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She’s a seasoned mom, author and interior designer with an eye for the latest trends. He’s a self-proclaimed “dad-in-training,” motivational speaker and story seeker who wants to inspire others to live their best life. He never runs out of big dreams; She never runs out of advice. Tune in weekly as old friends, Shauna Glenn and Drew Myers, make you laugh and inspire you to live on purpose.
21 Episodes
Oct. 14: On this episode ... Drew put his "Father of the Year" application in jeopardy after taking his kids to a Hooters knockoff ... Shauna introduces Drew to "Karen" and "Felicia" ... and they discuss the million-dollar question: What is the worst way to die, drowning in your own feces? Also on this show they talk about "pee shivers." #bebold
October 7: On this episode of "Going Wheels Off" ... Drew has microphone envy ... Shauna talks about seeing a dead body ... and they share three feel-good stories, including one about a millionaire carpenter with a giving heart. (Oh ... and Drew was nearly kicked out of a youth soccer game.) #wheelsoff
Sept. 30: On this episode ... Drew and Shauna breakdown the disturbing documentary "the Social Dilemma" ... Drew needs a therapy session after wasting 3.5 hours watching the Cowboys lose ... and he needs a bonus round of counseling after his anal retentive ways bite him in the ass. #wheelsoff
Sept. 23: On this episode ... Drew wants to know what to expect as he gets older (he turns to Shauna since she is ... old). They also discuss the most disturbing words in the English language and they talk about the benefits of wearing a mask (it's not just about halting Covid-19). #bebold
Sept. 16: On this episode ... Drew and Shauna discuss customer service (or lack thereof) in the middle of this global pandemic ... Shauna talks about how old age and running left her hobbled ... and they open up "The Book of Questions." Make sure you follow "Going Wheels Off" on your favorite podcast platform. Link to follow on Spotify and Spreaker below. #wheelsoffSubscribe on Spreaker: on Spotify:
Sept. 2: On this episode ... Drew talks about the day he thought he was going to die ... Shauna makes a bold claim: "there is NO WAY to salvage or save 2020" ... they discuss Drew's live-audience show in Greenville, Texas ... and they debate who is more gross - men or women? #wheelsoff
Aug. 26: On this episode ... someone had the audacity to tell Drew that he didn't have any heart. He gives his response. Also ... Shauna talks about "Hey Hero" ... they brag about how interesting they are ... and they discuss Shauna's mystery bag. #wheelsoff
Aug. 19: On this episode ... Shauna has some breaking news out of the gate ... Drew shares some good news (and then they both taint the feel-good stories) ... and there is an entertaining segment of "Would You Rather," which is highlighted by Drew's daughter turning into a mouse. #wheelsoff
Aug. 12: On this episode ... Drew has another controversial opinion on youth sports ... Shauna introduces him to a Dickey, the fashion trend destined to make a comeback ... and they discuss the treatment of Confederate statues. Spoiler alert: They recorded this episode in a random parking lot in south Fort Worth. #wheelsoff
Aug 5: On this episode ... Drew and Shauna discuss the Top 10 things that will screw up your day ... the conversation about vintage skin mags continues ... and they talk about little tweaks/adjustments in your life that can be very powerful. They recorded this episode at Shauna's house, which is always an adventure. #bebold
July 29: On this episode ... Drew randomly decides to change career paths. First he needs to become a stand-up comedian and then it's on to Wheel of Fortune! Shauna has some tips. It turns into a ridiculous segment, highlighted by an appearance from Hans and Franz. On a serious note ... Shauna reminds people about the tragic death of her granddaughter and what we can all do to save other babies' lives.
July 22: On this episode of "Going Wheels Off" ... Drew and Shauna talk about fears of parenting ... they play a couple rounds of Family Feud (highlighted by tips to prevent wrinkles) ... and Shauna introduces Drew to the TV show "Alone." (Oh ... and Shauna cusses a lot!)
July 15: On this episode ... Drew and Shauna discuss the tragic death of Kelly Preston ... they talk about the name change for the Washington Redskins (are we doing enough?) ... and Shauna thinks she got trolled by her Instacart shopper. #wheelsoff
Are YOU a real Texan?

Are YOU a real Texan?


This is a "Let's Ride" episode, presented by Classic Chevrolet Buick GMC of Cleburne. On this show ... Shauna shares tales of her family vacation to Broken Bow, Oklahoma ... Drew talks about his son's aversion to fireworks ... and they take a quiz to see if they're real Texans. #letsride
July 1: Do NOT let your kids listen to this episode! Shauna and Drew lose a wheel and drive directly into the porta-potty. On this episode ... they address the mask controversy in this country ... they talk about inappropriate text messages that kids have sent their parents ... and Drew gives some feedback from his first episode of "Sixes," which puts Black Lives Matter in the spotlight.
June 24: On this episode ... Drew shares all the wonderfully great things that he loves about being a dad ... Shauna introduces the world to "The Disco Toilet" ... and if you're missing your wedding ring, they may have found it. #wheelsoff
June 17: On this episode of Going Wheels Off ... Shauna takes "Porn Gate" to a new level ... they keep the dialogue going on social and racial injustice ... and Drew begins the demise of the lunch meat industry. #wheelsoff
June 10: On this episode ... Drew and Shauna continue their conversation about social injustice. (And Drew announces a powerful new podcast initiative that he's launching.) Also on this show, they celebrate the greatness of Mr. Rogers.
June 3: On this episode of "Going Wheels Off" .... Drew and Shauna TRY to unpack the aftershocks of George Floyd's tragic death. (As much as two middle-aged white people can.) They also discuss Drew getting butt hurt at home ... Shauna gets a little haughty ... and they try to lighten the mood with a ridiculous segment of "Would You Rather."
On this episode of "Wheels Off" ... Drew tries to sell Shauna on the practice of affirmations, explaining how it changed his life. Shauna is more interested in sharing some radical honesty about her husband. (Spoiler alert: He is a swimsuit hoarder.) They also discuss the best advice they ever received, and Drew needs some coronavirus counseling. #bebold
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