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In this episode we talk to Dr. Benjamin Gilmer, a family physician in western NC and now acclaimed author of the riveting medical mystery, the Other Dr. Gilmer. Dr. Benjamin Gilmer discusses his own journey as he works to determine why Dr. Vince Gilmer, who previously practiced in the same clinic, came to murder his own father. We learn about Dr. Benjamin Gilmer's journey of discover from fear to friend and advocate for Dr. Vince. Today, Benjamin Gilmer is advocating for mental health and prison reform nationally. Prior to becoming a book, part of this journey was documented on an episode of This American Life. Join us as your colleague, Benjamin Gilmer, calls on you to be an advocate and use your own stories to bring about change.
In this episode, we focus on the family medicine workforce pipeline in North Carolina, specifically two efforts co-sponsored by the NCAFP and the NC AHEC Program:   the first-ever Family Medicine Academic Summit for academic family medicine faculty around the state, and the 2022 Family Medicine Day, where we brought more than 70 medical students together to learn about the specialty and our state's Family Medicine Residency Program.  The episode includes excerpts from the Academic Summit's keynote address by NC DHHS Secretary Kody Kinsley, remarks from AAFP Board member Dr. Karen Smith, and numerous comments from both residency program faculty and medical students on what the day meant to them.  Don't miss it.
In this month's edition of NCFM Today, NCAFP Communications Consultant Peter Graber interviews our latest Family Physician of the Year, Dr. Viviana Martinez-Bianchi, Director of Health Equity for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Duke University.   In the episode, Dr. Martinez-Bianchi discusses her childhood in Argentina, how she came to the US for her Family Medicine Residency, and how she ultimately became a leader locally, nationally and on the international level. She also discusses the intersection of public health and clinical care, her work with WONCA (the World Organization for Family Physicians) and her work with the Latin-X community in North Carolina throughout COVID-19. You don't want to miss this inspiring episode. 
In this episode, new NCAFP President Dr. Dimitrios "Takie" Hondros discusses his leadership journey in family medicine and outlines a few of his goals for the next year, including mentoring the next generation of family physicians and harnessing the promise of value-based care.  If you missed his inspiring installation speech, you can hear much of the same content in this conversation about his goals as president of NCAFP.
In this episode, current NCAFP President Dr. Jessica Triche reviews the Academy's activities in 2021, including how the Academy helped our members throughout COVID, the NCAFP's new strategic initiatives, how NCAFP is helping members with administrative burden, her goals for the future and even a few humorous moments from her year as President.  It's a must listen.  
In this episode of NCFM Today, we talk to Shawn Parker, JD, MPA, General Counsel and Chief of Staff for the NC Academy of Family Physicians about physician employment contracts.  Shawn discusses different elements in an employment contract, what physicians should look for, and where to find more help.  You don't want to miss this episode.  
In this episode of NCFM Today, we talk to five different family physicians who have all made transitions in their careers.  They share pearls about how they made these decisions, what personal and professional influences led them to these decisions, and what other family physicians should consider as they think about transitioning jobs.  They also discuss the unique ability of family physicians to practice in different settings and wear different hats from telehealth to Direct Primary Care to system-based practice to independent practice to the VA.  You don't want to miss this informative episode as we hear from Dr. Vickie Fowler, Dr. Talia Aron, Dr. Thomas White, Dr. Takie Hondros and Dr. Liz Baltaro.  
In this month's edition of NCFM Today, learn about some of the NCAFP's advocacy efforts around masking in schools and Medicaid Transformation, and an update on our recent member survey about administrative burden in primary care.  In addition, you will hear from our new Manager of Workforce Initiatives, Perry Price, and from VP & COO Brent Hazelett, who will discuss both the Academy's recent virtual CME offerings and plans for our Annual Meeting in December.  
This month's podcast focuses on Long COVID with a discussion of how some patients are having symptoms for months after first testing positive for COVID-19.  We first talk to Dr. John M. Baratta with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the UNC School of Medicine.  Dr. Baratta is founder and co-director of the COVID Recovery Clinic at UNC, which was opened in February to specifically address long-term COVID cases.  Dr. Baratta discusses symptoms of long COVID as well as some of the testing and treatment regimens they are trying at UNC.   Later we talk to NCAFP Past President Dr. Conrad Flick who still has some symptoms from his COVID diagnosis early last December.  Dr. Flick discusses the long-term impact COVID has had on him, particularly how it has impacted his fitness regimen.  Finally, we provide a few quick updates from the NCAFP.
This month's episode focuses on the importance of mentoring future healthcare professionals.  We talk to two current residents to learn about how mentors impacted their decision to go into medicine and specifically family medicine.  We also talk to NCAFP President Dr. Jessica Triche on why she thinks it is so important to teach and mentor medical students and how that has actually helped her in practice.  Finally, we provide a few updates from the NCAFP.  
This month, we discuss the precipitous drop in immunization rates during the coronavirus pandemic and the need to catch up on missed vaccines as patients return to their primary care physician.  Dr. Leonard Friedland, a pediatrician and Vice President and Director of Scientific Affairs and Public Health at GSK, shares statistics about the drop in immunizations, what the impact of missing immunizations for preventable diseases could be, and how we can work to ensure patients across all life stages catch up on missed vaccines as we move forward.  Dr. Friedland reminds us of how many preventable diseases we no longer see because of immunizations and the importance of making sure patients receive their COVID-19 vaccine and other recommended immunizations. 
This month we discuss a family physicians efforts to prevent diabetes.  Dr. Karen Smith, a former president of the NCAFP talks about her involvement in Diabetes Free NC and how she screens patients and refers them to one of our state's Diabetes Prevention Programs.  In addition, Franklin Walker, Vice President of Rural Health Innovations for the NC Medical Society, talks about how physicians can get involved in Diabetes Free NC.  Finally, we provide brief updates on efforts to advocate for dedicated teaching time and payment for our state's community preceptors and the role of family physicians in COVID-19 vaccine efforts, particularly combating vaccine hesitancy.  You can find additional information about Pre-Diabetes and prevention programs in NC at 
In this episode of NCFM Today, Ryan Paulus, DO, a second-year family medicine resident at UNC, discusses continuity of care in family medicine and the scope of family medicine and why that drew him to this career.  In addition, Hannah Smith, a fourth-year medical student at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, talks about why she chose family medicine as her specialty and discusses what sparked her love affair with family medicine.  Finally, we provide a few brief updates on what's going on in NC impacting family medicine this month.
In this edition of NC Family Medicine Today, we speak to Dr. Alexa Mieses-Malchuk, a faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina about why all North Carolinians should receive a COVID-19 vaccine, especially historically marginalized populations.  She also discusses her advocacy role in family medicine and how she was recently interviewed for Oprah Magazine.  In addition, Dr. Shannon Dowler, Chief Medical Officer for NC Medicaid, joins us to discuss the state's efforts to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine.  She tells family medicine practices how they can begin preparing to vaccinate their patients now, even though supply and distribution points are limited at this time.  However, she talks about how family physicians will be crucial as further vaccine becomes available, and how they can work with their patients now to address vaccine hesitancy.
In this episode of NC Family Medicine Today, Dr. Tom Wroth, President and CEO of Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC), discusses the future of family medicine and primary care in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicaid Transformation in North Carolina, the move to value-based healthcare and the results of the recent election.  He discusses how CCNC specifically and primary care practices in general have pivoted to deal with all the changes 2020 has thrown at the practice of medicine.
This month's issue of NCFM Today features an interview with Dr. Shannon Dowler, Chief Medical Officer for North Carolina Medicaid.  Dr. Dowler talks about her leadership journey, how COVID-19 impacted her role at Medicaid, and the key differences between activism and advocacy. She also offers advice on how young physicians can begin their advocacy journey.
This month's edition features an interview with Dr. Mary Hall, a family physician who serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer at Atrium Health in Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Hall discusses her leadership journey from her various roles within Atrium to her year as President of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.  She also discusses the family medicine workforce needs of the future and how Atrium is working to address those needs.  
What does family medicine, mentoring, social justice, boxing and advocacy have in common?  Find out the answer and much more in this edition of NCFM Today as we interview Dr. Tamieka Howell, an NCAFP Past President and a current member of the AAFP Commission on Membership and Member Services 
In this episode, we interview the President of the NC Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. David A. Rinehart, a family physician in Belmont, about what it has been like to practice medicine during a pandemic and lead a professional association of his peers.  Dr. Rinehart outlines some of the changes his practice has made during the coronavirus outbreak and also talks about how NCAFP has pivoted to better serve its members during these unprecedented times.
In this episode, Dr. Shauna Guthrie, At-Large Member of the NCAFP Executive Committee and Medical Director for the Granville-Vance Health District, discusses the intersection of public health and primary care, particularly in light of COVID-19, and offers advice to both our state's family physicians and the public at large.  
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