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The Marketing Detective

Author: Mitch West

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Solving the marketing mysteries that challenge local business across linear and nonlinear platforms.
11 Episodes
Work & Life Balance

Work & Life Balance


We have a conversation with Megan Alexander, Author, Correspondent with Inside Edition & the NFL on CBS, host, singer & motivational speaker.  We talk about to create a life of balance in your life, tapping into your soul and living your best self.
Laugher is good for the soul, and it can also be good for your business. We talk about the importance of laughter, Yes, And in Improv, and the power of R.E.A.L. Solutions to your business. My guests are Amanda Austin & Kyle Austin, co-founder of the Dallas Comedy House and now Real Corporate Solutions. They will talk about their unique training program for corporate America. 
In today's episode we solved the mystery around building your professional brand in your industry. We also talked about the state of news today.  My guest is Ron Corning, career journalist with Fox Network, ABC News, and now Executive Producer & Host of the Morning After on CW 33 (a Nexstar Media Group affiliate.
We tackle the mystery around Politics, Money and what the future of marketing a candidate will look like.  My guest is best selling author, Ed Wynn, who wrote the book, WE THE PEOPLE. Can we find civility again, and what will it cost.
In this episode we solve the mystery around being a non-profit in a post Covid-19 World. My guest is Brad Pritchett, Non-Profit Marketing Leader, BFFU Podcast Co-Host, Host of Dallas Voice "DVTV" & LGBTQ Community Advocate. This is my new favorite episode. We talk Black Tie Dinner, Dallas Comedy House, and power of humor.
Will there be high school football this fall and along with football what will marching bands look like this fall?
Content is King

Content is King


Content is King and Data is its Queen.  Great Content will lead to great user engagement.  Join me as I solve this mystery along with Nellie Scuito, acclaimed actress and author and Mike Castellucci, TV Personality, Story Teller and professor of journalism at Michigan State University.
Check out the 4th Episode of the MARKETIG DETCTIVE. With Tax Day being next week on July 15th, I wanted to solve the mystery of the CPA. Thank you Alison Reiff-Martin for being my guest, the great conversation, & insights on Taxes & hiring a Certified Public Account.
Beyond the numbers and the impact of Covid-19 on the Restaurant industry, we catch up with Chef Julian Rodarte of Beto & Son.  He gives us insight on the impact on the industry, the importance to take care of his staff, customers, and community Working with his Dad, and how he became a Social Media Sensation. To Follow Julian on Instagram, @chefjulianrodarte To follow me Instagram, @themitchwest 
We are talking the marketing mystery around the automotive industry post Covid-19. My guest is General Manager & Vice President, Don Herring Jr, of Don Herring Mitsubishi 
EP: 01 PODCAST 101

EP: 01 PODCAST 101


In the premier episode of the Marketing Detective, Mitch West solves the mystery around Podcasts. Mitch interviews Dave Brown, host of Business Wars.
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