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You need fuel for your journey. You need support for your dreams. You want to get unstuck and live life to the fullest! Steve Pederson, musician, author, speaker, entrepreneur and family man hosts this weekly podcast that helps you up-level your life. Be inspired by teaching and interviews with people whose lives have been transformed. Hear the stories that have enabled them to overcome crippling obstacles and have propelled them towards their destiny. It's all about real people overcoming real odds to realize their dreams.
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This episode covers the two magical ingredients that can get you through any hurdle, obstacle, road block, or setback in life: hope and faith! In this episode...The incredible story that inspired the song Hope and FaithHow to develop hope and faith in the context of your personal life and dreamsHow to guard your hope and faith so that you don't lose your mind and give them up
They’re the two most powerful words in any language, and I talk about them and what they mean for your life on this episode of the Dream Highway podcast. We've all said things like, "I'm such an idiot" or "I'm so stupid". Learn why that is so unhealthy and how to change that kind of thinking at the subconscious level. Learn the difference between meditating and meditation and why that's important. Can you achieve enlightenment? It may be easier than you think! Also, don't forget to grab your copy of my free blueprint! 
"Do you find yourself counting the days until the weekend? Life doesn't have to be that way." - That's a quote from one of the books I talk about on this episode of The Dream Highway Podcast. I'm discussing three books on pursuing your dreams:The Dream Giver by Bruce WilkinsonYour Heart's Desire by Sonia Choquette Live What You Love by Bob and Melinda BlanchardVisit the show notes for complete details here. Download my free blueprint: 5 Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams
When his dream of being a star quarter back came crashing down, he had to tackle the adversity of completely reinventing himself. Listen as former professional football player Zac Hoffman discusses his realization that leaving a legacy and making an impact were much more important to him than chasing the spotlight of stardom.Highlights -  Played sports as a kid, always wanted to be a star quarterback, but my body didn’t line up with my mind That’s where my journey started - realizing that I wasn’t meant to be a pro football player - forced me to step back and rethink the direction of my life - that reality forced me to grow as a person.When you want something so bad and it doesn’t work out, it’s normal to be devastated at first. Ever since I was young I feared that I would grow up and have a life of no impact, no influence on others and just kinda get lost in the shuffle.I said, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what I’m supposed to, but I know it’s not here.” There’s a lot of people who kinda know they’re not living the life they want to, but they’re afraid to feel uncomfortable.We all have a desire to be in the limelight, the spotlight, but I realized what was more important is that I wanted to make a difference, an impact.  I see how short-sighted I was. I only saw myself as a football player. I didn’t see any other potential in myself. Now it’s a blessing. After all the places I’ve seen and the kids I’ve impacted - I would’ve missed all that had I only focused on being a football player.We all have the ability to be who we want, but we have to step out of our comfort zones to get there. Those who have the courage to step out of their comfort zones - on the other side of that is your true potential. Don’t wait for something to come along to force you into your dream. Own it now.So many people with potential get left behind because they need time to develop, but they don’t get it because we live in such a fast-paced world. Maybe they just needed the right person to come into their lives and see their potential - and when they see it they can then overcome the obstacles they’ve had in their lives and then leave their legacy. We all have that. Legacy is the same as impact. What impact did you have that can be carried on to future generations? At the end of the day, life is very short. How do you want to be remembered? I want to be remembered as someone who gave other people inspiration to become the best versions of themselves.We don’t always know exactly what’s going to happen or what to expect. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we can’t always see what’s right in front of us or everything in between.You don’t have to have absolute clarity in order to start taking action. I’ve always have enjoyed writing, but often would wake up and think - oh, I don’t want to do this today, I don’t even know if people will like this, what am I doing?If you want to be in a leadership position in our global environment, you have to be able to accept and adapt - accept each other’s differences and adapt to people’s motives.There are reasons we’re given the dreams we’re given, and it’s so important to pursue them, even if your dream is temporary. You may have been given that dream to get you on a certain path that you otherwise wouldn’t be on had you not pursued your original dream.Don’t silence the voice or the curiosity that’s saying, “man, I’d really love to do this thing over here.”In every situation where I’ve thought, “It’s about to collapse, the roof’s about to fall in on me” - God has never let me fall to the point where I couldn’t get back up.
Like many of us, she thought she was invincible...until she got Lyme Disease. Listen as Transformative Emotion Healer and PhD of Natural Medicine, Abby Matzke, talks about her natural healing journey and the soul-body connection she now helps her clients make in order to get tremendous results they were otherwise unable to achieve. Episode Highlights/Summary -  The source of our problems goes deeper than what we thought it was. Society has taught us to put a bandaid on it - look for the surface-level fix, the physical fix. Anti-depressants in general are one example of a bandaid that are slapped on instead of helping people process the deeper things they’ve been through.Your body and soul are very capable of piecing things back together, but it needs a chance. The body and the soul work together. Without the soul, the body is just a carcass. Problems may start in the body or they may start in the soul - whichever one it starts in, it’s going to pull the other off.When God spoke - that’s vibration. He tells the energy he made, “This is where you’re going to go.” His vibration, his voice, his intention is running all of it.We were created in harmony with healing. God had a plan for this.You’re basically not here. You’re hardly solid at all. You are mostly energy.It’s your faith that heals you. That doesn’t mean that, if you’re not healing it’s because you don’t have faith, but that’s often the first place we go. Broken Heart syndrome can literally kill a person though there is nothing physically wrong with them. Taking care of the Spirit is super important - it could be the answer to all of this.Industry’s standard procedure for Lyme Disease is a year’s worth of antibiotics. Anti-bio means anti-life. God has given us solutions, we have to find them.With a lot of diseases, there is a lot of fear involved. Self-protective, high-adrenalin instincts/response kick in. It’s a spectrum, and it’s not wrong to use the tools, but why start at the far end of the spectrum that is not natural?Maybe seek herbs first instead of having a knee-jerk panic reaction. Brand name “New Song Wellness” - reference to the Psalms: “I will sing to the Lord a new song.” It has to do with the idea of songs being vibration or frequencies; energy.  The devil wants us to doubt ourselves. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. God was not kidding around when he put this thing together. Start listening to your body - it’s filled with the Holy Spirit. If we’re wrong, He’s going to salvage the mess.You can trust your own intuition and even verify it very simply on your own - we have lie detectors built right into us, we’re just not taught how to use it.What is a way we can test ourselves? If you’re bursting into your day or slogging into it, either way, you’re off. Just reflect - what do you want to do? What are you grateful for? Every day is a gift, but it doesn’t have to be a big achievement. High achievers…relax! Having a day off is an achievement. Not accomplishing something is an achievement. Stop the judgment on yourself.Ask: Is my gut in a knot? Are my shoulders super tight? How’s my posture? Am I pushing against a metaphorical brick wall?  Dreams? If you have it in your heart and/or mind, you should start chasing it, because that seed has been planted in you for a reason. Don’t get hung up on the end result. The journey is where you’re going to grow. Be happy along the way. 
Take a Breather

Take a Breather


Do you ever feel rundown, exhausted, stressed out or overwhelmed? It may be time for you to take a breather my friend. If you want some powerful ideas on how to recharge your batteries, then this is the episode for you!HighlightsIf you think doing nothing by "taking a breather" sounds boring, realize that that is just a thought. It may not be your reality.You have to completely detach from outcomes and be in the moment. Detach from the past, detach from the future. Retreats and vacations are fun, but you need to unplug more than a couple times a year. And you really need to do it every day, and sometimes multiple times per day.The main thing that we need to take a breather from is our own thoughts and our own mind.Don’t wait until you’re worn out, wiped out and burned out to take a breather. Make it a part of your daily routine.
She left the safety of a corporate gig in the middle of the pandemic and grew her own business to over six figures in the first six months! Listen as digital marketing expert and entrepreneur Brianca Johnson talks about her journey of breaking free from the formula of the status quo to pursue her own unique vision for her life.Show HighlightsShe upended her life by moving to a city where she didn’t know anyone to pursue her career.Quarantine made her reflect on and take an inventory of her life - and realized she didn’t like what she saw. She had to make a decision: Go after what you were taught - which was the formula: tow the line of the status quo, or take a risk and be an entrepreneur. The struggle over why it seems to hard to go on a journey that you feel is God’s vision for your life: aka “The Desert”The results of taking a scary step - a leap of faithEverybody always asks, “How do I do it right?” There is no “right” way. People may have gone before you in a general sense, but nobody has traveled your specific dream highway. Everything you need is already inside you - rely on your intuition and the vision that you have. “This is what I want my life to look like, and this is how I best use my gifts and how I best serve” - when you rely on that, you get the steps along the way. Information is aplenty and accessible - but that doesn’t mean the steps are - you might have to figure out the steps on your own or with a coach - and that’s part of the fun.When you see the impact that you have, you want to keep doing it and serving in that way.There is a balance. You can serve yourself and serve others.  “I look forward to continuing to do this” vs hating to wake upHigher levels can bring new devils.You can do hard things. You can come out on the other side and be okay.Doing hard things for yourself, for your vision, for your dream is way easier than doing it for somebody else’s.Instead of praying, “Lord, just give me this bonus, this raise, then I’ll have more money and be happier,” pray, “Teach me how to serve.” Do what needs to be done. Don’t live in fear. If you know that this is what you’re supposed to be doing, but you don’t understand what the pathway looks like from here to here, that’s okay, but take a step, take the first step, take any step! Even if it’s the wrong step, just move! Do something! “Faith without works”…the works is the key.
She saw a Hallmark movie and thought, “That’s the kind of life I want!” Listen as coach, motivational speaker and best-selling author Stephanie Mearse talks about her incredible journey from living next to a dumpster with a drug addicted mother to getting her masters degree, being the CEO of a company and so much more.  Highlights -  Just because you’ve achieved one of your goals, doesn’t mean you have to stop there! We’re all in God’s arena, and he has gifted various people with different modalities to help and heal people. In other words, coaches and therapists are your friends. They are there to help you, not judge you. Whenever you overcome a fear you go to new levels and wonder what else is possible. She wouldn’t have realized her life passion if she didn’t push past her fears.How many people are held back from a greater level of serving people because of their fear?Opening up to people and being vulnerable about something you feel ashamed of or embarrassed about can be terrifying, but you can do it - even if you have to start small. Takes self confidence and assurance that, in the end, I’m going to be okay. It’s a God thing: “God’s got me. He’s got eyes everywhere looking out for me.” Don’t ware yourself out being a perfectionist. Perfectionism is all about control, and when you have a bad childhood it’s easy to want to control everything.What we see on social media is everyone’s outsides, not their insides. Even if you think you’re doing terrible and not making a difference, you probably are in some way, shape or form for somebody.
She discovered her life’s purpose while helping other people discover theirs. Listen as life coach Claudia Flores discusses how you too can dig down deep to discover your dreams and live the life you really want to live. Claudia has been a successful marketing and advertising professional for over 25  years. She has worked as a business and marketing consultant, keynote speaker and University professor.She then pivoted her career to pursue a Life Coaching practice to help women transform their lives and to discover who they are, what their mission in life is and the purpose for which they have been created. Highlights -  You might feel like your dream is “crazy” and you don’t want to go there, but dreams stick with you. They don’t go away. In fact, if it’s not going away, it may be a good sign that’s what you might really enjoy doing. Sometimes people just need to see it in action in someone else to have an awakening, an a-ha moment, and realize what might be possible for them.A lot of people pursue careers because their parents expect it or fund an education for it, not because that’s where their heart is or dreams lie.Parents have an opportunity to help their children discover where their own dreams lie and not try to live vicariously through them or try to achieve their dreams through their children Consider what’s going to effect your future for the long term, not just immediately.It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can make changes and have a more meaningful life.Do a self-assessment. Ask yourself the tough questions and be open to whatever kind of responses come up. You have to celebrate the little shifts, because sometimes, when we think about changing our lives or going after our dreams, all we can envision is terror, fear and the obstacles.Dig deep into your heart and listen to what’s going on on the inside. Dig Deep and see if the life you’re living now is the life you really want to live.  Be true to yourself, pursue your dreams, look for the things that give you joy, stay away from things that don’t give you joy. We don’t need a lot of things to be happy, we just need the important things in life to be happy. 
She said she would never become a Christian. Listen as former atheist, new ager and food addict Keri Dunlap talks about her personal transformation when she learned how to meet God in the middle. Show Highlights -  If you’ve ever said to yourself, “It wasn’t in God’s plan” or “This is what God gave me” or “This is my cross to bear”, there’s a lot of work that can be done in your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical systems to move past that and accept responsibility, meet God in the middle, create transformation and live out the glory of God every day.How to provide “truth” for people who have been raised in systems where the Bible is the only source of truthDeath of a loved one often creates a shift in spiritual consciousness Are you ready to release and transform the identity that you have, the comfort zone of what you’ve been taught to be true? Are you ready to face the fact that what you’ve always known may not be true? How you feel in your body effects everyone in your life. Who you are holistically as a person in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body does effect the human experience and ripples out - but it starts with you and God.The ego is based in the concept of walking alone: “I don’t need God, I have the answers already, my truth is the truth, my fears are valid and real.” The ego comes from the mind. The mind creates fears and desires to live in survival mode. The mind loves to have belief systems to keep you in the box and in survival mode, but is that truly what God wants for you?I let go of the version of me that society created me to be and allowed Jesus to come in and create the version that he desires me to be. How did I learn what that is? Independent study of the Bible and praying the prayer, “Change me, God.” 
His doctor said he would never walk, and his high school principal said he wasn’t college material...but he showed them. Listen as mindset coach Paul Forchione discusses how he helps people rewrite their story so they can accomplish the impossible.Paul was born with cerebral palsy and it was so severe the doctor told his mom he would never be able to walk. Thank goodness for a great mindset and mom,  as they wouldn't let that be his story. All through his life, people have tried to write his story for him, but Paul never gave up his pen.Highlights: Listen to Paul’s incredible story of overcoming the doctor’s prediction that he would never walkBe inspired by Paul’s tenacity to follow his dream of playing on the high school varsity baseball teamHear how Paul’s energy shift got the kids who used to bully and tease him to start rooting for him Find out how Paul’s coworkers went from ignoring him to asking him how got to be so successful Discover the one obstacle that Paul’s finds everyone struggles with Learn the one secret that Paul found was the secret to having a successful coaching business Paul says, “Don’t force yourself to be happy all the time - we’re all human beings and we’re entitled to feel angry and sad, but there will be times when you don’t want to feel that way anymore.” Love yourself - give yourself love - look at yourself in the mirror and love that person It is all about the journey - if you don’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself when you’re making millions
Man, he’s done it all, from serving in the Air Force to writing multiple gospel plays. Listen as military veteran and leadership coach Lee Mooring talks about making a significant difference one life at a time. HighlightsTrauma is not just something you find in the militaryEveryone deals with trauma, depression and anxietyWhy it’s so difficult to advocate for yourself You may never know the difference you can make in one person’s life Everyone needs a hand Hear the story of how Lee became a gospel playwright Working as a co-worker with the Spirit You have to take action on your dreams Like a sailboat without a sail are dreams without action The importance of celebrating your successes 
His friends got him up on stage doing comedy in front of thousands of people, getting standing ovations and opening for a major celebrity. Listen as happiness coach Greg Kettner talks about how he helps people love the work they do or find work they love. HighlightsHear Greg’s amazing story of being put on the spot to do a 15-minute comedy spot in front of thousands of people at a sales conference in Las Vegas - only having 5 minutes of material as a novice comedian What it really means to take a gamble on yourself Why you should give yourself a standing ovationGreg’s life lessons: saying yes when you don’t have a plan, delivering and betting on yourself even if no one else willIf you want the life of your dreams, you’re going to have to fail a lot, but every failure gets you closer to your goal
In this episode of the Dream Highway Podcast, I am answering your most pressing questions! From faith to  my musical background, From parenting to how airplanes fly, there’s a lot to cover! Here are the questions I address...What is the most important parenting advice you could give to fathers?What got you into guitars and when?How do older Christians not get stagnant in their faith?Is meditation a conflict with Christianity?How do airplanes fly?Why do you love singing Christian music with the girls?What are some of the biggest differences in your expression of guitar playing in the present day compared to how you played 20 years ago? What do you seek in your own playing now that you didn’t when you were younger, and vice versa?Why not?Do you take song requests?How do we heal the great divide? (Political and racial)When are you moving back to MN?!What number are you on the enneagram? Which is your favorite podcast episode? What podcasts do you listen to? 
After you’ve acquired all the things that society has told you you need to acquire, you may end up asking yourself the question, “What now?”. Join me for a discussion on what to do once you discover everything in your life is not bringing you the peace of mind you hoped it would. 
If you’ve ever felt guilty for not giving your loved ones the attention you think they deserve, then you’re not alone. On this episode of The Dream Highway Podcast, listen as transformational life coach and mother of three girls, Denise Purdy, explains how you too can pass down messages of love, connection and positivity to the next generation. HighlightsWhat happens when we suppress our desires and who we really areGenerational beliefs, habits, patterns etc and why they are importantWhat it means to be a “supermom”What do people really want? A great way to put your to do list in perspectiveWhat that desire to rearrange your furniture is telling youHow you can have an active role in the results of your marriage, parenting, health
Forget about New Year's resolutions! Today Steve Pederson has three very important questions that we owe it to ourselves to ask, if we want to stay motivated on our journey toward our destiny. These are great questions to ask anytime, but particularly helpful at the beginning of a new year, quarter, etc. 
If you thought decluttering was just about getting rid of old items that you no longer use, think again. Listen as Clutter Clearing Coach Gaby Abdelgadir talks about how decluttering is primarily a spiritual exercise. Highlights - There’s things you have in your home that carry an energy with them that you may be completely unaware of, and it is subconsciously effecting you somehow, either in a positive or negative way.Got objects in your home/office from an old relationship that hurt you? It’s a constant reminder of that energy.Having clutter laying around that you’re not using may be a negative affirmation. You may be declaring that you don’t need it but are afraid to let it go, which is an energy of lack.How to let things go: thank it and bless it. “Thank you for being in my life and serving me, now I want you to bless someone else and be of good service to them.”This year has been challenging enough. It’s time to let go of stuff that doesn’t serve you and stuff you don’t love. Give it a blessing and let it go.Don’t make your new year any worse by holding on to things that hold you down. “From a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical ‘stuff’ equates with letting go of emotional stuff from your life. In truth, clutter clearing is never about the stuff; it addresses other things going on beneath the surface.” - Denise Linn
The year was 2020. A family of four was quarantined in their 2 BR condo in Chicago for 9 months. What happened? Did they all go crazy? Where are they now? Listen as I talk with my family about our journey down the Dream Highway together during a year of living in close quarters! Listen as we discuss such questions as...What is something fascinating you learned this year? What is one way you surprised yourself?What is a quote/verse/mantra that helped you through the tough times? And many more! 
She put everyone else first, and put her own dreams on the back burner. Listen as women’s empowerment coach Stephanie Hyde talks about how a chance encounter with an iconic celebrity reignited her passion to live a life full of magic and purpose. Highlights: It’s natural to feel unfulfilled after doing everything for others and yet neglecting your own dreams. When you’re struggling, treading water, it’s hard to dream. Even if you don’t know exactly what it looks like, start moving towards your dreams.Find the people that are “your people” to support your dream and join you on the journey. Reach out and get the help you need from those who are farther along.Your mess is your message.Even if others are smearing you with lies, live your truth and they will see it.People “should” grow up and be mature, but often they don’t.Don’t make life any harder than it already is. Be there to support one another. Your voice is you! How did your voice treat you today? Train your inner voice to be your best friend. You’ve got to get out of your own way and let the magic happen naturally. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Turn fear into feedback. It’s never too late to go after your dreams. Sit and listen to yourself. What makes you happy? The best way to protect yourself is by creating an amazing life that so fulfills you that nothing can penetrate it with negativity.If you create your best life, everything falls into place, and nothing can take you down.Don’t settle for good. Go for great Go for amazing. Make your life everything you want it to be.Be better tomorrow than you are today. The cumulative effect will amaze you. 
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