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In Meet the Expats you will hear stories from expats all over the world as they share their motivations, challenges and unique experiences in the new place they have decided to call home, for a few years, months or a lifetime. 🌍
From making new friends, and dating, to kids and looking for a new job, these expats will share how they got through the challenges of moving their lives to a new country, their top secret addresses and favorite spots we all wish we had when we settled into a new city. ✈️
Tune in every second wednesday to discover a new portrait, interview and city ❤️
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54 Episodes
Meet Fred, TCK and former expat, after traveling the world for work, staying in hotels and short term rentals, he settles back in Paris and enters the real estate industry: this is the premises of Coco.  In this episode he shares how he founded  Coco Living with the wish of reinventing life in the city of Paris. Coco offers furnished apartment rentals, access to co-working spaces and events to create meaningful connections between internationals. Socialize with like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives in Paris! Try his favorite places 🥩 Le Dauphin 💃 Bonnie for a  full night out with the best views of Paris The expat song Puisque tu pars , Jean-Jaques Goldman If you want to contribute to the podcast, tips against shout outs can be made through Tipee 
Meet Dian, Dian was a senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where she contributed to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize–winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 🌱 After her early retirement, she decided to live the adventure abroad with her husband as english teachers. Little did they know they would end up in Thailand teaching kindergarten children! 🐥 In this episode, she shares how she approached life abroad at 60, adjusted to an entirely new work environment, to say the least, and navigated her life back in the US a year later, publishing her memoir: Kindergarten at 60  📗 Her recommendations are: Adam cafe for refreshing drinks and AC Paii restaurant in Bangkok  🎵 And her mediation song breathing in, breathing out  
Meet Susan, Irish expat in France for decades, Susan tells us how a love story turned her vacation in Paris into a lifetime in France ❤️ Having spent the different stages of her life abroad, she shares how she went from party Susan to motherhood and how that impacted her social life but also how drinking became a form of self-care. She gives us practical tips to be aware of our drinking habits, especially when abroad in cultures that put drinking at the center of social interactions and how to find both yourself and the tribe that fits you. Paris recommendations: - Au petit fer à cheval traditional café restaurant in the center of the Marais - Le paon qui boit: sober drinks store Song: Me too  by Megan Trainor Find Susan at: 
Meet Giulia, Italian young woman, who after a first experience in India and in Colombia, decided Italy would not be for the rest of her life. So with her husband, they planned their escape together, and landed on the US early this year. In this episode, Giulia shares how for once in her life she has no plan and is letting herself live and adapt, her culture shocks and how she is growing in this new culture. Follow her adventures on her Youtube Channel The Unplaned Project  and try her recommendations - Restaurant Palo for Spanish food - Groceries: Wholefoods for organic food and Trader Joe for international Her song sang by her husband Iris   To contribute to the podcast, Tipee here 
Meet Gal and Mayan 🍉 Two sisters who grew up in constant change back and forth between Israel and France and embraced this change early on, making it a part of their lifestyle and live by the motto: see everything as an opportunity, make things happen! 💪 After multiple moves throughout their adult life, they are now both settled in Paris, and running Smoozitive together, helping women live their best life abroad. Recommendations 🍺 Pub Saint Germain   🍕 Pasta fresco to get a ta ste of Italy  🍃 île de la Cité for a meditative walk Song: Look for the good by Jason Mraz  To learn more about them check out their website  
Meet Andrea, From Northern Ireland, at the early age of 21, without knowing anything about the UAE, she flew off to become an air hostess at Emirates ✈️ from there, she kept on traveling and living in new countries in the UAE, but also in the US with a husband and child this time, in Australia, Japan. She is now recently back in the UK, much closer to home, but perhaps this is the most challenging move. We discover that the challenges can sometimes be things that we don't necessarily think about at first, like just having to drive everywhere can block your independence. Close to Cambridge, she shares her recommendations: 🍺 The Punter Pub  🍔 Honest burger   🧘‍♀️ Banatyne gym for  yoga and bodypump and her song, Desert Rose  by Sting to dream of the Dubaî deserts
Meet Mikkel, He has been travelling the world non stop for 20 years and an expat all over the globe. In this episode he shares  how he trasnformed his passion for travel into a business, while moving from country to country  how he offers an alternative schooling program both online and in brick and mortar schools, which can be a good solution for expat kids his recommendations in Panama City: Salvaje Sushi & steak with a wild show Go for a stroll on Avenida balboa  Learn more about Mikkel here , and about the school program here 
Meet Pauline, Third Culture Kid and host of this podcast. This week I'm in the 🔥 hot seat and talk through my childhood as a french girl in Ireland and South Africa, how I moved on my own terms later on, surprisingly back to Ireland ☘️, and also my return to France after all those years, my reverse culture shock and of course, the genesis of this podcast 🎙️ I'll share some tips to get through RCS and my favorite spots in Paris ☕ Voie 15 a café  and co-working space on the green belt with lovely terrace away from all cars 🌮 Bazurto for Co lombian tapas and a fun night vibe 🔥 Le Cheval Blanc  for a fancy coffee with a view in a 5 star hotel 🎤 My good vibe song I know there's gonna be good times 
Meet Stephen, Who takes us to France, Paris where he has been living for over 10 years. From his experience of moving he shares his tips before a move: choosing the best country  knowing language will factor in making friends can take longer in some countries learn if residency or citizenship is the best for you And his parisian recommendations: ☕ Cafe Pure for a casual parisian café 🍲 The Hood for fusion food 🌳 La promenade plantée for a stroll in the city And his song is the opening music and scene to Midnight in Paris  for a stroll in the city Check out Stephens courses for your dream life abroad here and get an extra free consultation call with him.
Meet Faiza, Pakistani serial expat. Despite having moved her family and life several times, this last move to Hong-Kong was by far the most challenging. She explains how the Covid restrictions challenged their arrival and integration into the city. She overcame these and came to love her time in Hong Kong by: making a comfortable home building strong friendships joining local activieiities like playing Majong Recommendations in Hong Kong 🍸 Argo bar in the  Four Seasons for amazing views  🌮 Coa  bar and restaurant 🍤 Hutong Sezchua n restaurant 🍲 Punjab Club the only P akistani Michelin Star  Carte blanche go for a hike in the peak area to get city and sea views
Meet Vangile, Who has been living the nomad life for years 🌎 After struggling with money trauma, she now masters her budgets and runs her own business enabling her to travel the world debt free.  In this episode she explains: - how her first travels were through cruise work - how she continues her self care journey when discovering new countries - the beauty and kindness of the strangers she has met across the world She shares recommendations in Mexico: 🌮 Vegan tacos at No Mames in La Punta,  Puerto Escondido 🍸 Cocktails overlooking the sea at Almoraduz - 🧘‍♀️ Yoga studio Marea for an Asana or Yin class 🎤 Thelma & Louise, the Ballad of lucy Jordan   Thunder by Ima gine Dragons Find and contact Vangile through:
Meet Fanny, Power woman, living in Indonesia. 💪 In this episode she shares how, with her husband they made the decision to settle where her career took her, even if that meant more challenges for him to integrate in the remote areas of Cameroun and Indonesia.  She also opens up about their journey of creating a family and going through the process of medically assisted fertilization as an expat. Her Indonesian recommendations: 🍹 Omlandia at the  River Deli Hotel  🍣 Sushi Tei for authen tic Japanese food  🦧 Bukit Lawang to see Orangutans And for the song: Loreena Mckennit Caravan Serai   Find Fanny Butler and her podcast Vis ta meilleure vie here 
Meet Lena, Who left her life in Moscow to wander the world after a speed dating session. OK, it didn't quite happen like that but... she decided to move to London to start a master and after that realized she needed an international environment and went on to find a job in the Netherlands. In this episode, we discuss culture and cross-culture communications. Lena explains how she picked up parts of the dutch culture and traditions but also shared her own culture with her close ones there, and how to prepare for culture gaps! Before moving to a  new country, check the Hofstede insights to know where yo u will have the biggest gaps. her recommendations for The Hague - Patagonia beach club for a casual drink  - Millers for foo d - Go for a walk in the nearby forest to ressource and ground yourself And her expat song: 🎤 Michael Kiwanuka Love and hate  Reach Lena IG: FB: LinkedIN:
Meet Jennifer, Zimbabwean, who to pursue her dance dreams left home at 17, and moved to the UK to study ballet and then travelled across the pond to find her new new home in Canada. In this episode she shares  her motivations to move and travel through dance as well as how writing became a form of expression and of grief for the zimbabwean life she left some insights from her poems All forgotten now  As for recommendations in Calgary, Canada: 🍹Betty Lou's Library  for some litterary cocktails 🍕Avatara fro so me vegan pizza 📚Calgary Central Library for a visit  🎤 Her expat song take you to the wild with Scatterlings of Africa  by Johnny Clegg
Meet Sambridhi, A young Nepalese who moved to Colorado to pursue university. After graduating she decided to find a job in the US to continue her life there, little did she know how difficult it would be when you need VISA sponsorship. In this episode she talks us through: Her culture shocks 🤯 The requirements for international postgrads to stay in the country 🌎 Her tips in Colorado 🏜️ Her expat song: Françoise Hardy Comment te dire adieu 🎤
Meet Christine, Podcast host of Flourish in Foreign. In this episode, she shares her journey to expat life in Spain, triggered by an intense hike across the country and gives us tips to Set your purpose Live your expat life with intention Learn how to slow down In Spain for 5 years now, her favorite places are: 🍹Bar: Bugalü Bar - Valencia   🌮 Restaurant: Gallo Santo  in Barcelona for Vegan Mexican food 🍦 Amma  - Barcelona for Vegan Gelato Carte blanche:  Sant Pol de Mar beach close to Barcelona And her Expat Song: John Mayer "Why Georgia"  Check out her podcast Flourish in the foreign 
Meet my friends in Italy 🇮🇹, Well mainly Nicola, he is italian, from Salerno, and has lived in Milan but now lives in Dublin, with Ann, who is Belgian but has lived in Milan, and Youma, french living in Dublin but just as in love with Italy as I am. Travelling through Italy for a month I wanted to get different perspectives on the country, in this episode we talk about culture, traditions, the food of course and the work opportunities.  For some food 🍕recommendations, Ann has your back with Ristorante Sant'Eustorgio 
Meet Florence, Serial expat for 25 years, currently living in Dubaï she recently published Expat wife Happy life, a practical book to live your best expat life. In this episode she helps us explore  the questions you need to ask yourself before agreeing to move your life to a new country the questions you need to discuss with your partner the challenges you can expect And shares the reason of her book Expat wife, Happy life !  Now living in Dubaî here are her hotspots: Shimmers  to enjoy great food on the beach Nammos  for all the Dubaï bling fun Nara  for an exclusive desert experience And her expat artist is Cesaria Evoria 
Meet Nifer, Born in Spain, from a german mother and a british father, Nifer has forever been exposed to multiple cultures which have and continue to shape her unique identity. True european and eager to move every so often, we discuss: learning multiple languages as a child adapting and understanding new countires, their cultures and societies sense of belonging Now living in Paris, she shares her favorite Parisian spots 🎷Jazz bar café Laurent  🍖 Le select  for nice celebration, try the duck 🚽The Sewers museum for a better und erstanding of how Paris became this city and her expat song is An englishman in New York
Meet Raul, Who started working remotely waaaay before the panedmic made it "trendy". In this episode Raul tells us how his very first internship and job were in a remote 1st company 🤯and how then when working in a startup in Chile he navigated back to the digital nomad livestyle: travelling and working is the dream! 🏝️ he now spends 6 months in Spain and 6 months travelling the world. We cover  - why he chose this lifestyle with a corporate job - the must haves when digital nomad - his love for Colombia!  and of course his recommendations for Medellin 🌮 Restaurants in Parque Lleras:  💃    El Eslabon Prendido  Salsa bar 💻 Coworking space: co-Work LaTam  And his nostalgia song 🎤 Cadiz Carnival songs
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