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Author: Richard Levick

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Corporate Counsel Business Journal’s daily podcast, In House Warrior, with host Richard Levick, chairman of LEVICK, a global crisis and litigation communications firm
332 Episodes
Good Comes First: Mark Babbitt, President of WordIQ and Chris Edmonds, founder and CEO of the Purposeful Culture Group and authors of Good Comes First speak with host Richard Levick of LEVICK. How do we find balance in a workplace where angry and judgmental labels are thrown around to the point that they lose their meaning and yet some of the underlying problems remain unaddressed? How do managers and employees work together to take responsibility and improve culture? Is it mentoring or micromanaging? Is it an important deadline or a toxic work culture? Is it leadership or microaggression? Mark and Chris provide insight for both sides of the equation to help us manage the 21st Century workplace.
A Plaintiff Lawyer’s View on Product Liability MDLs and More: Former Supreme Court clerk and leading plaintiff’s lawyer Travis Lenkner of Keller Lenkner, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about trends in Multidistrict Litigation, the use of consolidated proceedings, complex litigation, the impact of litigation finance and more.
In House Counsel Successfully Making the Move to Private Practice: David Freeman, Founder and CEO of the David Freeman Consulting Group and a leading consultant to the legal industry, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about how in house counsel can make the move to a law firm, stick the landing and maximize their chances of success. From developing a business plan to crafting success stories, David breaks down not only the leap into law firms but the best practices for the first few years.
Beyond ESG -- Corporate Political Responsibility: Thomas Lyon, the Dow Chair of Sustainable Science, Technology and Commerce, with appointments in both the Ross School of Business and the School of Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan and author of Corporate Environmentalism and Public Policy, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about how ESG and CSR fail to fully measure a company’s social brand. In an age of increased transparency this alignment is becoming critical to a company’s reputation, brand, resilience and share price.
Bridging the Nation's Wealth Gap: Marisa Calderon, Executive Director of the NCRC Community Development Fund, Inc. (CDF) speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about the importance of access to capital as the most significant variable in upward mobility and community cohesion. NCRC is a U.S. Treasury-certified community development financial institution that supports economic mobility and bridges the nation’s racial wealth gap, expands access to affordable homeownership and provides loan capital for Black-, Brown- and woman-owned businesses to help them thrive.  
The Founder of Law Firm Marketing: Sally Schmidt, President of Schmidt Marketing and a founder and first President of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) (formerly called NALFMA), joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss the challenges of law firm marketing, the critical importance of outside lawyers building deep relationships with their clients, the need for project pricing and the future of law firms. Sally is author of two books on law firm marketing: Marketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques and Business Development for Lawyers: Strategies for Getting and Keeping Clients.
Getting ESG Right and Why So Many Are Getting It Wrong: Andrew Gratz, Associate General Counsel at LyondellBasell, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about what in house counsel want, particularly on ESG, and why so many get ESG wrong. He also discusses coming out of Covid and how law firms need to rethink their practice areas so they meet the needs of their clients, not the other way around.
Covid’s Impact on Litigation Trends: Jim Pattillo, a partner with Christian & Small - a member firm in the Primerus law firm network -  a veteran of more than 70 trials to verdict in both state and federal courts, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about litigation trends he has noticed since the start of Covid. How jury trials are working now; the impact of Zoom trials; distanced jurors; polarization; increased anxiety and more. He has recently written about a nuclear verdict resulting in two trucking companies being hit with a $1 billion verdict in the death of a Jacksonville teenager.
Closing The Cyber Barn Door Before the Horses Leave: Kailash Ambwani, Chief Executive Officer at Constella Intelligence, joins co-hosts Richard Levick and Ian Lipner of LEVICK to discuss what companies can do before there is a breach to reduce risk. Constella is a leading global Digital Risk Protection business that works in partnership with some of the world’s largest organizations to safeguard what matters most for each company and defeat digital risk. While most discussions of breaches are about what to do afterwards, Constella focuses on providing the intelligence to help reduce risk and prevent cyber-attacks.
Vampirette - A Journalist’s View of Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes: Vivia Chen, a legal columnist with Bloomberg Legal, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK and discusses Ms. Holmes chameleons-like ability to go from Silicon Valley can-do wunderkind to victim of the patriarchy, just in time for trial. How did she entice Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Sam Nunn, James Mattis, David Boise, Rupert Murdoch and other powerful white men to empower her and her fantastic yet unproven technology? In a flash, she plays her privileged white female card, employing the “Svengali defense” – my ex-boyfriend of color made me do it.
Everyone Needs to Be Managed: Michael Poterala, Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel at the University of Maryland, speaks with Richard Levick of LEVICK and discusses lessons learned from years working both in private practice and at three universities including Maryland, Michigan State and North Carolina State. He left MSU before the Larry Nassar crisis had matriculated and was at Maryland for two crises and advocates the power and importance of the apology, of doing the right thing and the need for oversight, even at the highest levels.
Disaster At American Heritage Magazine: Ed Grosvenor, Editor-in Chief of American Heritage, the great-grandson of Alexander Graham Bell and the sixth generation magazine publisher, which includes founding the National Geographic Society, joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK. Ed discuss the magazine which has served as a platform for three generations of America’s greatest historians and talks about the tragic flood which destroyed hundreds of original books, decades of magazines and broke his heart. Contributors can subscribe and donate here. Subscribers – which is free -- have access to the 7,000 essays in the magazine archives back to 1954
The Struggle for Law Firms to Get Technology Right: Kenny Robertson, the In-House Lawyer of the Year at the 2018 Law Awards of Scotland and the 2019 Scottish Legal Awards and “Individual of the Year” for Outsourcing Strategy at the 2019 Legal 500 Awards, heads the Outsourcing, Technology & IP legal team at the Royal Bank of Scotland. He has led on some of the largest technology outsourcing projects in the UK and speaks candidly with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about what law firms get right and get wrong in their effort to be more technologically savvy and how they can improve their services to clients. He spoke at the Law Firm Marketing Summit in London. 
Law Firms & The Next Frontier: Moray McLaren, founder of Lexington, a premier global legal consulting firm, speaks with Richard Levick of LEVICK on the latest challenges for law firms including resilience, price sensitivity, doing too well in Covid, an age of unhappy but well compensated associates, new competition and more. Maury is speaking at the Law Firm Marketing Summit in London. 
Michele DeStefano, Legal Rebel: Michele DeStefano, Professor at the University of Miami School of Law, affiliated faculty at Harvard Law School Executive Education and Founder and Director of LawWithoutWalls joins host Richard Levick to discuss the practice of law, legal education, law firm recruitment and the importance of humility, inclusivity and risk. She is the author of two books, Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Law and New Suits: Appetite for Disruption in the Legal World (co-curated with Dr. Guenther Dobrauz) and includes chapters by experts in law, innovation and technology to provide a global perspective on the future of our diverse legal service delivery ecosystem. She spoke at the Law Firm Marketing Summit.
Brand Authenticity and the Law Firm: James Batham, a partner at Eversheds Sutherland in London joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss his approach to selling longer term, annuity clients, which involves active listening and a “you, we, I” approach, which centers on the clients’ needs and not the lawyers expertise. He will be speaking at the Law Firm Marketing Summit in London about brand authenticity and how it all begins with active listening. “You can never ask the client enough questions?”
Time to Get Cynical: Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches: Gordon Platt of Gordon Platt, PC and Craig Besnoy of Besnoy Law, speak with host Richard Levick of LEVICK about the growing cyber threat and why we all need to become more cynical and vigilant. They discuss the most common cyber attacks, the industries most at risk, how hackers gain access to networks and how you can stop them.
Getting DEI Right: Bendita Cynthia Malakia, a former large law firm lawyer and in-house counsel at two global financial institutions, leads Hogan Lovells' global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy with the aim of ensuring that historically underrepresented professionals can thrive, speaks with host Richard Levick of LEVICK. She is a catalyst for underrepresented colleagues to be their authentic selves in the workplace and for others to structure for their development and success, including working across difference to create community – by building systems, inspiring investment and cultivating connections. Bendita also leverages her DEI, leadership development and executive coaching capabilities to help clients achieve their DEI ambitions. She will be speaking at the Law Firm Marketing Summit in early October. 
Science and Abortion: Washington Post columnist Gary Abernathy joins host Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss a column he wrote recently called Tighter Abortion Restrictions May Really Indicate the Law is Finally Catching Up to Science. On the program, Gary posits that science may be catching up with former Justice Sandra Day O’Conner’s dissenting opinion in Roe v. Wade in 1983 that “The Roe [viability] framework is clearly on a collision course with itself.”
The Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke & Brubaker Mythology: Hugh Hurwitz, the former Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons speaks with Richard Levick of LEVICK to discuss what federal prisons are really like and the challenges of prisons in the United States. Sounding at times like an ACLU attorney, he speaks frankly about what the federal system gets right and what it doesn’t, the challenges for state and local incarceration, how prisons have become the primary form of mental health service for an entire swath of the population and the hope for re-entry.
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