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At Awesome Women in Construction, or AWIC, we are a not for profit association, providing a supportive community for women working in the construction industry. Assisting with providing personal and professional development and confidence building opportunities, we strive to build the brands of the organisations these women represent.
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For over 30 years, Julie Bolitho, the Managing Director of Dedicated Staffing Solutions (DSS) has been working within the residential building and construction sector, with multi award winning construction companies, trade colleges, not for profit organisations, along with over 5 years with the housing industry experts and advocates for the industry – HIA. Due to her extensive industry experience, Julie is well versed in the complexities and requirements that the construction industry demands when it comes to getting the right people into the right roles to ensure success. Julie is consistently at the forefront of human resources & recruitment, she works collaboratively with industry leaders and peers, along with economists, associations, training organisations, stakeholders and other experts in workforce planning. She understands that no two businesses are the same, so whether your goal is to grow a talented workforce or future proof your business, Julie can get the right team behind you. Having assisted businesses at every stage, Julie understands the evolution of recruitment & the emergent workforce of the future and the role staffing has on longevity and success. Julie’s work ethic and expertise has earned her and the DSS team the reputation as the industry’s trusted choice in staffing solution. Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Julie on this Podcast…… we discussed what led her to start business Dedicated Staffing, Solutions, how important networking has been to her career and found out that one of her top three tips is to simply be authentic.
Peace is passionate about supporting women to reach their full potential and create the life they want to live. She has helped thousands of women achieve their dream of running a successful and profitable business and believes that investing in women is the best way to change the world. Peace Mitchell co-founded AusMumpreneur in 2009 creating Australia’s #1 community for mothers in business and co-founded the Women's Business School in 2016 to provide entrepreneurial education for women globally. Today, her commitment is stronger than ever, to invest in the power of women to change the world. Through providing, education, inspiration, guidance, connection and support for women. We are committed to providing access to education for women from all walks of life, all over the world. Our programs have been designed to provide connection with experienced women in business from a range of industries and backgrounds. Website | Facebook | Instagram Talking to Peace on this Podcast…… I loved here energy and desire to help Mumpreneurs become successful business owners. Her focus on empowering and celebrating women was inspiring!
Alice has been working in the travel industry for many years as both a travel agent and a tour guide/tour manager. After travelling to Bali many times herself, Alice realised that Bali has so much more to offer visitors than a resort or party holiday. In 2019 she launched Bali Breather Holidays and started operating escapes to Bali with a difference. So many of her guests, last year, commented that they did not realise the real beauty of Bali, that Alice was able to show them. Alice has discovered parts of Bali where you can experience the abundant culture and nature, where you can renourish your tired body and mind, and venture onto some of Bali's backroads to experience a more authentic Bali.  You can join one of her Blissful Bali Breaks... 7 days of massage/spa, delicious dining, a little bit of yoga and special experiences with her local contacts or, Alice can tailor-make a Bali holiday, especially for you. Covid-19 has put a little hold on people's travel plans for now....but our time for travel will come, and Alice is busy preparing unique Bali experiences for when travel opens again. Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email Talking to Alice on this Podcast …… you could hear and feel the love she has for Bali, the Balinese people and their culture. The way Alice described Bali, I felt like I was already there!
Zimmi Marketing Group is headed up by Lisa Pisasale. The company started 5 years ago in 2015 when Lisa returned home from living abroad. Armed with determination and ideas Zimmi set out to help business make smart marketing decisions. During that time, we have done exactly that, by assisting and helping our clients build strategies and grow their businesses. Zimmi specialises in Marketing, Strategy, Campaign Planning and Communications development.  Lisa makes sure that their approach is a no fuss, direct approach to helping business’ find their maximise their marketing. Joining AWIC was through word of mouth from a previous client, working with Amanda, Zimmi has helped set up the new AWIC branding and grow their reach and audience. It’s a group that we believe in and enjoy working with. Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Lisa on this Podcast was fantastic as we spoke about imposter syndrome, something we have all suffered at one time or another. We also asked Lisa for her tips for anyone looking to get into marketing.
After being a school teacher for 13 years, Karen decided it was time to try her hand at farming and hasn’t looked back. Karen Lindsay has created a world first freeze-dried goat feta! What’s better, is that you can keep in your pantry 365 days a year. I LOVE GOAT CHEESE!!!!!!! I am following my dream of creating beautiful cheeses for everyone to eat and enjoy!!! Karen loves all her goats dearly – ‘My girls are adored, cuddled and given the best of care. In return they provide me with the most beautiful milk -which is turned into this fabulous product’. Milking them, processing, packing & delivering her frieze dried feta. Not to be out done, she also sells her fresh feta to many of Brisbane’s finest restaurants. Reasons to switch to freeze dried fetta…. 100% Australian Made Hand made by an Aussie Female Farmer 100% natural, under 5 natural ingredients Locked in nutrition- freeze drying locks in all the nutrients of the fresh feta No chill - lives happily in your pantry for 18 months No spoilage - just reseal the bag and it keeps fresh and delicious It is very rich in flavour- tastes even better than fresh! Visit Karen’s website now and order your freeze-dried goat fetta and be the talk of your next party. Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Karen on this Podcast …… I got an understanding of how passionate she is about her goats and the cheese she makes.
Employed for 20 years with the southern hemisphere’s largest local government (Brisbane City Council) in multi-disciplinary marketing and communications areas specialising in stakeholder and community engagement. Since then Robyn has worked on strategic communication projects in the corporate sector both locally, nationally and internationally. A specialist in strategic communications Robyn’s sills include grants, tenders, government and corporate submissions, legislative and government documentation. A passionate volunteer for over 35 years with many organisations supporting domestic violence victims, homelessness and the environment. Robyn has held executive positions on school, sporting and community boards. Business founder of Busy Connecting, Robyn specialises in business growth and development strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. Robyn is also a mentor for Australian Women’s Business School, the International Day of the Girl Child, Civic Leader Innovate 2018 & 2019 and a judge for the AusMumpreneur awards. #busyconnecting #theboringwritter Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin Talking to Robyn on this Podcast we discussed her role on the Brisbane Queen Street Mall advisory committee and why it is ok to say no and put time in your diary for you!
Tricia started her career as a carpenter, working "on the tools". It was never planned, she kind of fell into it and ended working for her parents residential building business for 8 years. During that time, she completed her carpentry apprenticeship, got married, got pregnant, bought a renovator’s delight and moved into more of the sales and estimating side of the business. During this time, Tricia also decided to start volunteering as a leader of youth with Girl Guides.  During her now 10 years in Brisbane, she has worked for several companies, her husband and her have almost finished renovating their delight and they (her husband and her) have decided to get into house flipping. They are currently getting ready to start their second house. ‘Bringing houses back to life’ requires the purchase of old Queenslanders in Ipswich, renovating and extending them, turning them back into lovely and larger family homes. Their flipping business is great as it keeps them busy and out of trouble. Tricia also likes flipping houses as she gets to use and share her carpentry skills and also is able to spend heaps of time with her best friend. Linkedin Talking to Tricia on this Podcast …… we found out what made her decide to volunteer as a leader with the Girl Guides, the diverse roles she’s had and we had a few laughs along the way. It was great to have a chat with a fellow estimator!
Fiona has had an interesting career path, split between pursuing elite amateur sporting dreams and developing her skills as a marketing and communications professional. Fiona has represented Australia five times in two sports – athletics and bobsleigh – and she applies the lessons learned from her elite sporting career to the business world every day. As a marketer, Fiona loves working with businesses to help them understand their ‘WHY’ and then help them have meaningful conversations with their target audiences. Fiona is a passionate advocate for the empowerment and education of women, and was invited to take part in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women congress. Unfortunately, this event was cancelled due to Covid-19, however Fiona ensured she caught up with some amazing and inspirational women! LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Talking to Fiona on this Podcast was full of fun, laughter, inspiration & motivation as I walked away with a new respect for athletes and the cut throat profession it is. It was also great to connect with Fiona about our joint advocacy for women. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Ally Kelly is the CEO and founder of Mind Blank, a health promotion charity which aims to reduce the risk of suicide through interactive theatre. Ally has been at the helm of the unique charity for the past nine years, and her award-winning programs have directly impacted over 30,000 young Australians. Mind Blank exists because every 3 hours in Australia more than one person will take their life by way of suicide (ABS, 2017), of this, 15 more twelve to seventeen-year old’s make an attempt (Orygen, 2017). Ally’s qualifications include: Master of Arts Majoring in Research in Social Justice, Social Inequality and Humanitarian affairs at the Griffith University; Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 2018. Bachelor Creative Arts 2010 University of Wollongong. Website | Facebook - Ally Kelly | Website - Mind Blank Ltd | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Ally on this Podcast was inspiring, emotional & insightful as we talked about mental health, the value of early intervention & providing access to a wellness path. Early education is the key! Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
An energetic and dynamic storyteller Michelle is dedicated to encouraging a strong love of reading and writing in young children and conducts author visits at primary and special schools, libraries and bookstore storytelling and publishing workshops for adults. She especially enjoys meeting people through her speaking engagements for women's groups and charities. Michelle Worthington is a two-time winner of the International Book Award and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in literature. Michelle was the recipient of the 2018 AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Business Excellence and the winner of the 2018 Redlands BaR award for Best Start Up Business. Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Michelle on this Podcast was fun, uplifting and educational as Michelle discussed the process she went through, over 10 years, to become a published author. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Rebecca has been part of the PGH Bricks team for the past nine years. During this time, one of Rebecca’s greatest career achievements was the successfully integration of two Customer Service teams during a joint venture in 2015 between CSR and Boral Bricks. She is also the proud mum of a daughter who recently started her school-based carpentry apprenticeship. Rebecca is part of the project team for the AWIC Scaffolding the Future for Women in Construction workshop. AWIC have partnered with TAFE Queensland to introduce young women to this wonderful industry and the fulfilling careers that await them. Together with the Construction Industry, we showcase the available career paths. LinkedIn | Website Talking to Rebecca on this Podcast was ‘awesome’ as we spoke about where the construction industry is now & into the future, the importance of communicating with your team and supporting the next generation by providing opportunities where they can ‘ask the questions’ to industry leaders. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Jo Sainsbury has over 30 years’ experience in Administration, HR and Project Management within the Heavy Equipment, Earthmoving and Rail Industries. Jo hit the track running so to speak 7 years’ ago and now works as a Coal Train Driver. Jo has recently become a published author and Influencer within the Rail, Mining, Resources, STEM and Construction Industries. She is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to unleash the full force of their potential, achieve greater levels of self-sufficiency and fulfilment and create a more sustainable way of working, in particular within Non-Traditional Roles in these industries. She is all about finding an appreciation for the world of possibilities that await when you’re prepared to throw aside self-imposed limitations. Everyone is capable of doing the job – what are you waiting for “Get Your Glo On” she shouts out! Website - Kickass Women  | Website - Girl Shaped Flames | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram - Kickass Women | Instagram  Talking to Jo on this Podcast was fantastic as it gave us the opportunity to have a chat about supporting the next generation of women in construction & other non-traditional roles Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
IMANI do property marketing differently. We develop innovative strategies that connect your business to the right consumer, using data and technology to grow your company, let’s chat We were fortunate to be able to speak with the ladies from the Imani Marketing team for this Podcast. Roxy & Anna from the ‘marketing space’ as well as Anna & Sharnie from the ‘tech space’. We discussed their journey and how they all came to work in their individual roles at Imani Marketing, we spoke about the importance of social media and how now is the time for business to go digital! (& not just because of Covid-19) Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram Talking to the Ladies from Imani on this Podcast was a lot of fun, educational and gave some great insights into the future of marketing. Four amazing women, all experts in their field and all have a lot to offer! Thank you. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Sally has spent the last 20 years coaching, mentoring and developing people to be more productive through building their people and team skills and being more effective with their task management. She’s a productivity and leadership expert, having presented to, and worked with 10,000+ managers and leaders from medium sized to global organisations in Germany, Middle East, Asia and Australia. But there is more to Sally Foley-Lewis than her career – including her promise, to herself, to celebrate a milestone birthday climbing to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Yes, her husband is going too! Sally has been a part of the AWIC community since early 2019 and we love having her help us with our growth and development. Thank you Sally! Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Sally on this Podcast was energetic, fun, full of wisdom and advice for us all! Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Caroline is a valued member of the construction community, has been a mentor to many during her career and has shown us what can be achieved with hard work & determination. However, she started her career as a Chef! A variety of topics during this podcast were discussed: Career progression Value of networking How the next generation will be part of the solution for the construction industry Being a single Mum while building a career and managing illness What do we want to keep following Covid-19 Love what you do! LinkedIn Talking to Caroline on this Podcast provided an opportunity to reconnect with an industry legend! There were moments of laughter, reflection and strength. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Söka Australia, a new Brisbane based company created by Nicole Gibson has a commitment to sustainability through practical innovation, style, space saving, water saving, detergent saving and a focus of bringing organisation and sanity back to all Australian homes. #lifestooshorttobeinthelaundry Alongside this new innovation comes a passion for supporting local businesses. Nicole has chosen to make the Söka tub here in Brisbane and also has employed local support in terms of industrial design, interior design, IT, marketing and business support. Nicole is a proud Australian, and more so a very passionate Queenslander. She values the importance of manufacturing locally, producing a quality product and emphasising a Brisbane associated brand awareness when advertising her new innovation. Are your after some eco friendly cleaning hacks, using products from around your home? Visit Nicole’s Instagram page and view her videos. Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Talking to Nicole on this Podcast we had an energetic discussion about Söka Australia, the power of networking and her connection with the construction industry. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
Dubbed ‘Queen of Culinary Bling’ or the ‘Happy Chef’ by her students, Mel’s clever cooking approach focuses on simple versatile recipes with time spent on excellent presentation. The enthusiastic, entertaining, award winning African-Australian chef and cooking school owner says with a little know how anyone can plate up spectacular spreads similar to what you’d expect to see in five-star restaurants. Mel is brilliant at making every day dishes dazzling. She promises that after one of her classes you will live happily ever after. She ardently believes that even boring mince and chicken breasts can be absolutely sexy. Website | Facebook | LinkedIn Talking to Mel on this Podcast was like talking to an old friend – there was fun, laughter and a sense of connection. Mel, also explains how we need to ‘Back away from the pan … you want the sizzle’. Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
With over 30 years in the construction industry Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in Australia. As a successful Engineer and industry leading Project Manager she is a Director in three companies and a global professional mentor.  Becky has been and continues to be a speaker at state and national industry conferences; she is known for her use of humour to challenge status quo thinking.   She is motivated to pass on her lessons learnt to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.   She is the winner of many awards, including the Top Ten YMag Women to Watch for 2019, the NAWIC Qld Crystal Vision Winner 2019, and the Fearless Educator Award 2019.  Website | Facebook - Queen B Project Systems | Facebook - Get Your Boost On | Instagram Talking to Becky on this Podcast was inspirational, engaging and provided an opportunity to learn more about an industry leader who is putting a spotlight on the construction industry and letting women know there is a place for them at the table.  Would you like to participate in the AWIC Awesome Women Podcast series? Click here
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