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What Other Attorneys Say - sounds like a game show, but it's no laughing matter. Michele Procino-Wells and Amber B. Woodland are together in this episode to give reason to some of the opposing advice that the community hears from other attorneys who claim to work in the same area of the law. 
Amber Woodland is joined by guest, Debbie Finger of Eastern Shore Senior Care Solutions, to discuss this coined term - aging in place. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge about the aging process, and the common preference to remain at home as we age. She knows first hand what it takes to advocate through significant changes in health and she provides incredible resources to families who use her support. This episode should open all listeners ears to available support during the aging process.
EP 36: Digital Assets

EP 36: Digital Assets


Michele Procino-Wells and Amber B. Woodland work together in this episode to discuss digital assets. Wait! Before you flip to the next episode, yes, you have digital assets. It's common for our clients to think that ownership of digital assets implies ownership of cryptocurrency like bitcoin. If you have common accounts like an email address, a photo storage account or a music library, among others, YOU have digital assets and your estate plan can direct access to them during incapacity, or at your death. Listen in.
There are so many legal terms that are confused or misunderstood. Amber B. Woodland sits with one of our Estate Planning Coordinators, Taylor White, to clarify some of the most common legal mumbo jumbo related to our practice.
Did you know that the 2021 Estate Planning and Wills Survey found that 67% of adults don't have a Will? So, what happens to a person's "stuff" when they pass away without an estate plan that explains their wishes? Our attorney, Michele Procino-Wells is hosted by Marie Chin, Estate Administration Coordinator, to discuss just that. When a person passes away without an estate plan, state statues apply, known as intestacy rules, and in most cases, they are not the inheritance rules a person would choose. 
Our guest, Sean Valentine of CSV Financial Inc., is with Michele Procino-Wells to discuss Medicare and the number of considerations that contribute to choosing the right plan every year. We hope listeners will recognize the importance of building a relationship with a licensed Medicare Broker and depending on them annually for re-enrollment. Beware, our office closely neighbors a fire department that made a couple guest appearances this episode.
Michele Procino-Wells and Amber Woodland fondly discuss the history and character of our office buildings. Take a listen to learn more about how our offices came to be.
We have an incredible team that we love showing off. In this episode, Michele Procino-Wells prompts our Elder Law Department Manager, Danielle Marvel, to share more about herself and her loves outside of the office. We love our work so we couldn't resist highlighting the ways that Danielle helps our clients, too.
Michele Procino-Wells and Amber Woodland are together in this episode to expand on some of our most strategic client matters - crisis asset protection planning for a married couple when one or both spouses have a current need for long term care. Listen in to hear them discuss some of the strategies we implement and some of the myths we debunk. 
Michele Procino-Wells and Danielle Marvel use this episode to discuss asset protection planning strategies for unmarried people during a current need for long term care. They review the concept that it's never too late to plan, even if there is a current need for any level of long term care, and highlight the typical outcomes for a single client matter.
Michele Procino-Wells and Amber Woodland work together in this episode to describe intermediate planning strategies.  Occasionally, families approach asset protection planning but neither have a current need for long-term care, or five years or more to plan ahead for long-term care.  This episode explores some strategies that could work to begin sheltering assets from the costs of long term care while anticipating that health needs might change in the near future.
Michele and Amber introduce Irrevocable Asset Protection Trusts as a legal tool to help families shelter assets from the costs of long term care.  Listeners will understand a long list of benefits and reasons that a family would want to incorporate this estate planning document into their overall estate plan.
Dean Reid and Melissa Heverin from a local assisted living facility, Milford Place, are with us today to discuss this intermediate level of long term care.  This conversation clarifies the ideal candidate for the assisted living setting, the incredible benefits that residents experience, and the intentional ways that the Milford Place team helps families stay connected.
Amber Woodland and Danielle Marvel are back in this episode to discuss Veterans Benefits.  They cover the intricacies of qualifying for the Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit that for some families provides an added source of income to help cover long term care needs.
There are so many myths about the Medicaid Long Term Care program that we dedicated a whole episode to dispelling them!  Michele Procino-Wells is back with our Client Services Director, Meagan Sekscinski, to correct the most commonly believed myths about Medicaid LTC and elder law.
Special episode! We're pleased to welcome Regional Director of Marketing and Community Outreach, Christina Wingate-Spence of BrightStar Care, to discuss The Virtual Dementia Tour. This unique training is a proven approach to building a better understanding of dementia through the use of sensory props and instruction. The VDT helps caregivers and professionals understand what it might feel like to experience Alzheimer's, dementia or related cognitive impairments so that they can be more empathetic in the care they provide and be empowered with tools to take a different approach.
Amber Woodland is excited to introduce our Elder Law Department Manager, Danielle Marvel, in this episode.  Danielle is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly helpful in explaining the "three-part test" to become eligible for the benefit, the process of applying, and several nuances in the world of Medicaid planning.
Amber B. Woodland and Michele Procino-Wells discuss the basics of elder law.  This conversation explains the three primary levels of long term care, the average cost of care in our communities and the goals of asset protection planning.  This episode also discusses the projected outcomes of this type of planning.  Spoiler alert - the outcomes are incredible.
Beth Copeland, Agency Director at Griswold Home Care in Lewes, DE, is with Leslie DiPietro this week to discuss the current landscape in home care.  Beth gets a chance to share her team's perspective on their services and how they've modified their approach during this uncertain time.  We love promoting in-home care services in our community and hope this episode is a helpful introduction.
Sherri Holder will introduce our CARES Program Manager, Laura McCreary, and the two will discuss the importance of maintaining an estate plan.  Their conversation will take a look at the PWW approach to this important step, and our CARES Program.
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