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Weekly musings with Nick Alexander & Bryan Frist, co-founders of Yoshi
6 Episodes
Zach DeWitt (Wing Venture Capital) - An early investor in Yoshi, advisor to the company & friend - talks with Nick and Bryan about how companies of all sizes are adapting to COVID and some of the lessons we can learn from those adapting particularly well.
Marriage proposals and Easter dinner invites, Rachel really is the Crown Jewel of the Yoshi customer experience but who is Rachel? Lizzie Cochran "Head Rachel" spills the beans on the success of Rachel including dispelling the "bot" myth and that age old there more than one Rachel?
Yang Liu, Head of the Yoshi Dev Team, joins Nick and Bryan this week to share his advice around how you can keep your team efficient and effective while they work from home. During COVID the Yoshi team, like many others around the world, have switched to remote working and so Yang will share his tips and tools that he has found useful for his Dev team during these times. -Keep Moving 
Lyal Avery, CEO of Pullrequest, joins Nick and Bryan this week to talk about code reviews in "laymen's terms" and feedback with empathy.Even if you are not a coder or engineer this episode will be sure to teach you something about what makes a good code review and help you have empathy for what your engineers are working on. -Keep Moving 
In this episode Nick and Bryan bring in their third Yoshi Co-Founder Dan Hunter. Dan is an Automotive expert and is happy to share his top 5 tips on buying a used car and what you should be looking for. Keep Moving!
"Getting started is the hardest part" - Sound familiar? We thought the theme was pretty perfect for the first episode of our "Keep Moving" podcast.In this episode co-hosts, Nick Alexander and Bryan Frist, talk to Yoshi's Head of Product, Matt Diepenbrock, all about getting started - in particular with a new product.Matt will walk us through the early process; from coming up with an idea; getting feedback; creating an MVP; getting the product into the customers hands; and all the fun that goes along with it.- Keep Moving!
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