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Let's talk love, sex, relationships and much more. Tune in to our explicit and entertaining Podcast based on our relationships experiences.
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This is the last episode, yes you are reading this right but is the last episode of season 1 of Ohh Cupid! The Podcast. On this episode we talk about mental health and our experiences with it. Tune in and liste to Mrs Elaine and Robert have to say and share about this very important topic.Ohh Cupid! will be back after a short break with new content and a brand new season for you guys.. Thank you all for your support and please continued to support us by sharing, rating and subscribing to our podcast and also follow us on social media where we will be active.Copyright free Music provided by Youtube Audio Library.Songs: Venkatesananda by Jesse GallaggherBack To Portland By TrackTribe. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health or substance use problem, there are several resources available to find out more information or get connected with help. Check out some mental health resources below:
Hello Friends!!! This week we leave you with an ohh cupid Classic episode Released August 3rd of the great 2020 lol. We are working on new and refreshing content and we promise we will be releasing new episode on our regular schedule in no time. Thank you for the ongoing support and we are grateful to be part of this amazing community. Please Support our Podcast by Sharing, Liking And Giving us a five start rating and a Review on your favorite Podcast Platform. Where to find Us:
Ohh Cupid! Nip & Tuck

Ohh Cupid! Nip & Tuck


In todays Episode, Mrs Elaine and Robert Discuss The trend Of the Nip & Tuck. They share Their Thoughts and Personal Ideas Regarding the topic.Please Support our Podcast by Sharing, Liking And Giving us a five start rating and a Review on your favorite Podcast Platform. Find Us:
In Todays Episode, Mrs Elaine and Robert had the pleasure of playing another game, Answering juicy questions put together by one of our loyal listeners. Press play and enjoy the show.PLEASE follow us on our social media, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and TWITER and subscribe wherever you enjoy our podcast. Like and share to all your friends, and if you love our content give leave us 5 stars and review. We appreciate your support!links:
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨New Episode!!: Ohh Cupid! Lets Play A Game******************************************In this episode, Robert and Mrs. Elaine wanted to have some fun and played the game: If I were? Tune in for some laughs and WTF reactions.Please Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe, Like, Share And if you love our content give us a 5 star rating and leave us a review. Thank you!!!Here are the links to our bookworm friends and our link tree.
Have you ever been caught in the act? have you done it or someone did it to you? is it selfish? or is it exciting? Tune in and find out what Mrs. Elaine and Robert shared. We will love to hear your take on the topic. Please join us on instagram and share your thoughts. Link:, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE OUR PODCAST.If you love our content please give us a five start rating and leave us a review. It will be highly appreciated and will help our podcast grow.
This is part two of last week episode with our Friend Yendira From Blueprint Creation and remember friends Know Your budget! YOU CAN FIND OUR FRIEND @ US:
Today we have a very special guess. She is an event stylist, Designer, and Entrepreneur, our friend Yendira From Blueprint Creationss. On this episode we talk about the importance of knowing your budget among many other curiosities. Tune in and enjoy The show.YOU CAN FIND OUR FRIEND @ US:
On today's episode we play a interesting game call, "Love Under Pressure" With our frineds Mrs Kitty from Lady Instincts Podcast and The one and only cult leader Whiskey J From the Rambling Alcoholics Podcast. Tune in and see what the This game is all about.THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN AND PLEASE FOLLOW OUR FRIENDS @: US SOME LOVE BY FOLLOWING US ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER ALSO BY SUBSCRIBING, SHARING AND LIKING OUR CONTENT!!!!!!
Why does Mrs Elaine Dislike Valentine day? tune and find out. Was it a bad experience? Did Robert Fu*ked up? How can someone dislike the most romantic day of the year?. We will love to hear for you Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and be part of our wonderful community. Click on this link for easy access to our pages: Help us continue to grow By SHARING, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND if you love our content RATE.
Today We collaborated with our good fiends Chris and Geraldine from We Were On A Break podcast. Really fun episode where we play an interesting game from the mind of Mrs Elaine.Tune in and enjoy the episode.Check our friends out and follow on Instagram, like Share Subscribe and Rate:
This episode is the continuation of last weeks episode Where Mrs Elaine and Robert reach the conclusion of their beautiful Journey to marriage story. Tune in and Check out how this story ends.Share, Like, Subscribe and follow us on social media:
Mrs Elaine and Robert Share Their journey leading to that special day.
On this episode we go on a wild rant about our relationship. Tune in and share with us your stories.FOLLOW US ON ALL OUR SOCIAL MEDIA:
On This episode we talk about our anniversary and the little getaway we took to celebrate another year of marriage and we even touch on how difficult 2020 was for us as a married couple. Please tune in and enjoy the show.DONT FORGET TO:LIKESHARESUSBCREIBE. follow us on instagram and facebook. Help us grow our community.
🚨🚨🚨Ohh Cupid! A Recap of 2020.In this episode, Robert & Mrs. Elaine take a look at the good and bad of 2020.
🚨🚨🚨Ohh Cupid! Holidays with the fam.On this episode Robert & Mrs. Elaine wrap the season up with a family episode. Everyone shared their most memorable holiday event. Ohh Cupid! The Podcast also decided to wrap the season with a giveaway, a brand new MICROPHONE! 🎤 check out our post on Instagram @ohhcuipthepodcast for details. 🤩We will be back on Monday, January 4,2021
🚨New Episode!!🚨Ohh no Cupid! The in-laws 😳************************************This week Mrs. Elaine and Robert discuss how they deal with their in-laws. Elaine and Robert also shared an embarrassing secret tune in and find out what it is.Dont forget to Follow, Like, Subscribe and please share it will help our beautiful love project grow and improve. Thanks!
New Episode!!🚨Ohh Cupid! Brace yourself we are going shopping! ************************************This week Mrs. Elaine and Robert discuss SHOPPING. Robert shares what he dislikes the most about shopping with Mrs. Elaine. If you dislike shopping as much as Robert then you must tune in. Don’t expect that he is going to give you tricks or tips on how to avoid shopping with your significant other but for you to know that you are not alone.DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW US:,LIKE AND SHARE.
🚨Special Episode‼️Ohh No Cupid is Curious! *******************************************Mrs. Elaine and Robert are still laughing while they share this special episode. They are excited to collaborate with two awesome hosts Chris & Geraldine from We Were On A Break Podcast. Too much was said to give you a hint but Chris & Robert plead the fif!THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN AND PLEAES FOLLOW OUR FRIENDS @: US SOME LOVE @ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
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