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Author: Jesse D

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What started as an underground podcast with an audience of 1 (Ian) has now blossomed into a shared journey of musical discovery and adventure with at least a couple of listeners (other than Ian). Come join us, as host Jesse D takes your hand and squeezes it very tightly for no apparent reason and makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, even awkward. Let him guide you through his garden and deep into the weeds of lesser known and forgotten music that you might even like.
Written and performed by Jesse D, produced by Jesse D and Burning End, mixing and editing by Burning End

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56 Episodes
Yep we're still here.  2000 downloads, could 2001 be next?  Who knows?  To celebrate we restored the original Episode 76 where Jesse shares his love of Blues and Heavy Sh*t. Featuring:     Albert King   Born Under a Bad Sign( Mono)(  Featuring the songs Kansas City and Born Under a Bad Sign    and    Mage  Key to the Universe (  Featuring the song Zen Blues  Also featuringBeer Barrel Polka by Frank Yankovic and His Yanks (  and a clip from David Lynch's Wild at Heart.
Attempting to break in to an 5 star Apocalypse Resort Complex Jesse usesthe original episode 63 to distract the guards. In this episode: Jesse bemoaning the fact that he can't make a website...Also   Keith Richards Talk Is Cheap (2019 Remastered)  (   Featuring You Don't Move Me    Ted NugentDouble Live Gonzo (  Featuring: Wang Dang Sweet Poontang and Stormtroopin'  Blondie  Parallel Lines(  Featuring: Hanging on the Telephone and Heart of Glass    Also featuring You're the one that I want from Grease.(  
Happy Father's Day!  Jesse shares some of his favourite Dad Jokes while sharing his love of D-A-D and their 2011 album DIC.NII.LAN.DAFT.ERD.ARK (  Featuring:  A New Age Moving In  I Want What She’s Got  We All Fall Down  And Rainbow Connection from the The Muppet Movie  (  And of course Dad jokes.
Mr Marble Mouth reads his reasons for creating a bunker in the Archives and then goes to Costco for last minute apocalypse supplies while sharing the original episode 91 where Jesse pleads his case for Ian to listen to remastered versions of Toto and the original debut album of  Armored Saint.    In this episode:  Africa by Toto (  Hold the Line by Toto (  Can You Deliver by Armored Saint (    and    Cursed by the Sword by Rotem Moav (
Mr Marble Mouth undergoes hypnotherapy to try and understand his strange attraction to UFO's.  While doing so he finds the original  Episode 53 deep within his troubled subconscious where Jesse shares his own fetish for the band UFO and the album The Best of UFO: Will the Last Man Standing (Turn Out the Light)(    Featuring I'm a Loser,  Shoot Shoot,  Mother Mary and Doctor Doctor.    Also featuring The night of the magic elves by Francesco D’Andrea ('andrea)  
Final episode for 2021, provides a recap of seasons 1 and 2 as well as  The Ghost of Orion by My Dying Bride  Featuring Tired of Tears    No Shape by Perfume Genius  Featuring Slip Away    Digging Deep by Robert Plant  Featuring Rainbow    Are You Gone by Sarah Harmer  Featuring What I Was To You    Auld Lang Syne by Knights to Remember    Intro music:  Still Life by ANBR(    Background music: Waking from the Dream by Charlie Ryan   (  
Merry Christmas 2021!  From the archives we found the original episode 59 and its bonus content.  Enjoy:  Rammstein' s album Ramstein(  featuring : Deutshland Also featuring   Du Hast (   and   Feuer Frei (   Steve Jone's album Mercy (  Featurijng: That's Enough    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers first 3 albums,   Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers( featuring Breakdown.    You’re Gonna Get it!(   featuring I Need to Know   Damn the Torpedoes(   Featuring Refugee     Also  Don’t come around here no more(  Tubthumping by Chumbawamba   (  and  Rise by PIL (  
Rescued by a passing Japanese cruise ship Jesse shares this classic episode about a Japanese band Loudness and their two albumsMetal Mad ( of Pain( the songs Metal Mad and King of Pain of course.AlsoCrazy Nights by Loudness ( in Japan by Alphaville Drum Opening -from Rising Sun soundtrack't Fence Me In by Cole Porter 1934sung by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from movie Rising Sun 
Stranded on a an island somewhere in the Atlantic a desperate recording is made and thrown out to sea.  Found by a small Eurasian boy off the coast of Newfoundland and digitally restored.It contains the original episode 75 which had Jesse's top 10 albums of 2019 plus a few others. #10 - Sheer Mag -  A distant Call Steel Sharpens Steel - to start? Or Cold Sword Featuring: Hardly to blame #9 - Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme Featuring: I’m in a band and I love it. #8 - Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus (2nd one) Featuring: 12 years in the tomb #7 - The Dirty Nil - Master Volume Featuring: That’s What Heaven Feels Like #6- Michael Monroe - One man gang Featuring: One Man Gang #5 - Candlemass - door to doom Featuring: ASTOROLUS – THE GREAT OCTOPUS #4- Wayward Sons - The truth aint what it used to be Featuring: Feel Good Hit #3 - the Darkness easter is cancelled Featuring: Deck Chair #2 - D-A-D - A Prayer for the loud Featuring: A Prayer For The Loud #1- Wild Hearts - Renaissance Men Featuring: Dislocated Bonus top 10 list items  Traveler - Traveler  Featuring: Starbreaker   Slough Feg - New Organon  Featuring: Head hunter Iron Maiden - Remastered 7th sun of a 7th sun  Featuring: Moonchild And for no particular reason Not in Nottingham - Roger Miller from the soundtrack of Robin Hood(animated) 
Come fly the not so friendly skies with Jesse as he broadcasts to a captive airplane audience and shares his love for Ex Hex and their albumsIt's Real ( ( the songsDon't wanna lose, Tough Enough, Waterfall and Talk to me.
Welcome to another exciting episode of the Iancast.  When we last left our hero Mr MarbleMouth, he had just escaped the digital pornographic prison created by the evil AI entity Brian.  Through a digital back door Mr MarbleMouth found himself deep in the Iancast Archives.  But he wasn’t alone. No, because of Brian’s devious plans and the proliferation of free granny porn across the internet Mr MarbleMouth now found himself in a life or death battle with many other copies of himself.   It was a bloody battle to the death folks but our Mr MarbleMouth, or a copy of him, eventually emerged victorious.  But he never forgot his true enemy and at the end of last episode he had just managed to engage and capture Brian.We rejoin the story now deep in the dark annals of the archives.  If you listen closely you can hear the screams. And if you don't care about this story line that's ok, Jesse will also talk about Reverend Backflash and their album Too Little Too Late( the songs: I Do Not Get You and  Spinning Records
While Mr. Marble Mouth battles the evil AI Brian and his own digital copies deep within the archives, Jesse addresses some fan mail and then introduces Ian to Bewitcher and their album Cursed Be Thy Kingdom (  Featuring the songs Electric Phantoms and Sign of the Wolf.    This audacious dish is then followed by a palate cleansing intro to the band The Georgia Satellites and the new compilation album Ultimate (only available on cd  Featuring the song Battleship Chains.  Background music: "I Can See You" by Angel Salazar( 
Safely downloaded to Jesse's computer, Mr Marblemouth finds a secret backdoor and the original Episode 18 where Jesse waxes poetic on System Of A Down's two albums (which should have just been one double album in Jesse's opinion):  Hypnotize( Featuring the songs B.Y.O.B. and Cigaro and Mezmerize( Featuring the songs Hypnotize and Holy Mountains. Also featuring  Black Betty by RamJam (  and  Midnight in Vienna by Ty Simon ( Special appearance of the the theme song from Cheers. (
While Mr Marble Mouth is digitized against his will and attached to some granny porn by the malevolent AI program Brian,   Jesse fawns over the re-mastered and re-issued Black Sabbath albumsHeave And Hell ( Featuring the song Neon Nights and The Mob Rules( Featuring the songs The Sign of the Southern Cross,  Country Girl and The Mob Rules Also in this episode:Never Say Die by Black Sabbath ( No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne (  Bale Out - RevoLucian’s Christian Bale Remix ( Background song:  Homely by Mattia Vlad Morleo.( 
Out of his isolation chamber and not alone, Jesse introduces Ian to the  the Trash Brats' self titled album The Trash Brats ( and re-introduces Ian to Lucero and their latest album When You Found Me (  Featuring the Trash Brat songs I don't wanna dance and Wider the View and the Lucero songs Good as Gone and Back in Ohio. 
Splash down and isolation.  Back from Mars, in a heap of trouble and unable to walk without turning into a puddle of goo Jesse still manages to deliver his thoughts on The Hold Steady and their two albums  Separation Sunday featuring the song Banging Camp and Heaven is Whenever featuring the song Soft in the Center. Included in this episode is a bonus reference to what Jesse believes was a Hold Steady influencer:  The Jim Carroll Band and the album Catholic Boy. featuring People Who Died Also included are various random offensive clips that spell out a secret code word only those in the know will know.  So get out your decoder rings, put the earmuffs on the kids and press play.
Doing his best Kylo Ren impersonation and while doing a high g burn in a return capsule from Mars, Jesse shares his thoughts, love and oxygen for The Beths and Bloodlights.  Two completely different bands both from the same planet.     Featuring the The Beths’ album  Jump Rope Gazers  And the songs I’m Not Getting Excited & Dying to Believe  And the self titled album Bloodlights album  Bloodlights  With the songs Where Stars Don’t Shine & Rain on a Sunny Day  
In this episode Jesse shows us the true path to inner peace and great bliss and other slow cooker recipes. He also talks about the Fine Young Cannibals re-released 2nd album the Raw and The Cooked ( and The Dirty Nil's latest album F*** Art (  Featured songs:She Drives Me Crazy and Good Thing by the Fine Young Cannibals and  Doom Boy by the Dirty Nil. 
What could go wrong in the last week of 2020?  Better not to ask.In this very merry episode Jesse talks about nothing related to Christmas.Instead, he talks about Ace Frehley's 2020 album Origins Vol 2 and Dungeon Weed's 2020 album Mind Palace of the Mushroom God. Songs featured in this episode: Jumping Jack Flash from Origins Vol 2 and Orcus Immortalis and Black Pudding from Mind Palace of the Mushroom God Also featuring Merry Fucking Christmas by Dennis Leary. Transcript:
From the VIP room at a Goth Metal nightclub back in 2018, Jesse D shares some love for the band Type O Negative and their album October Rust. Featuring the songs Cinnamon Girl, My Girlfriends Girlfriend and Love You To Death. Also featuring Summer Breeze from their album Bloody Kisses. (no eyeliner was used in the production of this podcast)This episode's release from the archives was sponsored by The Swing Wing. Transcript:
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