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“When I started 25 years ago doing this, there was a huge disparity between leadership roles of Latinos in kitchens.”   Chef Aarón Sánchez        Because restaurants are so prolific across the United States, there are many, many jobs in kitchen service, but historically an under-representation of Latinos in chef and managerial positions. Out of the almost 150,000 chefs currently employed in the United States, 60% are white, followed by Latino chefs at 17%.   Chef Aarón Sánchez– who you may recognize as the award-winning chef/owner of Johnny Sánchez in New Orleans, or from culinary TV shows such as FOX’s MasterChef, Food Network’s Chopped, and Cooking Channel’s Taco Trip– knows this from personal experience.    When Chef Aarón started in the restaurant industry 25 years ago, he saw the huge disparity between leadership roles of Latinos in kitchens and thought through what needed to change in order to remove barriers and excuses. In 2016, he founded the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund to begin closing that diversity gap, offering impactful opportunities that allow Latino youth to move up and be taken seriously.   The Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund began with Chef Aarón and his friends hosting dinners and parties to raise money to fund scholarships for culinary education. The program grew and became more formalized, and in 2022 the Fund formed a partnership with the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, a nationwide program focused on developing and supporting youth; Jennifer Killian was brought on board as Director.   As of 2023, the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund has awarded almost $1 million in scholarships to 14 individuals. Its stated mission is to uplift the lives of Latino youth across America through food, doing so through three pillars: Culinary Arts Education, Mentorship, and Human Services. “His goal is to help uplift these young Latinos who have the vision to chase a culinary dream, because the kitchen leadership is not as diversified as it should be at this day and age.”   First, the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund provides scholarships to send young Latinos to award-winning culinary arts education programs in New York City. After they've learned foundational skills and mastered the administrative portions of their curriculum, students spend time with food leaders within different sectors to better define what arena of the food service industry they want to go into, and internships are tailored to their strengths and interests.    Chef Aarón is the primary mentor, but students are encouraged to make a list of people that they admire and would like to learn from. Chef Aarón and Jennifer then work to facilitate those mentoring relationships.    Human services work is the newest arm of the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund, giving money through grant programs that improve food access, nutrition education, and crisis feeding initiatives. The first human services grant, in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, supported a California school system with a large number of parents working in agriculture. They had been awarded a commercial refrigeration unit through a grant to help provide produce, dairy and meats to students, but lacked the funding to have it professionally installed. The Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund granted gap funding for the installation, helping to triple the amount of produce that these children will be able to access.  “This is the type of work that we would like to do more of as we continue to grow. And of course, that's all based on fundraising. The more we can bring in, the more we can give and the more lives we can change.” Jennifer Killian (22:03-22:14) The Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund welcomes all donations to help support its mission, as well as opportunities to spread its message. No donation is without impact!   You can find out more about the fund at, and learn more about Chef Aarón (including the podcast he hosts with his mother, Cooking In Mexican From A to Z) at   How to get involved   Join The Produce Moms Group on Facebook and continue the discussion every week!  Reach out to us - we’d love to hear more about where you are in life and business! Find out more here.    If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a quick review on iTunes. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we’d love for you to help us spread the word!  
On today’s episode,  we talk to Jill Castle whose career spans over two decades, during which she has dedicated herself to the mission of helping parents and caregivers lay the foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits in their children. Her expertise extends beyond just nutritional knowledge; it encompasses a deep understanding of child development, psychology, and practical strategies for success.
Agriculture lies at the heart of our nation's prosperity, and the Farm Bill plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of this essential industry. As we approach the reauthorization of the Farm Bill in 2023, the International Farm Policy Association (IFPA) has been working diligently to ensure that the legislation addresses the ever-evolving needs of farmers, rural communities, and the environment. On today's episode, we'll have guests, Mollie Van Lieu, Vice President of Nutrition and Health at IFPA, and Rebeckah Adcock, Vice President of US Government Relations, discussing IFPA's vital role in the upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization and highlight some key areas they are focusing on.
Rebecca Margetts is the General Manager at Taylor Pass Honey Company, a leading honey producer in New Zealand that crafts award-winning Manuka honey. Manuka honey is known to have significant antibacterial properties. Genuine Manuka Honey is only produced in New Zealand and is given a score called a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) that indicates its antibacterial potency. Today’s show is all about one of my favorite Superfoods: Taylor Pass Manuka Honey
Unlocking the Power of Aronia Berries with Blake Johnson, CEO of American Aronia Accelerator.  In the world of superfoods, one name stands out as a pioneer in harnessing the potential of aronia berries: Blake Johnson, the visionary force behind the American Aronia Accelerator. Through his dedication and unwavering commitment to health and wellness, Johnson has propelled aronia berries into the spotlight, shining a light on their exceptional health benefits and culinary versatility. On today’s episode of the podcast, we will hear about how his determination led him to establish the American Aronia Accelerator, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at unlocking the berry's nutritional prowess.  
In a world where health-conscious choices are becoming more prevalent, the demand for nutrient-dense foods has skyrocketed. Enter WP Produce, a company dedicated to delivering the finest tropical fruits that not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a plethora of health benefits. Join us as we dive into the world of superfoods packed into the Tropical Fruit Box and get to know the minds behind this nutritious endeavor, Desiree Morales and Chris Gonzalez.
In our quest for optimal health and well-being, the term “superfoods” has gained immense popularity. These nutrient-packed foods are believed to offer extraordinary health benefits, making them an integral part of many wellness routines. But what exactly are superfoods, and how can they enhance our overall health? Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the world of superfoods with the expert guidance of renowned registered dietitian Jaclyn London.
On today's episode of the podcast, we continue our Superfoods series with a remarkable story that revolves around Joan Smith, a visionary entrepreneur who not only founded Rancho Meladuco but also revolutionized the world of superfood dates. Her inspiring journey of perseverance, dedication, and innovation led to a groundbreaking product launch with retail giant Walmart.  We will hear about the unique entrepreneurial tale of Joan Smith and the delectable world of superfood dates.
On today's episode, we continue our discussion on Superfoods with our guest, Sarah Evanega. Sarah is a plant scientist working at the intersection of science communication and science policy, globally. Sarah’s background includes studies at Reed College and Cornell University, as well as Research, Professor, and Director roles at Cornell University and Boyce Thompson Institute. Today she is leading Stakeholder Communications at Pairwise, a company committed to building a healthier world through better fruits & vegetables.    Tune in to this episode as we learn about the brand Conscious Foods and the groundbreaking use of CRISPR gene editing to enhance superfoods.
In today's episode, we have a special guest with us, Jeff Tezak, the founder of Tiiga, a popular drink that incorporates the superfood Baobab. Jeff is here to introduce us to this exciting new beverage and share his insights on the health benefits it offers. Baobab, known as the "tree of life," is a fruit native to Africa and has been revered for centuries due to its incredible nutritional properties. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, making it a true superfood. Jeff Tezak recognized the potential of Baobab and decided to create a unique beverage that harnesses its power. Tiiga is Jeff's brainchild, a delicious drink that combines the goodness of Baobab with other natural ingredients. It is carefully crafted to provide a refreshing and nourishing experience, all while supporting your overall well-being. The combination of Baobab and other ingredients in Tiiga offers a wide range of benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immune function, and increased energy levels. During our conversation with Jeff, we will dive deeper into the origins of Tiiga and the inspiration behind this innovative beverage. We'll explore the science behind Baobab and its impact on our health. Jeff will share his personal journey of discovering Baobab and his mission to bring its benefits to a wider audience through Tiiga.
In a world where healthcare costs continue to rise and chronic diseases are on the rise, there's a growing realization that what we eat plays a significant role in our overall health. Recognizing this fact, Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, has taken a bold step towards transforming the way we think about food and its impact on our well-being. With Taylor Newman, Director of Nutrition, leading the charge, Kroger is spearheading a movement to promote "Food as Medicine" and empower individuals to make healthier choices for a better quality of life.    In this episode with Taylor, we will discuss her role in the Food as Medicine movement at Kroger,  Kroger’s complimentary efforts and role in the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, and more!
In the realm of modern culinary arts, Chef Robert Graham stands out as a true trailblazer. With a passion for combining the healing power of food with the artistry of cooking, he has revolutionized the way we perceive and approach nourishment.   Through his groundbreaking work in the field of fresh medicine and food as medicine, Chef Graham has become a respected figure in the realm of culinary wellness. Tune in as we share the story of this remarkable chef and explore the transformative impact he has made in the world of Food as Medicine. 
Access to nutritious food is a fundamental aspect of public health, yet millions of people around the world struggle with food insecurity and its detrimental consequences on their well-being. Milken Institute has been working to address this challenge. On today’s episode, we will speak with Holly Freishtat, Senior Director of Feeding Change at Milken Institute about their efforts and the market solutions they employ to scale up the implementation of Food is Medicine prescriptions, bridging the gap between health and nutrition.    For more information visit:  Financial Innovations Lab: Market Solutions for Scaling Food Is Medicine Prescriptions (
On today’s episode, we continue our food as medicine series with Mark Walker, Chairman and CEO of Performance Kitchen. Mark founded Performance Foods, a company that specializes in creating medically tailored meals. What are medically tailored meals? What is performance kitchen? How is this category and this brand a huge catalyst and stakeholder in the food is medicine movement?
Hello everyone and welcome back! We are excited to kick off our Food as Medicine mini series with our Co-Host, Tony Freytag, Executive Vice President of Crunch Pak. Crunch Pak understands the importance of food as medicine and strives to make healthy choices more accessible to everyone. As a leading producer of pre-packaged fresh fruits and vegetables, they offer a wide range of products that cater to diverse dietary preferences and lifestyles. We are honored to have them as a sponsor of this series.   In this series we will delve into the Food as Medicine movement, exploring its benefits and practical ways to incorporate this approach into our daily lives.  
The finale of our Vol 1 Greatest Hits is here and today we are rewinding for a replay of Episode 106, which originally aired in July 2020.   When I interviewed Robyn O’Brien, co-founder of rePlant Capital and author of The Unhealthy Truth - I instantly became passionate about 2 fundamental issues of our time: 1 - Transparency in the Food Industry 2 - Food Security is National Security   Robyn’s journey of pushing on the food industry for heightened transparency on topics such as farming or sourcing practices, genetically engineered foods, began with her personal life as a mom, when her youngest child had an allergic reaction to a food.   Robyn instantly became one of the nation's leading activists and voices of authority for Transparency in food labeling - her TedX talk went viral online, earning her the nickname of “Food’s Erin Brockovich.” She is a best-selling author, an adjunct professor at Rice University, and the co-founder of rePlant Capital, a financial services firm scaling climate solutions on farms and advancing regenerative agriculture practices.    She is amazing, and without doubt: one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever done. Enjoy this Greatest Hit, Episode 106 with Robyn O’Brien.  
On February 23, 2022 I interviewed Heather Terry, co-founder and CEO Of Good Sam Foods. This interview originally aired as Episode 202.   This interview changed my shopper behavior and attitude towards one of my favorite indulgent foods: Chocolate. Cacao farming in East Africa and other areas of the world has a history of using child slave labor. Despite 2 decades of working in the agriculture industry and over 40 years of eating chocolate, I did not know this.    Good Sam Foods was founded with direct & fair trade labor practices at its core. Good Sam Foods produces chocolate that is good for you, farmers, and the planet.   You’re going to love this episode. And here’s a insider fun fact: This episode came across the desk of The Drew Barrymore Show and they booked Heather as a guest to come tell this story on their show!   Enjoy this Greatest Hit: Heather Terry from Good Sam Foods discussing Cacao farming, and fair and direct trade as a means to eliminate child labor in the chocolate industry.  
Welcome back to our Vol 1 Greatest Hits! Today we are sharing an episode that originally aired in May of 2019. With our brand name being The Produce Moms and our B Corp values for inclusivity, it’s important for us to pause and recognize the fact that motherhood and parenthood can be a difficult topic for many. There’s a lot of reasons this is a difficult topic, but a leading reason is infertility.   My husband and I had 4 miscarriages between our two sons, and I vividly remember all the polarizing emotions associated with trying to get pregnant, trying to stay pregnant, and more. Members of our team struggled with infertility for years, other members of our team have estranged relationships with their mothers or parents due to neglect, abuse, personality conflicts, and more.   Motherhood is something we celebrate here at The Produce Moms - each and every day. BUT, it’s important that we also use this platform to honor people who are struggling with parenthood - for whatever reason.   Today’s greatest hit welcomes Elizabeth Shaw, registered dietitian and a 2x Amazon bestselling author of “Fertility Foods: 100+ Recipes to Nourish Your Body While Trying to Conceive.” And “The Stress-Free IVF Nutrition Guide.”   Enjoy this Greatest Hit: The Link Between Nutrition & Fertility with Elizabeth Shaw.  
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