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At the window with Dementia

Author: Laura Banner

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An informative and often candid perspective of dementia from the standpoint of a Nurse Practitioner specializing in dementia, a family member of many people with dementia and someone who is concerned that in the future I may develop dementia.
45 Episodes
A single fall can be all it takes to have your LO go from being independent to requiring 24/7 supervision and assistance.  This podcast episode will help you to identify risks factors for falls and ways to help with fall prevention.  It's packed with useful information that can make a real difference in you and your LO's life!
Do you struggle to understand what your LO is trying to communicate through their sounds and nonverbal communication?  This episode sheds light on the challenge.
Pets have a special way of becoming a part of our family.  The amount of love, companionship and sense of purpose they offer to someone living with dementia is immeasurable.
What's your New Year's resolution?  Mine is to change how dementia has impacted my life, my attitude and my own health. This episode talks about the importance of taking control of your life and not surrendering it to the devastating disease of dementia.
So often we compare our present with our past. Unfortunately by doing this we miss out on what IS.  This episode offers a new perspective.
The old adage "less is more" is true! Find out how the simple act of decluttering can reduce both you and your LO's stress.
Sometimes it seems like everyone is on the "same page" only to be surprised when your LO has a completely different recall of a previous conversation. Sometimes it's no problem, but sometimes this can cause some uncomfortable feelings.  Listen to Episode #38 to hear my experience and my suggestion of how to avoid this from happening to you.
This episode takes a deep dive into the most common "mimics" of dementia. It discusses what causes other than dementia can cause memory impairment to the point of actually looking just like "dementia".  This is the follow up to Episode #36.
Sometimes memory loss may appear to be dementia but in fact it's a dementia mimic.  Dementia is progressive, nonreversible memory loss but a dementia mimic can be treated and then from that point forward memory will improve.  This episode talks about when a mimic looks just like dementia.  Be sure to check out next week's episode (#37) to learn more about dementia mimics.
How do you prepare for the holidays when a loved on has dementia.  Caregiver Tuesday Tips provides good advise to help make the holidays less stressful for you and your LO.
A raw and honest conversation about how being a caregiver can change your outlook.
Being a caregiver of someone with dementia will likely be the most difficult thing  you will ever do.  Being part of a support group can offer you the emotional connection you need to help make this otherwise difficult journey a bit less frightening.  The bond that is created in the group is like no other and will  be something you cherish for the rest of your life.  Hear my own personal thoughts about being part of a dementia support group in this episode.
When you are a caregiver of someone with dementia or any other progressive disease you know how your world can be flipped upside down.  The 24/7 demands can and DO take a toll on you.  This episode is focused on you and your needs.
At a loss of ideas for activities for your LO with dementia to engage in?  Listen to this episode!  It will provide you with things to think about and activities to try to make each day a little more enjoyable for you both.
Too often your doctor's appointment comes and goes before you know it and you leave thinking of all the questions you forgot to ask.  This happens to everyone but what do you do when you get home and find yourself needing information? Caregivers do you feel like the time you spend with your LOs healthcare provider leaves you feeling like a knowledgeable caregiver or do you feel like you're left in the dark?  This episode is spent on exactly this issue.  Listen to ATW episode #30 and hear my personal experience with this issue.
In this episode I talk about the importance of having good credible information about dementia and how you can get it.
The change of seasons can bring on unexpected confusion to your loved one with dementia.  This episode with give you some things to consider as you prepare for the Fall/Autumn season.  
Until you've been a caregiver, you can't possibly understand what is involved and what you sacrifice in order to care for a loved one.  Being a caregiver for someone with dementia is one of the most selfless tasks someone can ever take on.  Spend a few minutes and hear what it's all about.
Dementia Grypes is a series that I started over a year ago on my website https://www.compassionateeducation.comThis podcast is a collection of my top gripes. I spell it will a "y" instead of an "i" because it is all about observations and frustrations that make me ask the question "why".Listen and see what my gripes are and see if you feel that same way.
When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, the last thing most people think about is that they will lose their loved one twice.  This is one of the unique cruelties of dementia.  This episode discusses phenomenon of "crossing over".  
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