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You have to be true to yourself and respect the source - or roots - of your discipline to really have something authentic to say. No one knows this better than flamenco guitarist Flavio Rodrigues. Join us for an insider listen to a rather profound conversation we had in the kitchen of our AirBnB while on our trip to Spain. 
Gifts from Spain

Gifts from Spain


When you travel to another country without your family, it's only natural to bring them back a gift. In this episode I share some of the gifts - in the form of lessons learned - I received from my travels abroad. 
Vladimer Botsvadze is a world-renowned digital transformation thought leader, influencer, keynote speaker, startup advisor, professor, and internet personality. He has enjoyed an outstanding career at the top of the technology industry and he is recognized as one of the brightest minds in digital transformation. He positions brands as market leaders in their industries. He is currently ranked as the No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360. Exeleon Magazine has named him among the Transformative Leaders of the Year in 2022. Vladimer is an advisory board member of the RETHINK Retail and he is a member of the Marketing Judging Committee of the American Business Awards. Vladimer transforms brands and builds businesses. He is a global audience favorite from New York to Sydney.
Joe is Christian, a husband and grandfather, and works as a licensed marriage and family therapist in the Chicago area. He is also an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, helping people overcome the pain of loss. Joe's interest in helping people with loss began after the tragic death of his daughter, Gayle, in the mass shooting that took her life on Valentines Day in 2008 while she was attending class at Northern Illinois University. Since then, Joe has written the book "Cartwheels in the Rain: Finding Faith in the Wake of the Unthinkable," spoken on numerous talk shows, including Significant Insights with Jerry Rose and a special episode of Dateline NBC: Columbine -- the Way Home. He enjoys conversing and a good cup of coffee.
Calling all people pleasers! Create conflict on purpose?! That's what conflict expert Jerry Fu explains is good practice in order to be prepared for the real deal! From bosses to parents, Jerry gives incredible insight on how to go from conflict averse to a skilled master of conflict de-escalation. He even has wisdom to all you dancers: chemistry on the dance floor does not translate to chemistry off the dance floor! Jerry is a conflict resolution coach who helps Asian-American leaders advance in their career and life journeys. Having taken on several pharmacy leadership roles, Jerry started coaching in 2017 to help other Asian-American professionals deal with the conflict they encounter at work, with their culture, and within themselves. 
Yes, he has a 265 lb. pet pig called Gracie May. But that’s not the main reason for the discussion. In this conversation Robert Riopel and Steve Pederson talk about some of the clues of success. Robert discusses his story of going from being $150k in debt to being financially free and the incredible life lessons he learned in the process. Robert is an international Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer who has spent the past 18+ years traveling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.With his high energy and heartfelt style, Robert draws on his journey from humble beginnings to financial freedom at the age of 32, to inspire individuals into tapping into their greatness. Realizing that he is not the only person that struggles, Robert’s “Clues” open individuals up to the possibilities that lie within them and that is why he is a highly sought after presenter.See the full show notes and download Robert's incredibly generous free gift here.
If you're like me, you might be kinda surprised to find out there could be a problem with having dreams. Yikes! And, if you're like me, you'll want to find out if there is a solution, or if having dreams is simply a futile endeavor. Maybe it's both! Join me, and let's explore this topic together. Also, stick around to the end to hear the bloopers and a new guitar riff! 
All along the road of life are signs that indicate if you are going the "right" or "wrong" way. Can you recognize the warning signs of despair on your journey? If you become insensitive to these warning signs you run the risk of living a very unfulfilled life with possible disastrous consequences. Listen as the host of The Dream Highway Podcast, Steve Pederson, outlines the seven most common warning signs that indicate you are going the wrong way and headed for despair. Sign up to receive your free copy of The DREAM Formula - A Model for Creating Your Ideal Life from the Inside Out. 
Stepping into your dream can be like stepping into the car of your dreams as it sits on the showroom floor. It may not be yours yet, but just putting yourself into it makes it come alive in your mind and in your senses. Before you know it, you'll be driving that thing down your own  Dream Highway! Join me as I talk with my special guest Heather Holloway, founder of Holloway Media Services and host of Practadgoal Talk, about her overcoming divorce, bankruptcy and other challenges to step into her dream of being the greatest host ever. 
Heather is a Holistic Performance & Business Coach and the Owner and Creative Director of Own It Empire. She assists conscious entrepreneurs to become the best versions of themselves and live their best lives through Holistic High Performance & Business coaching with her Online programs and 1 on 1 VIP Coaching. Heather has always been an entrepreneur and has over 15 years experience studying human potential and performance and a decade of coaching individuals and assisting them to get clear on their goals and make them a reality. Through self and business mastery we can truly live a life on our own terms, happy and fulfilled - that is OWNING IT! 
What if you were living a very simple life, not because you had to, but because that was your choice? What if "having it all" meant having very little? Join me as I talk with Australian entrepreneur Tom Wedding, whose business success has allowed him to have freedom in his life to do what he chooses.  Discover what led him to choose a life of simplicity and joy! 
Are insecurities holding you back from following your dreams? Do you think making lots of money will corrupt you? What if “selling your soul” meant not honoring your gifts and your dreams? Everyone has a figurative rulebook that says how they should act and who they should be. What if you could throw out that rulebook and create your life the way you want it? Join me as I talk with Frank Macri, founder of Thriving Coach Academy. When he started his own journey as a coach over 7 years ago, Frank did not have any prior business experience or a large online following. Yet, he discovered a unique process that allowed him to take his business from zero to multiple six figures before turning 30, making him one of the most successful Millennial coaches in the industry. Now, Frank has trained and mentored over 1,000 individuals looking to start their own coaching practices. He is also the host of the “Life Coaching Secrets” podcast.
I am joined by my daughter Christa for a lively discussion about what ikigai is, and maybe more importantly, what it isn’t! Do you think you know what it is? Join us and find out! 
Are you living the life YOU want to live, or the life somebody else wants you to live? It's not usually either/or. There's usually a bit of both. The question is, do you want to move the needle so that it points a little bit more towards you living the life you want? Life is always changing. The future is always uncertain. How equipped are you to navigate your journey so that you are living more mindfully and intentionally? In this episode of The Dream Highway Podcast Steve Pederson takes a look at this idea of, not getting a crystal clear vision of your entire life, but simply getting a clearer vision for your life as it unfolds step by step in front of you. 
Think you don’t have a message? You don’t have to be a speaker, author, podcaster or coach to have and share a message that someone needs to hear. Take Kerry Heaps for example. She happens to be a speaker, author and entrepreneur that helps others get their message out there. In this episode she shares a story about a random encounter with an individual that wasn’t “supposed to” happen. Turns out, because she looked for a way to share her message rather than getting upset about her circumstances, she was able to have a powerful impact on another human in great need.An Entrepreneur of 16 years, Kerry is the President of Book.Speak.Repeat - taking the work out getting booked as a speaker - and the Host of the Book.Speak.Repeat. Podcast. She is a highly sought-after Speaker on topics such as Leveraging your Publicity to Close More Deals, Bodies Don’t Lie-Body Language Basics,  and The Network Game - Making Networking “Work” for Your Business. 
His life was nearly ended at the young age of 17 while waiting to turn at a green light. After 20 years of recovery, which he still continues today, he now sees why it is so important to Make Every Second Count.Join Steve Pederson and his guest; transformational speaker, author, coach, a youth mentor Jeff Marconette Jr. as they discuss how Jeff's accident turned his dreams of being a BMX bike competitor into dreams of taking his message of making every second count to every continent on the planet! 
What is the life script you've been handed? We've all been given one. Living according to someone else's script "makes you susceptible to going through the motions of life rather than truly living life and doing what you really love to do." In this interview with healing artist and holistic life coach Lori Pino we discuss the opportunity we have to live intentionally and develop our own script, or "flip the script" as they say. We also talk about her book Haight Words and her mission to bring light to how we treat anyone who seems different from us. 
In this episode of Steve's Stories I use the metaphor of playing in a rock and roll cover band and what that can teach us about our fears stopping us from going after our dreams. 
After playing for the Baltimore Ravens, he set out to build a construction business. Unfortunately, because of his ego, his business ended in bankruptcy. Listen as former NFL athlete Marques Ogden talks about the difficult lessons he learned and how he bounced back from bankruptcy to build booming business as a best-selling author, business coach and motivational speaker. 
Do you ever feel stuck in life? Let Steve Pederson inspire you with this story to change your life and help you keep moving forward. Steve's Stories start as an inspirational email. If you'd like to sign up to receive Steve's Stories as a weekly email, visit the sign up page here.
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