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Author: Shari Ponder

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Can someone have both strong faith and a strong therapist? Does God approve of non-traditional healing besides just "praying hard enough?" Prayer and Prozac is a weekly podcast that explores tough topics and all of the wonderful ways that God heals and won't send you to hell! We examine the intersection of mental health, emotional well-being, Jesus, healing, the church, and prayer. Prozac is metaphorical. It may be medicine, yoga, mindful meditation, and other alternative therapies. So, join your host Pastor Shari, a licensed local pastor, certified school counselor, M. Ed., M.Div., et al as she and her hosts endeavor to challenge minds and open hearts. Jesus is totally down with it!
8 Episodes
S2:E3 "I'm F*cked Up!"

S2:E3 "I'm F*cked Up!"


This week's Prozac is authenticity! Can being yourself be therapeutic or detrimental? I chat all about it with my friend Pastor Josh, host of the podcast "I'm F*cked Up!" Enjoy this amazing episode about Jesus's ability to operate in our broken places. Well, if we can admit that we're broken! Guest: Pastor Josh EvansAssociate Pastor, Borderland Mission
No one complains when male rappers brag about their sexual exploits with women. All their songs promote the power of their alleged masculinity. And, allegedly women go wild by their virile abilities. Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Jazmine Sullivan have all released singles that use similar lyrics to assert their feminine power but many people are appalled. Are their lyrics an embarrassment to womanism or true empowerment? In this episode, we discuss this with two Gen Z college students. Let's see what "the future" thinks about it! Guests:Bethany Ponder, College Freshman Nathaniel Aberra, College FreshmanByron Wratee, Boston College PhD. Candidate
How many of you have dating lists? I'm talking about the list that you have labored over constructing all the attributes you want in a mate! Well, throw it out! This week we will talk about dating lists and High-Value Men as described by controversial influencer and women hater Kevin Samuels! I think the men hate us but we will hear them out nonetheless. Co-host: Michelle Nathalia Guests:Wesley PersonSpencer Fleming Bercy MusoneraHarlan Hodge
In this episode Pastor Shari speaks with two theologians about the ally work necessary to deconstruct systemic racism. There is no such thing as neutral! Guests:Byron Wratee, Boston College Ph.D. Candidate, Systematic Theology Jennifer Arnold, Teacher, The Lovett School Atlanta
This week Pastor Shari, Michelle, and Kieyana speak openly about the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, and how racism affects black mental health. What is your Prozac? Is it taking a knee, taking a TV, or turning the other cheek? *This episode was recorded right after Mr. Floyd's murder.* Credits:Michelle Nathalia, Co-HostKieyana Thomas, Co-HostAleatha Lanier, Producer
Let's talk about sex baby! Why has the COVID-19 quarantine brought all your long lost boo-thangs to the forefront? Are you praying or playing through this pandemic!? Pastor Shari, Michelle, and Kieyana invite Sex Therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry to explain what to do with all the "big heads" that keep texting you on lockdown! Credits:Kieyana Thomas, Co-HostMichelle Nathalia, Co-HostDr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, GuestAleatha Lanier, ProducerJulian Reid, MusicDedrick Leonard, Graphics
Mother Day's time is here! P&P loves and celebrates family but we would be remiss if you didn't examine motherhood unmasked! In this episode Pastor Shari and her hosts discuss the mental stresses of mothering, smothering and microaggressions. They also share how to determine if mommy needs a break, a prayer, or a doctor!Credits:Michelle Nathalia, Co-hostKieyana Thomas, Co-hostAleatha Lanier, Producer
Pastor Shari and her co-hosts bring faith, humor and health together in this intro segment. This episode allows you to meet the team and get the point! First up, co-host Michelle Nathalia is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Sanctified but certified School Psychologist! Next, co-host Kieyana Thomas is our resident millennial, NCC, and certified alternative therapist/Reiki Master. The team provides their definitions of prayer and Prozac and why this combination is so problematic for the church.Credits:Michelle Nathalia, Co-hostKieyana Thomas, Co-hostAleatha Lanier, ProducerJulian Reid, Music
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