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Meet Sambridhi, A young Nepalese who moved to Colorado to pursue university. After graduating she decided to find a job in the US to continue her life there, little did she know how difficult it would be when you need VISA sponsorship. In this episode she talks us through: Her culture shocks 🤯 The requirements for international postgrads to stay in the country 🌎 Her tips in Colorado 🏜️ Her expat song: Françoise Hardy Comment te dire adieu 🎤
Meet Christine, Podcast host of Flourish in Foreign. In this episode, she shares her journey to expat life in Spain, triggered by an intense hike across the country and gives us tips to Set your purpose Live your expat life with intention Learn how to slow down In Spain for 5 years now, her favorite places are: 🍹Bar: Bugalü Bar - Valencia   🌮 Restaurant: Gallo Santo  in Barcelona for Vegan Mexican food 🍦 Amma  - Barcelona for Vegan Gelato Carte blanche:  Sant Pol de Mar beach close to Barcelona And her Expat Song: John Mayer "Why Georgia"  Check out her podcast Flourish in the foreign 
Meet my friends in Italy 🇮🇹, Well mainly Nicola, he is italian, from Salerno, and has lived in Milan but now lives in Dublin, with Ann, who is Belgian but has lived in Milan, and Youma, french living in Dublin but just as in love with Italy as I am. Travelling through Italy for a month I wanted to get different perspectives on the country, in this episode we talk about culture, traditions, the food of course and the work opportunities.  For some food 🍕recommendations, Ann has your back with Ristorante Sant'Eustorgio 
Meet Florence, Serial expat for 25 years, currently living in Dubaï she recently published Expat wife Happy life, a practical book to live your best expat life. In this episode she helps us explore  the questions you need to ask yourself before agreeing to move your life to a new country the questions you need to discuss with your partner the challenges you can expect And shares the reason of her book Expat wife, Happy life !  Now living in Dubaî here are her hotspots: Shimmers  to enjoy great food on the beach Nammos  for all the Dubaï bling fun Nara  for an exclusive desert experience And her expat artist is Cesaria Evoria 
Meet Nifer, Born in Spain, from a german mother and a british father, Nifer has forever been exposed to multiple cultures which have and continue to shape her unique identity. True european and eager to move every so often, we discuss: learning multiple languages as a child adapting and understanding new countires, their cultures and societies sense of belonging Now living in Paris, she shares her favorite Parisian spots 🎷Jazz bar café Laurent  🍖 Le select  for nice celebration, try the duck 🚽The Sewers museum for a better und erstanding of how Paris became this city and her expat song is An englishman in New York
Meet Raul, Who started working remotely waaaay before the panedmic made it "trendy". In this episode Raul tells us how his very first internship and job were in a remote 1st company 🤯and how then when working in a startup in Chile he navigated back to the digital nomad livestyle: travelling and working is the dream! 🏝️ he now spends 6 months in Spain and 6 months travelling the world. We cover  - why he chose this lifestyle with a corporate job - the must haves when digital nomad - his love for Colombia!  and of course his recommendations for Medellin 🌮 Restaurants in Parque Lleras:  💃    El Eslabon Prendido  Salsa bar 💻 Coworking space: co-Work LaTam  And his nostalgia song 🎤 Cadiz Carnival songs
Meet Karissa, Small town girl who after her very first french class, made up her mind to move abroad and become a french teacher! Little did she know, when she made her move later on what she was in for. 💍 In this episode Karissa talks us through all her culture shocks, from living abroad in a region where english is not the official language, to cooking 🥑 with college friends.  From the differences in educational and healthcare systems to mariage and family. She tells us how she grew and shifted her mindset in this new environment. And of course, her recommendations: 🥚 Brunch: Le Toaster  🍸 For drinks Le Sparrow Bar  🍷 BYOB Le Pegase  And to test your fluency in Quebecois, try her expat song 🎤  Toune d'automne by Les Cowboys fringants Music credits Not The King - Ice Tea : Not The King :
Meet Marcie, Serial expat and tag along wife, as she tells us how she followed her husband through Asia and Paris with just as many repatriations to LA  as moves. ✈️ She shares how she had to reinvent hersefl and shifted from the music industry to writing ✒️ and the challenges a married couple goes through when relocating.💍 All these experiences, her expat circles experiences, and passion for writing led to Em's awful good fortune, where she explores issues of marriage and compromise, love loss and betrayel.  💔 Recommendations: 🍸Bar in Shanghai Mayita for rooftop margharitas 🥐 Café Chez Pierrot in Paris for a neighborhood café  Place des Vosges in Paris for a nice stroll in the Marais 🎤 Song: Should I stay or should I go, The Clash 
Meet Heather, A Scottish woman, who decided to leave the UK to teach in the Middle East. After a few years in Doha, and Dubai she has now cummulated 14 years in the Middle East! She tells us: - the differences and various levels of conservatism from emiratee to emiratee  - the yound kids passion for horse and camel racing  - and her favorite aspects of the Middle East And here favorite spots in Dubaï: 🍸 Folly for  drinks with a view 🍱  Marina Social for the food   🛍️  La Mer beach a rea with cafés and restaurants  And her home song Caledonia by Frankie Miller for those nostalgia days before coming home for Christmas.
Meet Linda, Serial repatriate, and serial expat she has lived in Tokyo, London Abu Dhabi and reptatriated a few times back to Chicago where she is now living. In this episode she tells us what she has learned from her different moves and what changed in her approach to every new move.  Plus how she has dealt with these multiple repatriations, that she treats as a new task, what is the Reverse Culture Shock and how to deal with it . And if you are heading to Chicago, check out her recommendations: 🍣Nobu restaurant to feel back in Tokyo, although it is a perivuian fusion style ☕ Café: Floriole  very homemade vibe 🌷Carte Blanche: Alfred Caldwell lilly Pool  for a nice stroll and some meditation space in the middle of the city And her expat song 🎤 Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield 
Meet Kyle, Who moved to Paris when he was 9, and 20 years later made the move there again, on his terms. In this episode he tells us  how he lived the move as a nine year old  how as an adult he decided to join Paris's growing tech scene the differences he has noticed in the french startup ecosystem vs San Francisco's Sillicon Valley and how to build your network in Paris Having spent the past 3 years in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, here is his 18th arr. list of recommendations: 🍺Bar: Supercoin 🍕Restaurant for #PizzaTuesday Amore Mio ⛪Carte Blanche: Sacre Coeur 🎤Ex-Pat Song: Inspector Norse by Todd Terje --  And to find out what Kyle is up to in the tech world check out and subscribe to the newsletter here Music credits
Meet Sondre, Co-founder of SafetyWing, Sondre studied in Norway and started working as a policy advisor for the government. After getting frustrated with the slow pace of government change, he quit his job, and moved to Berlin to start freelancing and embraced the freedom! He first founded SuperSide (YC W16), a platform for freelance designers. It was here he discovered the lack of a safety net for online remote workers. SafetyWing was then born with the aim of building a global social safety net. In this episode we discuss: The benefits and challenges of being a digital nomad,  Sondre shares his tips to stay organised when freelancing and working remote What safetywing provides individuals and companies How the pandemic is changing the face of not only work but of cities. Now that companies are moving fully remote long term, who hasn't thought about moving to somewhere new? The developing of digital nomads communities and castles 🏰 What it's like to live in San Francisco, Sillicon Valley!  Of course he shares his recommendations for San Francisco: 🍺Bar: Church Key for craft beers from all over 🍝 Restaurant: Portofino for the white fish soup 🌉 Carte Blanche: Lands End trail for the beautiful landscape. and his Expat song 🎤Make your own kind of music by Cass Elliot 🚨For more information on Safety Wing and a 5% discount, click here, 🚨 SafetyWing is your home country online. They are building a global social safety net for remote workers worldwide: from health insurance and remote retirement to a truly borderless world Music credits 🎶 Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Not The King - Ice Tea :  Not The King :
Meet Ann, For whom voluntary work has always been a part of her life ♥️ and also a way to go on an adventure and start living abraod 🌎 She tells us: -how via VSO she went to Nepal fro 3 years, working in education and woman empowerment, helping out in remote schools,  -and then, with her family moved to France for what was initially 2 years... and has now become 10 years. She is an emigrant as she say!  - and her tips to learn the language: her favorite way being cooking with a frnech woman  So if you ever stop by Belfort here are Ann's top recommendations: - 🥩Restaurant: La fontaine des saveurs  - ☕Cafés: Mon Café - 🥐Bakery: Boulangerie François. And if you have time to go skiing go to La PLanche des Bellefilles resort 🎿 The exapt 🎤song is Amazing grace :  
Meet Matt, This young American with the dream of checking out every single country in the world 🌎 tells us about his solo backpacking experiences throughout Europe and Asia: flowing from ✈️ country to country meeting new people and experiencing unkown cultures.  With an early passion for travel, he passed his Toefl exam to be able to exlpore the world and is now teaching english in South Korea. He tells us about the differences in curriculum and age, and of course gives us his top recommendations in Busan: 🥓 restaurant: K-Tuna korean BBQ 🍸 bar: HQ for it's views 🏖️ Carte blanche: go to Busan beach 🎤His expat song My Best life by KSHMR as he is currently living his best life 
Meet Thomas, An englishman who moved to Hamburg twice!  He first encountered Germany 🇩🇪 watching german  cable TV as a teenager, and from there went off to work in Hamburg a first time. After a few years back in the 🇬🇧 UK, he started to miss the German rules that initially bugged him and went back to Hamburg, this time relocating with 🎮 InnoGames, Germany’s leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games. He tells us: How he approached his move differently the 2nd time,  How learning German helped tremendously to integrate, How InnoGames helped him settle in  How he now feels home and wants to get involved in local community by having a vote that counts therefore he went on and got his german citizenship, as well as the Irish one (more as a backup for Brexit).  His recommendations for Hamburg: 🍸 Bar: Sofa bar for a few G&Ts 🍞Restaurant: Lokmam Turkish restaurant with the best flatbread 🚴‍♂️Carte blanche: take a city bike and ride around the city and along the lake. His expat songs 🎤 Gloria Gaynor I will survive - getting through the bumpy challenges of any expatriation Rockeffellar street by Gettia Joani, estoian eurovision song in 2011: the perfect song to beat the streets of Hamburg 🎮InnoGames is Germany’s leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games. The company based in Hamburg is best known for Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars. InnoGames’ complete portfolio encompasses seven live games and several mobile titles in production. Born as a hobby, InnoGames today has a team of 400 employees from more than 30 nations who share the passion of creating unique games that players across the globe enjoy for years.
Meet Cristina,  Originally from Malaga in Spain 🇪🇸, she was determined to go abroad to the 🇬🇧 UK in Leeds to finish her studies and improve her english, this despite her family not supporting her in this choice. And so, while still studying and living at her parents, having never left home, she took on a loan to make her move happen and enjoy good conditions there without having the stress of making ends meet. Looking back, five years later, she tells us how the Leeds accent is one of its own, how she wasn’t expecting to feel homesick nor that she would in the end feel home here in Leeds where, after 2 months back in Spain she decided to move here again, and now teached spanish. Her top recommendations in the city: ☕ Cafés: Fettle & IF 🌳 Carte blanche: Roundhay parks & Leeds dock 🎤 And her expat song, Let her go by The Passenger To read more about her adventures in Leeds check out her blog: Music credits 🎶 Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Not The King - Ice Tea :  Not The King :
Meet Pamela Druckerman,  Journalist and bestselling author for "Bringing up Bébé", Pamela moved to Paris in 2004.  In this episode, she tells us about her initial fears of this snobby and cold city, in some aspects, versus the romantic place fantacised by most americans who see Paris as their escape city.  We discuss the parenting differences she noticed with the US, from food to sleep and social benefits. And with "Paris by phone", her debut picture book with Benjamin Chaud, Pamela takes us through this dream of Paris, as Josephine, a little girl travels through the city via her magic phone, and experiences Paris like a real Parisian. Recommendations to be a real Parisian: 🍳Have a soft boiled egg at Café Charlot in the Marais 3eme arrondissement 🍷 A drink at the clown bar rue Amelot 11eme arrondissement 🎾 Play tennis in Jardin du Luxembourg 🎤 Josephine's theme song is Stand by your Man by Carla Bruni: Website: 📚 And free courses:  Music credits 🎶 Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Not The King - Ice Tea :  Not The King :
Meet Cinthya, A french 🇫🇷 young woman currently living in Brighton who went abroad for the first time as an aupair when she was 19 years old.  In this episode she tells us how to become an Au Pair, the requirements, how to make sure you will be in good hands and the benefits of this type of abroad experience: great when you have little savings and want minimum stress in organising your leave!  Check out which she used for both her trips in the USA and Australia. Whe then change scenes completely and fly off to Cambodia where she interned for 6 months in a Hotel in Siem Reap 🇰🇭 (think Angkor temples). This time Cinthya experiences a real 🙈 culture shock, far away from all the westner culture she knows 👀, everything is different and takes adapting, from, the weather and the rythm at work to the food, shopping and just getting around. A trip she does not regret! The top recommendations in Siem Reap: 🍵 Café: la couleur du thé for a poolside tea with homemade cake 🍰 🍝  Restaurant: My Little Café for delicious noodles  And carte blanche go get yourself a massage and relax! 💆 Her song 🎤 , that get’s her in the mood to explore the 🌎 world is Ed Sheeran’s famous Galway Girl. Music credits 🎶 Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Not The King - Ice Tea :  Not The King :
Meet Sarah, Originally from San Diego, she fell in love in with the UK 🇬🇧 literally and decided to stay after her degree and having met the love of her life. Little did she know the struggle it would be to go from being an american student in the UK to being able to work in the UK. In this episode she shares  How she obtained a working Visa for the UK How she socialised, built a strong professional network and ajusted her communication style to fit local culture Launched her own business in London Her take on Brexit as an American and how she saw a shift of mindset as the months went by And of course her insider recommendations for London ♥️ 🍹 Cocktail bar: Tonight Josephine, perfect for you instagramable saturday night 🥩 Restaurant Shaka Zulu - rainforest type restaurant with exotic food 🏢 Rooftop Bar: The trafagar St James Rooftop bar for incredible views Her expat &  wedding 🎤 song Take That Music credits Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Not The King - Ice Tea : Not The King :
Meet David, As the founder of Expat Empire, he is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and showing them how to do it.  In this episode he tells us how his passion for Japan started at a very young age, and how he made his dream of living there, come true. 🌟  From finding a job, to navigating the unique work culture; from exploring the changing streets of the city to finding the best curry in town David takes us on an in depth tour of Tokyo, and even wrote a book: A passport to working in Japan - His top recomendations being 🍹Bar Bar Gen Yamamoto: , cute little cocktail bar, very small so book in ahead and ask for the bar tenders special 🍱 Restaurant  CoCoICHI: try out the perfect Japaneese curry  🍻 Golden Gai is the perfect neighborhood to go bar hopping. A narrow street filled with tiny bars each having their unique vibe As for his Japan theme song 🎤Utada Hikaru's Passion: For more about David's experience abroad check out Expat Empire and the meetups he organises
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