sharing those 10 steps with us. Morgan is showing us how to shake things up in your industry through disruptive impactful and powerful media coverage.
Today we are talking about how to charge your worth. In particular, we are honing in on how to adjust the pricing conversation you’re having with your clients. Running with the theory that price follows value, then surely we can’t be pricing anything until we truly understand the value that we are providing to our clients. I’m giving you some examples of conversations that you may need to have with your potential clients before you set your pricing. We talk through three different examples and each example is there to help you think a little deeper about what it is that you are really helping your clients with. It’s pretty tough to sell the value of your services if you aren’t crystal clear on that value yourself!
If you’re questioning whether you’ve outgrown your offer or maybe business is feeling hard, heavy and not lighting you up anymore, maybe you need a little Ruby Lee in your life! Ruby Lee and I are talking money flow. We are talking about our desire for consistency. Consistent income, energy and finding the courage to make the changes that you need to make.Listen in for a little shot of Ruby Lee energy.
Whether we like it or not we have to meet with our accountant each and every year, so, why not make the most of the money you’re paying them and proactively ask them some questions that will really help you make some smart business decisions.  I have five things that you can ask your accountant now.  It’s worth your while to take out a notepad and pen and write these things down so you’re prepared for the next time you meet with your accountant.  Accountants aren’t always the best at communicating and it can be intimidating sitting across from your accountant, but with a few smart questions in hand you’ll be able to pick their brain and walk away knowing more about your business than you ever did before!
In a chance meeting, online, in a large and busy facebook group about 18 months ago I met today’s guest Simran Singh. Simran is an ex-lawyer turned marketing expert. She’s intelligent, articulate and she knows her marketing stuff. Simran & I are walking through her 7 steps to growing a big business when you’ve only got a small following.  So, no, size isn’t everything and today Simran spells out exactly what we should be doing and she’s spelling it out for us in detail. 
Let’s talk about the gap between what you pay yourself now and what you want to pay yourself.How much are you paying yourself? How much do you want to pay yourself? How much should you be paying yourself? If there’s a gap between what you are paying yourself and what you want to pay yourself then listen in because I’m talking about why that gap might exist in the first place then I’m talking through what you might do to close that gap. 
Is it ever ok to DIY your branding and design? And how to do it yourself without butchering it? Today I’m talking to branding & design expert Zoe Scott from The Design Order. We’re talking about why branding is more than just a nice-to-have. We are talking about why it’s essential but we’re keeping it real and practical. If you’re not ready to outsource your branding and design yet and DIY’ing is your only real option right now Zoe Scott has some affordable stepping stones for you. And be sure to hang around to grab a hold of Zoe's very generous gift to you all. A discount code for everything in her beautiful new online store!
I want to talk to you about experts. Not all experts are created equally. I want to premise this by saying not all experts are bad! But not all experts are great and not all experts are even experts!  Who are these experts? They are the people we give our time and our money too to solve specific issues that we are not equipped to solve on our own. These are the people we take advice from to grow, scale and change-up our businesses. The website expert, the branding expert, the copywriting expert, the mindset expert, the legal, accounting, coach, consultant, marketing, social media or technology and so many more different types of experts that we can place our trust in. But first, why am I talking about this today? Because it’s incredibly important that we surround ourselves and take advice from the *right* people. The reason being that the *wrong* people can kinda lead us up the garden path. Slow us down, cost us money and waste our time. Now, you already know this. But I’m going to be brutally honest here and say that I’ve seen so many people become overnight experts in so many things that it’s starting to make my head spin and I think its a cause for - not concern but it gives us cause for caution.
If you think you’re not a numbers person, think again! Today I was lucky enough to chat with fellow numbers expert Julie Alig from Manchester in the United States about the real business numbers, the simple business numbers that you need to know in your business. Now before you cringe and jump ship at the thought of two numbers experts talking numbers, I can assure you we are keeping it real and keeping it practical.We are talking about real business numbers such as client retention, conversion rates and the illusive lifetime customer value.
Today's podcast is going to be short and sharp but sweet. Short and sharp because I want to keep the point super clear and sweet because when you nail this sweet spot in your business life begins to get a whole lot easier. I want to talk to you about your perfect profitable client. Who they are, what they look like and how you’ll know. But before we get into the details, why do you need to know what your perfect profitable client looks like? Because they are the one who will help you build the most elegant version of your business. And if you need a reminder as to what I refer to when I talk about the most elegant version of your business - it’s a business that’s lifestyle friendly. It’s profitable enough to financially support your lifestyle goals but it’s also structured in a way to support your freedom goals.Knowing and finding your perfect client is one step to building yourself this elegant business.
Right now we are nearly 3 full months into 2021 and I have a question for you.  Are you running your business on your terms?I want to talk to you about the business hangover.  If you’ve ever felt like you’re knee deep in mud but you’ve gotta try and stride it out cos your clients are depending on you, cos your team is depending on you, cos your family is depending on you and all you really want to do is take a big long nap, preferably on a warm sandy beach somewhere? If so, you’ll have some idea of what I'm referring to when I talk about the business hangover. Sometimes it can be hard to find the energy to do the things we know we should to change and shift our businesses for the better.The year of 2020 caused us all a level of uncertainty and showed us all what it feels like to have a distinct lack of control.  A lot of us are putting off making the big (or small) decisions that we need to make to move our businesses forward.  And when we are indecisive, we get stuck. Maybe you can call it a rut. I call it a business hangover.As for why you need to get out of the mud, over the rut and cure the hangover?There's this thing called a cost. Sure, there's a cost to do a lot of stuff but there’s also a cost of not doing something.  We are talking about what that cost might be and how to go about moving yourself out of the mud, the rut, the hangover. 
Which area of your business should you be putting your energy towards first?Which comes first when building a profitable, elegant, lifestyle friendly business? Which should come first? Efficiency or Effectiveness?There’s a lot of talk in business about being efficient. I talk about it a lot with my clients.  And it won’t be news to you that efficiencies in business are key to reclaiming your time and making more money with less effort.But if you're adding efficiencies to areas of your business that are not effective - aren’t you wasting your time, your money and your headspace? So the question is -  which part of your business should you prioritise your efforts for efficiency? 
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