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The sister podcast of The Village Buzz, we feature artists from across the globe that we think you should be listening to also.
Once or twice a month, we bring a guest into the studio for "Artist Edition."
4 Episodes
The Canada Show! We spoke with The Autumn Stones to get a group of Canadian bands that might fit in with the rest of the their genre. We play The Holiday Crowd’s “Never Speak of it Again." We spoke to Dean Marino and got info on the recording space where a some of these records were recorded. We talk about vinyl’s comeback, and the lack of hifi equipment in homes. Vinyl me now puts out sub $1000 systems. Quite possibly the greatest idea ever. Component systems are incredibly cheap today. It’s well worth it to learn about vintage audio. DIY is now a great way to get some great sounds. We play PaperMaps “Shadow Theater”. We gush for awhile over PaperMaps and the attention they make to mix. We play The Autumn Stones “In with the Out Crowd." We plan our escape to Toronto. Are streaming systems cutting into artists’ profits? Sergio likes good songs, Marshall likes good recordings. Does our hindered sight heighten other senses? We are not audiophiles.
This week, we spend a bit of time with award winning songwriter and keyboard player, Billy Livsey. This is another one of our interview based "Artist Edition" episodes.
The Retro Show - Artists that riff on a preexisting genre. We talk about Relay Recording’s latest sampler, on Vinyl. I ordered this at Broken Records and Beehives, and the shipped it! This was a great deal! We discuss black vs. pink vinyl on the latest Saint Paul and the Broken Bones release. Is there a lower noise floor on colored vinyl? Marshall talks about cleaning up dirty records with glue on the surface. We give some background about how we found Saint Paul and the Broken Bones. I pick, then they hit. They got played on The Spectrum on Sirius XM. We play “Don’t Mean a Thing” by Saint Paul and the Broken Bones. We’re not picking on things in records, we just hear stuff that most people don’t hear. We gush over Shannon and the Clams. We buy as much vinyl as we can at Lucky Records in Wooster. We play “Rip Van Winkle” by Shannon and the Clams. We play talk a BUNCH about Soma FM. Bagel Radio sent us a ton of great suggestions for retro sounding bands. If you are looking for something to listening to that is awesome, and new, and foreign, please check out Soma FM. We spin “Pink Gorilla” by White Fence, from Cyclops Reap. We arrive at the idea that this is probably not headphone music. We talk about my Uncle Paul, and all the records in his collection. This sounds like it should be on my Uncle Paul’s record collection.
For a more complete set of show notes, including links, see: This week, we bring you the beginning of a new interview series for "About a Song," called "Artist Edition." We aim to bring not only performing artists, but other artists who have spent their decades dilligently perfecting their craft. Our first guest is Annette Helton member of the Original Vandallas, and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Annette is a Rock and Roll hall of fame inductee (class of 1999), an inductee in the vocal group hall of fame, and has made several Rolling Stones lists for the pioneering achievements of The Vandellas. I could spend the next ten minutes talking about her accolades, but I think it might be better if you just listen in, and find out why Annette would have been a most interesting person, no matter what route she took in life. Keep an eye out in the future, as we have a slew of great artists coming your way.
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