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In this episode we take you through a cliff notes journey of this years Edinburgh fringe through the experiences of our guests!Guests links:JJ the show
In this episode we chat to author, teacher and founder of The Good Egg Foundation Sandy Ciaramitaro. We discuss what led her to writing children's books, how she uses them to raise money to help her community and how listeners can use their creativity to do the same!Good Eggs Website: the show
Warning: Mentions of death, murder and violent abuse.The demonstrations and protests that are taking place in Iran are the result of years of abuse suffered by Iranian women. They are one of the most serious challenges to the establishment in years. If you can then please donate to organisations that will assist the protesters. Seek out and uplift Iranian voices on this issue.Donation LinksThe Centre for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) Boroumand Centre Iranian Diaspora Collective Wind Up Doll By Forugh Farrokhzad, Translated by Sholeh Wolpé By Asieh Amini Care of Yourself By Elham Malekpoor Arashlu By Sheena Kalbasi Tears are Sweet By Simin Behbahani, Translated by Farzaneh Milani and Kaveh Safa by Martin Chulov by Nasrin Parvaz by Patrick Wintour by Rana Rahimpour and Lina Shaikhouni by Solcyre Burga by Roya Backlund the show
Warning: Mentions of Cannibalism and Child neglectIn our final Halloween episode for 2022 we slip into the wonderfully eerie fairytale world of Angela Carter.We live in a society that puts a lot of time and energy into othering its people. Someone who is not a wolf and not human must discover the world around and within them without assistance.Support the show
In our second story of the halloween season we dive into 'Smee' by A.M. Burrage. Halloween is a wonderful time for tricks and games, but do be careful when your playing. It's all fun until someone breaks the rules!Read online here: the show
Content warning: Mention of execution.We are very excited for the lead up to Halloween! To celebrate we are bringing you a spooky story for each week of October! Our first is a tale by Washington Irving and it takes us on a walk to the guillotine!Link to the story: the show
In this episode we read a story by Amos Tutuola. Who would have thought that a Tortoise would be so handsome, cunning, and a master criminal! Support the show
Page Parle: Helen Kemp

Page Parle: Helen Kemp


Content warning: This episode contains mention of mental health conditions and the abuse of minors.In this episode we chat to author Helen Kemp about her journey to creative writing, the importance of discussing difficult subjects and the special magic of poetry. e-mail for poetry submissions: flyingstoatanthology@gmail.comTwitter @FelicityDougie and @Contact_BoundarySupport the show
In this episode we read a story by Edwina Stanton Babcock. We follow a distinguished cat as they negotiate lodgings, social obligations and the call of the freedom!Support the show
In this episode we speak to producer and media advisor Vinnie Potestivo about the creative process behind reality TV, sustainable creativity and techniques to better relate to your audience.Vinnie links:https://vpe.tvhttps://ihaveapodcast.comSupport the show
In this episode we read a story by Ernest Hemingway which follows an American couple on their Italian holiday and a cat that causes the protagonist to start questioning what she wants.Link to story: the show
In this episode we chat to teenage author Shanti about how she self published her novels, her message of anti bullying,  and the inspiration behind her early books. Guest Website: https://www.shantihershenson.comSupport the show
In this episode we read a story by H.H Munro about the trouble you can get into when you become too 'attached' to your favourite artwork. Support the show
In this episode we speak to artist and author Lilianne Milgrom about the fascinating voyage of a single artwork, how our ideas about the female body have changed and the process of writing about artwork. Lilianne's Website:http://www.liliannemilgromauthor.comSupport the show
In this episode we read a story by Rosie Beech about flower gardens, relationships and allowing yourself to process emotions.Support the show
In this episode we welcome back voice actor Chris Dattoli to talk about his experience performing for video games. We talk about his first and favourite roles, Motion capture with other actors, and the friends you make while working for Indie dev companies.Chris's Website:http://dattolivoiceovers.comSupport the show
In this episode we read a story by Eileen Piper.  This is a magical story about a young blind woman who sets out to rescue a prince.Support the show
Page Parle: Teri Brown

Page Parle: Teri Brown


In this episode we chat to historical fiction author Teri Brown about her debut novel "Sunflowers Beneath the Snow." We discuss developing the way writers approach characters, the window into other people lives that fiction provides and the importance of good research. Teri's Website:https://www.terimbrown.comSupport the show
In this episode we read an essay by Langston Hughes, a black American author and a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance. In this essay he discusses the all encompassing nature of Jazz and how it has formed new ways of connecting to people. The essay can be read here:Jazz as Communication by Langston HughesSupport the show
In this episode we chat to author Juliet Rose about her soon to be released books, exploring real world topics in fiction, and taking time to be by yourself and think.You can find Juliet's website here: https://www.authorjulietrose.comSupport the show
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