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New Business Skills - Future Capability
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New Business Skills - Future Capability

Author: John Driscoll

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Follow the rapid modern Trend towards gaining and developing new skills. Achieve new Skill based employment within your current employer, or a new role. New Personal Skills and Business Skills. The future of our work-life is based on Skills, skills we each have now, and Skills we need for the next steps. This show is all about, 'How to gain new skills to get that role or the new Job you really want, change careers, or acquire new Business capabilities'. Structured methods to build your Future Business Skills. How to Learn new Skills to build the best Career path you can. Get the skills you need now and the skills you need next - What Skills do I need? Corporate Business - For business know what skills you have in your people now - what are the Skills gaps?👨 Subjects will include – How to Define and refine the skills you have now + the skills you will need in the future. 👨‍🦰 How to find a 'Skills-Gap' - your own, and the Businesses. Future Skills to enable: Internal Employee Mobility | A Skills Taxonomy | Transferable Skills | Future Business Skills | Up-Skill & Re-Skill | Future technology skills (AI, Data Science and Machine Learning) | Fix the Skills-Gap. 👩 Our motto - Power-Up your own Future - After all, It Features You! Our Mission is to keep this show Free. In order to keep this show free for all - any donation is gratefully received to help offset costs and allows further research into New Learning for you. Please click 'Support this Show' Button to help if you can in any small way. 🤴 This Show is seeking Business affiliates for the series - if your business is closely aligned with Learning and Skills and interested please connect with us - your Business will be featured in each show with a URL link and your required artwork/logo or advertisement for each episode.
2 Episodes
Skills Gap: Skills do you have?What Skills do you need now?What Future Skills, will you need?What is your Skills gap? How do you close the Skills Gap?So. What is the Skills Gap?  Simply put its the space between the Skills you have now, and the Skills you need next.  For that next Career change, Job Role, Career Opportunity - how to find your own skills gap and close the gap.How to check, your personal skills account - what do you have in credit already?  What is the current shortfall? Are the skills you have now, a deposit on the next career move or do you have what you need to win the job?As a business do you have the capacity to understand all your available skills - do you know what your business skills gap is?  Are the skills you have, aligned with the Skills you need and the business strategy. Do you know what skills you will need next?Support the show (
Power-Up your own Future - Future Skills Series - empower your life-long-learning journey with new skills. Future Skills and Future workplace Skills - build new skills for your future success. career, or the business you work in. Your own skills and your Businesses skills. Learn why Skills are the top-line issue for business right now - take your new place in a skilled future.In Episode One:Covering key aspects of building new business skills for the future:Why is the focus on new Skills now?Understanding your own business Skills - what you have, what you needUncover and fix your own, or your businesses 'Skills-Gap'How to develop your own, or your Businesses 'Skills Taxonomy'Align your business strategy with the Skills you need now, & nextPower-Up with new skills for Internal MobilityTransferable SkillsFuture SkillsRe-skilling & Up-skillingSupport the show (
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