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Curious how to use your podcast to attract clients and generate revenue? Need help to get started with a strategic podcast plan? Ultimate Podcast Marketing is a podcast about podcasting for creators and entrepreneurs! Everything you need to know to turn your passion into a podcast that can earn money, grow your audience, and help you gain super duper confidence along the way! Hosted by Emily Milling, podcast coach, producer, and lover of all things podcasting!
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In this episode I’m going to walk you through the most popular podcast formats so that you can make a decision on the podcast format you will choose for your own show!We’re going to be covering the following podcast formats:Solo Shows: Perfect for entrepreneurs that want to elevate their expert status, by getting deep into topics that their potential clients want to hear about. Co-hosted: An awesome way to elevate your expert status, connect with your potential customers and build a community around your passions with a pal.Interviews: Perfect for expanding your audience reach and building your network while providing a lot of value for your audience. Documentary Style: If you love true crime podcasts, this style requires some serious editing chops, so be prepared to practice the fine art of audio editing!Fictional or Radio Play: Amazing for creatives that want to explore narrative content through audio! Video Podcast: Awesome for those that want to double up on their output by posting both to YouTube and all the podcast channels!Live Shows: Great for building your network and engaging with your audience!There you have it! Check out the blog post that accompanies this episode for a very thorough review of the most popular podcast formats you might choose for your own podcast!Which format are you leaning towards? Send me an email at or DM me at @the_ultimatecreative on Instagram to let me know! I’d love to hear what you’re choosing, and why! And if you’re having a hard time choosing, you can even send me a voice memo and I will answer your question on an upcoming episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing!Links:Podcast Rocket WaitlistThe Important Cinema ClubPatreonBlue YetiBehringer XM8500Behringer UMC404HDTascam DR-40Zoom H4NVRMP Presents: The Five People You Meet In HellThe Scariest Podcast In The WorldStudioBinderBuzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
If you identify as an introvert and you really want to have your own podcast, this episode is for you! My guest Julie Greenham is the host of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast, and she is an introverted entrepreneur and business/mindfulness coach who helps her listeners and clients discover how introversion can be a superpower, if you tune into it and allow it to guide you. You might be surprised to learn this, but I am also an introvert! I think the only reason I can have as much energy as I do on my podcast is because I spend so much time alone, not talking to anyone. Ever. EVER. Okay sometimes. But equally as surprising is that Julie feels most comfortable using her podcast as a way to connect with fellow introverted entrepreneurs, and create deep connections with her clients and listeners. The reason being that she can have one on one conversations that go deep - an introvert’s dream scenario! Well, outside of having alone time to unwind!Julie’s coaching practice grew out of a need to stop running a business the way she thought she should, instead of in a way that felt good. Julie says that often when entrepreneurs and creators get started, they look to the big names in their industries to follow their examples - but what works for them doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. In addition to podcasting, Julie recommends having a strong email marketing strategy as well as some kick ass freebies to draw in new clients. And, if you listen to her podcast episode 28, “The Best Social Media Platforms for Introverts” you’ll learn what my favourite new introverted marketing strategy is!And finally, Julie has prepared a super amazing freebie just for you today, based on her own podcast’s guest prep guide that she shares with all of her guests. Julie has put together a guide for introverts that will be guesting on a podcast, so that they can prepare themselves and feel at ease, and comfortable during recording. Highlights:00:22 - Meet Julie Greenham01:38 - Why podcasting works for introverts03:39 - Traits of introverts05:03 - Creating your own entrepreneurial path08:11 - Julie's "AHA!" moment that changed everything11:34 - Why it's important to incorporate podcasting into content strategy15:53 - Working through perfectionism and comparisons20:10 - Marketing strategies for introverts22:16 - Julie's Freebie23:13 - Work with Julie24:01 - Julie's final thoughtsGet that here!Links:Work with Julie: Entrepreneur Membership: Quiet Powerhouse Podcast:’s Guide To Guesting on Podcasts for Introverts: my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
If you’ve been listening to Ultimate Podcast Marketing for a while and don’t have a podcast yet, I want this to be the episode that takes you to the next level! I know a lot of listeners feel like maybe they’ll get to it eventually but the time isn’t quite right yet, or maybe there’s some sort of belief that whatever you want to talk about isn’t important. I know because I felt that, and still feel that. 47 episodes in, and I still feel that. But if you don’t have a podcast yet, and you want to start one, you’re missing out on all the amazing things that go along with having one - the secret, hidden bonus reasons that only podcasters get to experience! And I want to help you get off the sidelines today and feel totally empowered to have your own podcast, with a list of reasons why you should have a podcast that you never knew existed!1. You get to meet and talk to people that were previously off-limits. 2. You get to build your brand awareness without “going live”3. When you’re ready to sell something, you’ve got a built in audience!4. You slowly start to believe that you’re as smart as everyone else already knows you are5. It’s the easiest way to stay consistent with your contentSo these are my top 5 reasons why you should have a podcast that you’ve probably never considered. And if these helped you to feel inspired to start your own podcast, I’d like you to take the next step with me today. When you take your earbuds out, head over to and get instant access to my mini-course, the Podcast Prep Party. Usually I offer this mini-course for $37, BUT, I’m going to give you a code to start in on it for $0. Why? Because I love you. But this is only going to be available until February 28, 2021, so make sure you sign up right away! The code is IAMAPODCASTER and I will put all the details in the show notes!Get my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
This week on Ultimate Podcast Marketing I’m giving you five easy beginner podcast recording tips to make your audio sound awesome. The tech setup is overwhelming at first, but by following these simple steps you’ll begin to feel comfortable with recording, which means more amazing podcast content! Remember, practice makes perfect, and it’s truly a practice that will help you get better and better at recording your podcast as you go.I’m kicking off this episode with a letter from a listener who is just getting started with her podcast, then I will get even deeper into my 5 easy podcast recording tips for beginners!A letter from Stephanie Lear:Hey EmilySo I've totally gotten to the stage where I'm slightly panicking about committing myself to this podcast. I keep listening to episodes of your podcast which are very encouraging so thank you for that!!I recorded a first episode by myself and I just used the mic on my phone but when I went to edit the pieces all together I can definitely notice the differences in the sound throughout. That will be better when I have a mic but I wondered if you had any advice for me until I get  a mic later this month. For these interviews I planned on using Zencaster.The editing wasn't easy either the first time around. By the time it was 'done' I was exhausted and it needed to be done.I'm hoping later next week I'll have 2-3 episodes complete so I can launch it.thanks!!Hey Stephanie!Wow 2-3 eps already? That’s amazing! Congratulations!Generally with any mic you want to keep the environment and the delivery consistent. So if you’re recording into your phone, keep it in one place with the mic facing you. Keep your own position the same throughout so that you have a consistent tonal quality.For interviews, make sure you have your headphones on, the mic in your headphones will be better than your computer mic. Bluetooth microphones aren’t good though so stay wired where possible.Editing can be tough at first but you’ll get the hang of it quickly, in the app you’re using see if there’s a quick key cheat sheet somewhere online to make the workflow faster.Good luck with your podcast!Here are my top 5 easy podcast recording tips for beginners:Write and practice key talking pointsRecord in a room with lot of soft fabrics, or pick up a mic shield to absorb some of the “echoey” sound.Look for the logo on your micRecord and listen to an audio testRecord short chunks and edit as you recordNow of course I’m going to get even more detailed about these tips in the episode, so make sure you subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you listen to podcasts! But as a quick sneak peek, I just want to remind you that quality and polish will come over time, especially as you are starting a podcast and learning how everything works! Don‘t put too much pressure on yourself to get started, and when you need a refresh, just come back to this episode!Get my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
If you are looking to move past the “newbie” podcaster phase and get through difficult podcasting challenges, this episode is for you. My guest (and coaching client) Wendy Wei and I talk about how she improved her interview skills, landed more high profile guests and most importantly - found her voice as the host of the Pexels Podcast, OverExposed. And let me tell you, this episode is literally just one inspirational soundbite after another!Wendy and I started working together a few months ago when she approached me to coach her for her podcast. She is a super researcher and learned that not only do I produce podcasts, but I’m also a performer and trained improviser/sketch comedian. Honestly it still blows my mind that she found me and sought out my mentorship! SO COOL!But that’s Wendy. She’s exactly the type of person to seek out the people who will help her achieve her goals without hesitation. She sees others doing what she wants to do, and then she takes action to make it happen. Wendy is a photographer who went to business school, and then landed an internship at Pexels. She loved it there so much, she decided to come up with a plan to make herself invaluable (again, inspiration party!). So she launched OverExposed, a podcast that interviews photographers to learn how they started and grew their businesses. In this episode Wendy and I talk about: Wendy’s story and how she became a photographer and podcasterThe biggest challenges she faced her podcastHow we worked together to overcome those challengesThe one thing she wishes she had done sooner for her podcastWendy’s method to land big name guestsHer biggest focus in our work together has been developing ways to land her dream interview guests, and improve her interview skills to create truly inspiring content. Don’t worry, we break it down for you so you can do the same thing!Wendy’s purpose? To inspire others to feel like they too can achieve all of their creative goals! And in this episode she’s going to share exactly how she does it with her podcast! Don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing!Get my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Coaching: Production: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing
On today’s episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing I want to focus on the marketing side of things, and I want to ask you - is your content reaching the right people? Are you actually getting clients and customers that are awesome? Or are you bringing in clients that don’t quite fit? Maybe you’re not bringing in clients or customers at all! Ahh! We’re going to figure out who it is you want to attract and how to do it.Start by revisiting your own goals and purpose. What is it that you want to sell/earn revenue from? How do you want to impact planet earth with your content, products or services? By reconnecting with your big motivator, you can start to tap into a deeper level of who it is you’re trying to reach - fun fact, their motivators are likely very similar to yours!Identify who it is you want to reachDo a little market researchGet direct with your messagingChoose your channelsDoes everything align with your values?Just remember that no one else cares about your business, your goals, your content, anything you do, as much as you do. They’re all busy caring about their own things. And it’s not selfish, it’s just... we spend all our time with ourselves, of course we’re looking out for number 1! And if you’re not, please start, because again, no one else is going to care as much as you, so whatever you’re doing MUST connect with you on a deep personal level. That’s how you’ll find the right people with your marketing.Get my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
If you’re a podcaster that wants to earn money from your podcast, you need to have a solid financial plan ready to go. If you’re a business owner that has a podcast, you need to know how your podcast is supporting your business financially. How do you figure this out? With my wonderful pal and client Melissa Houston, the host of the Think Like A CFO podcast!Melissa Houston is the host of the Think Like A CFO Podcast which is a super-charged one-stop-shop resource for anything and everything related to business finances for women entrepreneurs. She’s also my business finance coach, and seriously, I’m not lying when I say she SAVED my business from financial disaster... yet again. But more on that later. Melissa works with entrepreneurs to empower them with the essential financial knowledge they need to make important decisions in their businesses, to plan for various taxes and expenses throughout the year, and to come out the other side with zillions more dollars than they had before working with her. I know this, again, because she helped me do exactly this!I wanted to bring Melissa on today for a few reasons. One, as podcasters, we need to be aware of the costs of our podcasts so that we can measure the impact more accurately. Two, we need to be thinking long-term and strategically about what we talk about in our podcasts to give our incomes a boost - whether you use podcasting to market and promote your business or as its own income stream. And three, because I think Melissa can share some really great behind the scenes stories of personal development as a podcaster, and why hiring a coach (financial, podcast or otherwise) is generally a good idea to achieve your goals faster and with less devastating frustration.In this episode we cover:What led Melissa to this particular career as a financial coachThe value of hiring a coach to work through personal development, financial, business, podcasting or otherwiseMelissa’s podcasting journeyEntrepreneurship being a lifelong commitment to personal developmentWhy coaches are essential for entrepreneursCreating your podcast content that reaches the people that you want to help in a meaningful wayIf you need a hand with your business finances, yes, even if you just have a Patreon and this is another revenue stream for you - you should be thinking about this stuff! Get on the waitlist for the CFO Money Method program that opens January 26: with Melissa one on one: to Think Like a CFO:’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing! Love ya!Work with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
A few months ago I was dabbling with the idea of helping other entrepreneurs and freelancers start their own podcast production business using the processes and systems I created over the last year. I even created a free guide for anyone interested in doing this! But life got in the way, and the program I was thinking about launching in the new year took a back seat when I realized that I wanted a little bit of a break for my brain.So today I want to take you through the guide, step by step to show you how you can start a podcast production business as well! You can download the guide here and follow along with this episode, but even without the guide this episode will be helpful to you. In fact this episode will be helpful for anyone with a service business that needs some ideas to organize and manage their finances and time effectively. My business, The Ultimate Creative, is structured for my ADHD brain. It is very rigorous and process oriented and foolproof. At the same time, I need to throw in some wild cards for myself (maybe like this program I was planning?) to keep things interesting. Before I switched to a podcast-only service model, I was serving clients reactively instead of proactively. I had no idea how much money I’d be bringing in each month, and the rollercoaster (both financially and emotionally) brought me to burnout a few times more than I’d like to admit.Now, I have a reliable source of monthly income, more time freedom than I’ve ever had in my life, and clients that I absolutely love!Over the last year I developed this business model with a lot of trial and error, so I want to share the steps I took to fast-track your success with podcast services.Why?Because I know that when you take action on what I’m going to share with you in this framework, you will see the same results I did, and trust me when I say that I truly want you to WIN.I’m in your corner pal, let’s get started!Download the guide here:’s what we cover in the 5 part framework:Part One: Reverse Engineer Your SuccessPart Two: Tech Stack & ProcessesPart Three: Package, Price and OutsourcePart Four: Training ClientsPart Five: Add-on ContentWhat’s next? Tell me how I can help you start your own podcasting business! Workshops? A mastermind? A full-on intensive program? Here’s a quick survey to let me know what I can do to help you reach your goals: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
On today’s episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing I’m taking a look back at all the wins and lessons learned from 2020! Rest assured this will not be an episode about quote-unquote “unprecedented times” because I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of COVID content. Instead, I want to share some super cool things about The Ultimate Creative, about my clients, and about yours truly! In this episode I talk about my challenges and wins with:Course LaunchesOne-to-one ServicesFinancial FitnessGratitude!Personal AccomplishmentsAnd, client accomplishments! Including:12 podcasts launched with one on one servicesWith a grand total of 17 launched all time and 3 more due to come out in January10 Podcast Rocketeers through my course Podcast Rocket18 podcast production clients1 podcast coaching client (more on that later)344 episodes produced (including my own)35,083 downloads for all episodes altogetherNow looking forward, i’m really excited that I get to help more podcasters share their voices. Honestly I didn’t realize just how fulfilling I found this work until I gave myself permission to enjoy what I do, and just create great content and provide guidance. 17 clients, well over 300 episodes edited, over 20 podcasts I’ve helped in some way to launch just in this last year alone, 10+ speaking gigs to talk about podcasting, it’s amazing. Not to mention my amazing team, Valeska my Copy Chief and Laura my Editor - without them this would be completely impossible!I’m really happy that I’m able to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to confidently share their content and to do it in a way that allows them to grow their businesses. I hope get to continue to do this for years to come! I’m so grateful for all of the people that I’ve worked with over the last year that helped me get to this place. It’s impossible to do this entrepreneur thing g alone, and we all need friends and mentors and coaches. The three coaches I mentioned in this episode are fabulous by the way if you need help in any of these areas. Links:Lianne Kim: https://liannekim.comChris Swail: Back Your Time: Houston: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
Sick of wasting time on your content? Well why the heck aren’t you reusing your podcast to make your life easier? In this episode I’m sharing my top 10 ways to repurpose your podcast content like a boss!If you haven’t already, start by listening to episode 34 - using your podcast as a content map. This will help you organize your content properly to support your goals. Once you’ve done that, dive into this super cool list!1. Blog post!Take your show notes and embellish the story a bit to turn it into an SEO optimized blog post! 2. Audiograms!Take a short 30-60 second clip from each episode and turn it into an audiogram! I’ve got a full tutorial that shows you exactly how to do that using an app called Headliner. 3. Quote GraphicsThese are SO powerful, and people eat them up on social media! If you say something particularly profound, make a quote graphic out of it!4. Social CaptionsPull content directly from your show notes to create social media captions!5. An email for your list!Truly this is a no-brainer, it’s an easy way to stay engaged with your email list and stay top of mind, so that when it’s time to sell an offer, you’ve already got their attention!6. An email funnel!If you’ve got an offer you promote once in a while and a freebie lead magnet that is intended to drive people to that offer, you can take old episodes and turn them into a nurture funnel that continues to provide value to newcomers to your circle. 7. An online course!Got an old course? Why not grab the audio from the recordings and create a hands on episode that teaches your audience how to do something!8. IG Lives and FB Lives!This is a great way to do double duty with your time and energy. 9. Group Coaching SessionsThis can be really effective if you are a coach or service provider and you’re on group coaching calls a LOT.10. Highlight Reels!Every year or every quarter, share a highlight reel of the best episodes throughout the year! And that’s it! To put this into action, download my 52 Week Content Planning Template to start planning your content while staying organized.Highlights:01:31 - Blog posts02:18 - Audiograms - use headliner! 03:00 - Quote Graphics03:32 - Social Captions04:43 - An Email For Your List05:59 - An Email Funnel06:55 - An Online Course08:05 - IG Lives and FB Lives08:28 - Group Coaching Sessions09:07 - Highlight ReelsLinks mentioned in this episode:Episode 34 - Using your podcast as a content map: to create an audiogram with Headliner: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, guests are the most effective way to grow your podcast! And today we’re talking about how to get them on your show, what to do with them when they’re on, and how to leverage their audience to grow yours!And for those of you that need some help to reach out to potential guests I’ve put together a guest pitch template which you can download here! Remember, it’s just as important to build a relationship with a potential guest as it is to have them on your podcast, that relationship is what will motivate them to share the episode once it airs.In this episode I cover:Who should be a guest on your podcast?Pre-qualifying and using applicationsSetting expectationsMarketing and promosHere’s a list of simple assets you can prepare for your guest:Audiogram - one for stories, one for their feedQuote graphic - something really pivotal that makes them sound amazingGraphic that says “I was on ‘this’ podcast!”Social caption that includes a call to action to listen to your podcastBonus: Copy for an email they can send to their listAnd seriously, don’t skip this step, it is ESSENTIAL. Highlights:01:30 - Listener Review from KBear03:20 - Guest Pitch Template - Who should be a guest on your show?05:21 - Pre-qualifying and using applications06:40 - A few questions you might ask on your application07:48 - Setting Expectations10:22 - Marketing and Promos10:41 - Assets to share with your guestsThat’s it for this week! Don’t forget to download the guest pitch template to help you get more amazing guests on your show!Work with me:https://theultimatecreative.comFollow me on Instagram: mentioned in this episode:Guest pitch template: 37 - Setting podcast goals for 2021: a review for Ultimate Podcast Marketing on Apple Podcasts! Work with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
Question: Do you have a plan to grow your podcast in 2021?I know you’re investing into your podcast. Whether it’s time or money or energy, you’re putting an ambitious effort into the content you’re creating. So now it’s time to look at some key areas where your podcast is doing well, where it’s not meeting your expectations, and what you can do to get to the next level with your podcast by setting podcast goals for 2021.Before I jump into the content today I want to take a second to share a super sweet listener review from mhoustoncpa who said “I love these podcast tips! Emily is my go-to for all podcast info. I love this podcast with her tips and tricks. She talks about things I never thought of, which makes me a much better podcaster.” Thank you SO MUCH for this review, it’s always my goal to make sure I’m sharing tips with you that can help you look at podcasting from different perspectives to find new ways to grow! I’d love to hear from more of you, what’s helping? What do you want to hear more of? Head over to Apple Podcasts and leave me a review and I might just read it out on an upcoming episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing!This week we also heard from Megan Otto who asked about both the time and monetary investment for podcasting, and I answer her question at the end of the episode!Highlights:01:15 - Listener review02:06 - What does success look like to you?02:43 - The blog post to follow along with - link02:54 - Reflecting, what worked well, what didn’t?14:25 - Making the plan for 202116:58 - Working with me on your podcast goals17:30 - Listener question from Megan Otto - The Brand WhispererLinks mentioned in this episode:One-on-one podcast strategy coaching call: 30 - Perfectly Imperfect Podcasting with Kirsten Jordan: Marketing: 34 - Using your podcast as a content map: me a review on Apple Podcasts! Podcast Hosting: Virtual Recording: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
On todays episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing, I’m introducing you to Laura Clark! My very own podcast editor! And we’re going to walk you through what to expect when you hire a podcast editor.I originally met Laura back in February of 2020 when she did some work for me as a virtual assistant and totally made my life easier! And of course I don’t need to tell the story of my business shift again, but several months later I reached out to Laura again to see if she had capacity to help me to edit my podcast.Look, I know I’m totally capable of editing my podcast myself, but to be honest with you I’m not as organized with my own content as I am with my clients’ content. And I think that’s normal, most people I speak with tell me that their content comes dead last and that’s why we ultimately start working together.Having the accountability to Laura to get her all of my recordings and keep her in the loop of what’s coming up next and what to expect is so essential for me. It’s also a huge weight off my shoulders - you’ve probably heard me say how important it is to batch record and be proactive with your content, right? The only way I can do that is by having a deadline to get my content over to Laura, so that she can do her magic and edit my podcasts. In this episode we talk about:How Laura and I started working togetherLaura’s podcast project at Ryerson’s Social Venture Zone that examines class, how it impacts people’s perceptions of one another and why a podcast is the perfect medium for thisHow podcast audio aesthetic can help shape stories and narrative, and the construction of a storyHow to communicate feedback for the podcast editing process with your editorWorking on a production process with your editorThe importance of batch recording and editingEssential production elements that every podcaster should be implementingWhat to listen for during the editing processEmpowering guests with some knowledge of the editing process so they feel more confident when they’re on a podcastHow to leave them wanting more!Laura is amazing and I feel so lucky that she’s on The Ultimate Creative team! Laura would love to get your input for her new podcast, so if you or someone you know has a story about someone taking your class temperature, has given you a chance without a degree, if you’ve had to change your name to increases your chances of getting a job interview, Laura wants to hear it! Email her at therealjobproject@gmail.comIf you’d like to explore working with a podcast production team, head over to and get on the waitlist to work with us in the new year!Links Mentioned In This Episode:Sandy & Nora podcast: Who Freelance Directory: Media Agency: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
Wondering why the number of listens on your podcast aren’t going up? Maybe you need to focus on audience engagement to boost your podcast downloads! In this episode I’m going to help you to create a plan to increase listens per episode, and some actionable steps to implement right away!Listener reviewsWithout a doubt listener reviews are the easiest way to increase audience engagement. Not only is it super simple for your listeners to leave a written review, it’s also super simple for you to record yourself reading a whole bunch of them, and then add one per episode, thanking your listeners for the review by name! Create a communityIt’s not enough to just post on social media and disappear. You need to create a community of engaged followers. Kirsten Jorden lays it all out clearly for you in episode 30 of Ultimate Podcast Marketing - it’s all about creating value for your community, talking to them on social media, and sharing your podcast as a resource for them. Do an audience surveyThis is a classic marketing technique and one that I think a lot of people shy away from - for whatever reason, market research surveys get a bad rap. But how else can you truly determine what your audience wants? Respond to messagesThis goes without saying but it’s SO important to respond to your listeners! Whether it’s on a social post, via DM or if they reply to an email you sent out promoting the episode, always make sure to reply to them and thank them for listening. You can also encourage them to send you messages. Lots of podcasts use this technique! Ask listeners to send you an email to a designated email address so that you can read it out on the podcast. Again, it’s so powerful to hear your favourite podcasters reading your own words! So why not? ALSO. NEW SEGMENT. WOW. I've asked my Instagram community to send me a voice memo over DM's asking their podcasting questions! And today's question came from Nia Lee from the Socialee Savvy Media Agency! Check her out here: - Listener Review2:05 - Using listener reviews to boost audience engagement03:43 - Create a community - Collab with other podcasters05:29 - Audience surveys07:36 - Responding to listener messages08:40 - Send me a voice memo and ask me anything about podcasting!Links mentioned in this episode:Episode 30 - Perfectly Imperfect Podcasting with Kirsten Jordan: Important Cinema Club:’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts on Apple Podcasts by leaving me a star rating and written review and I might just share it out on the pod! Work with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
You write ‘em, you slack on ‘em, and then ya forget about ‘em. I’m talking about SHOW NOTES! And why show notes matter! And how to write show notes for your podcast that convert listeners into clients! And I’m joined by my guest Valeska Griffiths, the new Copy Chief at The Ultimate Creative!“Don’t treat show notes as a book report, treat them as an ad.” - Valeska Griffiths, Copy Chief, The Ultimate CreativeDownload the show notes guide and template here: and I met when I was releasing my indie horror film Impossible Horror a few years ago, and she featured me in her magazine Grim with an interview about the musical score I wrote. From there I discovered that she’s also a super talented copywriter, so obviously when I started developing a more robust podcast production offering, it made perfect sense for her to join in as the Copy Chief, writing show notes, captions, emails and social posts for the super amazing podcasters on The Ultimate Creative’s roster!Through her podcast network, The Anatomy Of A Scream Pod Squad (co-founded by Joe Lipsett) she provides new podcasters with resources like guest speakers, mentors, templates, tutorials and best practices along with marketing and promos for the short-run shows in the network’s feed. And of course, the reason you’re here today, she also created an amazing show notes template!Guess what, you can download here!This template is really clear and straightforward, which is great for entrepreneurs who are already totally time strapped. It’s especially great if you’re feeling lost and really just want to know how to write show notes for your podcast. This episode is PACKED with info about how to write show notes for your podcast, and other great ways to grow your audience. We also make a lot of silly jokes. #ENTERTAINMENT!Highlights:00:40 Intro to Valeska02:25 Valeska’s copywriting origin story04:14 How Valeska got into podcasting08:05 Anatomy of a Scream Podcasting Network09:40 Elevating voices, perspectives and passions of LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women in horror though podcasting12:50 Limited series podcasts and seasons15:20 Creating a podcast network with resources to grow17:40 Show Notes Template & how to use it19:30 Show Notes Template & Guide - download it here!20:40 Creating chapter markers in Buzzsprout23:18 Show Notes best practices26:00 Plugs! Links mentioned in this episode:Buzzsprout (note, this is an affiliate link which means we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you!):'s website https://www.valeskagriffiths.comAnatomy of a Scream (includes links to Grim, the AOAS Pod Squad Network, and the AOAS Screening Room) https://anatomyofascream.comHouse of Leaves Publishing Work with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
If you’re always scrambling to figure out what to talk about on your podcast, share on social media, or email to your list each week, this episode is for you. In this episode I’m going to show you how to use your podcast as your content map, so that you can feel less stress about content planning and see how a podcast can create all of the content you need. And guess what - it’s not as much effort as you might think!And if you want to take what you’re about to learn in this episode and implement it right away, I’ve got an awesome freebie for you today, the 52 Week Content Planner! I’ve designed it to give you a birds eye view of all of your content week by week, so that you can plan, and execute. Download that at - Big picture! What are your goals?4:45 - Business cycles7:35 - Planning Promos10:45 - Production Schedule11:45 - Creating more content from the podcastCheck out the blog post that covers the this episode in more detail here: mentioned in this episode:52 Week Content Planning Template: Rocket: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
You’ve done the hard work, you’ve recorded your episodes, cut together a trailer, figured out how to submit your RSS feed to all of the main distribution platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify... so what happens after you publish episode one? In this episode we’re going to talk about what to expect when you launch your podcast, and how you can set goals that push you without feeling totally overwhelming!Before I get into the content, I wanted to share an amazing listener review from svcopy (credited “Green Moms Co.” in the episode), who said “Emily shares what’s possible with podcasts. Love listening to these inspiring stories combined with Emily’s marketing tips for using a podcast to grow your business.”And finally I just want to give you a quick heads up about a topic I’m covering at the end of this month that focuses on audience engagement strategies, so make sure you’ve subscribed to this podcast wherever you get your episodes! Preparing to launchI have a whole episode on what you need in order to launch your podcast so I won’t get into that too deeply, but if you need to get more in-depth info for these elements, check out episode 8 of Ultimate Podcast Marketing, The Podcast Launch Checklist.Setting realistic goalsIt’s important to set goals for any marketing campaign, no matter what. Otherwise you’re just creating content for the sake of creating content, and it likely won’t deliver the outcome you were expecting if there’s no strategy behind it.The podcast launch campaignI have an episode called How I Plan My Content which covers some of the strategies behind content planning, and this can really help you to organize your campaign. I cover a lot more of this in my course Podcast Rocket which will be opening up again on April 7, so mark your calendars if you want to get in on that!Guests & shareable assetsIf your first few episodes include guests, make sure they’re armed with all the assets they need to promote the episodes they’re on. Send them audiograms, quote graphics, and prepare these in different aspect ratios.Links mentioned in this episode:Episode 8: The Podcast Launch Checklist: + Convert: Rocket: to make audiograms: I plan my content: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy:
Guest what!? Your guests, that’s what! This week’s episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing is all about preparing your guests to be on your podcast, and the actual steps I take to make sure my guests always feel confident before I hit record!01:09 - Step 1 - Know your own gear and best setup.In order to confidently guide your guest through the tech, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your own gear first. Most importantly, you want to have two separate audio tracks, one for you and one for your guest. This will make editing MUCH easier. More on that here. And of course, always leave time to test before you go live.02:52 - Step 2: Arm them with infoKeep it simple and make sure you give them the basics right away, like the date and time. Send a calendar invite too so there’s no question if/when it’s happening! Give your guest a list of questions you’d like to ask, and let them know you’ll be asking follow up questions as you go through, keeping it light and conversational.03:05 - Step 3: Plan for 10-15 minutes to set up for tech, if you're done early, great!Be confident here - you are in charge and you are the leader so be clear and communicate well. This will inspire confidence for them too! And don’t lose your shit over tech that isn’t working - this is why we plan for backups. It will make for crappy energy throughout the recording if you bring lots of stress into the session. Practice and prep baby!16:57 - Step 4: Wrap up and thanks!Make sure you get those recorded files! Download everything from Zencastr to Zoom to whatever the heck you decide to use. Ask your guest to email you their files immediately after if they are recording to their own computers. And finally, Don’t forget to thank them! But wait, there's more!Have more questions about podcasting? Want to explore what it would be like to work with a podcast producer like me? Head over to to learn more about how I can help you increase your confidence and streamline your entire content plan through podcasting!Follow me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to check out my free mini-course How To Start A Podcast at mentioned in this episode:Podcast Resources: Vartanian's Podcast - The Launch Playbook: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
If you have an online business that serves many people, chances are you’ve heard of “launching”. If, like me, you had no idea what this was until only a few months ago, my guest today, Sara Vartanian is here to tell you all about it, and how podcasting can help you with your launch strategy! Sara is a Launch Strategist and Copywriter who built her business to align with the flexibility she needed in her schedule, which meant switching to more one-to-many services like her Launch Playbook Club and Accelerator. Now, she helps her clients do the same!Go on a listening tour.The first thing Sara recommends doing is going on a “listening tour” which means finding the places that your ideal customer is hanging out, and listening to what they’re saying so that you can “read their minds” and give them exactly what they need with your copy. What are the common things holding them back? What are the questions they’re typically asking? Then, write your content to help address those common questions and feelings. More about that in her amazing mini-course The List Playbook.Focus on the long game.Launching isn’t just about creating an offer (like a course) and putting it out into the world and hoping for the best. It’s actually about refining and testing and resetting and doing that over and over until you figure out a strategy that can really work for your audience and your business. And that’s exactly what Sara specializes in. Because she focuses on helping her clients to launch and she’s in the trenches with them, she know’s what to look for in a successful launch strategy, and the tools that can achieve success!Links mentioned in this episode:The Launch Playbook Podcast: Launch Playbook Club and Accelerator: List Playbook:’s Instagram: my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
In this episode of Ultimate Podcast Marketing, I get to learn all about Podcast Rockteer Kirsten Jordan, and her journey to entrepreneurship through digital marketing! Kirsten’s passion for helping women entrepreneurs to see that their social feeds don’t need to be the picture of “perfection” has inspired her to launch both a podcast and a course with the title “Perfectly Imperfect Social” where she gets down to the facts - social media doesn’t need to be perfect to be effective!Using Digital Media For GoodKirsten’s passion for social media started when she worked with my very good pal Jo Anne Tacorda back at Taking It Global, which is a company that connects youth from around the world, and use tech and digital platforms to do that. Through this work, Kirsten realized what tech can do, especially for social good. After seeing what the youth on the platform were doing to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others, Kirsten was hooked. Shifting To AuthenticityIf you’ve been on social media ever, in your life, you’ve probably also noticed the shift from having thousands of followers to much smaller numbers, which Kirsten calls “micro-influencers.” It’s pretty easy to see through the false follow-bots these days (ummm no one has 17.4k followers and follows no one and only has 27 posts...) and because people are much more savvy they’re getting rid of the “big” influencers in favour of people with smaller audiences that they feel they can trust more. The shift to authenticity is making it even more possible for small businesses to have a greater impact!Starting A PodcastI love Kirsten’s journey to podcasting, what started out as an idea for a course for social media turned into audio case studies, which then turned into - you guessed it - her podcast! Kirsten was one of the first Rocketeers through Podcast Rocket back in May, and since then we’ve worked together to produce 12 episodes! I LOVE her podcast because Kirsten doesn’t shy away from sharing her opinion, which generates even more conversations with her guests. Each guest she has on has a completely different approach to social media, so whether you’re a super planner (like me) or you like to do your social off the cuff, you’ll find something in each episode that resonates with your own style and gives you tips to improve your strategies. Seriously, I LOVE IT.Links mentioned in this episode:Kirsten Jordan’s website - kirstenjordan.meKirsten’s IG - my mini course - How To Start A Podcast: with me!Podcast Production: Strategy: me on Instagram at @the_ultimatecreative and don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to Ultimate Podcast Marketing wherever you get your podcasts!
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