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eCommerce Matters is the UK’s first ecommerce pricing podcast, brought to you by BlackCurve.

Each week we discuss relevant ecommerce topics that impact all sectors.

We breakdown pricing concepts for you, share best practice, leave those pesky buzzwords at the door and talk about ecommerce issues in a way you can understand.
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In the first episode of "eCommerce Matters" Philip Huthwaite, Founder & CEO of BlackCurve, and Dr Rob Horton, Product Director and in-house eCommerce Data Scientist, take a look at an age-old ecommerce question - "How often should I make pricing decisions?".Philip and Rob share how frequent an ecommerce company should change prices, why price management is important to operational excellence and how stock levels impact prices.The conversation also dives into changing consumer behaviour and why data sets are the dirty secret to making pricing work for ecommerce companies across a number of sectors.
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