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Your hosts, Michelle and Steve, join you in your discovery and the science of threesomes, sex clubs, open relationships and more! Launchpad is ready, helmets are checked, now it's full speed ahead through the galaxy of sexual empowerment - hilarity, awkwardness, embarrassing stories, lessons learned, sexy encounters - nothing will be spared.
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Rebecca Raine is a disabled sex worker and plethora of knowledge and experience - from camming to sugar babying to escorting. She knows the ins and outs of sex working, how to set boundaries, balance personal life, establish safety networks with fellow sex workers and even gives back to queer youth in her community!Find Rebecca Raine on Twitter: @RebeccaRaine300Find more information about how to identify sex trafficking and help those being exploited at Hope for Justice and Stop the Traffik.Support the show (
Kitten is a big, beautiful woman with a big, beautiful message. ...and ass, which she is not afraid to use! Kitten talks overcoming an unhealthy relationship and criticisms, to the empowerment she now feels posting nudes online, exploring with others and loving every inch of her deserving self!Find Kitten on Reddit: Just-Call-Me-KittenSupport the show (
The show is back after a brief hiatus! Our interview this week is a lovely (and newly formed) triad consisting of Em, Allie, and Jonas. Delights all, with great stories and fun, sexy shenanigans. We loved these guys, and we feel bad that it's taken so long to get the episode out. Sorry friends! But everyone else, you're welcome. So grab some snacks, gather your sexual partners around the fire, and settle in for a fun episode.Support the show (
If you've questioned what a BDSM relationship is like... here is one fun example, with returned guest Mr. Monk and his submissive Miss V. They go into different types of punishment and "funishment", give us a glimpse into their training modules and how their arrangement fits into their daily life and relationships.As mentioned in this episode:Evie Lupine YouTube Yes-No-Maybe Checklist for BDSM Interestswww.bdsmtest.orgOr reach out to Mr. Monk on FetLife or Twitter: @phrygian_monkSupport the show (
Your co-pilots Michelle & Steve are psyched to bring you into the double digits of episodes together. We share a big life update, strange threesome propositions, what we've learned so far with the podcast, and our newfound kinks!Have you listened to our first 10 episodes? If so, email and we will donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement!Support the show (
The charming Mr. Monk demystifies what it is like being a dominant, training his submissive, getting involved in the BDSM lifestyle and appreciating the beauty of rope play. He is a great ambassador for those starting out. Get in touch with him!FetLife: phrygian_monkTwitter: @phrygian_monkSupport the show (
Miss Tofu is by far our kinkiest interview yet. She is polyamorous, has worked as an escort, cam girl, porn photographer and videographer. She is a Pornhub porn star and veteran in the kink world… as well as super sweet, funny, professional and respectful. Tofu takes control of this spaceship - and it’s full speed ahead to online and in person sex work. Find Tofux_ online:OnlyFans: @tofux_Twitter: tofux_Instagram: tofux_PornHub: ttofuxOnlyFans Free Naked Gaming: tofux_gamingInstagram Sex Workers Support Page: sworkersonlySupport the show (
Julie is a dominatrix... with beautiful feet... that will walk all over you! But don't be intimidated, she is actually super sweet, relatable, and navigates this fetish world with purpose. As the title suggests, Julie spares no details of her s-toe-ry: from the commands she gives her loyal slaves, to the mechanics of a foot job (yes, it is what you think it is), and what her boyfriend thinks about it all!  Follow Julie on:Reddit: Juliemcc97Only Fans: feet_beautyxInstagram: feet_beautyxSupport the show (
This episode was Steve's idea. You will quickly learn why, but we hope everyone will feel better by the end. During this mission through sexual space your hosts Michelle and Steve critique non-monogamy in popular media and answer questions they have been asked following the first 5 episodes. How does our open relationship work exactly? How do we avoid developing feelings for others? This, as well as our thoughts on cheating and monogamous relationships, await.Support the show (
Captain Beatrix Roidinger is a sex advisor, couples counsellor, clinical sexologist and sex-positive event organizer. She shares her experiences with young people and couples questioning their sexual identity and desires, and gives exciting insight into Sexolution Festival happening later this year! She is experienced and insightful, resources abound!More about Beatrix Roidinger's practice and services:www.eros-und-du.atMore about Sexolution Festival: www.sexolution-festival.comMore about Sexolution Conference:www.sexolution-conference.comSupport the show (
Erika & James are two very emotionally intelligent astronauts that navigate the polyamorous sexosphere. They are open and honest about difficulties they encounter and how they've built their relationship framework where they both feel free and thrive! Their advice is on-point for all listeners, no matter their level of sexploration.Support the show (
Unicorn Science with Amber

Unicorn Science with Amber


Ever dreamt about being with a couple? This proud unicorn, and intelligent and ambitious young woman, is a unique case, thriving in the awkwardness and sexiness of being with couples. How does it work? Strap in for the ride.Support the show (
Kinky, fun, sweet, curious, and bold - Zack will take you on one hell of an expedition: from discovering his bisexuality (you won't believe how), to sex club hopping across Europe! He is super open about threesomes, how to please your partner and ways to engage with the community. Do sex clubs allow astronauts? They sure do!Support the show (
Testing testing... is this thing on? Navigator Michelle and Science Officer Steve here. This episode is about us - how we met, how our relationship dynamic has changed, our sex friends and sexcapades - and our goals for this podcast spaceship. Join us as we plot our course through sexual space! ...or don't join us! Either way, this episode can help you decide.Our good friends at the Normalizing Non-monogamy Podcast actually interviewed us about our lifestyle in May 2020 - Listen here if you'd like to hear us on the opposite side of the questions for a change.Support the show (
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