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Reika partnered with long-term friend and now business partner, Simone Vescio, to introduce dermaviduals bespoke skincare in Australia in 2010, followed by New Zealand. Starting from their dining room tables with just the two co-founders, they now have over 20 staff across Australia and New Zealand, have sold hundreds of thousands of moisturisers, are the staple brand in over 300 skincare clinics, with their friendship in tow. In a cluttered and competitive marketplace, we are all aware of how difficult it can be to navigate our way around the plethora of skincare and technology. At derma aesthetics, we never claim that our product is the latest, the greatest, or even the cheapest. What we will claim, however, is that the products we distribute are unique, proven, results-based, and cost-effective. We feel that in taking this honest approach to the marketing of our products, we more readily assist you to make sound and effective decisions when choosing skincare. After all, it’s not about the hype – we’re about results. One of derma aesthetics main tenets is the fundamental importance of education. Staff must be motivated to not only “be the best they can be”, but also be encouraged to remain informed about the never-ending changes and advances our industry.
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"Slow down….for your journey of skin to glow”Robyn has spent over 15 years working as an expert skin therapist and 11 of those as a Practicing Corneotherapist in the aesthetics industry. She is a member on the board of education for the IAC which is a commitment that is not taken lightly.A self-confessed skin nerd, Robyn loves dispelling skin myths and breaking down the beauty industry hype with skin science and common sense, to prevail over fad beauty treatments and ‘miracle’ skincare products and….. the hype that our industry can at times create.For the last 11 years she has been hands on in her own successful skin therapy clinic, SkintifiX, based in Newcastle NSW and for the last decade she has been a close personal friend that brings so much love and joy to not only my skin family but also my life and that of my family. Robyn’s intense passion for dermaviduals and Corneotherapy made it an easy decision to appoint her as our brand ambassador.  “Thanks Robyn for all that you do not only for dermaviduals and Corneotherapy but for the industry at large”Robyn says “My mission is to empower anyone who dare seek answers to their skin, by teaching them how skin works”. Robyn is the author of ‘Skinside Out’ where she loves dispelling skin myths and breaking down the beauty industry hype with skin science and common sense, to prevail over fad beauty treatments and miracle skincare products.
Today we welcome Gillian Fox; now Gillian isn’t directly in the business of skin- but like us she does appreciate what looking after her skin entails, and she is renowned for her leadership skills and in particular growth and development of women! Gillian has had a successful career as both a senior executive and entrepreneur. She is an author, moderator, keynote speaker and senior executive coach, leading gender diversity programs for some of the largest organisations in Australia.Over the past ten years, Gillian has founded and built a number of large consulting businesses. Before this, she was a senior executive at both News Corp and Pacific Magazines. As a senior executive, she was responsible for managing over 100 employees as well as driving leadership development and strategy.Having designed and delivered leadership programs for over 10 years, today Gillian is recognised as a leading business educator as well as an expert in the area of women’s career advancement. As the program lead and Managing Director of the Gillian Fox Group, she is passionate about showing emerging female leaders the steps and strategies required to forge their own paths.Her company’s clients include include Microsoft, Foxtel, NAB, The Commonwealth Bank, Jardins Lloyd Thompson, The Wrigley Company, Viacom, Telstra, ANZ, News Corporation, SBS and CPA Australia.
Welcome to our dermaviduals podcasts series, “The Business of Skin”. Let me introduce you to our “Business of Skin” guest today, Jennifer Broduer. Jennifer is the founder of JB Skin Guru, she is an inspiring female entrepreneur, teacher, and skin strategist too many VIP’s globally with over 20 years of experience in the aesthetics beauty industry.Known for her study and deep knowledge of light therapy, Ms. Brodeur and her husband created Max+ in 2003, a highly sought-after LED light therapy device that that has now been caring for and healing skin across the world for 17 years….Important to note that Max + LED is used by leading aestheticians, Drs and Dermatologists for many skin disorders and diseases, post operative wound healing, burns, post radiation therapy and so much more. The success of Max+ positioned Jennifer as a global light therapy consultant, which attracted an inspiring elite and powerful clientele and earn't her the title of“skin whisperer to the stars! 
Meet Michele Chevalley Hedge: I met Michele through talks she hosted over the years on nutrition, health and wellness, and from that moment I thought wow- this woman has lived and breathed corporate stress and gets my life - so we stayed in touch and Michele has presented at symposiums and been on panels with us because our nutrition and gut health is so closely linked to what we see presenting in the skinMichele, I  am in awe of your amazing journey from Marketing Manager at Microsoft to impacting the world educating on all things health and well being especially for the busy person and your understanding of the modern day demands when it comes to families and corporate life.. Michele herself speaks from experience coming from this corporate back ground in a demanding executive role for a multinational organisation for many years and can share her own story of how life can take over and nutrition and well being can be overlooked…. 
Meet Simone Vescio | Business Partner, Co-Founder and Educator….Simone embraces her work to mentor our clinic owners and dermal therapists and has been instrumental in helping develop some of Australia’s most successful skin clinics. Simone recently founded the Australasian Academy of Corenotherapy after identifying a lack of non-product aligned advanced skin education, based on the philosophy of Corneotherapy. Simone holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, along with a certificate in IPL and Laser safety. She is an integral member of the Education Board of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy.As a Skincare Expert Simone speaks today with Reika to educate those outside our dermaviduals business, ultimately proving the importance of correct Corneotherapy understanding and education. And what dermaviduals stands for, by educating those in the industry or clients on skin health and how by using ‘Outside In Therapy’: Corneotherapy, you can overcome ongoing skin problems and prevent anti-aging, where other conventional beauty products cant. 
Welcome Charlotte Rimmer: a local Northern Beaches resident, who founded Aide de MD. Charlotte’s diverse experience in sales and operational management and recruitment firms in both London and Sydney provided solid experience for her business. Aide de MD has been operating for over 14 years. As part of her portfolio, Charlotte chaired the Advisory Board for the Gillian Fox Group. She is on the executive committee for Manly Business Chamber,  a recognised advisor with The Advisory Board Centre, and has been working with derma aesthetics since their inception for over 10 years. Charlotte introduces leading skincare industry leaders Reika Roberts and Simone Vescio and their journey bringing the customised skincare modality 'dermaviduals' to Australia….as partners and founders of their business derma aesthetics Australasia Pty Ltd.
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