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At Awesome Women in Construction, or AWIC, we are a not for profit association, providing a supportive community for women working in the construction industry. Assisting with providing personal and professional development and confidence building opportunities, we strive to build the brands of the organisations these women represent.
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Shane is an incredibly entertaining and engaging speaker, emcee, presenter and performer. With a strong record of achieving results – he brings to the stage boundless energy, enthusiasm, and large servings of funny and relatable stories and humour to keep your crowd engaged and entertained. Over 30 years of knowledge and experience in policing, teaching, IT, business ownership, change management as well as performing and directing live theatre, Shane knows what it takes to lead in many and varied cultures and what is needed to spark creativity in all of us. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Shane on this Podcast we discussed how being tenacious, having a set and believing in yourself is the recipe to greatness.
A tax guru, a business adviser, a board member, a speaker and trainer, a mentor, a mother and a gym instructor. Sally is a Chartered Accountant with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, as well as a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Tax Institute. She has extensive experience in providing taxation services and advice to clients of all sizes from listed public companies to individuals. She has a background in delivering technical training to firms and clients; in writing articles for various publications and in speaking to groups on tax and business. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Sally on this Podcast we discussed how we, as women need to stop being hard on ourselves. We also talked about family, work and life ‘balance’ that we believe we should have. At the end of the day, YOUR decisions need to be right for YOU, no one else.
Trish Jenkins never expected doing her job would land her in prison! Yet this wife and mother of 3 little girls learned more in 8 months in prison than in 20 years in the business world, about resilience, change and leadership. She learned, "The strongest prison bars are in your head!" Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Trish on this Podcast we spoke about resilience, to always trust your gut instincts and how to look for the lessons in our experiences.
She has been in business for around 30years, most of which was spent managing their construction company. In that company her role was both building designer and business manager and that was all done whilst bringing up two boys. But there came a point after about 15years where it was time to step out.  Sabine realised that she wanted independence, fulfillment and freedom of choice not only for herself but for all women, and the best way for her to do that was through her own business Mothers of Momentum where she now helps women build their own businesses. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Sabine on this Podcast we spoke about inspiring women to build a business that provides them a meaningful life with choices.
Tina is fascinated with the question of 'what makes people tick?'. She has a lengthy background in organisational development, facilitation, communications and change management in a range of corporate settings. More recently, she followed an inner calling and pursued post-graduate studies incorporating cutting-edge mindfullness and trauma-informed approaches, combined with ancient wisdom drawn from spiritual traditions around the world. She works with individuals and groups to develop self-knowledge, expanded awareness and a greater sense of connectedness. Website | Facebook Talking to Tina on this Podcast we discussed how overtime (as we get older and have more life experience) we need to trust the instincts we have.
She’s passionate about education and advancement of women starting businesses later in life in particular, describing her role in the business community as a chance to uncover creative opportunities for clients that give them a voice and platform to stand out from the crowd - it’s those moments of excitement that get her out of bed each day. Since 2017, she’s worked with well over 60 businesses and hundreds of individuals teaching social media platforms and DIY marketing skills in addition to her corporate projects. Now educating, encouraging, and motivating micro-business owners to cope with and find success amongst their own ever-increasing demands of marketing and promotion in an overcrowded digital environment. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Kristy on this Podcast we talked about the variety of platforms available for business and what is really needed for a start up.
Suzie Christensen is an experienced CEO, having led non-profit organisations across the environment and social services sectors for 15 years. Currently the CEO of the Moreton Bay Foundation, a start-up charity focused on the long-term sustainability of the Bay, she commenced her career in regional Queensland. Suzie is an AICD graduate and holds an MBA. She is proud of her three adult sons, all of whom are employed or studying in the construction industry. She enjoys scuba diving, photography, cooking and prior to COVID – travel😊 Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Suzie on this Podcast we talked about her proudest achievements – her sons and raising them as a single mother.
Nurture Body & Being Spa has been created for your inner harmony and resulting outer beauty. The salon is set on acreage in Pullenvale. Starting her career in a variety of clerical roles, in 2005 Angie completed a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and has not looked back. Why Beauty? It goes hand in hand with internal health & general wellbeing. Its not only Angie who has a small business in her family, but there are in fact four small business’ operating from under the one roof. How does this happen? Angie said the secret is her daughter – their own personal wonder women. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Angie on this Podcast we spoke about beauty, botox and fillers. We also discussed the dynamics around multi-generational living and how it works for them!
Leisa is a qualified Naturopath with over 10 years’ experience. She is also the author of the recipe book Eat Your Way Healthy, Wife and Mother of two beautiful children. Leisa has been busy supporting the health and wellness of those within the community in her new clinic in Daisy Hill. She understands the busy lifestyle us as women lead along with wanting to carry out a career, a passion and juggling family. Looking after our health is such an important part of being able to stay driven, motivated and feeling good, especially in times of pressure and uncertainty. Website | Facebook Talking to Lisa on this Podcast we spoke about the three key things we all, as very busy people, need to do so we can continue to be the best versions of ourselves.
Four years ago Gabrielle Conescu was working as a professional bookkeeper, when she started attending art classes. At the same time Gabrielle was attending classes in Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring. At these classes, she worked out her strengths and decided to focus on them. Gabrielle creates unique pieces of art that radiate beauty with the intention of transforming day to day living spaces. Gabrielle’s art connects her appreciation of beauty and nature and her positive emotions show through her artwork. She recognises that emotional connection is important and from this she enjoys that her audience feel positive when they engage with it. LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Gabrielle on this Podcast she explains what she means by being the Glow Stick among the Beige! Believe in Yourself!
Future Interior Linings is a family owned and operated business and has been in the interior linings & plastering industry for over 10 years. Building a solid foundation of regular clients, based on repeat business and referral work. The team at Future Interior Linings ensuring the quality of finishes to their project are of the highest standard. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Talking to Renee on this Podcast we spoke about running a small, family owned business. Renee was generous and gave us her three top tips to consider!
Meg Hooper is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. Over the past 17 years, through a mix of internal and external consulting roles. Meg has honed her skills as an Organisational Change Manager, working on changes of all sizes. While she has developed a broad practice of doing what it takes, Meg’s speciality is helping teams create a strong identity and sense of purpose and to establish more resilient patterns of behaviour in the face of change and challenge. We apply our knowledge of human behaviour to real business problems. Our services are always tailored to meet our client’s need however there are some key themes that emerge many times over. Change management, team performance, individual and team resilience and assessment have emerged as some of our most needed services over recent times. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Talking to Meg on this Podcast we spoke about the importance of networking. Meg also discussed on of her passions - Umbrella Circus.
FleetCrew was established by Ben Harris and Mary-Ann Strelow to give you peace of mind by supplying a market leading range of specialist hire vehicles and maintenance services in the mining, construction, commercial and tourism & leisure industries. With branches in Brisbane, Dysart, Mackay and Mount Isa, FleetCrew offers specialist 4wd vehicles for short term or long-term hire throughout eastern Australia. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Talking to Mary-Ann on this Podcast we discussed the importance of supporting the local community.
In October we were joined by a number of speakers and interviewees to discuss mental health in the workplace. The construction industry is notoriously male-dominated, and the many capable women who enter the construction industry often have to fight harder, speak louder and face extraordinary pressure to create their own success. Event attendees will be provided with the tools to achieve personal resilience which will make the difference between “just coping” and thriving under pressure in the workplace. The guest speakers joining us for this event are all experts in their field and look forward to sharing their knowledge too small to medium sized business owners, women in construction and aboriginal & islander communities who simply feel they don’t ‘fit’ anywhere. This event was proudly supported by Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, in partnership with Queensland Mental Health Commission. Hosts: Amanda Bulow & Dr Meg Hooper 1. Stream introduction 00:00 2. Dr Peta Lilley 12:36 3. Ally Kelly 42:10 4. Dr Scott Allison Interview 1:12:55 5. Dr Meg Hooper 1:25:45 6. Andrea Anderson 2:03:28 7. Kari Sutton Interview 2:36:48 8. Melissa Marsden 2:47:22 9. Des Whybird Interview 3:16:38 10. Wrap up 3:35:55 If you are interested in watching the stream, or downloading any of the resources discussed during this event, you can find everything on our event page:
When I finished high school, I dived into a combined business and law degree. I always wanted to study business and I decided to do the law course as I got the results to do law as well. University was a hard slog and I worked in a small law firm during my university years to get experience. In fact, sometimes I worked up to three jobs to get through university. I fully intended on having a great career and then throwing it in the bin once I had children. When I was in my twenties, I couldn’t fathom how you could be successful in your career and still be a mother. In hindsight, that willingness to let my career go, was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made. The night before the podcast, my eight year old son wanted me to tell him a story before bed. I told him that I needed to prepare for a podcast that I was doing tomorrow. I had to explain what a podcast was and told him that I would talk about my career. He said “like North Korea!”? I love the minds of children! Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Melissa on this Podcast we discussed how along our career we take with us the learnings of each employer to the next position. Not just in our careers, but in life. Appreciate the small things because one day, they will become the things that matter.
Nicole started working while at school (part-time) for Sizzler, then she worked for a printing company in administration. Following this role, she joined the team at STA Consulting Engineers and spent 25 Years in a variety of roles including Reception, Admin Office Manager, Marketing Manager, Chief Operations Officer and finally in the role of National Business Development Manager. What next? Its time for Nicole to focus and build her own business, Foundation Solutions. Underpinning and Foundation Repair - Our foundation repair services are designed to restore the safety of your home and the value of your property. What is Nicole’s key’s to success? Drive, Determination, Back YOURSELF and keep pushing forward and no you don't need a degree don't be too hard on yourself. You can do this. Listening, being sincere and wholesome with integrity. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Nicole on this Podcast she is well on her way to being the leading underpinning business in SEQ with the only female lead and franchising the underpinning process into other states.
Melissa Marsden is a Workplace Dynamics Strategist who works with corporates & professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams. Mel believes that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work. Mel has enabled her clients to realise not only substantial financial business profits, but also shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience. Mel’s business acumen has been recognised by AIM and Telstra Business Women’s Awards for her leadership and transformational business strategy process. Website | LinkedIn Talking to Melissa on the Podcast I learnt about the value of having a variety of rooms in the office space to engage and empower your team. Is this the end of the open plan office?
Pepita Hampson joined Youngcare in February of 2017 following work in the mental health area. Pepita has also worked in a voluntary capacity with the homeless community of Brisbane and during the floods of 2011. She has also spent time travelling to East Timor and living in the mountain villages to assist with building projects and education of some of the poorest people in the world. Pepita is the Family Engagement Officer within the Youngcare Connect Team and works closely with individuals and their families to assist them to navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis. Website | Facebook Talking to Pepita on this Podcast I learnt how Pep’s dedication to those who need a hand in life extends beyond Youngcare. This podcast will make you smile and know that there are wonderful people doing amazing things in the world.
she wear was established in 2013 after an unfortunate nail-through-the-foot accident. Our Founder, Stacey, searched far and wide for comfortable, stylish women’s work boots. Astounded at only finding “unisex” options that were heavy, ill fitting, and just plain boring, she set out to develop a range of safety work boots designed specifically for women. After much research and development, due diligence, planning, prototype building, laboratory testing (and lack of sleep!) she wear’s first range of safety work boots designed and styled for women, along with a range of other matching workwear accessories, was launched in October 2013. Fast forward to 2020 and we’ve taken that same all day comfort & support and re-engineered into every day work and fashion footwear. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Talking to Stacey on this Podcast was fun as we had a chat a bout the industry and how we should always wear comfortable shoes on site! Our on site ‘boots’ being our favourite colour is an added bonus.
Plumbaround are a locally owned & operated plumbing company. With over 15 years’ experience we have offices based in Albany Creek & Chermside West which allows us to service all suburbs in Brisbane, South and North Brisbane. Specialising in plumbing, drainage, gas fitting. Congratulations to Peita on her recent nominations and being a finalist of the AusMumpreneur awards. The Awards nationally recognise the best and brightest Australian Mums in business, acknowledging success in business, product development & innovation and customer service. Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram  Talking to Peita on this Podcast I love her commitment and support to her local community – she can regularly be seen at the local Brothers Junior Rugby League Club, NOW Business Network or her local Futsal sporting group. Your local community is incredibly fortunate to have someone like you supporting them. Congratulations.
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