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Author: Peter Laws

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Presented in the style of a church service, this horror-themed immersive podcast shares spiritual insights, comedy and strange church music direct from Creepy Cove, a mysterious, haunted fishing town by the sea...where every horror movie happened for real. Check out our PATREON program for exclusive bonus content (including a bonus weekly show The Peter Laws Podcast).
11 Episodes
'You've Got To Laugh'Season One - Episode NineIn tonights service we explore a key ingredient for human and spiritual survival...laughter! Yes, it can be so easy to dismiss comedy and laughter as frivolous or trivial, but tonight we learn how essential it can be. To help us learn more about 'funny times' we are joined by a very special guest - Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's IT. Though sadly, his alternative humour is somewhat lost on Rupert. Next, we have a visitor to Creepy Cove, Alyisha Waz, who attempts to do our Bible Reading. Yet why does she struggle to complete the deed?The sermon tonight comes from Peter Laws, who unpacks the power of and importance of 'having a proper good laugh'. Then he and Church administrator Rupert, lead us in an experimental time that combines meditation, prayer...and jokes. The band take the stage to lead a toe-tapping new Creepy Cove Horror Hymn called - You've Got To Laugh. Can YOU spot all the horror references in every line. Once the song is at it's completion, the service is drawn to an end for cocktails, but not before an unexpected visitor arrives, declaring his hatred for Pennywise. Who knew the dancing clown had such a well known nemesis. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at Creepy Cove this evening, and suggest that if you enjoy the show and want to support it (while also getting access to super cool, exclusive extras), then please point that clicker at the following you! Support the show (
'Dealing With Worry - Pt 2'Season One - Episode EightIn tonight's service we conclude our look at the topic of worry and particularly think about those worries that are truly worth worrying about. To help with that, we have a guest with plenty on his plate. Dr. Seth Brundle from 'The Fly' (1986) turns up, and discusses his recent transportation experiment that sadly went wrong, and is gradually turning him into a vomiting insect. Then a shocking attack takes place in the church, so be warned! Not long after, we are delighted to have our Bible reading, from the bass player in our church band - Tom Price. Then Peter chats to us about worry and the idea of perspective in a sermon which mentions his daughter rolling around on the urine soaked floor of a public toilet. Perhaps the highlight of the entire service.  After that, we have a time of prayer and meditation, that will (kinda) transport you to a nightclub - where you can visualise taking each worry, and handing them over. When that is complete, it's straight in with a song called 'Help Me Find the Yeti.' A truly heartfelt ditty about how hard it can be to find perspective in the midst of our worries...that moment when we can say, 'this situation I am in is crap...and yet...maybe it's not the end of the world.' That 'and yet' can be as elusive as the Yeti. ha ha. Can you see what we did there, Covers?  Peter then chats to Seth for a while, up in the rafters of the church, and then that's it. End of service, for another week. We very much hope you enjoy your time with us and if you do, please consider joining our Patreon program to support the show and to get lots of exclusive content!Stay spooky, you wonderful Covers!    Support the show ( the show (
'Dealing With Worry - Pt 1'Season One - Episode SevenIn tonight's service we explore the topic of worry and how it can distract us. The service begins with a warning about a demonically infested toilet, then it's over to our special guest Dani Ardor who has returned to Creepy Cove for a fleeting visit. She tells us a little about her exciting recent trip to the Midsommar festival. Or at least, she tries to. We then have Creepy Cove regular Mr. Spuggy give a Bible reading, while Rupert threatens to throw him in a fire. Then Peter Laws steps up to share a sermon on how difficult worry can be. Is there anything we can do to counteract it? After that, we have a time of prayer and meditation, then Dani amazes us all by decided to join the band on Keytar! She helps lead the church in a rousing new song called 'Distraction', that explores the decapitation scene in The Omen and the car accident scene in Annabelle Creation - all to a toe-tapping, not unpleasant beat. Peter then chats for a while to Dani at the end, to suggest some ways to deal with her difficulty with bears. Then that's it, the end of the service. We very much hope you enjoy your time with us and if you do, please consider joining our Patreon program to support the show and to get lots of exclusive content! Stay spooky, you wonderful Covers!    Support the show (
'The Maturity of Children'Season One - Episode SixIn this special service, we hear from the children of Creepy Cove, starting with a wonderful achievement by little Danny Torrance. Though our chat with him is interrupted by a brief moment of terror. We then have Audrey Rose share our Bible reading, before Peter comes and speaks to us on The Maturity of Children. He talks for a bit longer than usual, which may drive some of you to push a screwdriver into your ear, but have no fear. If one listens along, one might find some helpful things to ponder. Following the sermon, Peter leads us in a meditation based on Stephen King's 'Children of the Corn.' Isn't that nice? Then, we are delighted to have the artists formerly known as Children of the Corn (now called, 'Children of the Quorn'), who join the band in a toe-tapping rendition of 'We Have Decided...To Spare the Adults'.   Everybody at Creepy Cove Community Church very much hope that you enjoy this service and find it helpful, whether you are into faith or not. Do follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates, and if you want to help the show (and also receive cool, exclusive extras) then check out our lovely Patreon options at to you all, wherever you are, whoever you are and whatever you believe!  Support the show (
'The Childishness of Adults'Season One - Episode FiveIn this super hi-tech service, we welcome the 'Elon Musk of Creepy Cove', Conal Cochrane of Silver Shamrock Novelties in town. He's trialing an amazing new technology that affects YOU. So be sure to listen in (though you might need to guard your ears!) We also have an update regarding our recent Shark Exorcism, with news of Father Michael and his cruciform dinghy. Freda Krueger provides our Bible reading this evening, though she should really keep her glove in check. Peter then joins us to talk about 'The Childishness of Adults'. For adults can indeed, when you think about it, be rather immature. Note, Peter strongly puts himself in that category too. Following this sermon we go experimental when Gilderoy from The Berberian Sound Studio in town, joins us. He 'treats' us to some anaolgue electronic soundscapes from his heady days with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The perfect accompaniment to a time of prayer and meditation. It's pretty internal, this one. You'll know what we mean when you hear it. Finally, our church band lead us in a rousing rendition of 'Leaning on the Everlasting Arms'.  Everyone at Creepy Cove Community Church hope that you enjoy the service. Do follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates, and if you want more content...check out our lovely Patreon options for a bonus weekly podcast and more! Blessings to you all!Support the show (​Hi...I'm Peter Laws and I'm inviting YOU to join The Congregation. Yes, the Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast is free, and we aim to keep it that way. But it does cost time, money and blood to make it. So if you enjoy the services, why not join The Congregation by becoming a member on Patreon. ​​Not only will you help keep the church lights on, you'll also get exclusive access to cool extras that other people don't get. Including, an entire bonus podcast, made for members only each week! Each monthly membership tier has it's own bespoke creepy benefits, and you can cancel at any time. ​​Become a member of The Congregation today! We'd love to have you. the show (
"We Can't Always Work Alone"Season One - Episode FourWe have to warn you, Covers. Tonight's service begins with terrible, tragic news from the town. But have no fear, friends...for there is always hope. With that in mind, this week we have to face the new phase that the Glick family have entered (it's not so bad, Marjorie. Honest!). Next we discuss the recent Shark attacks that have rocked our town - apologies to Mrs Kitner, if she found this service traumatic. Tark Le'Otter shares a bible reading, and then Peter talks to us about the I Am Legend events that happen around here - with some helpful pointers on the value of working alongside others, especially those who may be different from us.Mary Henry gives her trendy new keyboard a spin, with our prayerful 'Omega Man' meditation. Then our worship band lead us in a rousing, uplifting church chorus about 'The Thing'.We do hope you enjoy the service. Do follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates (including info about the upcoming Shark Exorcism (that's this coming Thursday at 2pm). And don't forget to join The Congregation, for extra creepy content! Blessing to you all!    Support the show (
'Don't Let Fear Run Your Life!'Season One - Episode TwoIn tonight's episode we start with an exciting invitation (though we understand some of you in the church aren't keen). Next, we hear some sad (and messy news) about our church cleaner. We also welcome Mr. Straker to our congregation. The church is helping to sponsor the grand opening of Barlow and Straker Antiques in town, so it's lovely to have him join us. Even if he is a little abrupt (only kidding, Mr. Straker! ho ho)Little Ralphie Glick shares our Bible reading, and then in Peter's talk, he encourages us to not let fear run our lives. He also shares something that scared him in Florida, which is amusing, as many of us hear in the Cove thought it was not scary at all, when we went on our big Florida trip last winter. But anyway...we do not judge you Peter - and thanks for the encouragement!Our church pianist, (the renowned composer John Russell) plays during our meditation and prayer, then our band close the service by leading us in a tender new song that was written especially for this service - 'I'm Scared of Werewolves'. We do hope you enjoy our 'broadcast'! Do subscribe for more episodes, or join the congregation for even more shivers!This episode is dedicated to the memory of our thirsty cleaner Shawna Brokenbridge (1988 - 2020) See you on the other side, Shawna!Support the show (
'The Power of Vulnerability' (with Dr. Herbert West from 'Re-Animator')Season One, Episode TwoIn this episode, Rupert shares some sad news, but we also welcome a delightful young doctor in training, Herbert West, who has a very generous offer for everyone in the town of Creepy Cove. Mr. Spuggy shares a Bible reading, and Peter Laws speaks to us on the power of vulnerability. Taking his cue from Nehemiah in the Bible, Peter reminds us how easy it is to hide our true self...and how liberating it can be when we take off the mask. Not a hockey mask. He's talking metaphorically.We spend a moment of prayerful rejection with The Evil Dead, before our worship band lead us in the song 'I Can't Do This.'We look forward to you joining us for this lovely service! Support the show (
"Think Church is Creepy? I Sympathise!" Season One - Episode OneWohoo! We're getting all modern and posting our services to the world wide webster! So now, you can join us at Creepy Cove Community Church. In this, our first ever 'episode', we hear some exciting news about our lovely young member, Carrie White! We also interview our new pastor Peter Laws and specifically ask him if he has come to shut our horror church down (heaven forbid!). Peter shares a talk about how he grew up thinking church was weird and irrelevant and how he assumed God was there to ruin his life! So, what changed? He shares something of his journey here.We also hear a delightful hymn from our worship band, The Romeros.   We do hope you enjoy listening to our first ever 'broadcast'! Do subscribe for more episodes!Support the show (
If you're new here, play this trailer. It's your 60-second introduction to the world of Creepy Cove. Season One Coming Soon!Support the show (
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