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Odysseus has washed up on shore after a violent storm caused by Poseidon.  He lays safe in a wooded field.  After a long night of deep, much-needed sleep, he awakens to find beautiful maidens playing in the clearing in front of him.  His clothes in tatters, he emerges naked to ask their help.  All but one flees in fear.  Only Princess Nausicaa stays.  She offers the stranger help and guides him to her palace so that he may bathe and dine. Finally, a friendly hand is extended Odysseus' way. 
Telemachus learns information that gives him hope that his father Odysseus may still be alive.  Meanwhile, back at the palace, his mother's suitors plan his demise. 
With the hoards of suitors overrunning the ancestral palace, Telemachus sets off in search of his father Odysseys as the goddess Athena, in disguise, guides his way.  At the city-state of Pylos, they join the sacrifice to Poseidon and seek the next step in the journey to finding Odysseus.
And so begins the journey-- Chapter One of The Odyssey.  Odysseus has been gone for the ten long years of the Trojan War and now must lead his comrades home to Ithaca.  Meanwhile his beloved wife Penelope is besieged by unruly suitors who have overrun her palace as they boorishly seek her hand in marriage. It is there where our story begins...
We return to the world of cinema to review the 1954 film "Ulysses."  Starring Golden Age icons Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn, "Ulysses" is a product of 1950s Italian cinema.  Does the film do the epic justice?  Does it hold up to today's film standards?  Tune in and find out.Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel discuss. 
Join us for the story that gave birth to the adventure tale! It is a story of a man of many twists and turns who braved mountain and sea, gods and monsters all to find his way to home and those he loved.  It is "The Odyssey"!  A tale whose very name has come to describe a journey of wonder, struggle and adventure. Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel set sail alongside Homer to share this epic masterpiece!
The return and rebirth of an exciting series on the 34 Circe Salon Parallax Channel-- Parallax Sports!  In this series we'll drill down deep in the world of sports to examine the trends and changes that are affecting the athletic landscape.  In our current episode we ask the question: Are Sports Irrelevant Now?  Has the advent of video games, social media and even Covid caused sports to take a backseat in cultural importance?  Join us our sports analysts as we debate whether sports have lost their way in the modern world. 
Join us as Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel review the masterwork that we've explored for the last few weeks: The lliad. The Foundational work of Western European literature, The Iliad has influenced writers and artists for three millennia and its reach can be found in everything from Virgil's Aeneid to Hollywood blockbusters. 
A legendary queen renown for a brilliance, charisma and seductiveness that affected the course of three ancient empires . A legendary movie renown for an opulence, financial excess and smoldering romance that altered Hollywood.  An irresistible combination? A majestic masterpiece?Not so much.Join Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel as they discuss the cinematic conflagration "Cleopatra" (1963). 
We may gaze across 3000 years of glory and glamour, across endless waves of fallen warriors crashing, endless tangles of lovers' bodies twisting, visions of cities lost, empires of dust-- yet still through the vast and sundry visions of the millennia, our eyes cannot help but be drawn to the tragedy of Troy's end. So here we are, gentle listener.  It has come to this: the fall of Troy.  Join Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel as they take the last steps to the gates of Troy to bear witness. It all ends. 
With Hector slain, Achilles now mourns the death of Patroclus with a series of athletic competitions-- the funeral games.  Shortly, the attack on Troy will take place in earnest.  Till then, eat, drink and be merry...
The final confrontation.  Achilles.  Hector.  Fate decreed the outcome.  The will of the Gods be done.  With Hector's death would die the hopes of all Troy.  The end is near...
The goddesses and gods choose sides and come to blows!  It's chapter 21 and the end is near!  Achilles is unleashed and takes on the Trojans while above in Olympus, the divine beings seek to influence the action with a conflict of their own.  Join Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel as they discuss the Iliad's furious sprint to its conclusion.
Chapter 20-- when all will start to come to its fruition as decreed by Goddesses and Gods. In this chapter, the Olympians choose sides and Achilles and Hector finally square off.  It's the beginning of the end...
Join Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel as they discuss the 2014 film "Hercules" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. One of the most famous Ancient heroes of all time, Hercules has captivated the world for generations.  Does the 2014 film capture the essence of the excitement, mystery and adventure of the myth? Listen in and find out!
Achilles is armed and ready.  The Greeks huddle up and plan.  The blood is about to flow.Arrayed in battle armor, Achilles returns to the stage as Agamemnon and Odysseus plan strategy and prepare for the final clash with the Trojans!
One of the most lyrical chapters in the Iliad, in chapter 18, Achilles grieves over the death of Patroclus and steels himself to return to battle.  His loving mother, the goddess Thetis, commissions the god Hephaestus to fashion him new, resplendent armor for the battle he is about to wage and Homer paints a picture of the preparations in some of the most amazingly vivid passages ever written. 
The Roman Empire.  Shakespeare.  Marlon Brando.  James Mason.  With that kind of a lineup, a classic is unavoidable.  Join Sean Marlon Newcombe and Dr. Gary Stickel as they discuss the 1953 Classic, "Julius Caesar."  One of the most important events in world history dramatized by one of the greatest writers in world history, the story of Julius Caesar's assassination is timeless and this film did not disappoint!
We've been on a bit of a break, but listen in to what we have in store for you in 2022!
Patroclus' death leads to a battle to retrieve his corpse... and the eventual return of Achilles to the fray.
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